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Friday, June 3, 2011

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  • hotsnuglemonstr
    Jun 24, 12:25 AM
    anyone mind doing an update upon their arrive for the rest of us?

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  • MattBP
    Mar 21, 02:33 PM
    I posted this in the pro forums but it probably belongs here.

    Under OSX i get great wireless performance. Full strength all over the house.

    However in boot camp if I leave the room I go down to half bars, if I go into the bedroom (maybe 10 meters away from router), I go down do absolutely no signal and lose internet. However in the same place I have full bars on OSX.

    Any ideas?


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  • FireStar
    Sep 30, 06:40 PM
    I know that it is a fake, but where does it say Switcheasy?

    Oh. Now I see. Never mind.

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  • thesmileman
    Apr 30, 08:36 AM
    But we can't buy it, yet, at Stonebriar. Correct?

    Any idea how many they have in stock?

    We can buy it at 5pm.

    I don't know how many they have i talked to them yesterday and they hadn't even got them yet. I know several other people who are comming at 11:00am to wait but i thought i would get ere first. I will update when i find out any information.


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  • MacChinoNyc
    May 1, 09:35 PM
    "Apple is allegedly building two iPhone 5 models in place of a scheduled fall publish. According to an employee of an Apple part supplier, in attendance is good sense to believe with the purpose of the iPhone 5 will really be two devices: A �standard� and �pro� copy."


    Would these versions be welcomed or not?

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  • akaralias
    May 5, 07:57 PM
    +1. I expect it will be released by end of June or early July. I'm not in a hurry as I have a family member buying my 2007 iMac. And I would prefer it pre-installed. Price is certainly a consideration. But as some have pointed out, with the Mac App Store, they may very well sell the DL version for less. I also hope Lion gets rid of the traditional optical and goes USB or DL only. That said I would love to see all restore disks be USB but I'm not sure that OS X can boot from a USB?

    Yes it does I am testing Lion of a USB LaCie drive.


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  • Tibs066
    Mar 13, 08:09 PM
    Just to put my exrierence out there i had, yours look like an exact picture of mine and then i when i sent mine in to get the screen fixed they would not do it due to the fact that the damage could be down in the logic board. So i ended up paying the 250 for the replacement.
    Thanks Brian

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  • prss14
    Apr 26, 01:04 PM
    If you already leave a computer on SecuritySpy is good on OSX. That is what I have been using for a while.


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  • jamdr
    Jan 21, 12:12 PM
    Thanks for the review. I was considering getting a Shuffle, but now that you mention it, maybe I'll get both the Mini and Shuffle :D I need a flash drive, too, so that probably makes sense.

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  • reberto
    Dec 7, 06:30 PM
    It might help to list your location :)
    done :D


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  • bytethese
    Jun 11, 11:23 AM
    Do you think the online reservation scheme is to better gage how much inventory they will possibly need at any given Apple store on opening day? I would be surprised if they had 2 separate lines. One reserved and one for those who did not reserve. That would be too smooth.
    Anyone else have an opinion on that?

    That's exactly what AT&T is doing, 2 separate lines. One line, for pre-orders starting at 7am. The other for people who want it and haven't paid, starting at 7am. When AT&T opens for normal business hours, lines will be merged and priority given to those who pre-ordered.

    This is a bit different than Apple stores tho as AT&T has taken money I believe. Apple stores simply took reservations so I wonder how that will all pan out.

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  • Nameci
    Apr 19, 01:18 PM
    If I were you i would try to strip memory, or reseat memory on the slot.


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  • md63
    Mar 4, 07:57 AM
    I have an iPad with 3.2.1 which I jailbroke using jailbreakme.com. I have never upgraded since and I was wondering if its worth upgrading to 4.2.1 and how difficult it is to JB. The website jailbreak was so easy that I could not resist but I don't have alot of experience at this type of thing. I have noticed some newer apps are requiring 4.0 and higher so I guess I will eventually need to upgrade.

    I was looking into the VM memory hack and noticed several references that 4.2.1 has this native capability. Overall i'm satisfied with the performance as is but would appreciate your thoughts on whether its time to upgrade and JB again. Thanks.

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  • Abstract
    Sep 22, 07:24 PM
    So you're trying to get a regular digital camera to work for webchat?

