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jim parsons and todd spiewak

Friday, June 3, 2011

jim parsons and todd spiewak. jim-parsons-and-todd-spiewak.
  • jim-parsons-and-todd-spiewak.

  • sbb155
    Apr 23, 08:52 PM
    Posted my mac pro 1.1 on ebay to end on monday. Looking at new mac pro, but hoping apple would do a minor processor refresh to include the 3.2 hex, etc. any history of doing this?

    jim parsons and todd spiewak. TODD SPIEWAK AND JIM PARSONS

  • Icaras
    May 5, 02:47 AM
    I highly doubt Steve will announce another iMac at WWDC. :eek:

    I'm sure he's talking about Lion announcements at WWDC, most importantly the release date and price.

    Anyway, $50 is worth waiting a month or two for me. But then again, I'm in no rush.

    jim parsons and todd spiewak. Jim Parsons - 63rd Annual
  • Jim Parsons - 63rd Annual

  • andrewmon
    Apr 3, 09:23 AM
    Neeed Help!

    jim parsons and todd spiewak. Kaley Cuoco and Jim Parsons
  • Kaley Cuoco and Jim Parsons

  • Gr80Likes2Boogi
    Apr 30, 11:42 AM
    Thanks, guys!

    I love the look of the iMac G4, but that's purely aesthetic. It WOULD work for my application, though (just Qlab > Mbox2 > mackie whatever board they have me use that show)

    Fortunately, when I sounded the horn on ye olde facebook, a friend offered his G5 tower for free. All I need to do is supply a monitor, and I can definitely Amazon me a cheap flat panel. Probably the best possible scenario! But now of course I just want a G4 to put up iTunes visualizer and never turn it off =)

    EDIT: Talked the the guy who is selling the G4 iMac, and we worked out a deal that ends with me getting the iMac- FOR FREE! I work at Disneyland, so I have a pretty hefty bargaining chip... So now my dilemma is solved. 2 computers, no money out of pocket. Interesting how some things work themselves out!


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  • todd spiewak jimfind

  • Austin M.
    Apr 6, 03:31 PM
    Looks like it's dual injected with silicone.

    jim parsons and todd spiewak. Jim+parsons+todd+spiewak+
  • Jim+parsons+todd+spiewak+

  • Willis
    Oct 27, 06:17 PM
    I was gonna say you'd be a pretty sad bastard to go for a shirt only, but I'm sure if your buying something else and explain your situation, they'll oblige you.

    10 points for raining on peoples parades.. geez...


    jim parsons and todd spiewak. Kaley Cuoco and Jim Parsons
  • Kaley Cuoco and Jim Parsons

  • AppleIntelRock
    Jul 9, 01:28 AM
    looks like i'm going to los gatos

    jim parsons and todd spiewak. Jim Parsons Amp Todd Spiewak
  • Jim Parsons Amp Todd Spiewak

  • Nermal
    Jul 11, 06:45 PM
    Where are you experiencing this problem? And what version of OS X are you running? I have 10.2.6 and tried this at the login screen and could only get in by typing my proper password.


    jim parsons and todd spiewak. The Big Bang Theory star Jim
  • The Big Bang Theory star Jim

  • Dont Hurt Me
    Dec 11, 08:33 AM
    Original Quicksilver had a very poor cooling solution with not much in the way of airflow. The original fan blew out if not mistaken. But that makes little sense in my view. I would have that fan sucking cool air from outside and blowing it across that sink into the system. Even open up a few of those holes on the back with a drill if you must its what i did. The big fan above the hard disc moves air to the outside of the unit. Also i dont know how you feel about this but i have notice manufactors are sloppy and stingy when applying the silicone compound between the cpu & sink. Make sure that CPU is coated 100% before mounting the heat sink. Also Quicksilver came with 2 fan guards on the power supply. One on the unit and one on the case. Remove one of these guards for even better flow of air. For example i had a 1.4 Merc extreme that would run all day at 1.47 after i made these cooling mods. quicksilver for the most part baths the componets in other componets heat and then sends that air across the sink out the system. Reverse that for better cooling. good luck.

    jim parsons and todd spiewak. #jim parsons #todd spiewak
  • #jim parsons #todd spiewak

  • laurim
    Jan 9, 02:49 PM
    try the knife or scissor tool and cut the selection you would like.

