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paul delvecchio high school

Saturday, June 4, 2011

paul delvecchio high school. Upload YOUR Indy Mogul Interview: www.youtube.com Paul#39;s YouTube Page: www.youtube.com YouTube Director Paul Del Vecchio gives Indy Mogul the inside scoop
  • Upload YOUR Indy Mogul Interview: www.youtube.com Paul#39;s YouTube Page: www.youtube.com YouTube Director Paul Del Vecchio gives Indy Mogul the inside scoop

  • maccompaq
    Mar 29, 09:02 AM
    The stock analysts have target prices on Apple as high as $550.
    I have absolutely no doubt that will happen, so I am holding my large position in Apple.

    A broker can give you suggestions how to buy without a SS#.

    paul delvecchio high school. (Paul DelVecchio Leath)
  • (Paul DelVecchio Leath)

  • Maxpej
    Apr 12, 10:03 AM
    An iPad is a terrific LUXURY device. I'm all for buying one, but I you have an old, useless phone you should deffinatly get a iPhone. You will love the use you can pack out of it.

    But if your not allowed to upgrade yet, get an iPad 2. Maybe you can get the cheaper price for summer relase.

    paul delvecchio high school. In This Photo: Paul DelVecchio
  • In This Photo: Paul DelVecchio

  • bilestyle
    Sep 3, 03:25 PM
    Sick of applescript programs for video conversion, here's my new Cocoa app written entirely in Objective-C, multithreaded, to encode a variety of movie formats into vcd mpeg1/svcd mpeg2, xvcd, xsvcd, and DVD ready for DVD Studio Pro format.

    Digital Schism webpage:

    Download Link:

    There is a variety of different options available for todays media afficianado, we find the format to be trusted by the experts, and that maintains the widest range of compatability is MPEG. (Specifically MPEG-1 and MPEG-2)

    It has become clear to us that it isn't as easy as it should be to convert the wide array of available media formats to (S/X)VCD/DVD. In an effort to answer a large demand for a simple to use program that encompasses the large spectrum of options available to the Macintosh platform we are proud to bring you Echelon.

    Convert multiple files

    Echelon delivers the capability of converting a large queue list of files to a variety of different MPEG based formats (MPEG-1 and MPEG-2). It aims to employ all the complex video tools in one easy to use program.

    Limitless customization

    In an effort to accomodate your personal needs each file maintains its own individual settings. It is also possible to save your favorite presets for future usage.

    Fast, Reliable, Simple

    We have put in endless hours of research to only allow conversion methods that will solely yield usable end products. We aim to have a harmonious blend of intuitition and simplicity, the things you have come to expect as a Macintosh user.

    Advanced User Features

    In an effort to meet the needs of the varied levels of experience within our userbase we have implemented an array of advanced features for each encoder included.

    Realtime Preview

    In addition to intuitive graphical and textual progress indication, the user has the freedom to view the actual frames of video as they are encoded.

    Multiple Effect Filters

    From adjusting gamma (to be implemented later), to deinterlacing, to denoising we attempted to supply all the necessary effect filters for any of your desired outcomes.

    World friendly

    We will be localizing Echelon in multiple languages, and are up to suggestion for any localizations we didn't cover, dont hesitate to contact us with more language suggestions.

    paul delvecchio high school. 22: PAUL DELVECCHIO,

  • Kwill
    Dec 22, 12:11 AM
    Prioritize the key words. They should stand out. Others can be reduced or eliminated for the most impact. Perhaps...

    e-waste dropoff


    paul delvecchio high school. Paul DelVecchio,
  • Paul DelVecchio,

  • brucem91
    Apr 18, 06:09 PM
    Howdy. I have a Logitech G5, Logitech G9, and Razer Lachesis. I love 'em all but none has a Mac driver. :(

    Do you use a laser mouse? If so, which do you use?

    (I don't game, but the higher sensitivity works nicely for larger screen resolutions and some graphic design)

    Thx!The problem isn't necessarily a mac driver, but Apple's Acceleration Curve. It works perfectly with Apple Mice, but not so much with other's. Now assuming that your issue is tracking issue and not customizable buttons, then my solution will work for you. Download USB overdrive and install it. If I remember correctly, you will have to restart your mac after installation. Now their is a free and a paid version, the free will work just fine. After installation, you can change the settings under system preferences -> USB Overdrive.

