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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

marlon wayans bulge. Getting Kicked Out of Wal-Mart (Day 36 2-5-10)
  • Getting Kicked Out of Wal-Mart (Day 36 2-5-10)

  • eyeopeners05@yahoo.com
    04-30 02:25 PM
    I thought we could do a AC21 for h1b or EAD and your latest post suggests I cannot ?

    marlon wayans bulge. Weight Loss Journey: Day 36 (4.5.10). Order: Reorder; Duration: 3:27
  • Weight Loss Journey: Day 36 (4.5.10). Order: Reorder; Duration: 3:27

  • GotGoose?
    04-12 04:39 PM
    Cool, thanks! :D

    marlon wayans bulge. Weight Loss 9 Journey: Day 36 (4.5.10)
  • Weight Loss 9 Journey: Day 36 (4.5.10)

  • kirupa
    07-20 08:45 PM
    What exactly do you dislike about it?

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  • duckling clip art. bird

  • rockstart
    10-07 01:16 PM
    You were on dual status till Sep 30th which is AOS & H1B. From Oct 1st your H1B has expired but you are in country on AOS status. You have a valid EAD that will allow you to work. So no worries as far as status issue goes. I know many folks who have willingly let their H1B expire and moved to EAD.

    If you need to move back to H1B it is possible your lawyer needs to file a Nunc Pro Tunc H1 application so that it is backdates to Oct 1st.


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  • clipart james

  • burnt
    06-24 10:50 AM
    Even I have got same message yester day. But now it shows the package was delivered when i checked today morning.

    I have one more question here. The I-765 and I-131 are two different post box numbers. we can send both applications to the same P.O.BOX or different. If we send two different P.O.BOX then both will reach to same P.O. BOX or different P.O.BOXs.


    Texas Service Center
    P.O. Box 851041
    Mesquite, TX 75185-1041


    USCIS Texas Service Center
    P.O. Box 851182
    Mesquite, TX 75185-1182


    Send them in a different packet to separate post box numbers. Do NOT send in the same package. They will get another reason to delay your application processing.
    On a separate note. This morning the USPS tracking says its delivered and signed for at 6:00 am this morning. :-)

    marlon wayans bulge. Happy Birthday
  • Happy Birthday

  • poorslumdog
    10-12 12:26 PM
    Hi Guys,

    I understand that there are antis here...but it doesnt mean that everyone is anti and even real issue needs to be avoided. Ron hira and Simple1 just became paraniod. I would appreciate if anyone has any proper info...


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  • gunabcd
    06-15 10:03 AM
    The USCIS PDF for I-693 (http://www.uscis.gov/files/form/I-693.pdf) says "OMB No. 1615-0033; Expires 06/30/07" at the top of the form. At the bottom it says "Form I-693 (Rev. 09/16/05) Y". Will we be able to submit this form if we get the medical exam done now and file it with the I-485 on July 1 or later?

    I found another version of the PDF which says "OMB No. 1615-0064; Expires 05/31/08" at the top and "Form I-693 (Rev. 09/16/05) N" at the bottom. I've only found this at these sites:


    But I'm not sure which one should be used because of the upcoming expiry date on the one from uscis.gov, versus the one with the later expiry date on these other sites. Does this expiry date matter?

    I'm going to my medical exam in 1 1/2 hours -- if anyone can post a response before then, that'd be much appreciated!

    I don't know if the doctor will use my copy or provide a copy. Is it a problem if the doctor provides and uses the older form?

    I think in absense of a newer form by USCIS, the expiry date 6/30/07 means the form can be filled in by 6/30. I think the doctor will use his own form and will not accept if you provide one. This is just my logical thinking and not a rule.

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  • channing tatum tuxedo

  • Totoro
    05-08 11:25 PM
    That's the point.

    I was denied ever $1 stimulus payment for 1 joint filer (spouse) being ITIN holder and from the way things are going it would not happen by 2008 either. If not $1500 why they denied even $1500- $600(for the ITIN filer) = $900 ? Why shouldn't i get at least $900 ....??

    I wrote to her around 9:30 EST - dont know if she is done by now. I have given my cell phone number as well in the email. I can write and talk as much as possible against this 'ridiculuous' and 'unfair' mandate/rule :mad:

    I am always wary of an email asking for personal information. I sent her an email and asked for her to reply with a telephone number to call. I have heard nothing back. She looks legit, but I need to be sure. I did the same with the San Jose reporter and he sent me his phone number. So that was fine.


    marlon wayans bulge. Could this be the career ender
  • Could this be the career ender

  • gcwait2007
    04-18 08:18 PM
    First of all if you are the employee for whom the case has been filed, you should NOT be contacting the Dept. of Labor. The purpose of the DOL as stated in the regs is to notify the USCIS that there are no able, willing, or qualified US workers for the position, and that's why they are granting you the position. If you call, especially over and over as you have indicated, that's a big red flag. Leave it alone and let your attorney or employer contact them.

