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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

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  • John Galliano attends the 5th

  • SwiftLives
    May 4, 11:13 AM
    The stupid liberal Democrats who govern South Carolina refused to give Amazon a 5 year reprieve from collecting sales tax on SC purchases. As a consequence, Amazon has scrapped plans to build a distribution center in Columbia that would have employed about 1300 people (http://www.postandcourier.com/news/2011/apr/30/amazon-pullout-has-chilling-effect/). Furthermore, another company has abandoned plans to locate in the area and a homebuilder has scrapped plans to build 100 new houses because of the Amazon pullout.

    This is so typical of the shortsightedness of the Democrat/Socialists who run this state. They are costing the SC citizens jobs by not supporting the companies that want to locate here and....

    Wait...What's that you say?

    Republicans control the South Carolina government? There are no Democrats at all elected to statewide office?

    But...but...but...now I'm utterly confused.

    In all seriousness, how bad must our state economy be for the Republican-controlled legislature to refuse tax breaks? I actually really applaud the Republicans on this one. On one hand, it would have resulted in substantial employment - well above 2,000 total. On the other hand, it would have come as the cost of a lot of potential tax revenue. And we'd need that tax revenue to support the additional infrastructure required to sustain these jobs.

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  • John Galliano John Galliano

  • DougFNJ
    Mar 11, 03:49 PM
    This actually made me "lol" Well done Doug...

    I try ;)

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  • John Galliano Mens Bordeaux

  • ijimk
    Jul 12, 05:16 PM
    This guy is awesome and it looks way kool in the dash.Apple take notes on this guys integration for your ipod car integration.

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  • John Galliano Homme

  • roadbloc
    Apr 23, 08:30 AM
    I got a refund for Aperture when my nephew accidentally bought it whilst playing on my Mac. Strangely enough, I can still use the App, (even though I don't as I prefer iPhoto), I though Apple would have the power to remove stuff off your purchases list so you could no longer use it.


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  • John Galliano. Arrested

  • SamIchi
    Sep 18, 02:11 PM
    its called the trash can! ;)

    I would, but I'm sure someone would like them. The trash would be just a waste. I want to find some used cds too.

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  • john Galliano

  • ReverendCharm
    Mar 27, 09:37 PM
    I never moved any system files and never would. The only things i put, or tried to put, on the external was 1 sample library for elektrik piano and the saved songs in my garageband folder. thats it.

    I guess this drive is just either faulty or way too slow to meet my needs. I contacted the company about a refund/return ..we'll see


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  • rant of John Galliano.

  • uood8
    Aug 15, 02:42 AM
    I have a 50x50 vinyl banner of the moon landing, apparently this is much sought after, however I cannot find any record of one being sold. The only posters i can find are the long/slim ones. Mine is completely square. It is authentic i know that for a fact, its been in my possession for many years now and i personally took it down from the ceiling where it hung.

    Any ideas?

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  • Fashion designer John Galliano

  • brosenz
    Apr 26, 08:37 PM
    After some research my top 3 sorted options are:

    1.- OCZ Vertex 2 120GB
    2.- Intel X25-M 120GB
    3.- Samsung 470 Series 128GB

    I will be using it as my boot drive for Mac OS X 10.6.7, any suggestion which one would be the best option for speed ?, thanks


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  • Fashion designer John Galliano

  • buffsldr
    Sep 8, 06:26 PM
    I take it this has been a problem?

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  • By Peter Allen John Galliano

  • h1r0ll3r
    Apr 7, 08:10 AM
    G by Guess jeans
    Canon cameras
    HP printers
    North Face
    Under Armour

    to name a few.


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  • John Galliano donna vero cuoio

  • alukado
    Apr 29, 01:04 AM
    So every time u reboot u have to do the procedure again?

    Yep, but I always keep it on.

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  • 1st: Dear John Galliano:

  • devilot
    Dec 14, 09:54 PM
    Me Want!, Me Want!:)Yeah, seriously... that is awesome, DCV! :D


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  • Dior designer John Galliano

  • Kinetic
    Jan 12, 06:59 PM
    I think the name is stupid. But then again I hated the name Macbook when I heard it and thought Apple would never use that name so what do I know? :o

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  • Posts Tagged #39;John Galliano#39;

  • bootloader
    Apr 17, 07:42 PM
    will that fix the issue message that I keep getting? When I boot to the desktop it always says " restart" with a error message that looks like a shutdown button..

    it will sure fix it if the kernel panics were caused by overheating, which is likely, i would give it a shot, if that doesnt fix it then you know that the problem lies somewhere else!


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  • John Galliano; The Nazi with

  • gngan
    Apr 30, 04:27 AM
    I think there's no point for preserving the BB. However; it's not that difficult to do it so why not? What if unlock comes out but you've already updated it?

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  • jaw04005
    Nov 7, 05:24 PM
    Eager to hear some first hand reviews of the new Kinect. I'm still on the fence.


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  • john galliano designs.

  • olliemac
    Mar 26, 01:43 PM
    So how did everybody make out yesterday?

    Any tips on finding an iPad 2 in Ottawa at this point? Should I wait a while before even bothering to look for one in stores?

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  • Christian Dior, John Galliano

  • maflynn
    Apr 9, 08:09 AM
    Apple should just let this slide. Seriously, it's Javascript.
    That's because they don't want any competition with safari so they force them to remove a major function

    It's ridiculous that apple would do this

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  • John Galliano is making waves

  • fleshman03
    Aug 13, 12:45 AM
    Really? Quicktime is pretty amazing for professional filmmaking. The Quicktime X player sucks though.

    Meh, just move on to iMovie/FCP and call it a day.

    Aug 8, 12:38 PM
    wow, thanks for that. :)
    Good suggestions, I suppose I got stumped for that (colour) as well. The full-colour version looked almost too saturated and and the purely black/white looked too plain. I kinda went with a cross between the two and it came out more sepia-ish.

    B+W with red toe-nails?? I'm sure you could PS that without a re-shoot.
    What are we talking about, you're going to win anyway.

    Apr 27, 06:07 PM
    sl has been rock solid for me

    Apr 22, 08:22 AM
    The same thing happens when I run Skype on my 13" MBA. When I use Facetime, the heat and loud fans aren't really an issue. The only other time the fans crank up for me like that is when I'm doing intensive photo or video editing. So it seems to me that Skype really is just a CPU hog. I'm not sure if there's really anything you can do about that.

    May 5, 09:21 PM
    It's in Tokyo:

    Image (http://martindesu.tumblr.com/post/1010745566/iphone-4-advert-in-japan-iphone-cm)

    Click for my blog.


    Oct 2, 02:55 PM

    Yeah I was a bit unimpressed by the way they arranged the disks too. Perhaps I would like it more if I had a chance to open one of the new cases up.

    The large heatsink could have been a huge improvement, however apparently Apple didn't use it to lower sound levels very much. Such am elaborate case, and they can't be bothered to make it quiet.

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