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false eyelashes images

Sunday, June 5, 2011

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  • iRach
    May 2, 12:12 PM
    Is that a brushed metal back I spy? I much prefer the coloured backs :( I like the shape though.

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  • remmy
    Apr 26, 04:12 PM
    Highly recommend Barcelona and Prague on your trip.

    Barcelona, beautiful city, lots to see, very chilled place.

    Prague, quite a bit to see, cheap excellent food and beer.

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  • Tmelon
    May 5, 05:30 PM
    I did but sorta regret it ... it's not SO unstable that it's unusable, but some features such as no Rosetta and the few bugs that make it annoying to use, do make me regret upgrading. Thankfully updates are coming regularly so things are only improving, and I dual-boot into W7 whenever something needs to get done bug-free.

    Using Windows to get things done bug free? How ironic. ;)

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  • ownamo
    Mar 24, 08:08 PM
    future shop is not handing out tickets (at least not here in ontario), i went today to ask about that


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  • pkshiu
    Apr 30, 09:53 AM
    This started happening around Thursday. The touch screen do not response anymore. Hardware button works. Rotational sensor works. A hard reset (home+power for 10 seconds) sometimes work.

    Being a tech person, I systematically deleted apps that I installed to that date, but that was not the problem.

    I wonder if it is related to network -- i.e. if it is access the wireless network (checking mail, push notification etc) and gets locked up.

    Any one else starting to having this problem?


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  • SilentPanda
    Sep 23, 02:30 PM
    You don't need a copy editor. You need a spell checker. For one word. Which he made you aware of. So you don't even need a spell checker!

    Myself... I could use complete sentences probably. But that's why I code and don't authortate (I made up a word)! :eek:


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  • appleguy123
    May 16, 06:54 PM
    Oh yes...it's real. The prototypes of the OMP are getting rare nowadays. It will be interesting to see what it goes for, once the Newton aficionados hear about it. :p I myself have a MessagePad 2000 that I use constantly.

    I want a Newton, but I'm not sure what I would do with it. How much do normal ones go for?

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  • innominato5090
    Dec 29, 04:22 PM
    hum, I might be banal but I don't care: my iPhone 4.
    it helps me caught some cool pics & vids of my trip in Paris, in Rome and of Florence under an exceptional snow; it helps me keeping in touch with friends with FaceTime and it was very often my main source for infos & news, both @ home and abroad!


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  • Legion93
    Apr 27, 04:59 PM
    wtf would you need 64gb.

    Read post #10

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  • LimeiBook86
    Dec 14, 09:58 PM
    Hahaha - new iBooks next wednesday! I love it! :p


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  • TastyCocoa
    Mar 25, 04:08 AM
    And just to add to that

    56.13 = 5*10^(1) + 6*10(0) + 1*10^(-1) + 3*10(-2)

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  • rockandrule
    Dec 23, 10:30 PM
    Makes sense to me.


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  • TheWart
    Jun 20, 08:16 PM
    I'm planning on coming. I didn't pre-order so I'll get there pretty early. I'm going to call the store this week and try to find out if they have an idea of the number of phones not already sold through pre-order.

    FWIW, I was walking by the store this weekend on the way to somewhere else so I popped in and I asked one of the workers if they were planning on having very many phones beyond the pre-order batch.

    He did say that they were planning on having "some" but that he wasn't sure how long that batch would last hehe.

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  • arn
    Nov 16, 02:47 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/532.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/4.0.5 Mobile/8B117 Safari/6531.22.7)

    Is the screenshot you posted an example of it being obtrusive?


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  • locovaca
    Nov 10, 06:35 AM
    You may want to check out this:


    Comp USA's have them out for demo, if you have one close to you.

    I have the full sized gyration and like the keyboard, plus using the mouse in the air is really cool and does make it very useful for presentations (if you need that...), but also works well as a standard optical 3 button mouse.

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  • mojohanna
    Feb 8, 08:40 PM
    I have this mouse and it is the absoltue best mouse I have ever owned or tried. Very smooth, use on a pad, off a pad, use it from 20 ft away on a hardwood floor (I have tried it!!)
    It has a rechargeable battery that lasts forever, is EXTREMELY comfortable in your hand and has a multitude of controls at your fingertips. (scroll wheel up and down as well as left and right, a button that works like the command+tab button feature, etc. All are programable via a system preference. Best of all, it was recognized as soon as I plugged it in.
    Can't say enough about it, well worth the $79.


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  • 28Fiend
    Apr 21, 09:35 AM

    iFixitdirect looks like they have a quality swap kit, includes everything the white iPhone has. They even mention oem quality parts and no problems with the prox sensor.

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  • zap2
    Mar 21, 06:32 PM
    Both...I play with friends and myself.

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  • kainjow
    Oct 16, 11:11 PM
    Well, I laughed :)

    Nice work.

    whats the song at the very end?
    Move (http://phobos.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewAlbum?playlistId=74317894&s=143441&i=74317833), by Thousand Foot Krutch

    Sep 21, 10:51 PM
    :-) Teabgs will be happy!!! Right Teabgs!!! The famous, kickass money Swithc Ad creater ;-) And now he can make better ones ;-)

    Sep 27, 06:41 AM
    most schools won't let you set up your own wireless network. it's usually in the IT user agreement.

    Sure, but he's going to set one up.

    God knows plenty of people in the dorms here have wireless routers.

    Now to address the question, you can certainly put a password on the network (using airport admin utility I believe). In addition you can make it so only specific computers may connect to your network, and so your network is hidden.

    Oct 24, 08:27 PM
    Im heading up there after tech school on friday so i'll be there around 445. Im planning on bringing my macbook pro with me to use while i wait.

    Anybody know if woodland hills has good wi-fi in the mall?

    Apr 27, 11:09 AM
    Thanks for that. Yes it's going to be my first SLR. Parents are willing to stretch to whatever as I never ask for much usually anyways and I'm the kind of person who would prefer to save the money and buy things myself etc.

    I know about Tamron and Sigma lens too, I've been looking at those as well. I wasn't sure if 18-55 would be enough and that I might need a new lens in the near future. I forgot to mention, I'm also going on Holiday visiting Hong Kong, China area and before going I'll be playing around with the camera to make sure by the time I go on holiday I'll get the best shots etc.

    I'm not sure what Aperture is, as I don't have a Mac is it a photo editing software if so I'm pretty good on photoshop and I'm not expecting to edit my photo too much using those programs as I prefer to take the picture and show it off as it is.

    Yeah, I don't really touch my photos in Aperture, you can retouch them and apply effects if you want, but it's mainly for cataloging photos. Kind of like Adobe Lightroom. When I first started out with my Sony, I used it to make smart albums based on a few focal lengths and decide what I wanted to have better, After my niece was born, it was clear that the lens I needed was a 50mm with a big aperture... It is also a lot more useful than those few things - along with Lightroom (just Lightroom is 3 or 4 times the price).

    I really like using the far end of my 55-200 in street photography, something I'll be doing a lot more of when I move to NY, as it has a nice reach on it for getting fairly candid photos of people. My 50mm lens is great for getting portraits and is awesome in low light.

    You sound like you have your head screwed on in terms of your parents, that's how I was. :)

    The 18-200 would be a good option though.

    May 4, 04:28 PM
    you should settle with a Nvidia 6800 Ultra.

    Oh no, OP - avoid it like plague. It's loud, hot and frequently failing card (and it isn't "top of the line" preformance wise).
    Of original Mac ones X800 or X850XT will be most powerful. Of flashed ones 7800GS, like Transporteur said.

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