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arnold schwarzenegger son

Thursday, June 2, 2011

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  • wrldwzrd89
    Jan 13, 05:20 AM
    hi recently ive been getting this error message everytime I try and download something from Safari. does anyone know how to solve this problem?? i attached a snapshot of the error message, hope the picture works!
    Looking at your error message, it looks like your Safari installation is corrupted. Unfortunately, there's no easy way to fix this - what's needed is a reinstall of Safari, but doing that is easier said than done due to the way Apple sometimes bundles Safari updates along with operating system updates. If you're using Mac OS X 10.3.7, download the Mac OS X Combined Update 10.3.7 (http://www.apple.com/support/downloads/macosxcombinedupdate_10_3_7.html) (warning, it's a 97 MB file) and install it - it includes a Safari update, which MIGHT fix your issue. Otherwise, I'm not sure how to help, since I've lost touch with Mac OS X versions older than 10.3.

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  • Tampa Tom
    Oct 19, 08:35 PM
    ...but the line was so long we went to Crazy Buffet to eat sushi and came back at 9. We'll be there for the Big Cat. Hope they're handing out scratch cards with neat prizes.

    arnold schwarzenegger son. arnold schwarzenegger son
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  • tom vilsack
    May 5, 02:49 AM
    need it to go with you...air

    will use just at home...imac

    that was easy!

    arnold schwarzenegger son. arnold schwarzenegger son. Arnold Schwarzenegger#39;s Sons; Arnold Schwarzenegger#39;s Sons. Harker. Apr 25, 03:57 AM. If you don#39;t have a daughter,
  • arnold schwarzenegger son. Arnold Schwarzenegger#39;s Sons; Arnold Schwarzenegger#39;s Sons. Harker. Apr 25, 03:57 AM. If you don#39;t have a daughter,

  • profets
    Mar 24, 01:30 PM
    No way I'm spending the night out with this cold :P Plus I'm working. I'll be heading there tomorrow at 12:30. Yeah, I think t should be fine, although I only want the 16GB White.

    Yeah, no way i'd line up overnight. Probably go tomorrow mid day to square one.


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  • balamw
    Mar 23, 12:38 PM
    There was a recent thread where someone posted the XML link to two full copies of the drivers. You may be able to pull the drivers out of one of those packages. (LINK: http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?t=892725)

    Do you happen to have an Apple remote? You can bring up the boot loader by holding play during boot.

    EDIT: 7-zip can get you into a pkg file.


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  • bluesteel
    Mar 30, 05:31 PM
    Winclone usually works fine if you use uncompressed DMG.

    i used uncompressed DMG, but i got errors when trying to restore the partition...i don't trust Winclone anymore :-)


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  • mdetry
    Jan 18, 11:48 AM
    Finally i have migrated from PC to a marvelous Imac G5 21", 1 Giga ram.

    The first thing I need is to migrate tons of emails from Outlook PST to Mac Mail.

    I know it�s not strait forward.

    Can anybody recomment me a software that does this well?


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  • ExnomenDei
    Mar 31, 01:32 PM
    What part of 'developer preview 2' do you not understand?


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  • Perdification
    Nov 25, 10:01 PM
    I'd suggest that you add some screenshots at every step, at least it'll be easier to follow and gives people reassurance that they're on the right track.

    arnold schwarzenegger son. arnold schwarzenegger son
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  • Archon Gold
    Apr 26, 10:47 PM
    Can you link us to the ebay auction so we can see some pictures.etc?


