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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

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  • martinvisalaw
    04-19 02:44 PM
    Hopefully you can address the CIS concerns about where you were working by showing that the I-140 is for a future position, and it is irrelevant (for permanent residence) where you worked in the past. However, your past locations are relevant in showing whether or not you maintained H-1B status, and can also suggest that the employer's labor cert for one specific location is incomplete, if it traditionally moves employees around and if it disn't say multiple locations on the labor cert and I-140.. Good luck.

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  • chanduv23
    03-28 06:07 AM
    Not a problem. the start date on your new i 797 is always the date it was processed and approved and not the date it was applied.

    If this application was processed well before your earlier h1b end date they would have given it from the next day, but as it was processed later, they gave the date it was processed.

    As long as it was filed well within the timeframe and you got the reciept notice, absolutely no problem.

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  • abhishek101
    03-25 01:54 PM
    Finally, someone who thinks long-term. That is why I had mentioned that we need to go beyond our immediate benefits and think longterm.

    Also, people with Masters in Computer Science are also eligible, so for the many nay sayers, grunt IT work is not interesting to US govt., but there is still a lot of innovation going on in core Computer Science.
    I agree fully. If we get only one thing to say it should be getting the soft limit back. It is something that already exists in current immigration system and can be defended easily. Once we have got that as an amendment we should start pushing for other things.

    I always believe in One step at a time and in picking your fights. We all would love to get everything right now but a wise thing would be choose the most important fight.

    SO my Vote : Reinstate Soft Quota.

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  • mtsaha
    08-09 11:12 AM

    I am concurrently filing I-485 with I-140 (already e-filed).
    The instructions say that I need to write "alien receipt number"
    behind my 2 photos that need to be submitted with i-485.
    What is this "alien receipt number"?

    Thanks for any help!


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  • sammyb
    10-09 04:01 PM
    chandu... seems am only one visiting this thread ... lets see how many people responds ... :D

    Come on folks - all the way to Riverhead we have tonnes of people living in these areas affected by Retrogression.

    EAD is not a solution - EAD just makes our life a bit easier than on h1b - the struggle continues even on EAD.

    How can you expect govt to fix your problem if you lack motivation?

    Lets start mobilizing the chapter

    Remember, we are no VIPs, we are in a mass distribution system and no one has special previlidges here, your lives won't change uless you motivate yourselves and speak up for yourselves.

    We need a very strong resprsentation from everyone in the community.

    Ignoring our requests only puts all of us in a tougher situation

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  • sdrblr
    10-11 05:30 PM
    Just write to your state DOL and they will take care after that. You might have to provide some proof for them to start investigation. Make sure you have a plan B with regards to work and status if things go south.


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  • ThinkTwice
    02-18 01:47 PM
    I have my first GC interview next month. I had a DUI few years back that I forgot to mention in the 485 app as I thought this was a traffic related offense. I want to know what are my options now? My lawyer suggests I file for some kind of waiver and suggests I take an attorney with me to the interview. She also asked me to get court certified copies of the conviction and that I completed all the required tasks assigned by the court.
    Is this going to affect my GC in anyway? I need some guidance here.

    You have a lot of work ahead of you, first thing .. you should
    - get a consultation with a good lawyer who specializes in these kind of cases and discuss your options.
    - you have only one month to prepare so you should be aggressive about collecting all the documentation required for the interview. sites like trackiit have some threads that talk about documentation needed for DUI related interviews
    - A straight forward DUI without any accidents etc should be ok, I have seen posts where people with DUI's have gone for and cleared the interviews, but your case is different you have not mentioned the DUI in your application.

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  • axp817
    04-11 07:14 PM
    Given how soon (after the layoff) the soft LUDs appeared, it is highly unlikely that they had anything to do with the layoff, unless your employer revoked the 140 a few days/weeks in advance given the impending layoff.

    I haven't heard of companies doing that but you never know.

    Like someone else suggested, getting a new attorney to submit G-28N is probably a good idea.

    If I were you, I would do the following.

    1. Call the old employer's attorney and check if the 140 was revoked, or if it is going to be revoked.
    2. If the answer to the above is no, check with the attorney if they are willing to forward any future USCIS correspondence to you.
    3. If the answer to #2 is 'No', get a new attorney to do a G-28N as soon as possible, and then look for a new job that qualifies for AC-21 benefits.
    4. If the answer to #2 is 'Yes', then you don't need to do a G-28N right away, and could do it after you start the new job. This is just in case if the new company's attorneys require you to do a G-28N through them.

    Good luck. Keep us posted.


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  • BharatPremi
    12-05 04:17 PM
    he's moving exactly where we need him :-)
    good desicion!.!

    Yes, indeed...I hope I may be able to work out results (Ofcourse desired ones!!!) what we want...:)

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  • santa123
    06-21 01:04 PM
    Thanks for your response

    As per my employer adv :

    Required degree : Masters degree in Engineering or related field (no experience)

    The education evaluation was done from ITES inc., I have got this for applying H1B in Apr 2005, which includes my prior experience. We have used the same education evaluation for I-140 in Aug'07. Since the experience was combined in my education evaluation, CIS is now asking for a new evaluation based solely on education.

