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luke donald swing sequence

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

luke donald swing sequence. as a swing analysis tool
  • as a swing analysis tool

  • Icaras
    May 6, 06:52 PM
    So I'm looking into a new iMac and my budget is 1500 so I'm wonder whether to get the 2.5 ghz and get some ram from OWC or just go with the 2.7 ghz please help me decide

    How long do you intend to keep the machine? Because you can always save up more and buy RAM later, but the processor is pretty much set. For this reason, I would recommend getting the 2.7.

    Since you'll be spending $300 more for the 2.7, you're also getting twice the hard drive space and a better graphics card.

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  • yellow
    Dec 28, 03:43 PM
    Can re-installing the OS too many times on a imac g5 , add wear and tear to the HARDDRIVE?

    Yes it adds wear and tear, but not in any amount that would make any real difference to you. I wouldn't worry about it.

    also, when you erase and re-install your OS does it take from the amount of GIG space, versus just leaving it alone and deleteing all the files manually?

    The space will be equal, no matter which one you do. But why do it the hard way (manually erasing all the files) when you can just erase the hard drive?

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  • crazydreaming
    Sep 27, 12:46 PM
    I'm living in a 2 bedroom/4 person suite with a living room. For the first week or so, we connected using the old way: an Ethernet cable.

    But I realized unplugging and plugging back in was silly when I had an Airport Express sitting in my desk.

    So now, we have a wireless network. I lowerd the strength, made it password protected, and hidden. It's awesome! It's hooked up to my JBL Creature speakers and my printer, so now, we can be in the living room online, printing, playing tunes, whatever. Plus there's never anything to plug in when I bring my computer back to the room, just open it up!.

    Watch out though, my roomates have played a trick on me once. I was sitting in front of my computer (and speakers) and my roomate decided to start blasting music on my speakers... I jumped quite a bit...

    The only downside is now I can't share my iTunes library with the rest of the Residence Hall, nor can I view theirs.

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  • biohazard6969
    Dec 8, 02:41 PM
    but as stated in my previous thread, if it was a 400mhz p-book, I would. But it isn't. :(

    yes i realize that, but i'm just wondering if your interested in maybe anything else to cut the cost a bit.

    early in the new year i could pay cash if u still have the PC then i'll contact you


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  • Nnavick
    Apr 24, 06:28 AM
    Hi ,
    I have in my .xib file two views,
    one is the main view that connected to the view outlet from the file's owner and
    the second one I named ABC from the code

    -IBOutlet UIView *ABC;

    my question is how do I call the ABC view from another class if ABC view isn't
    connected to the "view" outlet from the file's owner

    I can call the main view from another class

    LoginRegisterViewController *viewController = [[LoginRegisterViewController alloc] initWithNibName:@"LoginRegisterViewController" bundle:nil];
    self.loginRegisterViewController = viewController;
    [viewController release];

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  • sysiphus
    Jul 3, 03:54 PM
    Wow, the only PC laptop I like is being recalled. Before I got my MacBook, the Vaio was the only PC I was considering buying.

    Try a Thinkpad T-series. Best-built for the money, with user-replaceable parts (try finding that on most machines today), and a keyboard that puts all others to shame.


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  • wordoflife
    Apr 6, 09:44 PM
    There's too many brands for me to list, but I'll just start off.

    Samsung (TVs mainly... though the camera I have is nice)

    more to come soon... (this list will be updated continuously)

    OP: You should just create some categories for people. Like technology,shoes,watches,shirts,jeans,audio,resturants, etc. You won't get every topic, but it will give an idea to people on what to post

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  • aussie_geek
    Aug 10, 10:48 PM
    BS. Where are you getting your info? The CPU does all the work, the HD only stores the info crunched to send back to SETI. I am coming up on my 1st yr anniversary and no problems. My main machine is the G3/300, 6 yrs old and still purring like the day it was new. Just make sure you have a good air flow through the box and everything will be fine. It is the peps that use PowerBooks that burn up your machine, probably because they don't raise it off the table to get air underneath it. I use 1/2" rubber feet and a small desk fan blowing across the unit to cool my PowerBook the fan hardly comes on. My temps never exceed 109�F in my G3.

    What happens is when you are processing a work unit, the result from each process is written back to disk. Although the data units are small (about 350kb) your Mac is continually reading / writing the data from the same sector of the disk. Think of it as a bush track. Although there is lots of dirt there, over time the people who walk through there make a groove.... Do you want this to happen to a $200 hard drive?

    Now, lets say that data unit is somehow fragmented on your drive. Imagine all the work the drive heads have to do to read / write a data result.

