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brad pitt troy

Thursday, June 2, 2011

brad pitt troy. Brad Pitt (Troy
  • Brad Pitt (Troy

  • bluesteel
    Mar 31, 12:36 PM
    Most bi-OS folks use a native Windows backup as their primary line of defense and run that within Windows. (The W7 backup is fairly decent).

    What we are talking about here is really imaging/cloning while booted to OS X, which can be useful in cases like the OPs where they may want to resize the Windows partition.

    If you use Parallels or Fusion with a non-shared (Boot Camp) VM, they VM is just a file and gets backed up with your regular Mac OS X backups. The VM software alos allows you to make "snapshots" of the VM as another level of backup. You lose that ability in a shared Boot Camp/VM install of Windows.

    So if you don't need full access to the hardware, stick with a VM-only install for the most flexibility.


    i run Maya, Nuke, and Adobe CS5 in Windows 7 Boot Camp, so i definitely need full access to the hardware. so if i am working in Windows via Boot Camp, i can backup my files with Windows Backup, but its not actually making a bootable copy/clone of Windows, right?

    what i'm looking for is the ability to make a clone of my Boot Camp partition just like i do with my OSX partition. i'd like it so that if i had to replace the hard drive my Boot Camp partition is on, i can just copy the (clone/image/bootable backup) back to the new hard drive.

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  • seubjoh
    Mar 23, 01:03 PM
    It was an original disk. The problem with your thread though is that I cannot get into my mac osx partition, im currently stuck on the windows side. At this point all I want to do is get back into the mac side and delete my windows side until I get back to school with the rest of my mac mini disks.

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  • Pitt

  • celticpride678
    Apr 24, 10:05 AM
    are you 100% sure about this?? just asking cuz there are times where i wanna charge my phone but its like 5 min before i wanna go to bed and dont wanna charge it for 8 hours . and its always rumored that leaving your charger on overnight will hurt the battery. thats the last thing i wanna do on an iphone since the battery is non removable

    Yep, basically every Apple product does this.

    Thanks, if you don't mind, I do have one last question. I have been trying to figure out if when I turn my phone off all the way, will it charge so I have turned it on and off a few times. Is this in any way bad for my battery or phone? Thanks :D

    Confused. Turning the phone off and on again?

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  • arn
    Nov 3, 11:27 PM
    i like, you should put the picture or video i don't remeber what it was of the ihome picture in the elevator.....

    that one goes into the fake page :)



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  • blumie607
    Feb 23, 05:46 PM
    I'm getting the same "sql_mode" error message. Must be a problem in the software.

    I'm trying to access a remote host.

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  • 7on
    Sep 29, 01:24 PM

    downloading now


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  • Backtothemac
    Feb 29, 04:54 PM
    Holy hell, they are both sold. That has to be the fasted sale in the history of Macrumors.

    If you got one, PM me and tell me which case you want. Also, I have a car charger that I will let go for $10.

    brad pitt troy. Brad Pitt as Achilles in Troy
  • Brad Pitt as Achilles in Troy

  • JackAxe
    Mar 22, 09:47 PM
    You guys don't have Trauma Center!!! WTF?!! :eek:



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  • iFiend
    May 4, 02:35 PM
    Cant blame them, they probably got more important things to focus on than patching jailbreaks.
    Hope they become more lenient on JB in general.

    Unfortunately this will never happen :(

    Shouldn't take too long to port over to redsn0w. Does anyone remember how long it was last time? For 4.3.2? I think it was like 7-10 days

    brad pitt troy. rad pitt troy
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  • Corrosive vinyl
    Mar 29, 01:19 PM
    There is a katamari damacy game for the PSP... I don't know if the OP is interested in nearly insane ideas for games, though! :)


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  • kappaknight
    May 3, 04:36 PM
    No SATA III also means potentially no beach balls - so either should work fine. If I remember correctly, Micron makes the NAND chips that powers a lot of the SSD drives. Micron C400 = Crucial m4. So both are good choices.

    brad pitt troy. Brad Pitt in a scene from Troy
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  • hackthatphone
    Apr 28, 08:07 PM
    I don't understand why people wait so long to update... like if you have a 3gs there was no reason not to upgrade to 4.0 when it was a website based jailbreak.. your missing out on so many features fixes and upgrades.. I just dont get it

    These are the same people who still use Netscape 1.0 and Windows 3.11. Updating just doesn't matter to them.


