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nail art at home

Thursday, June 2, 2011

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  • greenbreadmmm
    Feb 15, 02:27 PM
    not necessarily an already existing specific product just something general like milk or coffee. its a pretty wide open project. just trying to see what others might think.

    but yes the packaging and the labeling

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  • Consultant
    Nov 29, 02:15 PM
    The simple answer is that if your company is not making enough money to pay a trademark attorney, you don't need a trademark... these are business protections, and without revenue you have little to protect.

    Even if you did pay for a trademark, it does not appear you would be able to protect yourself in court (a potentially far more expensive process)... this means that your trademark would soon be invalid because if you do not actively protect your trademark, you lose it.

    The high cost of some of these processes can be seen as a deterrent to trademark squatting... not that much different than the people who buy up domain names hoping that someday they will be valuable.

    In terms of your specific company (r.e. your PM), because of the strong possibility that many other entities share the same name, I do not think that you would be allowed to take ownership or copyright over it.

    Agree, those who don't understand copyright or trademark should either read

    http://www.copyright.gov/ and http://www.uspto.gov/

    or hire a professional.

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  • simple nail art at home.

  • swalk
    Apr 22, 05:14 PM

    I am planning on selling my 17'' MBP to one of my good friends as I'd like to switch to a MacBook Air since it will better suit my needs. I was wondering if anybody has an idea of what a fair price would be.

    Here are the general specs:

    Purchased: Spring 2007
    Monitor: 17''
    Processor: 2.33 GHz Inter Core 2 Duo
    Memory: 2 GB 667 MHz DDR2 SDRAM
    Snow Leopard OS

    Any feedback is appreciated, thanks

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  • canadianipad
    Jul 28, 01:51 PM
    im planning on going to southgate, you think if i got there around 7 i would walkout with an iphone? are lines usually big in edmonton? im just here for holidays and thought i should get a new iphone 4. i know in toronto the store is downtown has pretty big lineups. so i was just wondering do lots of people usually line up here?

    oh and also does the mall open so you can lineup at the apple store or do you have to wait outside till the mall opens?

    If you show up at 7 I'm sure you'll get a phone. But just to be safe show up at 6:30.
    Yes there will be a lineup. But with 2 Apple stores and all the carrier stores, I don't think the lines will be ridiculous.
    For the iPad launch Southgate let people line up inside the mall. Call the mall and ask, they'll be able to tell you for sure.


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  • themadchemist
    Sep 3, 09:06 PM
    You can see this behavior among Mac users, too.

    You know, when they're down. During the first Dark Days, of Quadras and Performas and the like, when Apple lost some of its magic...

    I personally felt it during the deep days of the G4, getting off the high that THIS processor was frikin' awesome and the best out there, and denying the fact that the G4 really was lagging far behind.

    We as Mac users also have to come to the point of acceptance: We have to accept that there is some excellent PC hardware out there, some of which really bested our stuff for a good while there...

    Then we can go back to the gloating stage, because we have the G5. Hopefully, there will never be a need to go to denial again, although comparisons to AMD, I'm afraid, may cause us denial sooner than we think.

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  • How To Do Nail Art at Home

  • ATD
    Oct 19, 05:07 PM
    Thanks. :D


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  • alfred1986
    Nov 18, 02:14 AM
    'Gift' is the name of the ad.

    Okay fine..Did you checked the given link...in the page there is link to "gifts" beneath the iTunes section page..but not provided here...

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  • Micjose
    Apr 22, 04:57 PM
    exactly, lets see iphone 5 now..


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  • apunkrockmonk
    Dec 6, 04:49 PM
    Are you sure your computer isn't saying "Could not load MySpace, Reason: It's for 13 year old losers."? ;)

    I'm sorry, I can't stand that site.

    Myspace is a very very powerful promotional tool for bands. My own band uses it, and I frequently use it to find new music to listen to.

    There is more to myspace then 13 year old girls dressing up like sluts and demanding comments.

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  • Blue Velvet
    Apr 8, 12:55 PM
    covertsurfer, here's a large transparent PNG. Enjoy your weekend. :)

    Arial Bold, shudder.


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  • Tharian
    Mar 11, 01:15 PM
    Nice thread! I have a partition on my internal and am using it every moment of the day.

    Lion rocks.


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  • mkrishnan
    Jan 26, 03:20 PM
    Yeah, thats pretty interesting, would be nice to hear their music.

    Yeah, she should get teh MySpace if she doesn't have one already. :)


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  • Black&Tan
    Sep 15, 09:43 AM
    I think I would wait, or just use the toothpaste.

    My uncle works for a company that sells dental implants (nasty stuff!) and feels that the bleaching degrades the dentin significantly. I've checked around with a few people at my company (we sell dental products to dentists) and there is no consensus as to whether it is damaging or not.

    Unless you can find some studies by the ADA or another organisation, I would not try anything too extreme.

