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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

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  • The.316
    Sep 1, 03:54 AM
    Sticking with my Miami Heat summer theme, again:


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  • Consultant
    Apr 4, 10:00 AM
    That's fricken lame. Bad greedy carrier.

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  • Mooneii
    Dec 17, 09:16 AM
    So like most people I tried to jailbreak my ipodtouch, but got it stuck on recovery mode, now I cant use my ipod touch, I dont know if I can recover it on itunes (but would rather not) so Im kind of desperate, HELP? :(

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  • Perrumpo
    Dec 31, 11:25 AM
    Fixed that for you. ;)



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  • mKizzo
    Apr 25, 12:23 AM
    I'm more interested to know how 3 phone launches in 1 year will be consolidated in the future? And will the rumoured Autumn release of iPhone4S/iPhone5 be continued next year or we back to the June cycle?

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  • displaced
    May 2, 06:20 PM
    I've not given for a couple of years since our town hall was closed for refurbishment (that's where the donor sessions were held). But this has inspired me to look up a session next week.

    My "I do something amazing. I give blood" card (http://www.blood.co.uk/giving-blood/donor-award-scheme/whole-blood-donor/) keeps eyeing me disapprovingly from my wallet. Actually, looking at that page, I think I'm only one donation away from the silver award. Sweet!

    I'm AB+ (universal recipient) which is handy.


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  • Vivid.Inferno
    Dec 3, 01:02 AM

    Link please?

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  • BLOND37
    Jun 18, 10:33 AM
    so what goes on at a launch? is it a crazy carnival like atmosphere?

    food fun and prizes?


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  • volantdefiat
    Apr 7, 07:44 AM
    12 pb per storage unit maybe.

    while it seems to be a mindbogling amount of data- it does not seem like a lot for datacenter storage.

    it will fill about 24 datacenter cabinets - the giganormous thing apple is building on the east coast should be able to host 1000's of such cabinets.

    to put it in perspective - some netbook vendors provide 250 gb of online storage with the purchase of their kit. if 40000 users fill up their allotted space with photos, videos documents etc , that will fill up 10 PB of storage. now consider there are 2.5 million ipads out there.... if mobileme users start using 100Gb a piece of online storage to store videos of their dog playing in the park etc. in the cloud, that is 250 million GB or 250 PB of data. so unless i am reading this wrong 12 PB doesnt seem to cut it.

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  • jessica.
    Dec 25, 09:07 PM
    ^they sell gas grills in Texas?! :eek:


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  • 66217
    Jan 11, 02:27 PM
    I don't understand the people that say they are extremely dissapointed with no Leopard or Mac mention. Or the people that say that they fear Apple is forgeting the Mac.

    Come on, just 7 months ago they realesed Intel MaBook Pro's, then the Macbook (that is selling like crazy), and all the other Intel Macs. They announce Leopard, they give some pretty good demo's about it. So, what do you expect? All this takes time.

    And about giving more attention to other products, just accept it, Mac's have been getting more popular, but they are reaching a limit. A limit that even if you don't like, there it is. And the limit is Windows presence. If Apple wants to break this limit they have to start making their prducts (all of them) more popular.

    The iPod makes a lot of PC user swith to a Mac (I include myself here). The iPhone is the same (would be, I hope), Apple TV is the same as the iPhone, these are products that tempt PC users to switch.


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  • robo
    Feb 21, 09:40 AM
    Anybody know where I can find some logic studio/mainstage tutorials?

    Here's a start http://www.apple.com/logicstudio/how-to/


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  • Benjamindaines
    Dec 28, 08:23 PM
    No you cannot, iMovie only sees FireWire cameras the built-in iSight is wired through USB.

    EDIT: Im going to look into the resource files to see if I can get it to see USB cams.

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  • showtime
    Jun 23, 01:39 PM
    Hey guys, I want to buy a blackberry curve. Doesn't matter if it's the 8300, 8310 or 8320. The cosmetic condition is not important either as long as everything is in perfect working order. I'd prefer to buy a very scratched up curve if it means a lower price so here's a chance to get rid of a beat up blackberry. Please post or PM me what you have. Thanks!


