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Sunday, May 29, 2011

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  • and Japanese word tattoo

  • rdowns
    Apr 17, 12:12 PM
    Awesome, to make enough time for this lets just forget everything after the Great Depression because it's not like that junk matters as much as gays being persecuted. Seriously, the Holocaust and the Rape of Nanjing are totally trivial events compared to the Stonewall riots. We should totally drop coverage of the bombing of Pearl Harbor to make room for a lecture on how NAMBLA doesn't represent gays. To top it off we should ditch the civil rights movement in favor of the White Night riots!

    :rolleyes: there is no time available to teach this, if we teach this something else gets whacked. As is we get to the 1930s by the tests which go to the 1980s...

    Where do you get this stuff? :rolleyes:

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  • darkplanets
    Apr 24, 03:08 PM
    If it does have APPX and a previewer like OSX, I'm interested.

    There's always been a few features missing from Windows that dissuade me from using it-- their FS and program structure is one, as well as the non-native support of disk images.

    To everyone preaching about copying and stealing ideas... who cares? The only thing that these rumored changes would do is bring Windows right next to OSX in terms of likability (IMO, of course ;))

    W8 will probably be BIOS/EFI -- I don't see MS dropping BIOS in one OS revision.

    cmd is not something a majority of people need but any higher level IT/programing it is a very good tool that should not go away.
    I'm not an IT guy, but terminal is one of the selling points of OSX. I love being able to pop in there and SSH or change whatever I need for my purposes.

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  • GadgetGav
    May 2, 10:07 AM
    I find it hilarious that Steve Jobs claimed Apple was not tracking users, but now all of a sudden we find Location tracking being completely removed from this version of iOS, that is honestly something that annoyes me..

    I find it hilarious that people can't grasp which way the data was going in this story. The cached database was an excerpt sent TO your phone FROM Apple so that the phone could calculate it's position faster.

    The database at Apple was 'crowd sourced' and you opted in to that when you clicked on 'Accept' in the SLA, but that was a twice-per-day, anonymous, encrypted data packet sent back to HQ.

    This update is going to clean the cache (something that could very easily be not done now due to a bug) and not accept this file at all if you have Location Services turned off. I bet it won't take long for the same people who were up in arms about this to start complaining about how this "so-called update makes my phone really slow when using Google Maps" or some other such complaint.

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  • Cromulent
    Nov 10, 10:04 AM
    I have to say this game kicks the crap out of Modern Warfare 2 which felt dull and boring in multiplayer mode. The maps are far more varied than in Modern Warfare 2 and much more interesting. The game modes are pretty good and the best thing about it is the customisation you can do. Plus the new leader boards are good for those of us who are pretty competitive.

    Overall I'm much happier with this game than I ever was with Modern Warfare 2 which I only ever played FFA on and people always used to cheat by using Tactical Insertion to sit next to each other and get free kills.


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  • Categories: Word Tattoos

  • Object-X
    Aug 7, 06:25 PM
    Be careful when buying at an Apple Store that they don't pawn off on you the previous generation model. I was told by an employee that they were the same except for the price. If your not careful they may try to sell their existing stock at the reduced price. Buy online for now. I can't see a way to tell which model is current and which is prior, except for the obvious brightness.

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  • iAndrea
    May 3, 04:27 PM
    Seems like the software guys will always stay one step ahead in an open market.

    The carriers are going to end up loving iPhone!


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  • The Japanese word koi does not

  • ChazUK
    Apr 16, 04:13 AM
    Next up, Google gives away songs for free. Inserts targeted ads every 30 seconds of music. Fandroids flood the Web to tell us all how awesome Android and "free" Google music are and what a greedy jerk Steve Jobs is for selling songs.

    You know it's coming.

    What are you basing this on, the current ststus of Android OS for being FOSS? There are no advertising components built into Android OS, unlike iOS with iAds. What's made you insinuate this "free" thing as being a negative anyway?

    I bet there are plenty of people who use ad supported music serivces like we7.com and spotify free, and god forbid those tight arses who listten to free music on the radio. Are these people inferior to you for doing so?

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  • !� V �!
    Apr 29, 05:32 PM
    Hmm, I thought the way it was in the older Lion builds looked nicer.