    In the picture below, you will see two sliders. I find it helpful to have the top slider near the far right, and the bottom slider near the far left. I believe I also set the mouse speed (found in the normal mouse settings) around the middle, but you can set it anywhere.

    As far as mice with mac drivers, I recently purchased the Logitech wireless m510. I am normally picky when it come to mice, but I do enjoy using it. After installing the logitech driver and uninstalling USB Overdrive, the mice works nicely. I've only had it for a few days, but I love it.

    paul delvecchio high school. Pauly D (Paul Delvecchio)
  • Pauly D (Paul Delvecchio)

  • soundman2385
    Oct 26, 08:41 PM
    just got leopard up and running it is amazing how is it working for everyone else :)


    paul delvecchio high school. This is Vlog #2 from Paul Del Vecchio. It covers features of Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 that I like and dislike. I compare Premiere CS4 to
  • This is Vlog #2 from Paul Del Vecchio. It covers features of Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 that I like and dislike. I compare Premiere CS4 to

  • nebulos
    Apr 30, 10:18 AM
    if you're past the first 14 days, they won't do anything about one pixel.

    paul delvecchio high school. Shore, from your favorites is paul of paul wallpapers Left, versionsep , delvecchio J-woww previous farleymay , leaves
  • Shore, from your favorites is paul of paul wallpapers Left, versionsep , delvecchio J-woww previous farleymay , leaves

  • Abstract
    Sep 22, 07:24 PM
    So you're trying to get a regular digital camera to work for webchat?

    Just get a Macally IceCam. They're cheap (in the US :rolleyes: ) and they work well. You'd still need iChatUSB, but I know that iChatUSB works for sure with the IceCam, as that's what it says on the IceCam box. ;)

    I don't use AIM or iChat though, and I use aMSN and my IceCam works out of the box. :)


    paul delvecchio high school. Chloë Sevigny and Paul
  • Chloë Sevigny and Paul

  • gkarris
    Apr 3, 08:30 AM
    Thanks for the info!

    It is a new permanent color! :)

    I think those Amazon resellers didn't get the memo on it yet.

    I feel sorry for people who are going to pull a "PS3" and buy one to try to sell on eBay as "Limited" - or maybe even more so for the people fooled into buying from them...

    paul delvecchio high school. ORLANDO, FL - OCTOBER 22: Paul
  • ORLANDO, FL - OCTOBER 22: Paul

  • Tilpots
    Feb 11, 07:45 AM
    What will you be doing with the Mini?


    paul delvecchio high school. Paul Delvecchio, aka quot;DJ Pauly
  • Paul Delvecchio, aka quot;DJ Pauly

  • Coded-Dude
    Mar 20, 11:49 AM
    I play the DEMO all the time....its a blast.
    I may buy this, but have too many other full length games to play at the moment.

    paul delvecchio high school. Paul Delvecchio, left, aka quot;DJ
  • Paul Delvecchio, left, aka quot;DJ

  • legreve
    Mar 13, 03:07 AM
    Pretty nice start Royce. The whole learning to film and video edit is about trying something out, look at it with a critical eye and the fix what can be better... And with your age, and effort, you could probably become really good. You seem to have a basic idea of what you want to do.

    Now to the constructive critisism :)

    I think looking at these videos, my next move would be to try and stabilize the shots even more. Make your pans really smoothe... do this by panning 1-2 secs more than you want in each end of the shot and then edit that part out. It's often the beginning and the end where some stuttering occurs, especially if you don't have a video head for the stand.

    "Less is more"... a popular phrase that still holds merit. In this case try to give more variation to your zoom shots. I think I noticed 3 zooms in a row... that might be too much for some. Also do test runs with these zooms so it's nice and tight and you don't have to adjust angle during the zoom.

    You know, one thing I absolutely love is sideways dolly shots. This can ofcourse be a bit hard without an actual dolly, but you can achieve something similar with a homemade stabilizer (the t-section one with metal piping works pretty good...). Then do the finishing touches in something like AE or anything else that can track movement.

    I don't want to sound like you did a poor job, because you didn't. I wish more guys like you would spend time learning how to do this job.
    So get out there, and like you said, you can make movies about anything... don't let anyone tell you you can't do this or that. Your imagination will decide what's right!


