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adriana lima girlfriend

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

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  • alphaod
    Jul 6, 12:53 AM
    is this an ips panel or pva?
    and would you be interested in a trade for a dell 2007wfp ips panel plus cash

    the 20in in vertical next to a 30 looks really nice : )

    2407 is M-PVA only.

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  • mvkVirtual
    Feb 1, 12:22 PM
    Aww, I was hoping for some leaked specs or something! :(

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  • jmdeegan
    May 3, 10:20 AM
    Tried all Best buy does JR electronics have them?

    As mentioned a few posts above, no. J and R does not carry them. Only Best Buy and Apple stores.

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  • Looon
    Apr 19, 04:01 PM
    You will be severely disappointed at how bad games run on a macbook


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  • Umit
    May 4, 02:31 PM
    My apps are here: /Users/.../Music/iTunes/iTunes Media/Mobile Applications

    can i backup this folder to a diskdrive?

    i am visiting apps that i bought via itunes and there is no any info there that i bought or not. So, if i format or change my mac then can i restore with that backed up folder?

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  • Dreadnought
    Mar 6, 12:13 PM
    If it doesn't know the command work, then it isn't installed (correctly). Remove any old files and install it again. You should be getting something like this:

    Computer-van-Rody-Geertsema:~ rodygeertsema$ work
    Start of data

    Process 1
    Protein: p2129_ww2129
    Protein: p2124_lambda_5way_melt_4_10011
    Completed 15800000 out of 20000000 steps (79%)
    Completed 16000000 out of 20000000 steps (80%)
    Completed 16200000 out of 20000000 steps (81%)
    Completed 16400000 out of 20000000 steps (82%)
    Completed 16600000 out of 20000000 steps (83%)
    -rw-r--r-- 1 rodygeer admin 0 Jan 13 21:54 wudata_05.arc
    -rw-r--r-- 1 rodygeer admin 45408 Mar 6 19:07 wudata_05CP.arc

    Process 2
    Protein: p2414_Ribo_tryptophan280
    Protein: p3039_supervillin-03
    Completed 350000 out of 5000000 steps (7%)
    Completed 400000 out of 5000000 steps (8%)
    Completed 450000 out of 5000000 steps (9%)
    Completed 500000 out of 5000000 steps (10%)
    Completed 550000 out of 5000000 steps (11%)
    -rw-r--r-- 1 rodygeer admin 0 Mar 3 12:50 wudata_07.arc
    -rw-r--r-- 1 rodygeer admin 348744 Mar 6 19:05 wudata_07CP.arc

    End of data


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  • janitorC7
    Jun 5, 01:50 AM
    Yes, I am actually doing this on here.

    I need to sell my iphone in anticipation of the 3G iPhone. My Phone just came from apple today, and still has a plastic cover on it.


    I live in Los Angeles. Local Sales are preferred, give me some offers.

    Its New, but I will post pictures none the less when I can.

    I am more than willing to Unlock the phone for use on any network

    I'm willing to accept any reasonable offer, but am looking at $350 +



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  • EDITMAN2411
    Apr 24, 12:52 AM
    3 drives in RAID0 ? Yikes, anyone of them goes and your machine is out of action. RAID0 offers no fault tolerance as no drives in the array share parity info or are mirrored.

    Sorry should have been more clear (like I said Im dumb) I have a 500GB Boot drive that lives independently from the (3) 1TB drives RAIDED together via the OS.

    And ALL data (3.5TB's) is backed up by an external 4TB Time Machine RAID (2 drives @ 2TB each)...which is connected via 2 eSATA cables via the eSATA PCI Card I bought from OWC...which I guess is actually RAIDed by the OS as well.


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  • jonnyb
    Jun 19, 01:32 AM
    This is wierd
    I came past 10 minutes ago and there were about 20 people outside maybe more
    I went looking for breakfast, came back and now there's only 7 people between me and the front of the queue
    (an some guy is scrubbing the pavement clean)

    either they are batch processing the early arrivers OR there was a big fight and the guy is scrubbing away the blood

    Us special early arrivers are already inside. They let us in and we're lined up round the stairwell. ;)

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  • dcv
    Sep 14, 11:08 AM
    Yes... coffee, tea, cola (including Diet coke), even red wine are all really bad for your veneers. If I had dropped $1K on teeth whitening I'd have to reconsider drinking all those teeth staining yummies. :(

    To the OP: maybe a cheaper method-- cut down on the aforementioned beverages and use teeth whitening toothpaste as well as whitening strips. I know that when I have tried Crest Whitestrips I could see a noticeable difference only using one strip a day after 3 measly days! It's much cheaper and you won't feel as bad if you do slip up and drink the yummy-teeth stainers. :p

    right i definitely need to change my username!! i don't drink that much diet coke!!

    i spoke to the dental hygienist yesterday about whitening and she said generally whitening toothpastes don't do very much. they help slightly to remove superficial stains from coffee, tea etc but the only way to get noticeable results is professional bleaching. she also said products such as 'pearl drops' are quite harsh and can damage the enamel from prolonged use. i asked about the home whitening kits you can buy and she said they're not that effective because most are only about 1/10th or even 1/15th of the strength of the professional stuff so results don't last as long, plus i think it probably takes longer.

    i just found crest whitestrips on the web. they're �50 for a 21-day supply. could be worth a shot i suppose but with the professional method you see results in one hour instead of wearing these strips for a few mins a day every day.