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  • vollspacken
    Dec 28, 05:18 PM
    it seems that this app also downloaded and installed:

    - Stinky Wet Food 2.5.6
    - Litterbox .014(beta)
    - Shredded Upholstery Pro 7.2
    - Catnip 3.3
    - Trip To The Vet 4.4

    Not only is this app not ready for prime time, but these dependencies are really hammering my drive space. And I now have worms.

    haha, how did those pranksters get it uploaded???:D


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  • balamw
    Apr 24, 07:48 AM
    FWIW Oreilly's Learning Python e-book http://oreilly.com/catalog/9780596158071/ is available for 50% off through the rest of the weekend. http://oreilly.com/



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  • Nishi100
    May 4, 01:30 PM
    just chatted with a representative:

    TS - Lacey H (Level 3): Hi Robert Kaplarczuk,
    TS - Lacey H (Level 3): Thank you for contacting Monoprice Tech Support.
    TS - Lacey H (Level 3): My name is Lacey H.. Give me a moment while I review your question.
    TS - Lacey H (Level 3): How are you doing today Robert Kaplarczuk?
    Robert Kaplarczuk: very good I'm going to be purchasing the new iMacs and had a question about the HDMI converter
    TS - Lacey H (Level 3): Alright, how can I help you with that?
    Robert Kaplarczuk: it says that it goes in the mini display port which the new iMacs have
    TS - Lacey H (Level 3): Correct
    Robert Kaplarczuk: however at the botom of the page it also says thunderbolt compatible which the iMacs also have
    Robert Kaplarczuk: how is it t
    Robert Kaplarczuk: hunderbolt compatible
    TS - Lacey H (Level 3): Correct
    TS - Lacey H (Level 3): it it FULLY thunderbolt compatible
    Robert Kaplarczuk: so it can be connected to the thunderbolt port as well?
    TS - Lacey H (Level 3): Yes, the thunderbolt port is a mini displayport, basically an upgraded mini displayport port
    Robert Kaplarczuk: ok thank you\
    TS - Lacey H (Level 3): Is there anything else I can help you with today?
    Robert Kaplarczuk: so basically any mini display port wire ordevice can be used in a thunderbolt
    TS - Lacey H (Level 3): Yes, thunderbolt is fully backwards compatible, however that does not mean it will give your devices thunderbolt compatibility if they have the previous displayport version.
    Robert Kaplarczuk: thank you

    Question guys:

    What she mean by previous display port version? Does her explanation mean that certain devices do not have to have Thunderbolt ports only mini display ports to plug ihnto the thunderbolt port?

    I think she's saying that objects with mini-display ports won't suddenly change into a thunderbolt port, when you connect it to an iMac. They'll still only be able to carry video.

    arnold schwarzenegger son. arnold schwarzenegger son
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  • balamw
    Apr 12, 07:28 AM
    I would like to create a simple iphone app for my sports team

    Why not just make a website?

    Agreed, I had missed what the app was about. I don't see anything in the desired feature list that can't be implemented as a plain old mobile-optimized website. Basically all a native app would be doing anyway is retrieving that information from the web and displaying it in a webview.

    If you need a book to point you in the right direction, pick up Programming the Mobile Web (http://oreilly.com/catalog/9780596807795). Apple also has some resources of their own here: http://www.apple.com/webapps/



    arnold schwarzenegger son. arnold schwarzenegger son
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  • LimeLite
    Jul 25, 09:04 PM
    Why don't you go to the website of the manufacturer and look for a driver for OS X? I'm assuming this is an HP, if it is, they have a bunch of drivers that sometimes have to be installed first.

    arnold schwarzenegger son. arnold schwarzenegger son
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  • obeygiant
    Jul 12, 09:54 AM
    I have a couple of those tracks. one is called "%%%%%%%%%%%%%&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&@@@@@@@@@@@@@%%%%%%%%%%%%"

    I didnt buy it tho, i got it for free off another web site.

    Its a really interesting concept however. Its like FUTURE music.


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  • SevenInchScrew
    May 24, 11:01 PM
    hopefully they can do this movie justice...
    Let's be honest here, given the LOOOONG history of video game movies, that is highly unlikely.
    ..the only thing is a must is get mathew Fox as John Shepard.
    This is the main reason, in my opinion. Not everyone played as the default character, nor did everyone play the game the same. This isn't some linear game, with a specific lead character. This game has way too many options, both in character customization, and in character interaction, that the movie has no "definitive" story to base itself on.

