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laila ali baby

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


  • NYmacAttack
    Dec 20, 07:14 PM
    heh.. i figured it out. i accessed it from the optical drive's slot. pbfixit says to go in through the little gap you create between the top and bottom half of the base. i ended up putting some nice dents in my pb from trying to wedge stuff in there.. lo' and behold going in through the optical drive and up released it in 10 seconds. i'm going to email them and let them know they suck. that said, i wouldn't recommend pbfixit.com to anyone.

    Thanks for the tip. apple's laptop are always such a pain to open up. Changing the hard drive on my toshiba only involved taking out 5 screws.:(

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  • Laila Ali Curtis Conway Baby

  • cfairbank
    Mar 3, 08:58 AM
    Thinking about it. Been holding out on getting the iPad and I am ready to pull the trigger and pick one up.

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  • Laila Ali Pregnant with Baby

  • ReanimationLP
    Dec 16, 10:54 PM
    Well, if you also part it out, how much for the case/PSU/mainboard and whatevers left?

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  • Laila says her father,

  • waw74
    Apr 20, 08:20 AM
    I was going to make a new thread but came across this post. I want to implement scenario #2. What mode would I put the airport express in? Would they be broadcasting the same network twice if I wired it up like this (meaning I would see WirelessNetworkName twice)?

    put it in "extend (bridge mode)" under connection sharing on the internet page.
    then give it the same SSID and security settings as the main base.
    your devices will automatically switch to the stronger signal as you move around the house. it will only appear once.
    most large locations (like airports (not apple's devices, but the places with airplanes)) do this, and you never know.

    that's only if you are using the same flavor of wireless (B,G, or N) on both units, if you are trying to create separate G & N networks, still use the bridge mode but give them different names. (up to you if the security settings are the same or not)


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  • SevenInchScrew
    May 25, 08:03 PM
    Almost five years late, my friend. :D
    Great games have no expiration date ;)

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  • Laila Ali has a little

    Feb 25, 09:34 AM
    Hi All...

    I was hoping for some help and guidance. I've been a network engineer for 15 years now. All of my experience is in the Microsoft arena. Lately, my organization has been adopting MAC / Apple products ( iPad, iPhones, etc. ) but we've now gone as far as to purchase our first MAC desktop system, an iMAC.

    Having no formal training in administering an iMAC in a Windows AD Domain ( 2008 ) I've been scouring the internet ( Google ) looking for as much information as I can. So far, I've been able to integrate it into our AD Domain and have network users login and have access to their network home directories.

    I am, however, suffering in a couple of areas and was hoping that I could get some real world advice on the following:

    1) What is the best way for me to administer this computer remotely using my Windows 7 Pro workstation? Example: Remotely connecting to it for help desk and other needs. Currently I use Dameware NT Utilities to remotely connect and administer my PC based workstations. Is there a similar utility for iMAC's that will run on Windows 7?

    2) Login scripts... How am I able to accomplish this on a MAC? My PC based workstations use a batch file to map network drives and other things needed at login.

    3) What is the best way for me to be able to control the iMAC through Group Policies? Or maybe I should be asking if this is even possible?

    I appreciate in advance for any help your able to give! :)


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  • son of Laila Ali and her

  • 4nNtt
    Jul 30, 10:37 PM
    Thats what i thought.... And then i saw Unicom and thought this was about them making a generic copy of the iPhone 4. :o

    If they were making a clone they would be called HTC, Motorola, Google, or Microsoft.

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  • R94N
    Aug 27, 02:17 AM
    Love the second one. I can imagine it being made of similar material to a flag; is that true?


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  • sbddude
    May 4, 07:07 PM
    Hello World, my first post on macrumors

    I tried searching but most of the information was not in recent time, so figured to post a new thread.

    I bought a used 3GS 8GB yesterday from a person. The phone is unlocked and jailbroken.

    Here is the relevant information:

    Version: 4.3.2 (8H7)

    Model: MC640LL

    Modem Firmware (baseband, i think): 06.15.00

    Currently I am using it with T-Mobile, so I know it is unlocked properly.

    My question is....

    The phone has apps and settings from the previous user. I want to 'reset' or 'restore' or something like that to remove all settings and content from previous user.

    If I go to Settings --> General --> Reset and perform a reset, will my phone still be usable with T-Mobile?

    Thank you all. Hope I provided enough info to answer.

    you need to restor with custom firmware, because of the 6.15.00 baseband.

    then jailbreak and install ultrasnow.

    hurry up because 4.3.3 was released and might not be jailbreakable.

    if you have SHSH for 4.3.2. or anything earlier, you will be OK.

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  • Laila Ali and her husband

  • Hexley
    May 5, 01:08 AM
    I see a lot of posts saying they'll wait for OS X Lion to come preloaded in the 2011 iMac before buying.

    If you are doing this are you willing to wait another 4 months for this to happen?

    Apple (and other companies) have been known to stretch out release dates to the end of a season or quarter. September 5 being seen as the end of Summer in the US leads me to believe Lion will be released around that time.