    Edit: realised I didn't see your mud race vid. I actually think that was nicely done, apart from the excessive contrast ;) (a matter of taste, some like it some don't... let the client decide.) Your zooms worked fine and the freehand motion came more to its right here than on the beach.
    I might sound old fasioned, but I like when the camera movement fits the atmosphere of the scene... therefore a more tranquil movement might have suited the beach shots better. Where the raw action environment of the huge trucks work excellent with hard zooms and a little motion in the pans.


    paul delvecchio high school. Farley, Paul Del Vecchio
  • Farley, Paul Del Vecchio

  • dcoulson
    Apr 16, 07:39 PM
    How do I keep m Mac clean?? I have downloaded a couple of applications that I do not need, how do I delete them??

    Drag the app to the trash if it does not have an uninstaller.

    paul delvecchio high school. Pauly D. nee Paul DelVecchio,
  • Pauly D. nee Paul DelVecchio,

  • SciFrog
    Mar 30, 09:00 AM
    I feel it is a bit like charity work, and I hate to see all that CPU power wasted...

    Started with SETI also, but Folding has much more potential to be helpful in the future.


    paul delvecchio high school. (Paul DelVecchio) to star
  • (Paul DelVecchio) to star

  • tech4all
    Oct 7, 04:24 PM

    Thanks, kingjr3, I'll check out!

    paul delvecchio high school. ORLANDO, FL - OCTOBER 22: Paul
  • ORLANDO, FL - OCTOBER 22: Paul

  • SBik2
    Jun 3, 12:39 AM
    yep.this ones pretty good.


    paul delvecchio high school. Paul DelVecchio,
  • Paul DelVecchio,

  • macboy62
    Oct 19, 03:56 AM
    Okay being serious for a minute. I am a dad and I wouldn't like to think that my son was being encouraged to go meet a stranger. So if mom or dad says no then they are only thinking of your safety.

    Please don't arrange to meet someone off the internet. Many MacRumors people will be there and if you AND your mom or dad is with you we can say hi.

    Take Care


    paul delvecchio high school. Paul Delvecchio, aka #39;DJ Pauly
  • Paul Delvecchio, aka #39;DJ Pauly

  • Dahl
    Nov 7, 03:57 PM
    The Mollusk is an awesome album, you could easily suggest all the songs of that album.
    Ocean Man was used for a car commerical not long ago, did anybody else catch it ?

    paul delvecchio high school. Ronnie Ortiz-Magro and Paul
  • Ronnie Ortiz-Magro and Paul

  • admanimal
    May 6, 11:10 PM
    My Uptime - 12 hours :p

    Do you pay your electricity bill?

    Also that is one sure way to fry your Mac. Power surge can happen at any time.. Do you really trust those $100 surge boards for 24/7 use or do you have UPS.

    Also think of how much dust gets in there...

    Not smart to leave your computer on 24/7.

    Unless you are completely unplugging your computer when it's not in use, just turing it off doesn't really protect it from power surges.

    May 4, 03:46 PM
    Good. Pay your taxes amazon. Why should they not have to? If there were a federal law in place they would have no other options. No more tax breaks for corporations.

    Don't you mean pay your taxes Amazon customers? The reprieve was on people living in SC not having to pay sales tax on things they buy via Amazon.


    Apr 21, 10:16 PM
    Did you know the ACLU is a Zionist anti-american based organization bent on destroying religous freedom?

    Did you know you display many signs of having paranoid delusions?

    Jan 13, 01:42 AM
    Apple and several other companies began lobbying the Federal Communications Commission, which regulates use of the airwaves in the

    Mar 10, 10:39 PM
    My insurance guy told me the single most common reason claims like these get denied is not having commercial coverage for commerce related claims.

    IOW, if your gear gets stolen doing a wedding shoot and you have stock homeowners' coverage, don't count on them cutting you a check.

    Daveman Deluxe
    Jul 9, 10:13 PM
    Actually, a lot of companies are moving tech support and other back-office operations to India. A lot of the Indian techs will watch Friends and other American shows so they can keep a conversation up if a caller is chatty. They even make up fictitious lives in case somebody asks about their personal life.

    It's actually not that different from when a lot of back-office operations were in Ireland.

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