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Thursday, June 2, 2011

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  • jthomp
    May 4, 07:11 AM
    I can recover the pictures, but it is something I'd need physical access to the phone to do.

    Just curious as to "how" you would do so? Had a friend who's phone was toast and I wish I could have helped...

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  • mgartner0622
    Apr 8, 08:28 PM
    I wouldn't think so because he accepted the terms of the deal when he bid. It's a legal contract, but call eBay to find out for sure.

    Ok, will do!
    Thank you very much for the information and input everyone!

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  • devilot
    Sep 24, 01:16 PM
    It sounds like he was recruited into the gaming Mafia or something!Well, the gaming community definitely gets intense in their er... 'hobby' or lifestyle. They take things �berseriously. Like the person who stabbed someone w/ a screwdriver at one exhibition event. :eek: And come on, who wouldn't take a 'game' seriously if the prize was sponsored gaming set ups from big companies and free games/software/hardware and even beaucoup cash?! :p

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  • e-coli
    Jul 25, 12:37 PM
    Originally posted by Eniregnat
    6.) If your dog does pee on the screen, it should just drip off. If it doesn�t, you dog may be diabetic. Glucos in the urin will cause it to stick.

    OMG that's the funniest "tech help" answer I've ever heard.

    LMAO :D :D :eek: :D


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  • point665
    Oct 26, 09:04 AM
    I'll probably be there around 6 with a friend to buy Leopard cause my up-to-date still hasnt shipped @#@%@#!@

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  • Bmode
    Jan 3, 09:52 PM
    My apologies for being vague, but I too are not sure about your setup as well. So bare with the directions.

    Open WireTap, select preferences;

    File saving setting: select the desktop.
    Recording file settings: QuickTime Player
    Sound Compression settings: None, 44.1kHz, 16bit, stereo.

    This should set up your files for import.

    Open iTunes. Select add to library and add all your desired files. Make a new playlist. Add all the newly imported files and burn.

    *Make sure your discs are compatible. Make sure your time length doesn't exceed the capacity of the disc. If this stuff doesn't work, read everything possible to broaden your computer skills. That's what I do. Cheers! Bmode.


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  • testcard
    May 6, 01:14 AM
    "Battery life is better" is the new "Safari seems snappier".

    These are the ONLY things Apple said about 4.3.3, so what are you people on about?

    Reduces the size of the cache
    No longer backs the cache up to iTunes
    Deletes the cache entirely when Location Services is turned off

    File under �Placebo Effect� ;)

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  • drew.bowser
    Feb 18, 10:59 AM
    I have not done an SSD per say, but I have made a little side business upgrading the hard drive on 2010 Mac Mini's and selling them on ebay. After having done 10 or so of these, yes you do need to pull the logic board out slightly. The hard drive will not lift up enough to give you the angle you need clear the logic board with out pulling it out.

    That said, only pull it out enough to see a small gap of air between the black beisl in the rear and the alum case.

    WRT the heat sensors... I have found that the smallest amount of rubber cement works well if you you loose the adhesive when transferring the sensor. 8/10 times you will have plenty of stick left though and wont need to add any.

    The black cover I have also assumed was there for air flow as well. If the SSD has a smooth surface, and not logic board to short, you probably can do away with it.

    I will say that the OWC video is dead on. Follow it precisely. PAY ATTENTION TO THE SENSORS ON THE HDD. THEY BREAK VERY EASILY!!

    I found that out the hard way. I have a new sensor on the way as we speak.

    I second everything tek is saying. He's a smart guy :)

    TEK - QUESTION - the glue...you can use standard rubber cement? It doesnt have to be a special kind of thermal glue or anything??


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  • atari1356
    Jun 18, 11:22 AM
    I'm only half way through the "Developer tools state of the union", but XCode 4 looks really cool. :)

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  • amusiccale
    Jun 21, 09:09 PM
    Ok, update for those having expressed interest. Right now, I am waiting on an offer from a local buyer, but will PM each of you the moment the offer fully falls through (it looks like it's going to fall through).

    Local buyer fell through, sending first PM



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  • Doctor Q
    Dec 24, 01:13 PM
    By coincidence, I set my first MobileMe calendar event alert just yesterday. I was adding events for 2011 to my calendar and I decided to specify an alert, not sure if that meant simply that it would sync with iCal on my Mac and pass the alert instructions along. Now I know that I'll get alerts in MobileMe too.

