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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

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  • drjsway
    Nov 11, 01:49 PM
    For feature films and television these days, Final Cut is ABSOLUTELY the industry standard. Oh and in the 8 years I've lived in Hollywood, I never met one person in the industry who uses a Windows PC (maybe a writer or two).

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  • duklaprague
    Jan 9, 05:22 PM
    It was a shame there was no leopard / iLife stuff, and on the one hand it was kinda sad to see the name change.

    But on the other isn't this just an example of Apple being innovative, changing with the times, and keeping ahead of the game - skating to where the puck's going, and all that?

    Not being innovative, changing with the times, and keeping ahead of the game are all things that I thought people like accusing MS of being? So here are Apple being all those things, and still people aren't happy.

    My money's on iLife 07 having a bit of a revamp and greater integration with Leopard. I know some of the Apple consistency in design has been a bit AWOL recently, but I wonder if they've been trying things out, and perhaps with leopard / iLife 07 everything will come together again. My oersonal pref for a UI would be something not dissimilar to Aperture - more pro looking than iLife, but a bit more attractive and inviting than final cut etc.

    I also think the macs themselves are all pretty much up to date - so we'll likely see a good spread of stuff through the year - iPhone now, leopard/iLife very soon, and mac revisions appearing very soon after that.

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  • MarioB
    Mar 9, 09:14 PM
    I know that there is an app/tweak that lets you set passwords and lock the apps but I have never heard of one that locks you in the app itself. Good luck!

    P.S. - There is a thing that lets you create profiles on the ipad (like you would on a computer), so you can make a profile where you only have that one app (I think)

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  • Philalbe
    Mar 20, 08:55 AM
    Philalbe, based on what you've said, he sounds like someone you really don't want to be doing business with. In the end, the pay would have to be a lot better than that for it to be worth all the stress.

    If I can offer you just a little bit of advice, having run my own business for quite a number of years, it would be this� Firstly, you're charging WAY too little. I did too when I started out. That's why this guy back-pedalled IMO, not because he's a nice guy, but because he realises that no one else will do the quality of work you're doing at this price. I could be wrong, but he sounds like some people I've seen before. He knows you're a bit green in business, and he'll take advantage of it to save every penny he can, hence the line that 3 hours is all he can afford. You have to be confident in your service and your prices and set them accordingly. If he values the service you offer, he will pay the price. If not, he'll go in search of the next person gullible enough to pay what he's offering, and he will. This kind of person places no value in establishing long-term business relationships and he offers very little value to you and your business.

    I know you're only starting out and you're keen to get any work you can, but in the long term it's going to bite you because a lot of the customers you're establishing now at this price are going to start taking it for granted. I don't know what the going rates are in your area, but you need to find out. I'll bet you people are charging upwards of 4 or 5 times that amount.

    Good luck! :)


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  • FriarNurgle
    Apr 27, 01:17 PM
    Whether there was good intent or not, I'm just thankful I installed untrackerd from Cydia; it continuously wipes the location file. JB FTW!

    Have you noticed any issues without having this file? It seems to make sense this location tracking has benefits for performance of the phone in regards to signal acquisition.

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  • nehas91
    Sep 9, 07:36 PM


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  • rikers_mailbox
    Oct 5, 08:50 PM
    Those Safari updates? I would expect no less!!

    If Safari didn't at least keep up with FireFox, then shame Apple. At best Safari should innovate just as much as Apple claims. How about CoverFlow for cached pages?

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  • DrGruv1
    Aug 21, 04:54 PM




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  • mcrain
    Mar 3, 02:26 PM
    If the top 50% are declaring earnings equivalent to 88% of the total, it seems entirely proportionate that they should be paying 95% of the total tax. Their true earnings are probably vastly more in percentage terms, anyway.

    Fivepoint's argument is akin to complaining that the slaves weren't paying their fair share of the taxes, and the plantation owners were paying far too much.

    The top earners have almost all of the wealth in this country, they should be paying almost all of the taxes. If they were paying too much, wouldn't the wealth disparity be shrinking?

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  • cecildk9999
    Nov 20, 02:16 PM
    As for design, I'm REALLY hoping for a flip phone -- but something tells me Apple is going to go with a candy bar design. The only reason I hate those is because no matter HOW complicated it is to lock/unlock the keys, it manages to ALWAYS happen in my pocket. And then I unknowingly place calls to people without realizing it, which is my worst nightmare.

    Yeah, the candybar design seems to be the general consensus, though I'd consider one depending on what it has to offer. I made the switch to a flip phone after my old candybar type accidentally made calls to the police (even if the keys are locked, apparently 911 still goes through); I had a very awkward conversation over the phone, as I got a call back after one of these calls was placed asking if everything was alright :o . I think because I was watching Goldfinger, they heard gunshots and yells. My new phone just randomly takes pictures in my pocket. :confused:


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  • Praetorian�
    Sep 6, 07:49 AM
    http://img.skitch.com/20100906-e9k7a4iiiuxwy1s5h946gf2wep.preview.jpg (http://skitch.com/praetorian/dij66/bmw-wallpaper)
    Click for full size (http://skitch.com/praetorian/dij66/bmw-wallpaper)

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  • applerocks123
    Mar 13, 11:06 PM
    Hi guys,

    I need sone good ideas of what to put on the monitor outside of my room, its mounted and is connected to a mac mini with a camera.

    also if you guys knew some software please direct me to the download of where i could get it.


