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Saturday, June 4, 2011

gabriel garko imagenes. escribió: Gabriel Garko
  • escribió: Gabriel Garko

  • Ruahrc
    Feb 22, 03:31 PM
    I agree, to be a professional landscape/nature photographer you have to be really good. Actually, from my "hobby photographer outside looking in" perspective, being a successful photographer for profit is more about marketing and sales than about the photography itself. Let's face it, while there are some true photographic geniuses out there, almost anyone can learn to be a competent photographer with a little work and dedication. Once you are competent, it's all about selling.

    I'm not sure about animals looking at the camera though. I heard a good saying once, that the pros don't go out to shoot animals. They go out and shoot animal behavior. In other words, the most compelling pictures of animals is when you have captured them doing something unique or exhibiting some special behavior. Pictures of lions sitting on rocks, cheetahs in the grass, etc. are dime a dozen. Pictures of lions or cheetahs taking down a zebra, that is more special.


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  • sikkinixx
    Apr 8, 06:51 PM
    ummm everywhere else, there have been no Wii's since launch :)

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  • zac efron fotos.

  • Happybunny
    Dec 25, 04:09 AM
    The internet.
    I guess I should thank Al Gore!:rolleyes:

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  • pete wentz fotos.

  • motulist
    May 3, 08:33 PM
    If it happens again with a different domain, please let me know.

    Will do. FYI, in case you didn't notice it in the attached screenshots, DownForEveryone said that macrumors.com was down for them also at that time.


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  • Rocio Dìaz consiguiò con las

  • jbembe
    Oct 30, 07:34 PM
    I've been trying to reorganize Jetson's recs by genre or artist and it takes me to my recs and shows me the songs I rec'd? Some bug?

    Also could we rank others recs by date added?

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  • Project Guru
    Feb 21, 09:22 AM
    Dear Colleagues,

    My first post here and I also apologize if this is the wrong forum. If you know of a more appropriate forum/website please let me know.

    I'm authoring a CD-ROM that contains a website with images, videos, PDFs etc... This CD-ROM (essentially a "Website on Disc") will be mass replicated and sold as part of a book.

    The client would like to implement some sort of copy protection that will make it difficult for people to just copy the CD or it's contents. I have been researching this for a long time now and have learned that there are many different products out there that can "supposedly" achieve this. However, due to the sheer number, I'd like to know if anyone can recommend or share his/her experiences and thoughts on the subject. To make things even trickier, is there such a solution that will prevent copying on both Mac and PC systems?

    Thanks in advance for any insight!


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  • Seychelle Gabrielle

  • wjlafrance
    Jan 13, 02:59 PM
    We only have two sleds but I went with Hitachi Deskstar, HDS722020ALA330. There's a jumper on the back but it's unlabeled and mostly undocumented. I don't know what it does, and it didn't matter.

    As a precaution, which I think was important, I put each drive on an SATA USB adapter with my MacBook and formatted them both to HFS+ with APM. Apparently the controllers hate GPT.

    They both worked perfectly, much to my pleasant surprise.

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  • Venecia 2009 Gabriel Garko

  • ZipZap
    Apr 25, 08:17 AM
    I found this interesting:

    Notebook Owners
    Your one-year warranty includes replacement coverage for a defective battery. You can extend your replacement coverage for a defective battery to three years from the date of your notebook purchase with the AppleCare Protection Plan. However, the AppleCare Protection Plan for notebook computers does not cover batteries that have failed or are exhibiting diminished capacity except when the failure or diminished capacity is the result of a manufacturing defect. Apple offers a battery replacement service for MacBook Air and all MacBook Pro notebooks with built-in batteries. You can purchase replacement batteries for late models of Apple notebooks directly from the Apple Store.

    So what constitutes defective. Is there are criteria for measuring this that is disclosed or it it up to the repair tech?

    The way I view this is that it essentially means 99.99% of the time the battery is not covered.


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  • pete wentz imagenes.

  • skiltrip
    Aug 18, 06:04 AM
    I'm looking for something like this...
    ... for my wife, but without the belt clip.

    I'm getting her a Touch for her birthday, and she'll keep it in her shoulder bag when she's not using it, which means, keys, chapstick, and whatever else could be in there too. Gotta have a flap to cover the screen.

    Any recommendations?

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  • jim parsons imagenes. imagenes

  • eroxx
    May 5, 10:35 AM
    I have my iMac at home set for screen sharing ... In the network preferences I see something that says: to connect type ssh (followed by some numbers) .. How do I connect from a different network? Can I?!:mad:


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  • gazfocus
    Jan 14, 07:24 PM
    I love them both.. i get hiped up 2 wweeks before macworld and just go nuts and just sit on the computer and get all the information and rumors about them i love it!!!:apple::apple:

    I'm quite lucky because I'm normally in university til 6PM (UK time), and MacWorld is 5PM (UK time), but this week, I finish at 4PM so I will be glued to my computer for the updates via here, and then go out for dinner, and then when I come back, the keynote video should be available on Apple.com

    I wonder if we're finishing early because my lecturer is as excited as we are... maybe he's a secret Mac fan

    gabriel garko imagenes. victoria azarenka imagenes.
  • victoria azarenka imagenes.