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  • Dreadnought
    Mar 26, 12:39 PM
    I've only been doing it since last month but the SMP simulations load you up with 1700+ pts per WU. I've just added my PS3 this week. By the end of next week I should be well within the top 200 on Team Macrumors.

    I can only imagine what kind of damage could be done with a Mac Pro. Until they get around to updating them and I order mine, of course, and then I won't have to imagine anymore. :) 1700 points per WU!!! :eek: That's more then my weekly production! And I have two C2D and a G5 folding. Not 24/7, but still... It has taken me 5 years to get to the 170.000 points and over 2000 WU to achieve that. That makes you think, 2000 WU X 1700 points = 3.400.000 points! That's about 20 times as high. Those PS3 are seriously kicking some @#$*!!

    brad pitt troy. rad pitt troy.
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  • arn
    Nov 16, 02:53 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/532.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/4.0.5 Mobile/8B117 Safari/6531.22.7)

    Ah thanks. That we can fix


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  • roadbloc
    Mar 4, 05:03 AM
    I typed "crappy mac" into Bing and Apple's store was a sponsored result. :apple:

    I clicked it so Apple could pay Microsoft for the click.

    That's funnier.

    brad pitt troy. rad pitt troy.
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  • amin
    Dec 21, 08:33 PM
    My 15" PB has a similar smell. In my case, the odor is maximal if I sniff just below the touchpad button. I've been dealing with it my not putting my nose to the laptop and sniffing. Hopefully it isn't poisoning me slowly with toxic fumes...


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  • dgitalchaos
    May 6, 12:06 AM
    If you're good with your hands and taking things apart, then this will be a VERY easy task. I didn't have problems with heating, as my 15 MacBook Pro shipped with 10.6.7 (heating issues resolved?), but my curiosity got the best of me so I took mine apart... the thermal paste was horrible. I cleaned up the old thermal paste and had my GPU and CPU shining before I applied the OCZ Freeze, which dropped my already cool temperatures even more.

    Normal temps are now 110 Fahrenheit (42 Celsius).

    I used an acid brush with some rubbing alcohol to make sure that I didn't break the resistors on the GPU.

    If you decide to take on the task, good luck AND make sure to disconnect the battery.

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  • BenFL
    Apr 5, 07:12 PM
    If you need something to be safe around or in water, you cant go wrong with the GoPro. It impresses me more every time I use it. It isn't the most user friendly, but "bang for your buck" is, IMO, off the chart.
    Ive been playing with one for a little over a month and it does some awesome stuff. Since I've had it I have seen them on TV several times, from Mythbusters to racing shows, to bizarre foods, to a new one about the bike couriers in NYC.

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  • goldenlotus
    Jan 14, 07:16 AM
    I just feel like if you can hold off without peeking... it's like watching the State of the Union Address. Come on guys you can do it!

    Feb 15, 06:54 PM
    Yes, I know that now, but that is one of the few things I wasn't able to figure out myself on OS X.

    darkside flow
    Apr 10, 03:28 PM
    Put it on once and never used it again. I can't physically make my phone drop any signal in Toronto.

    Sep 19, 08:50 PM
    I'm sorry to hear that - but at least you get (hopefully) a good price. However, it is possible to replace the internal drive - although that's a tedious task. Your best bets are:

    (1) Just buy online and pay full retail but get the system you want.
    (2) Buy a 14" iBook, which comes with the 60GB drive (and DVD burner).
    (3) Buy the iBook you mentioned, and spend ~$120 or so on an external portable drive like a LaCie 40GB (or spend more on a larger drive).

    Best of luck, any way you decide.

    Aug 18, 06:04 AM
    I'm looking for something like this...
    ... for my wife, but without the belt clip.

    I'm getting her a Touch for her birthday, and she'll keep it in her shoulder bag when she's not using it, which means, keys, chapstick, and whatever else could be in there too. Gotta have a flap to cover the screen.

    Any recommendations?

    May 4, 09:56 AM
    China is becoming the new America: they have all these weird exclusive standards that are different from the rest of the world. If I lived there I'd be constantly using Witopia VPN on my wireless hotspot at home.

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