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  • Kahnyl
    Oct 9, 04:43 PM
    I though this was an upgrade from Tweetie 1 and now i have to pay again for the same app :mad:

    There's a whole other thread for whining about that.

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  • PatrickCocoa
    Mar 31, 03:02 PM
    It may be fun for play, but I cant see anything real being done on that. Most high end photo editors wont even use a trackpad/laptop...

    And from a user standpoint, having all menus buried and no keyboard shortcuts, you're expanding the time to edit drastically.


    Tablets have their use, but advanced programs are not suitable .

    It is a toy. You can't seriously think that professionals are going to depend on Photoshop for iPad and throw away their computer can you? That's like throwing away your computer because GarageBand is also available on the iPad, and attempting to produce an album on an iPad. Impossible.

    No matter what Steve says, it is a toy! I think it is brilliant you can do these things on such a simple product for the average user, but they are nothing more than for... the average user.

    That's nice, but�


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  • JAT
    Mar 25, 12:45 PM
    Or you could just buy the TomTom iOS app for $39.99...
    Wow, I thought it was twice that. Does it include free lifetime map updates in some way?

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  • Aeolius
    Oct 24, 09:08 AM
    My local newspaper's website, http://www.news-record.com , worked fine last week. Now it crashes Safari whenever I try to load the page. I duplicated this on two different Macs. What did they do?

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  • likemyorbs
    Mar 24, 10:36 AM
    Personally, I find theocracy distasteful, but to describe Shari'a as stupid extremist ideology is absurd. From what I have read of it, much is a fairly reasonable social code. Hardly any worse than what prevailed through most of Europe's history.

    Are you frickin kidding? Sharia law IS stupid extremist ideology. That's the only way to describe it. Maybe you should read some more. No, better yet, go live in a country that has it. When you get 99 lashes for expressing your religious beliefs, we'll see how "reasonable" you think it is. Why are you talking about europe's history and comparing it with sharia law today? Yes it was bad, but we're in the 21st century now and europe has changed quite a bit, and for good reason. Countries with sharia law are barbaric and seem to be intent on staying in the 15th century. This comment you just made just discredited anything you say on these forums, as a matter of fact, it's going into my signature to replace citizenzen's nazi comment.

    EDIT: In addition to that, you have some damn nerve arguing with me over capital punishment, saying how horrible it is, and then referring to sharia law is reasonable social code. Seriously, get your priorities straight. Just, wow. Hypocrisy at its finest.

    Dec 1, 04:31 PM
    Nothing really special with me here yet.

    Apr 7, 08:51 AM
    w/ TRIM support I hope

    This isn't solid state storage, so TRIM is not even in the picture.

    The last quote I got for a 300GB SSD module for our SAN was $17,500 (after a 50% "discount" from list), about six months ago. So if we assume that the price has gone down a bit since then and Apple gets crazy volume discounts, let's assume they'd pay around $10k. Times 40,000 units, we'd be talking $400M just for the drives themselves, not counting the hot spares, enclosures, controllers, switches, licensing, and all the other ancillary stuff involved. We'd be somewhere between a half and three quarters of a billion dollars.

    Apple OC
    Mar 28, 01:22 AM
    I never said I wanted the seller to lose his life or be seriously injured. Show me where I said that.

    I'm not talking getting hurt either ... maybe $500 dollars damage to your car would be a fair price to pay for your foolish lane change? ... fair enough karma for wishing that on the buyer?

    ender land
    Mar 20, 11:14 AM
    Even one example of someone being killed by the state for something they did not do invalidates the whole edifice of capital punishment.

    This is why I have so much trouble understanding the "pro death penalty" viewpoint.

    Now, if the legal system was infallible (hah) the death penalty discussion would be much more interesting.

    katie ta achoo
    Sep 24, 10:07 PM
    ... my dad and i are currently building me a double bed, giggedy giggedy giggedy, alright

    Y'all get family guy in London? (sorry, I'm not up on where it's available on TV)

    Hector, you little ho. :)

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