    Just get a Macally IceCam. They're cheap (in the US :rolleyes: ) and they work well. You'd still need iChatUSB, but I know that iChatUSB works for sure with the IceCam, as that's what it says on the IceCam box. ;)

    I don't use AIM or iChat though, and I use aMSN and my IceCam works out of the box. :)


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  • flopticalcube
    Apr 19, 03:36 PM
    Quality would be ok for decent frame rates. The higher the res, the lower the frame rates and the 27" iMac has a very high res. My son runs battlefield on his 2007 iMac, just barely. New ones should be much better.

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  • MacNorway
    Oct 5, 08:37 PM
    9. What does the settlement provide?
    NVIDIA has agreed to provide a replacement of the NVIDIA GPU or MCP to Class Members who purchased certain versions of some Dell, Inc. or Apple Inc. notebook computers that contain an NVIDIA chip and who send in a valid Claim Form and appropriate supporting documentation.

    NVIDIA has also agreed to provide a fund in the amount of $2,000,000 to provide reimbursements if you purchased a version of one of the notebook computer models identified in the Full Notice that contains an NVIDIA GPU or MCP during the dates listed in the Full Notice experienced certain identified symptoms, and have appropriate documentation proving that you paid to have the notebook computer repaired. The amount of reimbursement may depend on the number of reimbursement claims received.

    (note: edited down for clarity)

    22. How will the lawyers be paid?
    Class Counsel will ask the Court for attorneys’ fees and expenses in the amount of $13,000,000. NVIDIA will pay Class Counsel’s fees and expenses. These amounts will not come out of any funds for payments to Class Members. NVIDIA has agreed not to oppose these fees and expenses.

    So, the buyers gets a new chip and a split on the 2 mill... the lawyers get $13 mill... HOW many hours did you say they worked?


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  • SideStepSociety
    Apr 27, 05:38 PM
    Gentle nudge + some more info.

    After playing around a bit, I discovered the files are named, "MuteOnButton" and "MuteOffButton".

    Still in the same folder:


    If anyone's able to snag these files for me from their iPad, it'd be greatly appreciated. :)

    Thanks again!

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  • superknoppix
    May 4, 11:31 AM
    china doesn't need the iPhone, they can use their cheap little knockoff iphones... :p
    And why would you need wifi in a country without internet?

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  • mjstew33
    Sep 18, 09:32 AM
    He took the Der-Der-Der joke and beat it too death. That was the only funny thing, and he killed it.

    I would say that is a fair statement. He did take the dee-dee-dee joke to far.

    May 1, 07:53 AM
    That's what I was afraid of... :( Everything's good as far as Win reports. Device Manager is clearn. I'm sure the 11 and the 13 have same audio drivers - just can't figure out why it worked for the first few reboots, but discovered the problem after all updates and service packs were installed.

    For the reinstall process, should I kill the current Win partition and really start from scratch? Or just reinstall from the 'advanced recovery method' menu?

    Dec 14, 05:36 PM
    Thanks for your replies! I answered everyone's PMs. I'll definitely check out Circuit City as well. Thanks for the tip.

    Apr 25, 02:19 PM

    Has anyone been able to force an apple store to guarantee a Lion O/S upgrade for free with the purchase of a Macbook pro now?

    Just curious.

    Why would you be able to, apple owes you nothing and you aren't entitled to anything either.

    Apr 24, 01:47 AM
    Personally, I let the phone drop to 0% and then recharge it to 100%. You really don't HAVE to, but some recommend it.

    When the iPhone reaches 100% charge, it will not accept any more - so, no, it's not bad to keep it plugged in.

    Thanks, if you don't mind, I do have one last question. I have been trying to figure out if when I turn my phone off all the way, will it charge so I have turned it on and off a few times. Is this in any way bad for my battery or phone? Thanks :D

    Mar 26, 10:46 PM
    1700 points per WU!!! :eek: That's more then my weekly production! And I have two C2D and a G5 folding. Not 24/7, but still... It has taken me 5 years to get to the 170.000 points and over 2000 WU to achieve that. That makes you think, 2000 WU X 1700 points = 3.400.000 points! That's about 20 times as high. Those PS3 are seriously kicking some @#$*!!

    There were only two or three simulations worth 1700 points and they're not PS3 WUs. A C2D can handle one of the big mothers in a little over a day. The PS3 is currenlty chomping on some ~300 pt WUs that take between 6-8 hours to wrap up.

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