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Friday, June 3, 2011

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  • longofest
    Nov 29, 12:00 PM
    I don't like the idea. The moment they start chipping away at devices, it'll set a bad precedent for future negotiations. It'll be hard to get back those rights. Apple, hold strong!! :)

    Like I said in the post... I don't see them getting to far in negotiations, since the Disney/iTunes partnership has already shown some positive results. They are nit-picking, and if they are wise, they aren't going to shy away from $50+ million just because of nitpicking issues.

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  • AlmostJosh
    Dec 31, 04:19 PM
    A tarantula and a Tripp jacket :D

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  • DrumApple
    Apr 28, 11:47 AM
    What, did Apple think that Verizon customers would warmly welcome someone who shunned them for 4 years? The customer is most important, shouldn'thave signed that exclusive contract with AT&T... relly stunted their growth in the CDMA market, people move on too...

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  • AstroBranden
    Oct 28, 04:33 PM
    Here is a 30 second version for my actual entry. The other one is just for your Mac loving pleasure.


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  • pito189
    Mar 25, 12:47 PM
    Also, what is so bad about the iOS notification system? I just hit "Close" if I don't care about a notification at that time.

    My biggest problem is, ok I don't want to look at it right then. BUT I would like to be able to look at it as some point.

    I've also run into where I will be typing in a field or playing a game and a notification will pop up and I'll hit close before I realize it. Then it's just GONE, that's what annoys me the most.

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  • Mr. Chewbacca
    Mar 23, 09:25 AM
    Is it just me or does his right eye look odd? Is it a fake eye?


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  • jrko
    Mar 31, 09:17 AM
    just opened 2 films on iplayer, itunes movie, and all the other applications i can find and its sitting about 48 deg C.

    Main fan is wired into 12v so at max flow all the time but still not to bad at all

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  • qpawn
    Dec 19, 04:51 PM
    That's awesome! You think he'll bring us all iBooks this holiday season? :p


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  • spatterfree
    Apr 27, 07:28 AM
    hi, i'm just wondering, who makes a very good sounding ipod dock, with CD player undercounter radio? most important is, good sound, and no junk, but on the cheaper side, anybody got one or tried a few that they didn't like?

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  • jrko
    Apr 26, 04:13 PM
    Top left corner of GPU looks burnt to me. Maybe it's bad picture quality, but if it's burnt really (what makes it DOA), it may explain why thermal paste is baked on.

    yeah it is baked and burnt but seller say its tested as working


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  • rxse7en
    Jul 26, 11:30 PM
    Well I guess you should check your luck with a Terk TV5 off air antennae direct connect to your Digital TV tuner to confirm you can receive decent HDTV Broadcast signals before buying the EyeTV 500.

    I receive 1080i HDTV signal via satellite. Gotta love MonstersHD. :D


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  • *LTD*
    Mar 25, 11:53 AM
    If Apple thinks they can do it better, all the more power to them.

    That's been their entire motivation all along. If they decide it's something they want to do, there's no reason not to support it.


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  • michaelltd
    Sep 3, 11:56 AM
    Say hi to The Spoony One for me if ya find him! (If you even know who that is... :P )

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  • dudeabiding
    May 5, 06:38 PM
    Well, I use Backgrounder to keep my music player going (I use EQu). I assume it will work with iPod as well the way you want, but I can't say 100%. Free on Cydia, so certainly worth a try to see if it works for you.


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  • wdlove
    Sep 5, 01:22 PM
    I'm with you in spirit. I'm a native Buckeye. Left Ohio in 1974 to enter the Air Force and never returned. I wish you well with meeting fellow MacRumor's members. ;)

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  • sbb155
    Apr 3, 08:31 PM
    I have imovie 11. I filmed a home video. I imported to imovie and edited. Then, when i export it, it says it is a "protected m4v file"... what gives? Why protected?


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  • foidulus
    Nov 12, 04:38 PM
    I think Apple will deliver a solid update to Final Cut Pro. I think this lag was caused a bit by the transition to 64-bit and the fact that Apple didn't manage to get Quicktime X completed in time. I think the next version of FCP will be 64-bit and will come with a new version of Quicktime X which will finally put Quicktime 7 to rest.

    I would be surprised if we saw a 64 bit fcp before Lion. Apples qtkit API, which is thie only QuickTime API that you can compile in 64 bit, is really, REALLY primitive. Its going to require massive updating befor you would even think of running something like fcp with it. You cannot do anything more advanced than splice two videos together with it now. Hell even enumerating all th e codecs you can export to requires going down to 32 bits, and even the stuff that does compile in 64 bit requires a separate 32 bit process to actually do the work. T e sad thing is that apple has had plenty of time to update this API but they have essentially done nothing with it, which shows you how much they care about the pro users nowadays :mad:

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  • gatepc
    Jan 1, 10:00 PM
    If he is running on the Macbook Pro, Bigadvs wont work.

    Is this the Macbook Pro we are talking about? Also, what folding client are you using? The system preferences pane? How often do you close the lid, put it to sleep, or shut it down?

    It is a MacBook Pro i7 it stays on 24/7 and always sits on my desk I rarely transport it anywhere. So leaving the application running won't be a problem

    and yes I am using the system preference pane

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  • srobert
    Oct 30, 09:44 AM
    Wow! It's almost like in the hours preceding a keynote.


    ... and now... why won't the picture displays in this window...

    Sun Baked
    Sep 24, 09:52 PM
    Who's talking about decisions? It's about teaching responsibilities.

    Obviously you can't prevent any person from doing as they desire, but setting rules is not a prison sentence, it's a loving parent exercising their responsibility to set guidelines for a yet not grown up (technically) young adult who doesn't know any better. Sure they need to learn by their mistakes, but tell that to him when he's 19 and responsible for a baby who never asked to be brought into the world. He'll have to grow up then won't he or can he?Tell him yourself, the little brat started this thread because he is mad at mommy and daddy.

    The thread starter will have to wait 18 years and 9 months to figure out if he'll let his own brat sleep over.

    Oct 10, 03:58 PM
    http://uppix.net/f/4/d/bec03b07ab1c961dba038d8994c7dtt.jpg (http://uppix.net/f/4/d/bec03b07ab1c961dba038d8994c7d.html)

    Apr 10, 11:06 PM

    Shaved Kitty
    Jun 16, 12:06 AM
    i ordered two iPhones on June 12. 16BG and 32GB. Status: Shipped.

    Dec 21, 08:20 AM
    I have my iphoto library on an external drive connected to my mini server thats running all the time, and have set up access for my wife on her imac and my mbp to access it.

    in your case, maybe a sharepoint with permissions set to only certain users.

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