    A very much TRUE statement....

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  • gcdreamer05
    03-19 01:26 PM
    To safeguard your own identity try to use any identity protection program, i do not work for or i am nto trying to do sales here, but i have used Bank of americas program and i used it for like 1 year it was pretty good. They alert you if there is any fradulent transaction like if any one tries to open a credit card or something with ur ssn number etc...

    I would strongly suggest you do that and keep monitoring your reports.

    I have seen so many other programs on TV about identity theft prevention software, services etc... sign up for something to be on safe side.

    i also remember seeing something which rhymes with id lock or something, the CEO of that company displays his SSN number on all boards etc... i dont remember which one.

    Just google for identity theft prevention programs and you should see lots.


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  • celebrity photo gallery main

  • immique
    06-30 12:45 PM
    I am sure many of you don't know about TANA organization ( www.tana.org ). TANA is held every 2 years in one of the major cities in US, and for 2009 TANA is scheduled to happen in Chicago.


    They usually get around 12,000 to 15,000 guest of Telugu speaking people. The point i would like to make is to increase the exposure of to IV, we need to put up a booth in TANA 2009. I have attended TANA organization committee meeting on Sunday, 29 2008 and have spoken to them about IV. TANA has several stage shows, booth for business , food stalls and much more. TANA Chicago org will be needing some help( not sure what at this time ). but if we can help them so that they give us some exposure in the TANA 2009. it will be really great.

    Secondly, we can have our own booth which will cost some money we can get lot of publicity.

    This is just a idea and a i think it is a win-win for both of us. Let me know what you guys think.

    I have heard great things about TANA. I am not a member of TANA, but would love to be one. Coordination between TANA like Organizations and IV would be a great opportunity for both Organizations as they can help each other in many ways.

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  • Bl#39;ast! - It#39;s in My Blood. Bl#39;ast! - It#39;s in My Blood

  • cdeneo
    01-05 03:56 PM
    Hi there,

    I need your advise - have an issue with travel back to the US.

    My wife is in India, her AP is expired and she needs to travel back to the US. I am working on an EAD, changed employers and could not transfer my old H-1 (H1 was valid until 06/09 - she has a H4 stamp in her passport valid until the same time). Given there is no H1/H4 or AP available to her now, how can one go about getting either AP reinstated (I know it says one cannot apply for AP when out of the country) or some other status for being able to travel back. We do have a child (US citizen) also in India with her.

    I am trying to get advise from an immigration attorney as well but would like to hear from folks here if they have had to deal with this issue and if so what is the best way to deal with it.

    Before someone shoots me for asking this question let me make it clear that I have been aware that she should have come back before her AP expired and one cannot renew AP while out of the country and this puts her GC application at risk (abandonement) - there were some factors involved here that were not in my control and therefore we have landed up in this messy situation.

    I would really appreaciate any advise you can provide to my query. Thanks!


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  • Nagireddi
    08-20 08:53 PM
    My priority date Dec 2005
    I140 approved
    I485 filed at NSC-August 2007
    Still waiting.................

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  • A very pregnant Jennifer Lopez

  • vin13
    12-08 04:56 PM

    I received my GC in first week of September'09. After receiving GC I have continued with my sponsor till now - & they continued giving me pay (after the usual big cut from my rate). During the I-485 petition filling my employer has given a letter to USCIS for "future" employment with a fixed base salary. They never gave me this after the GC & now if I go on "bench" they are refusing to give me any salary (since I am using GC & they are not bound to give me the H1B minimum wage!).They may continue my medical insurance (for family & me) provided I pay the whole part! I wanted to continue with my sponsor for six months after GC but under these circumstances is it OK to leave them now & if I face any issue at naturalization will this be a valid reason to convince the officer(in case they ask this question)- although I do not have anything in writting from my employer(except the "future employement letter" & paystubs & e-mail replies to my queries for this)

    I am leaving many opportunities just to be with my sponsor for this six months!

    Please guide.



    The lawyers usually advise you to stay with the company for 6 months if you can. In your case, the employer is not willing to pay. So do you really have a choice here?

    It may be easier to convince the officer that you moved on to another job (maybe similar kind) rather than having a situation where the sponsoring employer was not willing to pay.