    The time frame is based on conjecture of a worst case scenario.


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  • Laila Ali#39;s New Born Baby

  • Benjy91
    Apr 3, 02:58 PM
    Source: http://www.winrumors.com/leaked-forza-4-video-unveils-kinect-features/

    A promotional video for Microsoft’s Forza 4 game leaked to the Internet on Friday.

    WinRumors held back from posting the video until Microsoft representatives were able to confirm the video was genuine and not an elaborate April Fools. Microsoft has confirmed the authenticity of the video and has claimed it was never meant for public distribution.

    The video in question was not intended for public distribution and may not accurately reflect features and functionality that ship in Forza Motorsport 4. We will have more to share on Forza Motorsport 4 in the near future.


    The video shows off some of the promised Kinect features for Forza 4. “Stand up and use your hands to open the doors, retract the roof, fire up the engine,” says the narrator of the video. The game will feature 80 car manufacturers, a figure that has never been seen before in a racing game. “Kinect powered head tracking allows you to look into the corners while you race,” says the narrator. IGN also notes that Top Gear’s own test track might make its way to Forza 4.

    The video shows that the Kinect integration will mainly be for the less hardcore gamers. Microsoft’s promise to share more information on Forza 4 “in the near future” will keep the masses hoping for further Kinect integration.

    Forza Motorsport 4 Developer Video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_UDbjkePJa0&feature=player_embedded)

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  • Dagless
    Mar 10, 08:36 AM
    I'd buy a DSi if I was buying for 1 game. We have them for sale for around €100 brand new now. Considering 3DS is retailing at €260 here that's one hell of a difference.

    DSi = 13 hour battery life, less than 1/2 price

    3DS may be more powerful, but 2.5-3 hour battery life & twice the price to do what?

    play a game designed for the ds. It seems like a poor trade off.

    I've heard that DS games get 5-7 hours battery life on the 3DS. I guess it doesn't need the same GPU and the 3D effect also chops down battery times (with 3D off 3DS games get hours more life).

    I am playing Black on my DS Lite right now. I can tell it wasnt designed for the screen on the Lite though, as in battle the lettering in the pokemon names is really cramped.
    There's no resolution difference between the Lite and the DSi. The problem in Pokemon is the text is just really tiny, in-battle character names are 3 pixels wide. They'll be 3 pixels wide no matter what display. W looks like a H even on a DSi XL! It was a really poor choice of font.


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  • Laila Ali Expecting Baby Number Two!

  • overanalyzer
    Oct 20, 10:21 PM
    I preordered, personally. I'm looking forward to getting
    home from work and having my family pack already there without having to go wait in line. Launch day purchases can be fun for new products, but it hasn't been very long since getting my iPhone and somehow waiting for a DVD doesn't seem that exciting. :)

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  • apmorency
    Apr 9, 04:04 PM
    The power support screen protectors seem to cover edge to edge.

    There is a tiny raised lip on the edge of the iphone 4 screen, the power support seems to fit right up to it.


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  • Peter.Howard
    Nov 13, 08:59 PM
    I assume you have system 7 on there?

    Try holding down the SHIFT key at startup, that will turn of the extensions. i.e. screen saver loading and should get you in there to disable it

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  • champion Laila Ali has

  • crusso03
    Sep 8, 01:04 PM
    how can you install snow leopard off a usb flash drive? i am currently running tiger...


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  • tim2006
    Apr 14, 09:47 AM
    Are there any good articles out there re graphics for the current video game generation? If both the 360 and PS3 use hdmi at 1080p/720p what will make there graphics any different?

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  • Nermal
    Apr 3, 01:40 AM
    Holy crap! For a gaming system....unbelievable.

    Yeah, almost as much as a PS3!

    laila ali baby. Laila Ali is expecting
  • Laila Ali is expecting

  • Sweetfeld28
    Apr 17, 09:11 PM
    I agree with the rest, it was very good.

    It reminds me of MK12's Reel (http://www.mk12.com/reel-popup.html), with the in your face graphics, and catchy tune.

    Jan 10, 05:42 PM
    If i could come, i would come, however i cant, but i wish i could. Have fun everyone thats going!!

    May 5, 08:52 PM
    It doesn't require any hardware changes. All Broadcom WiFi chips that Apple uses already support WAPI.

    Feb 24, 06:51 AM
    It could, but it doesn't have that much space. I would hook it up to an external raid array.

    I would recommend a Drobo S. (http://www.drobo.com/products/drobo-s.php)

    It is not cheep, but I have 9 gigs of drives in it, 6 available. Great product, keeps your data safe, it's fast, and easily expandable.

    I see you got FCP in your sig, i use Premiere CS5 and Photoshop you suggest the drobo would be good stuff like that? I have checked out the drobo before, they do look good. I just need something i can remote into and control when im away kick off downloads etc...as the server will be headless (no monitor)

    Apr 24, 08:38 PM
    Would appreciate if you could elaborate. Cheers.


    Dec 10, 07:07 PM
    I have a USB Zip one, how much are you willing to pay?

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