    Those tools are in the submenu with the eraser tool. I always have a hard time finding them!


    jim parsons and todd spiewak. jim parsons,todd spiewak
  • jim parsons,todd spiewak

  • ortuno2k
    Jul 11, 09:49 AM
    Dang no one else going to Aventura FL?
    I'll be calling later this afternoon to see if they have any stock left, and if they do, I'll be stopping by around 6 ish p.m.
    Too bad I had to work today and couldn't take the day off - my manager has it off! :( :mad:
    In the meantime, iWait.

    jim parsons and todd spiewak. Jim+parsons+todd+spiewak+
  • Jim+parsons+todd+spiewak+

  • Che Castro
    May 4, 07:32 PM
    Current iOS on Verizon does not support video airplay

    Why not?

    I was thinking of switching to verizon but now i dont think so


    jim parsons and todd spiewak. According to sources, Jim
  • According to sources, Jim

  • Gokhan
    Nov 28, 05:56 PM
    i can offer 70$ shipped to the uk !

    sorry all i got very low i know :)

    jim parsons and todd spiewak. Jim Parsons. with Todd Spiewak
  • Jim Parsons. with Todd Spiewak

  • ducttape
    Dec 18, 09:24 PM
    The introduction of the Macintosh in 1984 by Steve Jobs!

    I found a video of it here, by the way...


    jim parsons and todd spiewak. Jim Parsons Todd Spiewak
  • Jim Parsons Todd Spiewak

  • ilovemyibook
    Feb 23, 09:52 PM
    Hello. I just got an iBook G3 Clamshell from my Sister-In-Law, and I LOVE It. It is running OS 9.2 and I am curious to see the specs on this computer. I don't have much experience on OS 9. Lol. When I go to "about this computer" it says I have 96 mb. of built in memory. How much ram could I add to it, and what is the best OS on it? Could I dual boot it to run say OS 9.2.2(Current OS) and say OS 10.0. I think I can go up to 10.4.11 but I imagine that would be a painful experience. Basically if I can get some version of 10.xx I'd be a happy camper. Thanks guys!

    jim parsons and todd spiewak. 的男友Todd Spiewak订婚。
  • 的男友Todd Spiewak订婚。

  • SidBala
    Apr 22, 05:10 AM
    Where you define the code, you need to put in classname::functionname

    Do this for every function you define. This need not be done if you are within the class declaration.

    void login::find()
    ifstream file;

    string input=inputusername;
    string input_line;
    bool found = false;

    while( file >> input_line ) {
    if( input_line.compare(input) == 0 ) {
    cout << "The name " << input_line << " was found in file.\n";
    found = true;


    jim parsons and todd spiewak. Big Bang Theory#39;s Jim Parsons
  • Big Bang Theory#39;s Jim Parsons

  • bellis1
    Feb 4, 03:34 PM
    I just had to post to tell everyone how much I love this thing. How can anyone live with a one button mouse?

    I has three buttones on the left side of the mouse for your thumb. I have these set for one to go forward/next/page down and one to go backward/previous/page up and then the middle one to flip between pages that are open within one application. Makes browsing macrumors and multiple threads fast especially with the scroll wheel on the top.

    And then you can click the scroll whell, I have that programed for expose to only show the desktop.

    And then wait, still two more buttons. One of the buttons on the scroll wheel I have programmed to expose all windows and the other to show all the windows in one application. What is that like 6 buttons?

    jim parsons and todd spiewak. Jim Parsons Amp Todd Spiewak
  • Jim Parsons Amp Todd Spiewak

  • Doctor Q
    Aug 13, 04:47 PM
    It's a phone so small, that it can't even be used. But it's made by Apple, so I couldn't resist buying it!Is the price suitably small too? ;)

    jim parsons and todd spiewak. Boyfriend todd spiewak, jim
  • Boyfriend todd spiewak, jim

  • asif786
    Dec 31, 09:00 AM
    Panic Software (www.panic.com (http://www.panic.com/)) gets my vote. I think their software is great and the company seems young and fun too - seems to reflect the general mac user base very well..!

    Go, Panic, Go.

    Mar 31, 03:08 AM
    I jailbreak my iPod 2 gen 4.2.1 with greenpois0n and it won't install cydia because it's not enough disk space and I restore and it say have 6.5 gb how can I get all 8 gb back and will iOS 4.1 work on greenpois0n if so can someone let me now... Thank

    Jan 10, 09:49 PM
    Here's info on what the freaky thing does:


    Apr 17, 04:55 PM
    I agree with above

    May 2, 08:22 AM
    Thanks for this, I'm going to get the crossfire cable and see if I can get it working.

    Dec 19, 12:42 PM
    Highly disturbing avatar.

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