    When you are trying to make such important decisions, do not just rely on responses from blogs/forum. Consult a immigration lawyer for a few hundred dollars.


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  • My friend Seth stirs up a

  • bubbynv
    07-17 06:20 PM
    And Good luck to one and all!!! :)

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  • Sportrait: Alexandre Despatie

  • tcsonly
    07-16 03:47 PM
    Hi to all in this morass called Immigration to the USA,

    #1 I've got a suggestion : IF there is some way we can get through to someone intelligent (duh !) at the IT department of the USCIS, would that be of some help to check up on what's happening with the cases ?

    #2 My lawyer filed an I-140 in June of 2006 with a PERM labor of PD Dec '05. He filed it with a "copy" of the labor and case is still pending. In May he filed some paperwork with the USCIS about my case so that they (USCIS) would request a duplicate of the "original labor" from USDOL. All this sounds very complicated. I would like to know the experience of other people in a similar situation and what needs to be done to expedite this process ? My I-140 has been pending for more than a year .....

    Thanks !

    I believe USCIS has a confidentiality agreement with their employees and you donot want him to lose his job.



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  • trinigirl
    08-09 06:36 PM
    Are you kidding me $400.00 I paid $115.00 Including tetanus shot and tb shot. $35.00 for the lab work and my husband's insurance covered the x-ray because I Knew it would com back positive. What a rip off

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  • EB3_SEP04
    06-30 09:51 AM
    Quetion 11 on the EAD form 765 asks:
    Have you ever before applied for EAD from USCIS: Yes
    "Which USCIS Office?" : ??????????????

    how can i find out which USCIS office my prev (first) EAD application was sent to? I'm a July filer, when i applied for 485 and EAD i lived in NJ and my employer was in NJ as well. The receipt notice of EAD application came from California Service Center. and there is nothing on the EAD card about which office it was approved by. The 485/EAD/AP all was filed by my employer's attorney, they will not respond to my questions anymore. i don't think i have copy of the EAD application send last year july. Anybody got older version of I-765, older than "7/30/07" edition?

    What to write? folks, please respond ASAP, i plan to file on Monday(6/30) morning.

    Thanks in advance!

    Folks please share your opinion/experience about "WHICH USCIS OFFICE" the last EAD application was filed to if you lived and worked in NJ. Thanks!

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  • sunny1000
    05-04 01:41 AM
    Thanks shar533 for the response. I want to travel by road though and I do have a valid visa.

    I just need to get a new I-94 that matches the date on my I-797. I did try local CBP office and they were not willing to change it. They wanted me to apply for I-539 to extend status. So I thought its easier and faster probably to cross the border and get a new I-94.

    My question is, If I travel to Canada on my current H1-B to renew my I-94, does it invalidate my pending AP application. Anyone?


    Your pending AP does not get invalidated (or even come into picture) as you have a valid stamped visa (I am assuming) and your I-94 will be stamped as "Admitted" rather than "Paroled".

    It is the Green card application that is considered "abandoned" if you travel without a valid AP, IF you DON'T have a valid dual intent visa. This situation does not apply to you right now.

    Good luck with your trip!

    04-21 06:34 PM
    hey starscream

    - What was the RFE about?

    In the RFE they asked for end client letter, w2 , tax retrns for last 3 years and a bunch of stuff from my company. All the necessary documents were provided. In the denial they said that all documents were in order but that they didnt prove my specialty occupation.

    - Are you employed by a consultant or employed full-time at a company's location?

    I am employed by a desi consulting company.. and i have been in a job continously since jan 2006

    - Did your employer have any profit isseus / layoffs reecently?

    - Is your employer TARP funded?
    - Do you have your EAD?
    No , i just completed 3 years of H1. i was planning to become fulltime and start GC before the economy went downhill.

    Do you have any info if i can appeal and file another h1 thru another employer at the same time? because i do have a project that is long term...

    its driving me crazy....:(

    11-27 01:34 PM
    I have read many threads that discusses the pros and cons of using EAD over H1 and the common benefit that everyone mentions is that the salary is usually better for a person on an EAD. I spoke to several people who've started using their EAD and realized that even though it opened up opportunities with companies that do not have a policy of sponsoring H1, it DID NOT give them a boost in the salary.

    My question is how do people intend to leverage on having an EAD for a higher salary?


    EAD gives you more negotiation power. Most companies are willing to negotiate on one or two things while making an offer e.g. salary, bonus, vacation, H1B/GC etc. If you take out H1B/GC out of that mix, chances of negotiating on salary are higher.

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