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Monday, May 30, 2011

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  • NDA74
    Jan 12, 09:01 PM
    Anyone who leaps to a conclusion over this is foolish and shooting themselves in the foot. Print media is dead in its current form so you'll never see events banning people just because they have an online presence.

    No, you will not. But what you will see are event planners being much more selective about who they credential, until the only media you see at events are the same big media companies that have always been there, except now they're online instead of in print. Same monopolies, different medium.

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  • Sedrick
    Mar 19, 05:46 AM
    iPhone is a great target because of the "holier than thou" culture that Steve Jobs helped create. And now they come out with a phone with a shatter-prone back, flat/square as a brick, still retains the small 3.5" screen and the antenna problems. This is all excellent fuel for the haters.

    Even with all that it's still the best phone out there, but the 4 is an even easier target and it's starting to wobble on it's pedestal. Now, when you pull out an iPhone 4, you can expect "oh, you got one of those."

    You can thank Apple for making this all worse with it's stupid design decisions on the iPhone 4. They have a chance to fix a lot of this come June.

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  • Eduardo1971
    Apr 29, 02:59 PM
    I sure as hell wouldnt move back to Windows for my everyday machine. I would move back to my Commodore 64 before that. :)

    Ahh! Trip down memory lane. The Commodore 64c was my first computer. I believe I must have been in high school when my parents bought it. Gosh, I', teary eyed now...:o

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  • *LTD*
    Apr 10, 09:36 AM
    man you post that and then make me fire up IE so I can read his trolling post and remind myself why I have him on the ignore list. Quick skim and just reminded me not to take him off.

    Reason for IE being fired up is that is my only browser on this computer that I do not have set to Autolog in.

    From an earlier date:

    read threw it. Seems to me just like standard Apple Fanboy post trying to twist the truth from what it really is.
    Suggest you link to an article that is not trying to hide behind that fact.
    Reminded me yet again that i should of just left you on my ignore list. Back you go.

    There are other examples.

    Dude, commenting on my posts and then announcing to everyone you have me on Ignore means you're not ignoring my posts.

    Just sayin. But I'm quite flattered by your continued attention.

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  • cwd92589
    Apr 15, 01:04 PM

    Although would be a cool design!

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  • leekohler
    Apr 22, 11:19 AM
    we'll see how france looks when the interest on their debt exceeds their GDP. Paid vacation has to end sometime

    Well, ours is not much better. We just never get anything for it. At least the French do.

    Oh wait. Sorry- corporations and big oil have gotten quite a bit of money out of it.

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  • robshort
    Jan 15, 04:44 PM
    Still. No. Flash. On. My. Iphone.

    W. T. F??!

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  • bj3949
    Apr 15, 04:21 PM
    Probably not real. I really hope the next iPhone has a camera flash, and I think the camera flash should be the Apple logo on the back. Wouldn't that be sick????

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  • larrylaffer
    Apr 8, 01:07 PM
    "Rating: -45"


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  • kiljoy616
    May 4, 06:21 AM
    very. powerful. ad.

    So, is it magical? Nah... ok sometimes, almost... check out the new (free) "Planetary" app for browsing your iTunes library... that's pretty magical! :)

    Well said, that app is magical for sure. Can't believe they did it for free, its just such a fun app to use. :)

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  • Mitthrawnuruodo
    Aug 2, 05:21 AM
    Oh I don't know, just about everything? It is this insecurity thing again isn't it? Insecurity...? The only thing I'm insecure about at the moment is whether you are for real or just trolling... :confused:

    The fewer the people in a nation, the easier it is to say they are the best or the worst in certain things. Get it?Who says we're best at anything. It's not a contest... :rolleyes:

    Up here in the Nordic countries we're a small, fairly uniform, very rich, well-educated (to a degree - pun intended), technological advanced population. The marked might be small, but it's still a nice little marked.

    Do you honestly see Apple pull out of a similar marked, let say New Your city, just because an unresolved quarrel with the local government...?

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  • AppliedVisual
    Oct 18, 03:07 PM
    I'm curious to see how that plays out. Samsung at first wanted to put out a hybrid player, as well as another company whose identity I forget; but apparently Sony's Blu-Ray licensing explicitly forbids combo players. So I don't understand, is NEC's chip a clean-room solution or did they find some other solution?

    Ricoh already has the necessary optical elements for a dual format player -- they announced this two months ago. In addition to NEC, LG also has a chipset for a universal player. All the pieces are in place except the legal/licensing restrictions.

    Samsung and LG both announced they would begin work on universal players, but once Sony finalized the Blu-Ray licensing, LG just disappeared and announced two Blu-Ray only players, the higher end model will sell under the Marantz label. Samsung, recanted and said they would not pursue a universal player at this time... You won't see Samnsung challenging Sony on any such thing -- these two now share manufacturing and technology for several products, including LCD panels.

    Most likely, due to it's ties to LG and NEC, Philips would be the most likely to come out first with a universal player. But until someone finds a way around Sony's licensing restrictions, it isn't going to happen... Many don't think that their licensing is legal and constitutes an antitrust violation, but at this stage in the game the small market doesn't jsutify the effort. Ultimately, we will see universal players, it's a guaranteed thing. But I doubt Sony will budge from their licensing restrictions until they feel HD-DVD has lost the market... At that point they'll lift the restriction and like everyone else they'll release a BluRay player that can also play those "other" discs.

