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lily cole pirelli

Thursday, June 2, 2011

lily cole pirelli. Lily Cole at the Pirelli
  • Lily Cole at the Pirelli

  • Darwin
    Jan 8, 05:42 PM
    To use the G5 as a file server simply requires turing on File Sharing option in System Prefs > Sharing.

    Depending on the OS version you can setup file sharing for Mac and Windows. Since the G5 is headless as you said you can also activate the vnc screen sharing which will allow you view and access it over the network. Ideally using wired will provide the best throughput since you will be limited to G (54mbps) speeds.

    If your main aim is to share iPhoto and iTunes libraries it might be easier to setup sharing from within the apps themselves, of course iPhoto as far as i'm aware doesn't have a counterpart for Windows which can use Bonjour. That iPhoto encloses the whole library within a packaged file making it more tricky for simple file sharing.

    lily cole pirelli. lily cole
  • lily cole

  • paperinacup
    Sep 21, 08:27 AM
    Umm you can't use a digital camera with iChat? This makes no sense :confused: ....................

    lily cole pirelli. Lily Cole Pirelli 2009
  • Lily Cole Pirelli 2009

  • reberto
    Dec 10, 12:41 AM
    Price lowered to $450 on PC. If I can find them, I have a unopened copy of Quake 4 and The Sims 2.

    lily cole pirelli. Lily Cole, Daisy Lowe,
  • Lily Cole, Daisy Lowe,

  • Teh Don Ditty
    Apr 2, 11:12 PM
    If the OP thought $999.99 was bad, he should've scrolled down more. Highest price is $2475.00 :eek:


    lily cole pirelli. From left: Mihalik in
  • From left: Mihalik in

  • mac jones
    May 2, 07:55 PM
    SSD's a very useful. The previous post is a good idea. If your strapped for cash, you can get a 30GB SSD and do what the previous poster suggested.

    It's really a very useful upgrade, and can be done on a shoestring.

    Note: Apple themselves are moving to Solid state. I wouldn't be surprised if the next round of machines will all have dedicated flash Boot partitions separate from the main HD options. (just a guess).

    lily cole pirelli. Lily Cole
  • Lily Cole

  • dornoforpyros
    Aug 18, 11:08 AM
    anyway, i simply wanted an alternative page to direct specific ad runs to as opposed to a blog posting. and while you may not find a coldplay ad interesting - 22,000 other people did. :)

    hehe yeah, personally I will never understand the appeal of coldplay. I think the best review I ever read about one of there shows was "Coldplay is a sugar overdose for the masses" :p


    lily cole pirelli. Miranda Kerr and Lily Cole
  • Miranda Kerr and Lily Cole

  • tim2006
    Apr 14, 09:47 AM
    Are there any good articles out there re graphics for the current video game generation? If both the 360 and PS3 use hdmi at 1080p/720p what will make there graphics any different?

    lily cole pirelli. Lily Cole
  • Lily Cole

  • macOSX-tastic
    Sep 27, 06:23 AM
    hi all,

    i will be going to university tomorrow, and shall be living in a hall of residence with other students.

    i realise that many student nowadays have wireless capable computers, and i wish to purchase an airport express station to have wireless flexibility in my room. is there any way of putting a password or authentication key on the connection so only i and people that i designate will be able to use it?

    any advice much appreciated.



    lily cole pirelli. Miranda Kerr-Topless-2010
  • Miranda Kerr-Topless-2010

  • zelmo
    Mar 31, 07:52 AM
    :confused: My son loves Pokemon and, since his birthday is at the end of April, I am thinking of getting him the new Pokemon DS games. I don't know jack about Pokemon. Is there a difference between Diamond and Pearl, or is the existance of multiple versions just a means of generating revenue?

    lily cole pirelli. Lily Cole, Marloes Horst,
  • Lily Cole, Marloes Horst,

  • gr8tfly
    May 2, 10:43 PM
    No, but you could do a block copy restore of the install DVD to a small partition on either its drive, or an external HD connected to that machine.

    If the 2nd machine is an Intel Mac, its drive will be partitioned using a GUID map. PPC Macs can't boot to a drive using that map - it must be APM. So, if the preceding is true, you will need an external drive partitioned using APM (in the Disk Utility "Partition" tab, click on "Options..." to set the map type).

    To make the bootable copy on your other machine's HD (or external drive), run Disk Utility and create a small (10GB should be enough) partition formatted Mac OS Extended (also making sure to set APM as the partition map type). Then, use Restore to copy the DVD to that new partition, making sure to check "erase destination" (which enables block copy).

