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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

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  • Gasu E.
    Jul 8, 07:14 AM
    Personally, I hated the hockey puck, but my cat loved it. Although he prefers wireless mice, as they are easier to knock off my desk. :)

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    Dec 2, 07:58 PM
    Just ask them for a phone number and their address so you can come check it out.

    If they say: My address is: blah street, come on over this afternoon...bring a parent and see if they really have it. (if you're interested)


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  • Angelo95210
    Mar 31, 03:53 AM
    Check for poorman steadycam on Google. You can build one for $19, pretty effective actually.

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  • rhett7660
    Nov 26, 09:56 AM
    Thank you very much! Excellent post. Printed and saved for future reference!


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  • beto2k7
    Apr 20, 10:34 PM
    The only applications that might use this are military applications. Which are most likely classified applications. But in short, no, a normal application wouldn't use it. ;)

    Depends on what you call normal.

    Mathematica 8 (http://www.wolfram.com/mathematica/new-in-8/)

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  • Herdfan
    May 6, 03:10 PM
    I am going to be picking up my new 27" iMac at the store tomorrow. For the past 4 years I have been using a 24" Dell at 1920x1200. Since the 27" iMac is 2560x1140, do most people run it at native or something lower?

    I am looking forward to the increased screen size so I can have more rows/columns viewable, but not sure I want them any smaller.

    I sit about 24-30" away from the screen.

    How would the 27" look at something lower?


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  • Moof1904
    Feb 23, 07:58 PM
    I guess I'm even more lame in Terminal than I thought. The volume name is "New Volume" and I'm having trouble changing to the correct directory. Terminal keeps telling me No such file or directory.

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  • BlizzardBomb
    Sep 23, 12:53 PM
    The UK refurb store does. Good question :p


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  • CP1091
    Feb 2, 10:17 PM
    If you are interested in something else.. I have an unlocked Blackberry Pearl that could be yours.. :)

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  • dukeblue91
    May 1, 10:26 AM
    Let's see.

    5-Row keyboard it lets you change the layout and add numbers on top of the regular one.


    All those make my iPad so much better.


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  • Ph4lynx
    Feb 16, 09:19 PM
    for a simple carrying case i would definitly recommend the Tom Bihn brain cell, the build quality is outstanding and i know they make one that fits the 17".

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  • elohel
    May 5, 11:53 PM
    I honestly don't remember what website this popped up on, but Safari started downloading this MacSecurity.mpkg and it ran instantly and bypassed inputting my password? I couldn't really stop it

    has anyone gotten this before? it took me to some webpage but I closed it

    It said something about me being infected?

    Am I going crazy? I didn't click anything(maybe by accident?) and yet this thing popped up, gave me a file and ran the installer without me being able to stop it lol wtf

    can someone please explain, I think I'm missing something


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  • mjstew33
    Dec 6, 07:35 AM
    Heh. Well, it looks like my brother is getting a Mac mini for christmas. (he's stuborn as hell I can't believe I switched him :D) So, I get the advantage of putting all his junk on it, including music, etc. He fricken' loves myspace. Everytime he tries to go there, it either freezes up Safari and FireFox or it says it needs an unknown plugin. WTF?

    How do I get MySpace (http://myspace.com) working - oh, and it's the profiles w/ music and videos, etc that don't work.


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    Apr 30, 10:19 AM
    yes :(


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  • dross
    Sep 16, 03:23 PM
    Way Cool. Now all you need is an airport and a sat conection and you would be world-wide moble.

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  • sbddude
    Mar 14, 04:26 PM
    But does doing that make your iPhone SIM no longer work in your iPhone? I just want to be able to use my iPhone SIM in the iPad as I please so I don't have to tether using MyWi all the time. (This is for an iPad 2 by the way.)

    I don't think that's possible anymore.

    MyWi with on demand is very convenient and does not use that much battery.


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  • MacBytes
    Sep 15, 10:58 PM
    Category: Mac Websites
    Link: 8 of Amazon\'s 12 top-selling desktops are Macs - top 3 are iMac G5s (http://www.macbytes.com/link.php?sid=20040915235859)
    Posted on MacBytes.com (http://www.macbytes.com)

    Approved by Mudbug

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  • Benjy91
    Apr 18, 03:33 AM
    To be honest, I'd probably get more excited over any optics that Nokia will bring to WP7.
    A friend of mine is unfortunate enough to own an N8 but boy is the camera good on it. :)

    Nokia has always made quality hardware, but as the Smartphone started to change to what we know now, It was sorely let down by Symbian.

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  • mjwatt29
    Mar 25, 06:47 PM

    I saw an earlier post about that.

    The image was taken from a late black MacBook with a 2.4Ghz, and I'm trying to copy it to my new MacBook Pro i7 2.0 quad.

    Jul 4, 08:43 AM
    everyone hates spymac, but the same people continue to use it. :confused:

    makes no sense to me.

    Apr 9, 06:24 PM
    You know, after 16 years on the Internet you'd think I'd know how to find ***** by now.

    Thanks much. No idea why I only looked on eBay and Craigslist.

    If only they made a website where I could search a whole BUNCH of websites at once. Hmmmmmmmm......

    No problem.

    I use the deals section on Lowendmac (http://lowendmac.com/deals.shtml) to find what im looking for if i cannot find it on ebay/craigslist

    Mar 30, 03:08 PM
    What does Lego's have to do with Star Wars? Who thought up that idea?

    I take it that you have never seen the Star Wars line of legos?

    Sep 23, 10:51 AM
    Congrats! I'm glad you love it so far, of course, I had no doubt you would... just you wait, soon you'll be squinting anytime you have to use a smaller screen. :p

    Apr 27, 04:17 PM
    Hey all,

    So I'm getting a second computer for my theatre, only for playback purposes (using Qlab and sound files) and I'm having a bit of a conundrum!

    On Craigslist, I can find some local 17" iMac G4's for $150 (800mhz, 512mb RAM, airport card, mouse and keyboard, running 10.4 Tiger) or on Macofalltrades.com, there's a Powermac G5 1.8GHz, 2.0gb RAM running 10.5 Leopard, with mouse, keyboard and older 20" Apple Cinema Display for $350.

    I'm debating because I don't need TOO much for this second computer, as its purpose is relatively narrow. I just can't figure out if I should get the bigger, better computer for more monies or just save my cash.

    It should be noted that the CL iMac has a few install CDs, none are included for the Powermac.

    My first Mac is my current laptop, a 15" uMBP, so I don't have any experience with PPC Macs... What would you do? Thanks!

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