    The iOS slider does not make any sense when quickly looking at options on screen. One has to click-drag-release for the slider function to work, not a hugh problem on iOS since its on a small screen.

    Considering that Mac OS is not touch based, makes additional steps to accomplish the same task and is less intuitive.

    Applaud :apple: for the change, however neither option bothered me at all, I usually overcome the minor initial learning curve. ;):D


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  • JForestZ34
    Mar 17, 04:20 PM
    The poor kid simply hit the "cash" button before typing in the total. I used to work at BB (now an attorney), so I feel sorry for the kid. The OP committed retail theft by knowingly leaving the store with a product he didn't pay full value for (differentiated from receiving a computer by mistake because of the intent requirement). If the kid is not fired he will surely be written up and never able to move upward in the company to get things like health insurance and other benefits. What's worse is that this is the time of the year when BB takes on a lot of new hires.

    It's sad to see people surprised at "morality police" coming out against the OP. He committed a freaking crime! Worse, he thinks he deserved to do it because he was a good boy and didnt steal the lady's iPhone earlier...

    I doubt it will do any good, but I'll do my part and forward this thread to some friends at BB corporate. I'm sure they could track down the receipt and let the kids gm know why his register was off by that amount and that it wasn't internal theft. They'd also give the GM OP's info from his rz card, which could be amusing... :)

    Good luck.. But it won't do any good... Nice try though....


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  • tvguru
    Sep 12, 07:40 AM
    Does this mean we won't be seeing iTunes 7.0? I mean if they were releasing a new iTunes wouldn't they make the changes on the new release?

    They would have to update the store to handle it as well. I would assume that there will be a new iTunes out today also and that the movie portion of the store wouldn't be backwards compatible.


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  • ericschmerick
    Sep 28, 12:12 PM
    I wonder what the hold up is with releasing this update? :o

    Yeah man, I've been waiting too! I think I've checked software update more in the last 3 days than I have in the last year.

    I wonder if 10.4.8 is required? There was a separate thread about 10.4.8 being close to done. As I understand it, the RAW conversion stuff is built into the OS, so I wonder if there's a co-dependency between the two updates.

    Anyway, I'm hoping "this week" means tomorrow, not Sunday.


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  • Rocksaurus
    Oct 28, 06:30 PM
    Yes, big parts of it come from the BSD world.

    The BSD terms specifically allow derivatives to keep their sources closed, as long as credit is given.

    Okay. Everyone's got their own morals, but if a few people are putting OS X on their PCs, I don't see it as a huge issue. Given how complicated it is it's not really a *problem*. But if a rich company like Apple takes a free thing and makes money off of it and only gives some of it back to the community that created it and gave it away, that seems less moral (this is my opinion) regardless of what the legal documents say.


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  • Sixtafoua
    Apr 9, 12:08 PM
    My stylus obsession continues this week.
    I got the Dagi on eBay, the targus at best buy, and a set of pogo styluses again on eBay.

    I love styluses!!!!!!:)

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  • jessica.
    Apr 21, 01:37 PM
    Part of the issue is what defines "adequately voting"? The voting system on the front page is entirely subjective and- in my opinion- adds nothing to the appeal or disappeal of the story. Same for individual posts.
    Very true. At the same time I will read and form an opinion of the topic all on my own. I'm sure I'm not alone there, but then again I am sure many will take the popular vote route and just form their opinion based on that. Either way, a post that is good for you and me may not be good for others. I've had a fair share of PMs about my posts, both in support of and against. It is all subjective, as you say, and this rating system will be similar.


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  • kentkomine
    Apr 25, 03:03 PM
    This sounds pretty sweet! Hopefully its not "just a white iPhone 4". I could really use an iPhone 4S.

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  • phineas
    Oct 6, 01:22 PM
    I have tried Verizon. It sucks. Even with the discount I get for working for GM it still sucks. Droped calls all the time. Half the time the conversation cut in and out and both sides would have to repeat their selves. And their customer service sucked too.

    I have had no problems with AT&T and have had great customer service. I think ill keep my network.