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  • osx11
    Mar 31, 10:11 AM
    Soon we will only have one OS called iOSX

    OSX 10.7 has iOS features that were sent "Back to the Mac"
    iOS is getting OSX apps (Photoshop, Garage Band, iMovie, Pages, Numbers, Keynote, Photo Booth.......)
    OSX is getting apps originally designed for iOS

    If you imagine iOS and OSX on a line


    They are moving in opposite directions toward each other.


    Eventually, they will meet in the middle and we will have either 2 similar operating systems or simply a mix of the two.

    I think Apple thinks that by taking the best of the two worlds they are creating a "better" user experience. I don't know if this is the case but I think that this is clearly the inevitable long-term outcome. Time will tell.

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  • chosenkill6
    May 3, 06:56 PM
    by cable image do you mean recovery mode screen?


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  • gkarris
    Mar 25, 10:44 AM
    This may only happen if they get rid of the consumer-quality GPS receiver in it. Would raise the price of the handset, though.

    It's more than likely going to be the use of their own software (iMaps?) rather than use Google which has their own Mobile OS now.

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  • btc33
    Apr 22, 10:41 PM
    I have a western digital external hard drive, and it recently stopped showing up on my desktop. However, it does show up on my disk utility, but it wont repair. Do I have to sacrifice everything on my hard drive?


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  • Heitzman
    Mar 4, 09:33 AM
    I'm in.

    2009 Mac Pro Octo 2.26 reporting for duty.

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  • untypoed
    Apr 12, 05:50 PM

    http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1003206/Screenshot%20%E2%80%A2%20Preview/DayPreview.png (http://Skorpion24.deviantart.com/art/A-Day-In-The-Sky-204591299)

    Bleh I'm not a huge fan of those little boxes when people post their wallpaper.
    Love to see the dock and icons.
    Know who's the dirtiest. ;)

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  • iBug2
    Nov 12, 05:39 PM
    For feature films? I call BS! Maybe for independent "features" and even that is debatable.

    Just one example but Transformers 2 was cut on FCP, and that's a 250mil movie, hardly an independent one :)

    Apr 6, 12:30 PM
    That's only 1,258,291.2 gigabytes ... If each customer gets, say, 500 megabytes allocated, that's enough for 2,516,582 customers.

    To be safe more like enough for 2.5 million customers @ 500 megabytes (which isn't very high, I would hope for more like 5000 megabytes/5 gigabytes, but then that's only enough for like 251,658 customers).

    Point is, they better have another 10+ Pb along the way ...

    Nov 19, 02:34 PM
    I was just about to post about this likely being a loss leader. They're generating buzz and traffic in their stores. Their losses on the iPad are designed to turn profit on other sales.

    You are exactly correct. I would bet anything that TJ Maxx/Marshalls did in fact pay the $499 for each and are selling them at a reduced price. Because they did not announce where they will be, they intended/bet on the internet hype to drive customers into the stores to look to see if their local store(s) had them. And, about 75% of those customers will stay in the store and look around while they are there, and of those 75% of customers, 60% are likely to buy something. It is a marketing ploy. This type of thing has been done for ages by smaller chain stores. It's nothing new. Only reason it's getting attention is that it is an iPad, something people want - and that is exactly why they did it.

    Sep 30, 02:17 PM
    FANTASTIC news. As big a pile of crap as Notes/Domino is, I'm stuck with it at work, and being the lone Mac dude just makes things worse. Notes on the Mac platform is sorry right now, and some improvements would be much appreciated.

    I'd love to some day see Domino Administrator ported to Mac.

    Apr 20, 01:25 PM
    <p style="float:right; padding-left:1em;"><img src="http://images.macrumors.com/article/2011/04/20/142332-iphone_retina_display_top.jpg"></p><a href="http://www.marketwatch.com/story/apple-picks-toshiba-as-iphone-lcd-supplier-report-2011-04-19"><i>Dow Jones Newswires</i> reports</a> on claims from Japanese newspaper <i>Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun</i> that Apple has committed to invest in a Toshiba factory for iPhone LCD production, a report that also claims that Apple has abandoned a similar deal with Sharp for the displays.<p class="quote">The Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun reported that Apple now plans to invest only in Toshiba's new LCD panel plant currently under construction in Ishikawa Prefecture, central Japan.<br />
    <br />
    The report said that Sharp was no longer a candidate for Apple's investment.</p>The article notes that Sharp has issued a statement refuting the claim, reporting that the statement "contradicts the facts". Sharp even went so far as to issue an <a href="http://sharp-world.com/corporate/news/110420.html">official press release</a> denying the claim urging the newspaper to withdraw the report and issue an apology.<br />
    <br />
    Last December, reports appeared just days apart claiming that Apple was planning to invest alongside both <a href="http://www.macrumors.com/2010/12/13/toshiba-and-apple-to-invest-12-billion-in-factory-to-produce-iphone-lcds/">Toshiba</a> and <a href="http://www.macrumors.com/2010/12/17/apple-and-sharp-building-1-2-billion-facility-for-iphone-displays/">Sharp</a> for iPhone LCD plants, with each facility said to cost up to $1.2 billion.

    Apr 30, 05:06 PM
    Hope this helps:


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