    If you cld submit an eval just for education, you shld be ok


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  • Raj Iyer
    09-23 03:58 PM
    You need an I-140 approval notice. If not, type in the receipt no on USCIS website and obtain the status update which will state that the petition is approved, and see if they accept it. I can't guarantee that that they will accept it., but I have used it in the past in another scenario (MTR) and they have accepted it.

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  • senthil1
    06-30 10:46 AM
    Why do you want labor substituion at this time when they are discontinuing for fraud? Are you working same company or joining the company for just labor substitution?
    If you are waiting for long time for Gc then you can take risk. But if you are in US just for 1 or 2 years you have lot of time to get GC. If you are getting the labor in same company you are working now probably ok. But if you have too many uncertanities then it is better not to use it.

    Thanks all. I think the labor only says BS + min 3 years experience in related field. What are the chances that if I proceed on Monday, I will get an RFE on this? And would there be anyway I could respond to that RFE successfully?


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  • iv_newbie_2007
    06-16 10:06 PM
    >>>If COS was not applied/denied you need to stamp that H1B in home country or Canada or Mexico. Stamping can be before October 1st. You cannot start working until you have an H1B stamp. make sure you have a valid visa to come back to USA if H1B stamping is denied at canada or mexico assuming you are not canadian or mexican, else you would need to fly back to home country to get a stamp, directly from Canada or Mexico.

    ----------------> I thought COS was to be applied after H1 is approved. I have to ask my employer about this. Thanks for telling me about this.

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  • gsc999
    06-13 02:30 PM
    Americans want immigrants like yourself who follow the rules and contribute to American society; it is our valued tradition. What we don't want is illegals walking all over our laws. The illegals hurt lawfull immigrants. I married an immigrant who followed the rules, she's very bitter over the way this country is pandering to the Hispanic Reconquista crowd. Americans don't want the amnesty, but the government is pushing for it. Legal immigrants and applicants, IMO, should stand up and be heard to fight anmesty as well.
    Polk1848: Stop patronizing us. Your condescending attitude won't go far on this forum. Each one of IV member is a quintessential American in the making. We understand the American dream far better then many born American citizen, who think everybody else owe them something just because they were born in USA. We, on the other hand are living and moving towards the classic American dream. A good start will be to join us in our cause instead of demanding we oppose Hispanics or undocumented immigrants.


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  • greencardfever
    08-15 01:17 AM

    I'm considering relocating back to India after getting my EAD since I don't know how long it's going to take to actually get the I-485 approved. My questions are:

    1) Is it possible to continue to keep my I-485 application active if I relocate to India and work at the India office of the same company that filed my green card?

    2) Is it possible to continue to keep my I-485 application active if I relocate to India and work for a company other than the one that filed my green card?

    3) Lets say I move back to India after getting the green card, is it enough to simply enter the US once a year to keep my green card active? Can I apply for citizenship after 5 years of having the green card, even though I haven't resided in the US for those 5 years?

    I'd really appreciate it if someone could please answer these questions for me.


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  • Totoro
    05-18 07:23 AM
    Probably he is talking about the conditional green card one gets after marrying a US citizen

    If I understand right, you only jeopardize your chances if you divorce within 2 years. Another option is separation. And of course there is the third option, and that is to try and work it out with her husband.


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  • justAnotherFile
    07-17 01:12 AM
    great news.

    new important points:
    1."Also under discussion is whether green cards that have gone unused in previous years could be used this year. As a result, one possible scenario is that the number of high-skilled workers who gain permanent residency in the U.S. this year could swell to more than twice the historical level. "They've got to do something," says one congressional staffer close to the discussions. "

    2."Perhaps the most acute pressure on the Bush Administration is coming from Representative Zoe Lofgren (D-Calif.),...the last thing the Administration wants is for the details of the "bureaucratic, nightmarish snafu" to become public"

    Just hoping that by some miracle tomorrows news is even better than expected.

    BTW its the title of the article which says its all "The Gandhi Protests Pay Off". Please note its not something like "Govt yields under threat of law suits and immigrants protests"

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  • quizzer
    01-08 01:32 PM
    Its simple,,fill in form 10c and and form 19 and send it to HR. They should even help you get it direct deposit in to your local account in India. I got mine....it was pain-less. This was not with tcs,,,another company...

    My case is not simple but i did not quit in usa either..i resigned without doing the notice period in india sometime back.

    So is it possible to file 10C and 19 directly with the PF office and get the money without involving TCS?

    Your ideas are highly appreciated.

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  • leo2606
    08-09 08:51 PM
    He is ripping money out of you, where are you located?

    I just came back from doc..and he charged 400 dollars (xray will cost more in next few days. Anyways, he says he need to administer Tetnus 3 times (6 months apart).
    I am not sure what he will say in report (which i get in couple of days). But my question to you all is :

    When Shots are given with time lag, Is 485 processed normally or RFE happens or do USCIS just wait for all shots to be completed and submission of report by doc before they process anything?

    Please Reply

    09-03 08:29 AM
    Any updates or idea on what happened on August 31st senate judiciary meeting on SKIL bill? PLease let us know IV members.

    pls. also send webfaxes if you have not sent one


    10-22 11:17 AM
    EB2 RIR - india, PD MARCH 2003
    BEC, philly. LC approved April 2007, June 1st filer

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