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carmelo anthony dresses

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

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  • Carmelo Anthony and Hanley

  • fun173
    Aug 19, 12:17 AM
    Congrats, i paid $40 for mine but have brought home at least 10 for free :D

    I recently brought 4 home and stripped them then sent them off again :o

    But i could not bring myself to throw the purple one out, it is too cool.

    P.S. i just realized i didn't strip them of the CD drives :mad:

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  • janitorC7
    Jun 5, 01:50 AM
    Yes, I am actually doing this on here.

    I need to sell my iphone in anticipation of the 3G iPhone. My Phone just came from apple today, and still has a plastic cover on it.


    I live in Los Angeles. Local Sales are preferred, give me some offers.

    Its New, but I will post pictures none the less when I can.

    I am more than willing to Unlock the phone for use on any network

    I'm willing to accept any reasonable offer, but am looking at $350 +



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  • bmw3wags
    Sep 30, 07:53 AM
    That is a fake switcheasy case it is not actually made by switcheasy.

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  • MattSepeta
    Mar 5, 12:38 PM

    30 second fix

    duplicate layer, layer mask, invert mask, brush in afflicted area on right side, adjustment layer of levels

    new layer, clone brush / black paint brush over the white fringe edge that is left



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  • masterjedi73
    Sep 17, 03:23 PM
    Dual channel memory -- requires pairs of DIMMs that meet the minimum spec.

    Machine looks at both DIMMs as one big DIMM.

    So is that definitely what i have? it says on some of the memory sites that somes G5s have four dimm slots and others 8. I'm pretty sure mine has 8, but want to verify.

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  • chrisbetty
    May 4, 05:10 PM
    If so I am updating this time but only when a untethered jb is released


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  • damnyooneek
    Apr 22, 10:41 AM
    its just how it works. the video card gets hot and the fans will turn on this happens with all laptops. just use your laptop. you don't need any programs to 'fix' it because it's not broken.

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  • AHDuke99
    Jun 6, 03:45 PM
    lol, why no spymac :D

    iccy :eek:

    cause Spymac is hated around the Mac web


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  • voyagerd
    Oct 8, 06:11 PM
    yeah, well, what are you going to do?

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  • lavrishevo
    May 5, 10:04 AM
    I removed my Samsung 470 SSD from an HP laptop that had Win 7 running. Trim was enabled automatically with Win 7. When I put it into my new Macbook Pro trim was not enabled. You can check by going into the Apple, then About, then More Info and finally into Serial ATA. When you scroll down you will see that trim is not enabled.( Without it, the SSD will fill up and slow down. Google it and see what it does). Groths.org had a Trim Enabler patch that worked perfectly. I downloaded it and clicked on it and it installed. When I went back into the Apple, etc I found that trim had been enabled. Kudos to Oskar. I dropped a couple of bucks on him from Paypal because I appreciate this kind of work. Maybe Apple will have trim enabled in the next OS, like Win7.

    OSX is not affected the same way without trim. It may slightly improve overall performance but because the whole file structure is different TRIM is not nearly as essential on OSX. In fact, forum members have reported problems with SSD's after enabling TRIM.



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  • azelaya84
    Apr 14, 10:19 PM
    It all depends on what type of case person you may be. I have the satin seethru and the Incase snap out of both of them I prefer the speck seethru but the only major downfall of it is that if you like switching cases offer the soft silicone part starts coming apart from the hard plastic.

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  • carmelo anthony jersey.

  • Jill1228
    Jun 20, 08:13 PM
    Eating, Sleeping, and Working

    Gonna be on this damn forum fantasizing about it...

    All of the above :D

    Too bad the person stung by the 2 hornets didn't already have his iPhone 4. I'm almost certain that the new iPhone would contain some kind of antidote that would have been very helpful. I guess we will all just have to wait for Thursday!

    Is everyone with an iPhone going to download iOS 4 tom and test I out or are you guys going to wait for Thursday?
    I am going to wait until Wednesday night or Thursday. As soon as the new phone is in my hand, I am going to ship my 3g to the new owner (they did not want the new software on the phone)

    So, I will back up my stuff on the phone, erase all my stuff on it and have it ready for the new owner. Then I will download the new software


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  • maylen
    Feb 12, 02:48 PM
    I lost my iphone couple days ago , now using some old nokia 1100 waiting for 5g.Right now i only need an ipod for music..

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  • idkew
    Oct 23, 06:20 PM
    Originally posted by job
    you're not missing much... ;)

    fine with me

    :( sniff sniff



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  • wwooden
    Apr 16, 09:47 AM
    If I didn't have a 360 already, I would buy the Elite instead of the premium. For $80 you can future proof yourself more and pretty much never worry about disk space constraints. I'm not going to go out and sell my 360 and get the Elite now, I am very happy with my setup now and all my controllers/accessories are white.

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  • Carmelo Anthony

  • NWI73
    Apr 7, 07:25 AM
    Nike (shoes)
    Under Armour GUILTY pleasure :o
    Express (shirts)
    Fly racing (anything from them)


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  • gsfesz
    Apr 9, 08:56 AM
    Problem is I only have backups from lion

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  • Carmelo Anthony – Become

  • dmr727
    Feb 23, 09:56 PM
    OS 9 comes with a utility called Apple System Profiler. On a default installation it should be in your Apple Menu, but if it's not there do a search.

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  • ghall
    Jan 9, 09:30 AM
    I hope iLife does come out today. I'm kind of bored with the '06 version. :D

    that is, of course, unless Leopard is to be announced as available at the keynote. (Which it won't be.)


    Oct 30, 03:41 PM
    People! Do we really want these people getting their mits on the beautiful iPod? Look at this pic from their home page... the 'average' Dell user puts their keyboard on top of the fruit bowl!

    The mother is helping the daughter look up the words "profit" and "margin" in the dictionary. Somewhere where Apple will make more money per iPod than Dell will on some consumer PCs perhaps!:phttp://www.fourdegree.com/images/dim4550_8250.jpg

    Mar 27, 01:17 PM
    IGN Link (http://uk.ds.ign.com/objects/867/867813.html)

    Looks good, Just regretting buying Phoenix Wright now, when I could have got this instead.

    Mar 17, 06:14 PM
    yeah something doesn't sound right here. can you tell us exactly what flags you used when starting folding?

    are you using the console client?

    Sun Baked
    Sep 17, 04:20 PM
    So is that definitely what i have? it says on some of the memory sites that somes G5s have four dimm slots and others 8. I'm pretty sure mine has 8, but want to verify.As I said before...

    PowerMac G5 = DIMMs in PAIRS

    4 DIMM or 8 DIMMs do not matter, all PowerMac G5s use memory in pairs -- due to dual channel memory.

    Single channel is 1 DIMM installed at a time, the PowerMac G5 is NOT one of these machines. Therefore install 2 at a time.

    Apr 28, 06:47 AM
    Strange. SL works on all my stuff without ever crashing, including my Hackintosh.
    Me too, it works on my hackintosh. Yet with that said, I'd say that SL was not one of apple's greatest OS upates. I did have more issues initially with this then prior versions and had to hold off longer because of those problems then other versions of OSX.

    While its been clearly documented that apple did a lot of under the hood type stuff. SL offered very little for the consumer. i think apple knew this when thy priced it much less then prior versions. 25 bucks vs. 125.

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