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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

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  • Altec Inc
    May 6, 10:27 PM
    I've currently got a 2008 2.66GHz C2D 20" iMac and I'm wanting to upgrade the RAM from 2x1GB to 2x2GB.
    I have a way of getting 2x2GB RAM modules from a 2011 MacBook Pro but I want to know if the RAM is compatible.
    The RAM from the MacBook is Hynix 2 x 2GB DDR3 1333mhz RAM.
    Will this work in a 2008 iMac?
    If it won't work what sort out RAM do I need?


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  • YanniDepp
    Jan 26, 07:43 AM
    Was it a USB wall charger? iPods 4th gen (including photo), 1st gen minis and older require a FireWire charger to get through that 'first reboot'. Either use a FireWire charger or cable, or put it in an old speaker dock that charges through FireWire.

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  • MattG
    Sep 30, 02:17 PM
    FANTASTIC news. As big a pile of crap as Notes/Domino is, I'm stuck with it at work, and being the lone Mac dude just makes things worse. Notes on the Mac platform is sorry right now, and some improvements would be much appreciated.

    I'd love to some day see Domino Administrator ported to Mac.

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  • quotes about life lessons. #truth #quotes #life #lessons; #truth #quotes #life #lessons. tmphoto. Oct 24, 08:04 AM. Apple#39;s headline: quot;.

  • Socratic
    May 3, 02:58 AM
    The question asked of heterosexuals =/= asked gay and bisexual men. The risk factor for straight people is risky sex, the risk factor asked for gay men is not risky sex, but sex at all - even once. Its not the same thing. If there was no bigotry behind the question it would be raised this way to all, no matter what orientation "have you had unprotected sex with more than one partner in the last 5 years, if yes have you been tested for HIV?"

    I don't buy it for all the reasons previously given. If it was not a medical issue why is it such a common rule across so many western countries? And why does it not apply to gay women?


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  • WiiDSmoker
    Apr 4, 10:50 AM
    So you enjoy watching them abuse other people, but since it's not you then it's ok?

    What kind of a sick attitude is that? You think it's a good thing that they mistreat their readers? Why? Is it just funny to you or something?

    You are obviously missing the point. Apple's new subscription model is preventing choice from coming to it's customers. How is that not a bad thing?

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  • mikeschmeee
    Apr 8, 07:56 PM
    Another rig shot...

    http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5024/5601434891_05c08e7522.jpg (http://www.flickr.com/photos/mikeschmeee/5601434891/)


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  • applekid
    Nov 26, 01:35 PM
    I think Apple should sell the iPhone unlock, if they really plan on selling an iPhone. Try to innovate the cell phone market, if you will. Every gadget wearer knows about unlocking phones or buys unlocked phones and hops around services. It's a niche thing, but if Apple was to make some in-roads with this, I think Apple can dodge all the phone crippling, while still selling this phone directly to the masses. The partnerships with services can come later.

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  • quotes about life lessons and friends. These Life Lesson Quotes; These Life Lesson Quotes. javajedi. Oct 9, 02:19 PM. Originally posted by gopher

  • Small White Car
    Apr 4, 10:37 AM
    Thank you, Apple, for weeding out the companies whose business model depends on selling my information to junk-mailers.

    This is the kind of 'crazy-Steve-Jobs-control' I can live with.


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  • skinzy
    Feb 7, 07:05 PM
    Just went to store and got the update window. Any idea of which new products?;)

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  • WardC
    Jul 4, 02:05 PM
    Too bad OS X 10.1 is good for zero-to nothing now!! Anyways, I have the same deal, I also have the OS X 10.0 in the box!


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  • quotes about life lessons and friends. +quotes+about+life+lessons; +quotes+about+life+lessons. toddybody. Apr 22, 07:50 PM

  • dmr727
    Oct 8, 09:25 PM
    Even if the caps are bad, you won't hurt anything by giving it a try. Fire her up and see what happens.

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  • headphase
    Jun 16, 07:40 PM
    Yes, it is possible. I don't know how to do it on a Mac, but for Windows, you need to make and image of the DVD using DVD Decrypter and then encode it in xvid using AutoGK.


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  • iJaz
    Oct 31, 08:58 AM
    Good, I am going to NY next Monday.

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  • Mastershredder
    Oct 13, 10:11 AM
    I bought Tweetie 1 when it first came out and have been relatively happy with it... now that I see Tweetie 2 is out, I was about to buy it ,when I noticed Tweetie 1 is no longer available. Doesn't anyone else see a problem with this? What happens if something happens to the Twitter API, forcing all developers of all platforms to rewrite some code. Wouldn't that mean the thousands of people who bought Tweetie 1 would be SOL?

    I'm all for paying developers for coming out with newer versions of their software.. and people here are complaining about how the App Store buyers shouldn't be bitching about having to spend $3 here and there when normal Desktop apps can cost $10, $20, $30 etc.. but there's a difference... If I go to buy a Mac App, there's always the old version that I can download if I so choose.

    I paid for Tweetie 1.. this means that if my computer goes, and I lose my downloaded version, i'll never be able to download it again? Or if i'm on the road and my iPhone has a problem and I want to re-download through the App Store, I can't? Sorry, but that's not acceptable to me.

    Look at Pangea Software's Enigmo for example. I bought that and had fun with it. Enigmo 2 is out, but it's not replacing Enigmo... Both versions are available...


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  • maxterpiece
    Nov 29, 12:13 PM
    see what i don't get is this:
    Apple and the movie studios both lose from pirating. The more people who pirate, the fewer movies sell, the less $ everyone makes. There is no reason for movie studios to be so paranoid about apple's agenda.