    So, taking those things out, you will be left with a hollow shell of a sci-fi/action movie, with some occasional nods to the game world. It's lined right up for mediocrity from the start.

    arnold schwarzenegger son. Arnold Schwarzenegger#39;s son
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  • *LTD*
    Apr 8, 10:06 PM
    Executable code from 3rd party servers?

    If this is what iCab did then Apple should have done this a long time ago.

    arnold schwarzenegger son. arnold schwarzenegger son
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  • ericsthename
    Apr 16, 12:33 AM
    If I am going to hook up my Xbox 360 with HD DVD drive up to a 1080p TV, which will look better: VGA or HDMI? The reason I am asking this is because I want to know whether to go for the Premium or the Elite, seeing as I don't like the black color of the Elite and don't think that I'll fill up the 20GB hard drive in the premium. Does VGA look just as good as HDMI? Because then I think I'm just going to go for the premium. Or are the rumors true, and will the Elite, once it sells a certain number, have its price cut and become white again?

    Well, from what's been said, the Elite will eventually be integrated into the normal xbox 360 lineup. What's unsure is whether it will take on the premium's price or stay a bit higher.

    That being said, if you have a 1080p tv, and you have the money I would probably get an hdmi equipped 360. On the other hand, if you arn't an absolute stickler about it, the 360 looks great in HD with VGA - to most people there would likely be little to no difference. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that adding hdmi to the box is more or less a marketing ploy rather than a necessity.

    I have hooked my 360 up with the included component cables at 1080 and it is good enough for me.

    the single biggest thing I would keep in mind when buying a 360 isn't HDMI or VGA or even harddrive size. You know what it would be?

    Get one manufactured RECENTLY that has the quiet(er) drive in it. If I could get rid of even HALF the noise that comes from the DVD drive I'd be a happy camper.

    Mar 19, 08:09 AM
    The next Mac Mini should be fine for that. If as hoped it gets a Sandy Bridge processor it'll make the MacBook Air look terribly slow in comparison for CPU intensive tasks, especially if you put a SSD in the Mini.

    As for EyeTV, the current Mini isn't as powerful as many of us would like, but I find it to be adequate. Hopefully the refresh will correct this and allow smooth playing of live sport in HDTV using progressive scan.

    I think part of the issue was the 2.13 core2duo processor in the Macbook Air, but I agree that the next Mac Mini should be much more powerful. The Graphics Card will be a downgrade, but shouldn't be that much of a difference.

    Oct 21, 07:12 AM
    You missed the real story -- in the release notes Apple explain that they're deprecating the Apple maintained version of Java:


    Apple have provided a mechanism for installing 3rd party JDKs (in particular OpenJDK), but it likely won't work with current versions of Java IDEs (Netbeans, Eclipse etc) until they're updated to work with the new paths.

    I wonder if this is anything to do with Oralce?
    No. It's not related to any dislike between Apple and Oracle. I believe it was timed purposely to keep Java applications out of the new Mac App Store.
    More importantly, is Java going to die on OS X? If OpenJDK or Soylatte don't pick it up then is all lost?
    Don't forget the IcedTea project. This is related to OpenJDK, and already has a working Mac implementation.

    Apr 15, 09:27 AM
    Hi guys. I bought a 500GB time capsule today and i want to know if this is possible..

    I want to be able to access it as an external network drive on both my 10.6 MBP(2010) and my G3 os x 10.2.

    Obviously i couldnt use the time machine backup facility on the G3 but i would like to access the files and share between the two

    Look forward to your replies

    Lord Blackadder
    Dec 14, 12:41 PM
    Seems it may be a hoax (http://www.allfacebook.com/chipotles-facebook-page-consumed-by-cat-controversy-2010-12), perpetrated by parties unknown?

    We at Chipotle respect all animals and would not joke about something like that

    Presumably that respect does not extend to the animals they grind up for their big burritos. :D

    Oct 13, 05:29 PM
    Seriously? Do people actually get paid to write this stuff?


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