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  • swedishchef
    Sep 28, 09:17 AM
    Hi, I'm going to be ordering a 12" PB in the next couple of weeks, whether the much rumored revisions happen or not but in would be cool if they did. This will be my first Mac and I'm very excited but I have a couple of questions:

    1) What do you guys think of Bluetooth mice? I've seen some complaints about problems with them connecting and lag time between mouse and cursor. The lag-time thing would be pretty unacceptable for me so should I go with BT or just get a regular RF? (I'm thinking of the Macally BTMouse)

    2) RAM - I'm going to max out the RAM (1.25g) so is there any advantage to the RAM Apple installs on built-to-order machines that makes it worth the $400 price tag or is this just the cost of convenience? I've worked on PC's before so I wouldn't find the idea of purchasing RAM somewhere else and installing it myself all that intimidating.

    3) I'm going to be doing a lot of video editing work with this computer, I know it's not the ideal machine for it but it's what I can afford and it should do the job until I can buy something better. My question is should I get a notebook cooling stand (with the fans in it) for when I'm doing these resource intensive operations or would something like the iCurve be enough?

    Thanks for reading and for your advice.


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  • tktaylor1
    Apr 7, 09:28 AM
    Ralph Lauren
    Smart Water


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  • mikes63737
    Dec 6, 02:11 PM
    This happens to me too, it doesn't freeze or crash, but the video and audio won't play because they're designed for WMP 10.

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  • SoftMango
    Jan 28, 10:44 PM
    sorry about that guys. I just thought that since it worked for me I'd get it out there. I just figured out about that ssh blobs stuff and so for me the easier way to do it was using sn0wbreeze. After the fact that I did a little more research which o shoudve have done earlier before
    making this thread. Well at least I helped 1 guy :) just joined too double thumbs up :$


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  • Satoneko
    Sep 14, 06:59 PM
    A dragon fly larva.

    adriana lima girlfriend. Adriana Lima Is Celebrating
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  • hohohong
    Mar 26, 03:31 AM
    I wanna know if the other way round, originally asked by OP works?

    AKA AT&T iPad 2 data only microsim and plugged into iPhone 4 (with the correct "blank" APN setting)


    adriana lima girlfriend. Adriana Lima (above),
  • Adriana Lima (above),

  • jmufellow
    Sep 29, 01:30 AM
    BTW how much were you looking on spending?
    I want to spend no more than $900. However, the less the better. What is keeping me from buying a G3 ibook (or something) is that I've heard you have to get a battery and by the time you get a battery it's only $200 or so off from an apple refurb. If you know of any deals/places to get one let me know-- so long as it can do wireless internet (for wifi spots) and word processing. thanks :)

    adriana lima girlfriend. Adriana Lima Long Sexy
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  • Benjy91
    Aug 20, 06:27 AM
    It is truly a bloated beast, It takes about a minute to open up, plauges my screen with adverts If I open it without a video file. Bogs down the system massively too.

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  • Rekutyn
    Dec 23, 01:17 PM

    Bendy Walker
    May 2, 06:37 PM
    I can also confirm this problem. I hope it's just a bug, and not an intentional change D:

    Mar 7, 01:10 PM
    Think summer, late summer perhaps, according to Nikon rumor sites. It ought to be really good, really expensive. Look at the price of new FF-capable lenses.

    I'll bet it is a big step up from what is out there now. It really has to be because the new DX cameras are very capable and today's FF cameras only offer improvements over them in limited situations.

    I'm waiting for a really good EVIL cameral myself.

    Mar 15, 06:08 AM
    Thanks for the suggestions so far, seems to be quite tricky to get this.

    May 4, 01:30 AM
    Huh. Interesting. I've been waiting for this feature to come to iMacs, but I find it curious why they didn't mention this at all in the iMac section of the site. :confused:

    Doctor Q
    Feb 24, 04:32 PM
    Sometimes I've very pleased with their products. Sometimes I'm mightily annoyed. I spent months trying to get an Acrobat problem resolved and their customer service was the worst I have ever encountered. I finally bought Photoshop CS this year and I'm very pleased with it. So our love/hate relationship continues.

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