    There is no connection between the music industry's alleged loss of business bc of pirating, and apple's music store.

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  • darkjeremiad
    Nov 19, 07:32 PM
    Apple sells iPad to Authorized Reseller.

    Authorized Reseller Orders 10000, when they meant to order 1000...
    Authorized Reseller Goes out of Business
    Authorized Reseller Declares Bankruptcy

    Any of these possibilities results in a large number of iPads reaching a overstock and close out retailer like TJ Maxx etc...

    Its not a big mystery or a great train robbery situation. And the reason they are probably available at limited locations would be a limited supply of an item (Still High Ticket despite the $100.00 Discount) being sold from a store where 95% of their stock is priced in a sub $10.00 per unit price point is going to be directed to markets where they are more likely to sell - Larger Cities, Stores in retail plazas with other high ticket resellers, and cities with a higher tech savvy population like Austin, Seattle, Dallas, Silicon Vally, New York City...

    It the chain has more then 10K units to distribute thats when things get pretty unusual...


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  • JoshuaKaufman
    Sep 26, 08:47 PM
    Looks great, but as my main email account is not a .mac account and POP doesn't really do it for me, I'll only use it if they provide IMAP access.

    The only real reason that I use .mac are its backup and synchronization features which are hardly worth paying $99 a year for. .mac still needs to come a long way to stay competitive and this is reasonable start, but a new interface is only that - a new interface. More space, more features and better functionality are the only way .mac will come out of the dark ages and join the rest of Apple's innovative, first-class products.

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  • Eddyisgreat
    Mar 25, 11:02 AM
    I wonder how difficult it would be find an individual with the talents needed both on the Software Engineering side & the GIS (Geographic Information Systems) side. Most GIS education these days doesn't really focus on programming. Infact, most GIS "programs" are just crash courses on how to operate ESRI products.


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  • trigonometry
    Mar 27, 02:14 PM
    I wouldn't buy anything from anybody with that low of a feedback rating in the first place. Hope he is banned and the buyer isn't dumb enough to pay for it.

    Aug 23, 04:04 PM
    http://www.macbytes.com/images/bytessig.gif (http://www.macbytes.com)

    Category: Opinion/Interviews
    Link: Replacing a Pile of Textbooks With an iPad (http://www.macbytes.com/link.php?sid=20100823170435)
    Description:: none

    Posted on MacBytes.com (http://www.macbytes.com)
    Approved by Mudbug

    Nov 19, 12:05 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/532.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/4.0.5 Mobile/8B117 Safari/6531.22.7)

    It goes to show you that they can still make a profit with $100 off. I guess the price gouging by Apple continues.

    That's not necessarily true. Stores routinely sell items at a loss to draw people into the store to buy other things. Those kinds of items are called "Loss Leaders". Soft drinks are another example of a typical loss leader for grocery stores.

    Unauthorized selling of premium products is called "diversion" in the industry. Many of my clients make premium hair products that are supposed to only be sold in high-end salons that have a special relationship with that producer. Companies like Aveda and Sebastian don't want to see their products in, say, Target because it cheapens their image and weakens the cache salons have to exclusively offer those products and educate the client on how to use the product. Often, the products in retail stores are old versions, rejects and downright fake copies of the real thing and when people aren't happy with the product, it casts a bad light on the brand. Companies spend a lot of time and money tracking down the people who are making back alley deals to the retail stores and cutting off their supplies.

    Dec 26, 09:57 AM
    I find that people who claim supporting Macs is just a labor-intensive as supporting Windows machines are those who haven't implemented Macs properly and really don't know what they are doing.

    Why do Windows machines use Group Policies? To push software out to machines, sure -but the real reason is to lock down machines that are by their very design security risks.

    I have to use Windows 7 at work in order to run Cisco tools I use. It is a brand new machine, but nevertheless

    1. I have had to fix the registry twice after installing Opera -if you install that into Windows 7 the system starts generating security errors and warnings, and you can no longer open hyperlinks in Outlook. This is Microsoft preventing you from installing 3rd party browsers into Windows 7 -I don't have these issues on my Mac (I run 3 browsers there)

    2. Many 3rd party and legacy applications do not work correctly, even when run in compatibility mode. I had to rig the system to run some of these apps (more wasted time).

    3. The antivirus slows down the system

    I could go on and on, but this is a productivity issue: I am not as productive on Windows as I am on a Mac. Microsoft has been in disarray for years and it shows. Why on Server 2008 does the utility "Server Management" and "Manage Server" point to 2 totally different applications? Sounds like someone is shipping off projects to India and not paying attention.

    Now before I get accused of MS bashing, I will point out that MS makes excellent front-end applications such as Office. This is where the company shines (Access is really great product). They just make crappy operating systems and servers.

    If you use Open Directory and Preferences, you can control networked Macs. You can use shared libraries to further enhance this. Problem with a mac? Use screen sharing to go check it out. I put in a all-OSX network in a medical center not long ago -not one MS product used. It even included iPads that doctors would carry around to interface with a web-enabled database. Aside from a general question here and there, I never get called about serious system issues. That network is rock-solid.

    People stick with MS because that is what they know, and they are scared of OSX/Macs. We are moving to a web-based infrastructure and the old client-server model that MS is based on is going away ...

    Apr 9, 11:07 AM
    I'm a 3D Artist and while waiting for a render to finish I made this for fun... If anyone wants me to make another one or one with your logo in it let me know! I have time to kill this weekend while I render.



    What kind of objects/scenes do you render, if i may ask? I am only a hobbyist and interested in virtual reality.

    Oct 9, 02:51 PM
    As will I :D

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