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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

alessandra torresani kuvia. annie novak - urban farmer
  • annie novak - urban farmer

  • mpsruo
    Jun 23, 11:16 PM
    The mall security is informing people that there's a line formed at the bank. There's a list going that will apparently be honored by apple. I'm in the 60's which us worrying. I wonder how many they'll have...

    alessandra torresani kuvia. thomas jeppe - artist
  • thomas jeppe - artist

  • Fubar1977
    Feb 14, 05:51 AM
    That`s why I arm all my poultry with Mac 10`s.
    Never bring a knife to a gunfight.

    alessandra torresani kuvia. Randy Newman Composer Randy
  • Randy Newman Composer Randy

  • dolphin842
    Feb 20, 04:42 PM
    Since both drives are internal, you can indeed dedicate one drive to Windows.

    If you plan on using it frequently and feel like opening it, you can upgrade the ram and stick an ssd in for a significant boost in responsiveness.

    Other than that, you could put Plex on it to replace the AppleTV, or use it as a file/webserver, etc.

    alessandra torresani kuvia. Etukansi
  • Etukansi

  • hotsnuglemonstr
    Jun 24, 06:49 AM
    Hella people here. Line forms at 6


    alessandra torresani kuvia. Ellie Rountree, nätti ku mikä
  • Ellie Rountree, nätti ku mikä

  • applemacdude
    Oct 15, 02:38 PM
    Where did Cleo go anyways?

    alessandra torresani kuvia. http://klubitus.org/liitteet/
  • http://klubitus.org/liitteet/

  • Hisdem
    Oct 15, 09:03 PM
    Most wallpaper sites will have 1680x1050 as an option, as most current 17 inch monitors use that resolution. InterfaceLIFT (http://interfacelift.com/wallpaper_beta/) is a site I usually go to. You could try HDWallpapers (http://www.hdwallpapers.net) too. ;)


    alessandra torresani kuvia. Ellie Rountree, nätti ku mikä
  • Ellie Rountree, nätti ku mikä

  • SteveKnobs
    Feb 14, 06:45 PM
    ri0ku, you're a smart guy and I strongly think that people regard you highly in life.

    Yea now would be a good time to stop your flaming. Get a life. A girlfriend might help too. You have two weeks to use your iPad to attract women.

    alessandra torresani kuvia. Lisää Emanuela De Paulaa
  • Lisää Emanuela De Paulaa

  • haushinka
    Jun 21, 07:49 PM
    THinking about camping at the Emeryville one?

    well not camping, but maybe 7am... still considering... not sure if it's worth the gamble.. any you guys actually camping?


    alessandra torresani kuvia. [#4463] kirjoitettu: 17.4.2010
  • [#4463] kirjoitettu: 17.4.2010

  • Crunch
    May 5, 09:15 AM
    Hi guys, I just swapped my iPad 2 out for yet another new one (and flawless screen-wise; yes, they do exist!) and it turns out that it came with 4.3.1. :cool:

    Being that 4.3.3 just came out hours ago, will Apple still let me upgrade to 4.3.2? I read somewhere that they do allow customers to upgrade to the immediate predecessor of a just released iOS update for a short period of time. Is this true?

    Yes, I know there's no jailbreak for the iPad 2 yet, but I'm not worried about my location data, which this mini update is all about. However, I'd like to get 4.3.2 for its (supposed) battery life benefits.

    It also happens to be something that I've always wanted to know how to do, i.e. upgrade to a version that is different than what iTunes serves up.

    Oh, and yes, I have my SHSH blobs for 4.3.2 saved by way of TinyUmbrella, if that makes any difference. ;)

    Thanks very much for any responses! :)

    alessandra torresani kuvia. [#4464] kirjoitettu: 17.4.2010
  • [#4464] kirjoitettu: 17.4.2010

  • DougJrS
    Jan 24, 10:15 AM
    I have a linksys Wireless Access point on my network that I have had for a few months. I just purchased a Airport Express for printing and it was a pain to get working with the Linksys.

    I tried to get CompUSA to let me exchange the Linksys AP for the Airport, but they wouldn't. In my opinion I would have perfered to pay the extra $$ for the Airport then waste a day trying to get the Airport Express to work with the Linksys AP.

    If you do go Linksys I would get the WRT54G because you can get 3rd part firmware for it that is much better then what Linksys has.



    alessandra torresani kuvia. Alicia Keys
  • Alicia Keys

  • systole
    Mar 26, 08:19 PM
    I have been using screen in the osx terminal to get serial access, using the following:

    screen telnet /dev/tty.usbserial

    Unfortunately I can't scrollback in screen, which makes copying long config files a process of :apple:-C, :apple:-V, and repeat. Any suggestions for native serial support in the osx terminal app WITH scrollback?

    alessandra torresani kuvia. [#4469] kirjoitettu: 22.4.2010
  • [#4469] kirjoitettu: 22.4.2010

  • DonWilson
    Jun 14, 09:10 PM
    I lined up for the iPhone 3G last year! And I lined up with my girlfriend for the Palm Pre last weekend (http://www.crazyhawt.com/2009/06/06/palm-pre-waiting-in-line-first-impressions/). This year, i'm doing this by mail :). My 3GS should arrive on the 19th.

    You actually lined up for the Palm Pre? I feel sorry for you.


    alessandra torresani kuvia. Vai Pernille Holmboe?
  • Vai Pernille Holmboe?