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  • tvguru
    Sep 25, 11:34 AM
    You are kidding right? There's a whole guide on "next Tuesday" right here on MR.

    His entire comment was in a joking manner, but that part he meant. :p

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  • Lord Blackadder
    Nov 16, 11:55 AM
    Well, people have hacked OSX to run on AMD computers, so I don't think many (if any) software changes would be necessary.

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  • macenforcer
    Nov 24, 02:39 PM
    You are correct!

    I should go back to the Apple store, and give them $101 + the extra tax associated (making it $107.56) for the MacBook I just bought. Only because this sale is lame! :rolleyes:

    Yeah you should. You could have gotten it cheaper from Macconnection. No tax, free shipping, free carrying case, free mouse and $100 off. Hmmm :rolleyes:

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  • spencers
    May 4, 09:50 AM
    Would have been awesome to take my Cell Biology final on an iPad if they were around when I was in college :p

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  • Buschmaster
    Sep 12, 09:20 AM
    Do you recall when iTunes launched the video store? The only TV shows were like 3-4 ABC shows + a few Disney Channel shows. I think you are underestimating the power of iTunes to drag studios along. Disney has a large library of titles, and not just Mickey Goes to Camp.

    But it's going to be HARDWARE that looms large if a movie store can be sucessfull, then pricing, then content. No WS iPod, and I think the sucess rate goes down dramatically. The majority of people have no desire to watch movies on their computer unless maybe on a laptop if they are travelling.
    Actually I believe it was 3... if my memory is holding true... it was...
    The Office, Desperate Housewives, and Lost.

    I remember it clearly because it was right next to when I got my new video iPod.... hmmmmmmm.....

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  • Aivskar
    May 2, 09:37 AM
    Now that people know what they're up to, it's "unintentional", and "bugs". :rolleyes:

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  • rtdgoldfish
    Mar 26, 02:21 PM
    So I have not seen my 360 on my network since Friday :(

    That leads me to believe they either noticed the wireless adapter was connecting to a network and unplugged it or they got rid of the system. The investigator came back out today and said they need more evidence before they can get a warrant and he doesn't want to knock on the doors of the two houses I think it could be in case they do still have it and decide to ditch it when the cops are on to them.

    So basically, I don't have much hope any more of getting my system back. I am thinking of calling the cops and having them just knock on the door and see what happens. Maybe the people are stupid and have the system sitting in plain view and the cops will notice it when they try to question the neighbors.

    I'm going to check out my local EBGames again and see if they have anyone that traded in any of my games or even the system.

    May 3, 02:28 PM
    Because you then sign a contract that says how you agree to use it. This is outside of that agreement. If you want to sign an agreement to use the data in a different way, I'm sure the carrier will accommodate you. But get your wallet open.

    Where I live, and with the operator I use, this isn't out of the contract though. I don't know which contract you have.

    Viking Quest
    Aug 11, 09:55 AM
    The 23" display is now $999
    The 30" display is now $1999

    Apple could fill that $1000 hole with a nice 26" cinema display. It would be perfect in our household.

    Are there "25-27" LCDs out there that Apple could sell for say $1499? Has Dell or HP filled this hole yet?

    I'm about to pull the trigger on the Dell 2407WFP. 24" monitor with Component, VGA, S-Video, and DVI inputs. It's a sweet monitor and blows the Apple 23" out of the water. And it's only $703!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sep 9, 12:16 PM
    The chart topping hip hop rapper star who used a network hurricane fundraiser to charge "George Bush doesn't care about black people" was loudly and lustily booed during last night's NFL kickoff show.

    The appearance of Kanye West, who was beamed into the Boston stadium via remote from Los Angeles, received a strongly negative response from the crowd.

    "The boos were thunderous and lasted for much of his number," reports the BOSTON GLOBE.


    That's so sad. Kanye stood up and put himself on the line by expressing something that needed to be said. America "the land of the free, say whatever you want, unless it upsets people" Kanye West has made himself a hero to all the people that were stranded on their rooftops, by directly challenging the administration, in a way that was blatant and obvious. No beating around the BUSH "He doesn't care about any of YOU" Bush didn't cut his vacation short for a few days into the tradgedy, Personally I think Bush is the anti-Christ and I am so glad that I got the hell out of the States and moved (right after he got re elected)

    Those football fans are pathetic, If all those fans had the balls to do what Kanye did.....

    it's a sad day to be an NFL fan. too bad i am one of them, but I would have been applauding as loud as I could.

    Jul 24, 11:41 AM
    [--micropod image--]
    OMG almost killed myself laughing

    Apr 17, 06:36 AM
    I just want to sync my music. **** itunes **** what ever. I love bit torrent. I refuse to pay for music or movies.

    Nice one arsehole. Ruining my industry. I hope you don't get paid for the next few shifts you do at work and then maybe you'll realise how selfish and greedy you're being.

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