    Dropped calls can also be from the equipment, and not just the carrier


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  • Joshuarocks
    Apr 8, 02:11 PM
    Best Buy = Worst Buy.. I hold my opinion that they are worst buy.

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  • Daringescape
    Nov 16, 04:48 PM
    This is off topic, but I was down in San Diego a while ago and saw some iMacs in a hotel lobby with a screen that let you choose between Windows and osX. I have seen boot camp so I know you see 2 different disks when you boot, but these were a windows icon and an osX icon you could click on.

    Has anyone else seen this?

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  • ortuno2k
    Jan 13, 01:10 AM
    I really want a new 20" Apple Display.
    That's all for now...

    Oct 8, 10:07 AM
    I live in NYC and work in Manhattan every day, and my coverage is fine.
    But I have a 1st gen iPhone...

    Apr 21, 11:12 AM
    All you'll do is make people paranoid. Who were those two bastards who voted down rdowns' post?

    I've no idea...

    May 2, 08:10 AM
    WTF is so great about 'gestures'? There's nothing quite so miserable as barely bumping the fraking trackpad while typing and causing the text cursor to go flying off somewhere else or any other way of accidentally activating some of these gestures (the more you have the more likely you'll accidentally activate them at some point unintentionally). And while Apple trackpads feel better than many out there, nothing beats a mouse for certain operations, IMO. I'd take a mouse any day over a trackpad. Old fashioned? That's like saying a '65 Mustang with a 4-speed on the floor is old fashioned next to a modern Mitsubishi Lancer with paddle shifters. I'll take the Mustang ANY DAY over that.

    Here is why gestures are great and will win out over mouse and keyboard use for almost all uses: they are a direct action and not an indirect action. We are born with an innate sense of using our fingers to manipulate objects. We have to learn the abstraction concept of a mouse and keyboard, items that come between us and our end product (we put up with it because it is effective and productive for certain purposes, but it's a learned behavior and not innate).

    90% of what we use a mouse for can be better done with gestures. Those uses will absolutely dominate over the next decade, leaving mouse usage for specialized applications only. You cannot bet against anything that works with human ability instead of something that creates an extra abstracted metaphor ("see this device? It controls the pointer on the screen. As you move that device, the pointer will move accordingly") for human ability.

    All you have to do is see how someone reacts once they get used to gestures and then face a system that does not support them. They get frustrated that they have to insert an extra layer of manipulation when all they want to do is point directly with their fingers.

    Oct 4, 10:31 AM
    You do realize that would only vindicate the rumor, and people would say he's only saying that because he doesn't want anyone leaking the info on the product Apple's developing...

    The first few times, yes. But when three years rolls by, and Steve has announced each time "I've been looking at the rumours sites. There's some great ideas being suggested that I can honestly say we're not working on. But I'd like to single out the iPhone, the tablet, and the Powerbook G5, as we've looked at these and I can honestly tell you that, right now, we see no point in making them. Maybe things will change next year, but as of now, I'd like you to know that our engineers are working on much more interesting, exciting, original hardware." then people are going to start to take it seriously.

    Especially if he also comes up with things like "Oh, and while obviously we're going to do what we can to keep our hardware up to date, I can assure you we're not planning the rumoured 64 bit upgrades for the MacBook Pro in the next quarter."

    As time goes by, people will recognize that he's not lying. And that'll make it much harder to make stuff up in order to sell page hits.

    Of course, I'm fairly convinced the "iPhone" nonsense is probably partly being exploited by Apple at the moment. They didn't invent it, but I suspect it's being used to try to find leakers at the moment. Does anyone seriously think Steve Jobs is running around talking openly about a super-secret product?

    Aug 10, 08:54 AM
    I wonder if all of you people who are proposing a diesel/diesel hybrid are Europeans, because in America, diesel is looked at as smelly and messy - it's what the trucks with black smoke use.

    Furthermore, George Bush, arguably in the pockets of the oil co.'s, said "America is addicted to oil", and then went on to say how we should get rid of oil use. Not switch to more efficient fuels like diesel, but other tech. I'm sorry, but I just don't see America ever becoming a diesel nation again.

    As far as the Chevy Volt goes, I just don't like the name... but the price is right assuming they can get it into the high $20,000's rather quickly.

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