  • Hellhammer
    Mar 17, 09:17 AM
    Is that done just by going to accounts, unlocking the lock, right clicking the name and selecting the home folder -- and I presume just making sure it's the same folder that is selected for SL?

    System Preferences > Accounts > Click the lock and type your password > Right-click the user and select "Advanced Options..." > Home directory

    You just select the same folder as in SL. If your username is Steve, then it would be Macintosh HD/Users/Steve, assuming Macintosh HD is the volume where SL is installed.

    Also, given my setup (SSD booting and running SL with my apps) what is the best way to install Lion? I have the dmg. file, so what would I do to make sure I don't wipe out my SSD situation?

    Create a new partition to the HD (e.g. Mac OS X Lion) and when installing Lion, it will ask you where do you want to install it. Select the volume you just created and that's it. You don't need to boot from the DMG, just open it while running SL


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  • tech4all
    Oct 7, 04:24 PM

    Thanks, kingjr3, I'll check out!

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  • pete wentz imagenes.

  • kobyh15
    May 4, 11:45 PM
    I have a booq Vyper xs3 sleeve for my 13" MBP. I'd recommend it to anybody. Great protection and not bulky at all.


    gabriel garko imagenes. Arcuri und Gabriel Garko.
  • Arcuri und Gabriel Garko.

  • pcypert
    Mar 19, 07:32 PM
    Sweet...I'm sold if it does that and that's what the shops here are doing. Currently in Thailand you'd be hard pressed to find any system that's not modded. It's funny because you have to pay double to get a non modded system :D

    Some of the Japanese games are a bit odd and I'd like the ability to play US titles...just wish they had something like this with the VC because I don't have any guarantee I'd be able to play some of the games as the screenshots look like all the text is in Japanese.


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  • Schauspieler Gabriel Garko.

  • Legion93
    Apr 29, 06:06 PM
    Thank you for the totally useless comment. If you had bothered reading my post, you might have noticed that I said that I was having the same problem when the device was NOT jailbroken. However, one cannot expect people like you to be able to read.

    Why would you jailbreak if you're having problems such as this? It will only make it worse. Also, your post does not state that you had this problem before jail breaking. Unless it is on another thread...


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  • victoria azarenka imagenes.

  • antdfsc
    Jul 10, 08:33 PM
    Anyone going to the ATT store in Worcester, MA? It is so hard to gauge how many people are going to be there for the launch....

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  • Juan Gabriel - Siempre En Mi

  • mrgreen4242
    Apr 16, 07:31 AM
    Well, a couple things to consider...

    1) Make sure the 360 supports 1080p over VGA (it didn't used to, but they did update it last year, so it might now).

    2) There's a very good likelihood that the 360 isn't rendering 1080p (or even 1080i) for most/any games. It's probably rendering at 540p60 and scaling that to 1080i30 or 1080i60. For 1080p it's probably upscaling 720p. Point is that if your set has a good scaler/deinterlacer for 1080i to 1080p (which it very probably does) using 1080i over component is probably going to look just as good as HDMI.

    EDIT: Oops, realized you were asking about HDDVD as well as games - which means the 360 is doing "real" 1080p. If you are serious about HDDVD movies you should probably consider the HDMI equipped connection, just in case they decide to turn on the token constraint flags.

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  • christina aguilera imagenes.

  • NightStorm
    Jan 11, 12:46 PM
    It's a good guess. I was a happy NNW user, but despite having paid for the software, I still switched to Google Reader about a year ago. I tried out the new version of NNW, but there are really no features compelling enough to get me to switch back. Now if they come out with native iPhone version I might change my mind (I'm still not thrilled with Reader's Phone interface).
    Exactly my thoughts... they can win me back if they develop a native iPhone client that works the way I'd like it to. Until then, I'll stick with Google Reader (which I switched to from NNW shortly after the iPhone's release).

    Mar 2, 08:54 PM
    :) was it not also usable as a computer , if i remember that right it had a logic board of macintosh's from that time with some alterations , but could be used for internet access and OS 8 would run on it , only not meant to be a macintosh , so i guess apple placed it in the wrong market ,instead of selling it as a games console they should have sold it as a macintosh able to be used as a games console could have been a hit :D

    Apr 15, 08:43 AM
    Just got back into town. Worked like a charm thank you :D

    glad to help! :D

    Doctor Q
    Mar 24, 12:17 AM
    ^ Done. We've arranged to have it removed.

    Jun 16, 08:24 AM
    OWC -- Hall of Fame. They've never done me wrong.

    We Love Macs -- Hall of Fame. Again, never a problem.

    PowerBookMedic I wouldn't put on either list. I've had positive experiences with them and negative experiences. They seem to handle the little things fine, but when it comes to DVD drives, be careful.

    Sep 21, 06:42 AM
    Verify if the Seagate warranty does apply if you buy an OEM drive.

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