    Start up your other (2nd) Mac using FireWire Target Disk mode (hold down 'T' at startup). Now, when you startup the iMac G4, hold down the 'option', then select the partition you cloned the DVD to on your other machine. You should be able to startup on it, and during install, select the iMac's HD as the install target.

    Hope that's not too confusing - I mixed "other" and "2nd" when describing your not-iMac-with-working-DVD machine. The bottom line is to access a bootable partition on that machine that you can boot off of using that machine in Target Disk Mode, connected to the iMac via FireWire.

    Or, find an external FireWire DVD drive for the iMac. :)


    lily cole pirelli. Lily Cole, Daisy Lowe,
  • Lily Cole, Daisy Lowe,

  • pagansoul
    Oct 5, 11:31 AM
    I want the wood ones. What are they?

    You will find them here.


    lily cole pirelli. In this photo: Lily Cole
  • In this photo: Lily Cole

  • Potatochobit
    Apr 28, 01:30 AM
    OWC and OCZ are very very similar in regards to build and firmware
    I am using an agility 2 in my 2008 macbook pro which I am typing on right now
    I also upgraded to 8GB of memory

    you can buy crucial, corsair, OCZ or OWC, any are fine
    I use an OCZ in my PC as well

    Whatever you do, make sure you update the firmware ASAP, before even installing into your mac
    if you have a PC, that makes it super easy, just plug it in and update
    if you don't, be sure to visit the SSD manufacturers website for the one you plan to buy, many of them require you to burn a disc and boot from the DVD drive (basically you running linux off a CD) and update it that way in your mac


    lily cole pirelli. In this photo: Lily Cole
  • In this photo: Lily Cole

  • kx22
    Apr 22, 08:16 AM
    Coolbook will help with the heat and fans

    NO it doesnt. Still blazing Air!

    lily cole pirelli. Supermodel Lily Cole not only
  • Supermodel Lily Cole not only

  • szark
    Dec 14, 06:16 PM
    I'm still not sure if I can make it to MWSF, but if I do, I'll definitely be at the meetup.


    lily cole pirelli. Lily Cole Pirelli 2009
  • Lily Cole Pirelli 2009

  • MacBandit
    Oct 29, 11:48 PM
    Pretty sure they cannot play MP3 CDs. I don't even think the MP3 CD format existed when the PS2 came out (MP3 files existed, but no one had yet thought of making a CD player capable of playing them directly).

    Oops forgot to mention that in my initial reply. No, no Sony PS2 can play MP3s out of the box. You can get programs to run on it but it will require a mod chip to do so.

    lily cole pirelli. Lily Cole Pirelli 2009
  • Lily Cole Pirelli 2009

  • MikhailT
    Mar 25, 06:19 PM
    Although not found in the BETA version, I hope they put Rosetta back in. Such a small program which doesn't take up too much space. I don't see why not as snow leopard has Rosetta support.

    It may be a small app but it�s a major stepback for Apple as they just want to kill all PowerPC support, regardless of what the customers want. Anybody not up to date needs to update their app to work on Lion, no exception.


    lily cole pirelli. Lily Cole shows off slender
  • Lily Cole shows off slender

  • ropbo
    Jun 23, 05:16 PM
    In many cases, compulsion to buy the latest gadget.

    lily cole pirelli. First Look at The Pirelli
  • First Look at The Pirelli

  • robbieduncan
    Dec 6, 07:13 AM
    Whilst it's hardly the prettiest machine in the world (or maybe the thinest) this laptop (http://www.mobilityguru.com/2005/12/05/ati_mobility_radeon_x1600/page4.html) as this new chip. It'd imagine that Apple could better this in terms of thinness and still use this GPU.

    lily cole pirelli. Lily Cole arrives for the
  • Lily Cole arrives for the

  • Pillar
    Oct 3, 08:25 PM
    cool, i like those hand shaped ones. some of the other are cool aswell

    May 5, 01:52 PM
    Sorry, America. Florida specifically if that matters.

    Also, if its a carrier other than at&t, can you specify whether it will work out of the box, or if I'll need to jailbreak or unlock it.

    Jul 28, 03:02 PM
    http://www.macrumors.com/images/macrumorsthreadlogo.gif (http://www.macrumors.com/2010/07/28/china-unicom-finalizing-deal-for-iphone-4-and-ipad/)


    Mar 22, 09:47 PM
    You guys don't have Trauma Center!!! WTF?!! :eek:


    Mar 16, 09:01 PM

    Oct 20, 03:49 PM
    Originally posted by job
    Huh? What do you mean? :confused:

    Also, where did AmbitiousLemon go?

    Alpha's number 11 now.

    'Lemon is on page 4.

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