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  • fabian9
    May 4, 04:19 PM
    Oh okay, I'm gonna try it now with 4.3.3.

    Don't think 4.3.3 is jailbreakable yet?


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  • Plymouthbreezer
    May 26, 04:47 PM
    One of these days I'm going to end up getting a TAM....

    Hopefully I can find a good deal somewhere; yard sale maybe? Haha.

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  • Psychomacuser
    May 4, 10:25 PM
    I just got my hands on a Power Mac G5. I got it off a guy for $150!! Let me say, it's an incredible machine. Dual 2.5 G5's with 2Gig of RAM. I installed 10.5.8 on it.

    This machine blows both my 2009 13" Macbook and 2008 Mini out of the water when it comes to speed and smoothness. As is it, FCP runs so much better than my Intel Macs that I am in total Awww of it... (can u tell I'm excited about this 6 year old computer :) )

    Since I got it so cheap, I want to upgrade the hell out of it and use it as my primary machine (age of it be damned). I want to expand the RAM fully to 16 GB, put a fast 2 GB HDD in, and get the best possible Video card available.

    I have 2 questions:

    1. What is the best GPU available for this machine??

    2. What is everyone's opinion to the possibility that after I get this thing where I want it, Apple will drop support for Leopard and I will no longer be able to sync my iPhone, iPad, or iPods to it. I of course, Plan to keep my Intel Macs running on the other end of the room (along with my "necessary" PC) but since I sit in THIS chair in my office most of the time, it would be nice to do everything from right here...

    I know you don't hear many people wanting to make an older machine their primary computer, but this thing is really a monster...

    Any thoughts???? Thanks in Advance.

    Al Winters

    Wait a minute, when you say you have a Dual 2.5 G5 and wish to expand it to 16GB - Are you sure you have the Late 2004 Dual 2.5 G5 which is notorious for springing leaks, or do you have the G5 Quad which is from October 2005 - Summer of 2006?

    G5 Quad can be expanded all the way to 16GB and possibly more now that 4GB chips are available in DDR2.


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  • stefmesman
    Apr 16, 11:28 AM
    i forsee,

    lower prices?
    daisy chain thunderbolt
    facetime HD

    when...? hopefully end of summer.

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  • pcinfoman
    Apr 29, 05:52 PM
    Has anybody seen this problem before?

    Has anybody got a solution?

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  • KarlJay
    May 4, 01:26 AM
    I'm learning about the Picker View and was pretty disappointed that the book didn't go beyond basic stuff. I went thru several other books and online as well as the built in Apple help.

    Not one had an example of putting a pic inside the Picker.
    The book was a single column, no example of multi column, or custom widths or loading from array.

    I still don't know if you make a separate array or multi dementional array, do pics get loaded from url or into array 1st, is there a refresh method if you wish to change the values from another object (say a button the changes the value of a pic or text inside the picker)

    Basically I need MUCH more detail, eight book and not one goes into good detail.

    Is there any book that REALLY gets under the hood and opens things up?
    Of all the programming help/docs/books I read, it's pretty hard to imagine there's not a better book than these.

    Amazon's preview thing is pretty worthless, can't get into the meat of the book, the 'contents' doesn't tell you enuff.

    Thanks, KarlJay.

    Mar 15, 03:55 PM
    http://www.macrumors.com/images/macrumorsthreadlogo.gif (http://www.macrumors.com/2010/03/15/apple-releases-aperture-slideshow-support-update-1-1/)


    May 3, 05:03 PM
    Yes, I know that. That is why I am asking on here if any one knows what they are and if they are safe to delete....
    Why not just leave them, since they're not hurting anything by being there. I'm sure if you did enough research, you could find the purpose for each file, but why waste the time?

    Jan 12, 08:36 PM
    Thats a ridiculous name. naming a laptop with the word air just doesnt seem to fit, even if it is as light as a sheet of paper...

    Apr 29, 04:47 AM
    im having the exact same problem i can boot some times though it takes me about 20- 30 mins of trying to boot before it will acually boot up in to osx.

    Apr 24, 07:52 AM
    Basically you are freeing memory you did not malloc/calloc. Your double returnElement within the last loop is requesting space to store a double. This will be on the stack. You are not mallocing or callocing the space for this double (if you did it'd be in the heap). You then memcpy into this space (which is fine: you are allowed to do that). You then free the space that is on the stack. You can't do that. You can't free on the stack. That is automatically done when the current stack frame is popped.

    My main concern was that the malloc within the memcpy did not have its own free statement. But, if I understand you correctly, the act of copying from the heap to the stack has the same effect of free()? So free() is only required to release memory that resides on the heap?

    If that doesn't make sense (if you don't know what the heap and stack are for example) it's time to learn basic C properly...
    Trying to. Understanding basic CPU architecture (heap vs stack) seems useful. I just started watching the MIT opencourseware*. Hopefully it will be in there. If not, any book recommendations?

    *ah, so that's what is behind big O notation... cool...

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