    I wonder what happens if you are not logged into MobileMe at the time the alert should be sent but you log in after that and before the event itself. Do you get all pending alerts when you log in?

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  • RedElectro
    Jan 16, 11:43 AM
    True... unfortunately, I'm not sure what's possible, so I don't really know!

    I should imagine the G5 could act as some kind of central storage for the other Macs for iTunes, Photographs etc - but that's just some kind of glorified NAS box. I'm just curious at this point really, how else could it be used?


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  • Ceebee1980
    May 6, 01:18 PM
    I think the discrete gpu was already running at max performance fps-wise, but the firmware update really seems to have smoothed things out driver-wise interface-wise. And Safari seems a lot better too now. Just wish I had an SSD though, as I've heard they all got boot up speed increases.


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  • Nikato
    Feb 9, 02:17 PM
    Does this copy the OS as well? I ask because I am getting a Mac mini but want to put a different hd in it. I plan to use my external case to house the new drive and connect it to my Mac. I thought I read that there was something that came with the Mac (so you don't have to buy anything) that would let you copy everything including the os to a new clean drive.


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  • Zaid
    Jun 25, 03:48 AM
    Originally posted by MacFan25
    I'm glad to hear that you are liking your iBook. You will probably get used to the keyboard soon. :)

    I've already gotten used to it, its just a pain sometimes. I just think If apple says they're giving me a UK keyboard layout they should do so, not some barely modified US keyboard. If thats what they want to give me the advertise it correctly.

    They can mess with the layout of the modifier keys all they want, but they shouldn't mess with the layout of the input keys. Otherwise they can't really say it follows that keyboard layout.

    But then apple doesn't really seem to care about its non-US customers very much.

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  • awadeee
    Apr 13, 05:20 AM
    I've been waiting and waiting, like many others for the white iPhone 4 to be released, and have been disappointed. I think I'm going to get a used iPhone 4 black (hopefully in shotty condition for cheap) and buy the white kit and transfer.

    Will the proximity sensor work?
    Will the earpiece work?
    Are these faulty in all white conversions?
    How bad is the camera really?

    Any insight would be very much appreciated.


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  • dotdotdot
    Mar 20, 02:40 PM
    Well, If you own 2 keyboards and 2 mice then why don't you check to see if your monitor already supports 2 computers and that will save you money?

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  • Joshuarocks
    Apr 3, 12:04 AM
    IIRC, the Quadro is the same as the 7800, but with a port for a stereo-3D headset.

    I've got a 6600 in my PowerMac G5 and it's certainly whisper quiet since it doesn't have a fan. I'm considering an upgrade to an ATI X1900, though. I've got an X1900XT in my Mac Pro at work and I'm more than modestly pleased with it, but the 6600 is more than adequate for what I need at home.

    So, the Quadro fx 4500 is noisy like the 7800 GT? I mean, this 7800 GT is noisy as noise is spelt: N O I S E!!

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  • Rower_CPU
    Jul 1, 11:43 PM
    Holding option and clicking "shut down" will bypass the dialog box.

    Alternatively, you can press Control + Option + Command + Power/Eject Key - according to this page (http://macos.about.com/library/weekly/aa021400a.htm).

    Jun 12, 07:29 AM
    Other World Computing - awesome supplier.

    Oct 27, 01:06 AM
    don't be too worried my computer came out just fine during the upgrade. everything was left just the way it was. It was a very painless upgrade but that's a good thing :). Everyone have fun with the your new toy. :apple:

    May 4, 08:50 PM
    Thanks. So, the 27" iMac would support two external 22" hdmi/vga displays then?

    Childs play. Supports 2 30" displays easily.


    Even my 24" iMac 1920 X 1200 powers a second 24" monitor @ 1920 X 1200.

    22" @ 1600 x 1080 is even fewer.

    Sep 21, 09:50 AM
    I myself like the 300Gb maxtor, it is a little bit noiser then the seagate but the 16mb cache does make it feel snappy. Besides it makes the most sense in $. It is jus a little bit more than less storage and a lot less than those with 400 or 500Gb. My 2 cents.

    Mar 13, 11:13 PM

    sn0wbreeze is pro... after trying to get pwnagetool to work for hours yesterday, i used the new sn0wbreeze release and got my ipad to tethered 4.3 JB in about 10 minutes! :)

    For some reason, I always get error 3601 whenever I try to restore on iTunes. I can't get it to work!

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