    This is why you should set up a ram disk - it saves your hard drive and actually speeds up the process. It is always faster to read / write from ram than it is to a HD. ;)


    edit - although I do think distributed computing is a great solution to solving problems, I can't see myself being that dedicated setting up a box fan to cool my computer so I can pump out 300 work units a year....


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  • shenfrey
    May 5, 09:51 AM
    Like to see a 3TB , Thunderbolt, user serviceable unit.

    For me ( a casual user) 1TB is more then enough for my music and documents, don't really see the reason to update.

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  • Neo110503
    Jan 16, 09:13 AM
    Blue-Ray support maybe?????


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  • VanMac
    Sep 23, 01:21 PM
    Cause it's my birthday ;)

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  • olliemac
    Mar 26, 01:43 PM
    So how did everybody make out yesterday?

    Any tips on finding an iPad 2 in Ottawa at this point? Should I wait a while before even bothering to look for one in stores?


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  • Mudbug
    Sep 2, 11:05 PM
    someone submitted a track off this album to DailyTunes a while back, and I refused to post it thinking it was a joke, like the person who submitted a track from the fart album. Agreed, it's different, but not in a good way. This album is a prime example of a middle-aged person living in mom's basement and collecting computer parts and recording equipment. Now he has an outlet for selling the 'songs' to fund his growing collection. :D

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  • toke lahti
    Jan 16, 10:08 AM
    Possible but it would seem odd that apple would update the Mac Pro line twice within 2 weeks. I say this because I would expect the Mac Pro to be the first system to get Blu-Ray. Customers who bought the updated Mac Pros since CES would have an even greater reason to feel shafted than the iPhone people did with the price drop.
    Apple does not have to offer new hardware.
    They support many camera formats without manufacturing cameras by themselves.
    They should offer OsX (10.5.2?) software support for bd/hdcp and update for Dvd Studio Pro, which had last update before intel-macs... was it 2005...?

    MP owners can buy new drive by themselves. That's what upgradeability means.

    This whole "we want consumers to rent from iTunes, so we are not going to support new optical hd formats" thing cripples FCS badly, so pro's will be looking to adobe's offer instead.


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  • iCeQuBe
    Oct 26, 05:37 PM
    I am at westfarms and all I can say is wow! The line is huge! Must be 200 people

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  • Surely
    Jan 17, 08:10 AM
    What kind of movie would you be watching where it would be useful to be hands free? :p

    Nice dude. Made me laugh....

    They couldn't have designed their own clips? It looks like someone just modded a hat with some supplies from Staples. It's functional I guess, but not very nice looking. And you would think that the magnifying glass so close to your eyes would cause some vision damage with prolonged use.


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  • InuNacho
    Oct 3, 11:05 PM
    The thing's toast now, keeps telling me that I don't have video in but it still runs audio in perfectly and the built in speakers no longer work.
    Thanks for the help everyone, when I hit 250 posts I'll put this in the Marketplace and see if anyone wants it for parts or repair.

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  • Consistent golf swing drills

  • whooleytoo
    Apr 16, 05:50 AM
    This is what alot of people believe but try and find a 1080p HDTV in the UK that can display 1080p from a source other than HDMI. All the major brands of HDTVs I looked at will only display a 1080p from HDMI although you can use component to display 1080i. Kind of defeats the purpose of buying a 1080p set though.


    Fair enough, though there still aren't many sources of 1080p content in the UK.

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  • labman
    May 5, 11:22 AM
    I never get these threads. Wouldn't checking tiny umbrella be faster then asking.

    Jul 24, 05:17 AM
    They obviously think that the current IDE = fail, if they are releasing a total overhaul of the UI.

    Making the IDE better will help them bring in new developers.

    Xcode 3 is still a serviceable IDE, far from a "fail". The fact is it's been around since 2003 and definitely needed a refresh.

    Hopefully the final release of 4 will coincide with some nice MBP updates so I have a nice reason to justify buying a new laptop. :)

    Jan 17, 08:42 AM
    It's like 1908 meets 2008.

    Nov 9, 06:05 PM
    Yeah I thought the same thing when I went there today, as if their website isn't slow enough...ugh

    May 6, 06:41 PM
    I never had this problem before. I'm in a few forums. A lot of times I took a picture from google images, copied them, then pasted it to the forum using .

    Now when I click copy. My Mac makes that "clunking" sound and won't paste. What's up with that?

    Sep 8, 07:42 PM
    I can wait til the 26th, but if I have to wait til January, they better have something mindblowing coming out.

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