  • dakduel
    Apr 18, 11:09 PM
    i too am still a beginner at photography but it to me, it seems like the plants in the foreground of the first picture just get in the way. They seem to hide part mountain. i sorta don't know whether i should be looking at the mountain or the plants in front of it.

    and you are right, it is a beautiful country. hope to one day visit it

    alessandra torresani kuvia. Vai Pernille Holmboe?
  • Vai Pernille Holmboe?

  • Tibs066
    Mar 13, 08:09 PM
    Just to put my exrierence out there i had, yours look like an exact picture of mine and then i when i sent mine in to get the screen fixed they would not do it due to the fact that the damage could be down in the logic board. So i ended up paying the 250 for the replacement.
    Thanks Brian


    alessandra torresani kuvia. Nätti Tyttö -säie XII - Sivu
  • Nätti Tyttö -säie XII - Sivu

  • Huntn
    Mar 2, 09:49 PM
    If something (marriage) is right, does it really need special legislation to institutionalize discrimination in defense of it? Legislation of morality is always a slippery slope. I'm speaking of social morals.

    alessandra torresani kuvia. Nätti Tyttö -säie XII - Sivu
  • Nätti Tyttö -säie XII - Sivu

  • wrldwzrd89
    Sep 28, 03:01 PM
    I've been a PC user all my life...until yesterday. I just bought my first Mac. Now I want to know if there is any way that I can move my iTunes library from my PC to my PowerBook without having to rip all of my cds again.

    I moved the actual song files onto my iPod in hard drive mode and then copied them to my PowerBook, but now my PowerBook will not let me import those songs into iTunes.

    Suggestions? Am I SOL?
    Actually, you only need to copy your whole library to the iPod's hard drive portion, then drag the entire folder to the iTunes icon on your Mac. iTunes will automatically look for songs to copy and add them to your library as needed.


    alessandra torresani kuvia. Nätti Tyttö -säie XII - Sivu
  • Nätti Tyttö -säie XII - Sivu

  • joepunk
    Feb 24, 02:59 PM
    Will be recording the launch :)

    alessandra torresani kuvia. Nätti Tyttö -säie XII - Sivu
  • Nätti Tyttö -säie XII - Sivu

  • maturola
    Mar 15, 09:57 AM
    Odd I used TinyUmbrella to save the SHSHs for 4.2.1 but now after trying to restore I'm with 4.3 and no option of going back to 4.2.1..bumer

    You won't find an "option" to go back. You need to run TU TSS server (That simulates Apple Servers but point locally instead of the internet), and them manually restore to an older firmware.

    alessandra torresani kuvia. Nyt kun tuo Chuck-sarja näytti
  • Nyt kun tuo Chuck-sarja näytti

  • solvs
    Sep 12, 09:48 PM
    It would have been nice to put OS X on my fairly new 1.3 AMD, or even the 1.6 P4 at work (if nothing else than to save the TORTURE that was my Win98/2000 install from HELL, freakin' M$. Now I can Crash twice as fast!). But we know that won't be happening anytime soon.

    Can't wait to get a new Mac to replace my old one (that I no longer have BTW) after I move. Maybe a nice Cool (pun intended) iBook (c'mon 1 GHz G3 + 32 MB vid card), or an eMac to play with untill I can afford a new Tower. Who knows what we'll have by then?

    GigaHertz, shmigahertz. If I can run FCP off of a 320 GB hard drive in almost real-time with out the crashing, I'll be happy.

    Another couple of months.

    We'll see what happens.

    Sep 21, 02:40 PM
    Originally posted by King Cobra
    Yeah. Apple updated their PowerMacs (1250MHz model) to be ready for shipping.

    As for the $5000 model, I think that's ridiculous, considering you can get an extra 512MB from MacMall, I think.

    From what I saw when I was shopping for my dual 867 a week or so ago, MacZone has the best deal.

    Mar 10, 07:43 PM
    I have a game plan.

    The KoP Apple Store is closest to my work- so when I get out tomorrow (hopefully before 3 PM, the earliest I can kick out is like 1:30 I think) I am going to check these forums and see how the lines are looking from people that are posting. If KoP is totally swamped and Ardmore is looking more promising, I'll head down that way.

    If both stores are getting slammed, I'll drive back home to Exton and hit up the Target and Walmart... if those two fail I'll head to the Best Buy in Downingtown instead.

    If all fails I'll try to order online. So from me, showing up at Ardmore is a maybe ;P

    May 19, 04:27 PM
    Hmmm, now is it going to be worth it to me pay for this and XBL? I hope they have enough features to make me want it.

    Apr 27, 02:15 AM
    But yeah, the other point to note out is that a good few of the plug-ins that we use for Adobe Premiere and after effects are only single processor enabled. so 20 cores at 2.2Ghz isnt going to be as fast as 2 cores at 3.5Ghz. (for those effects at least)

    Premiere will use the other cores, but for me i'd rather 4/6 cores with a higher clock speed and the matrox compressHD card, than a more expensive 8/12 core machine, with lower clock speed and no budget left for the compress card.

    Sun Baked
    Sep 17, 03:14 PM
    Dual channel memory -- requires pairs of DIMMs that meet the minimum spec.

    Machine looks at both DIMMs as one big DIMM.

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