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scenario paintball guns

Thursday, June 2, 2011

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  • BT4 Combat Scenario Paintball

  • Castiel
    Apr 7, 03:55 PM
    I got a weird bug. Sometimes my albums in the photos app go right to the top of the screen and show underneath the 'menubar' at the top so I can tap on it and open the first album in the list. If I pull it back down on the rubberband effect it still goes to the top of the screen?! I have to restart my phone for it to reset and its still hit and miss whether it works.
    Same here, happens all the time to me now.
    Glad to know I'm not alone!

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  • GFLPraxis
    Jul 26, 07:52 PM
    TALK ABOUT PRE-ANNOUNCING :confused: :eek: :confused:

    Remember when SJ said we support BR ?!?!?!!?

    From someone who SWORE NO pre-announcements :eek: :eek:

    And still no BlueRay from Apple :eek: :eek: :eek:

    Uh, genius, Apple doesn't make Blu-ray. Apple has to wait for Sony & Co to release Blu-ray drives, which we all knew would be in late 2006.

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  • It's a tribute
    Oct 3, 07:05 PM
    Last one, going on holiday/language course to Thailand.

    http://imgur.com/l58kIl.jpg (http://imgur.com/l58kI.png)

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  • ClimbingTheLog
    Nov 20, 02:19 PM
    and in my opinion it doesn't look like current 3G GSM cellular networks simply don't have the duplex bandwidth to deliver that kind of content. (and 4G is still a ways off)

    Do you mean latency? evdo gives up to 3mbps in urban areas. That should be plenty.


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  • TuffLuffJimmy
    Apr 26, 11:30 AM
    Your out of luck. Under no circumstances will Apple EVER replace a product with another one that is not exactly the same! Period!

    While I agree that under those circumstances Apple is unlikely to make the swap I have to disprove your claim. My mom's 14 inch iBook's screen broke when our dog pulled the cord it was plugged into and knocked it to the floor (pre-magsafe days). She sent it into Apple where they so sweetly said they would repair it free of charge even though they didn't have to. It ended up taking a few weeks when they said they would have a new one for her in a couple of days. After a few times calling in to check on the status that never seemed to change, Apple sent her a brand new updated 12 inch powerbook! Another time a friend of mine spilled wine on the keyboard of his 2009 15 inch top of the line Macbook Pro. It worked for a few more months until it finally kaput. He took it into Apple just to see what they would do, not too optimistic. The Genius was awesome and gave him a brand new 2011 top of the line 15 incher!

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  • ShiftClick
    Nov 11, 03:32 PM
    For feature films? I call BS! Maybe for independent "features" and even that is debatable.

    The 8 major network shows that have post at my workplace 1 FCP, 1 Avid on Windows, 6 Avid on Mac.

    I call bs too.


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  • Scenario Paintball

  • GGJstudios
    May 5, 01:55 PM
    About LCD display pixel anomalies for Apple products released in 2010 and later (http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4044)

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  • mpfef
    May 4, 10:47 PM
    You can do that with something like Podcaster or Instacast, but not with the stock iPhone.


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  • jaymesd
    Jul 9, 12:48 AM
    A:apple: few of my friends and I are going to see how things look around 11 p.m. Thursday night. If there's a line we will be prepared to hang out with the rest! I'm bringing a comfortable chair. :apple:

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  • scenario paintball guns. Special Ops Paintball Guns; Special Ops Paintball Guns. CorvusCamenarum. Mar 21, 11:36 PM. I think that allowing Gaddafi to remain

  • vitaminz
    May 6, 09:34 AM
    Fantastic, that seems to have everything I need :)


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  • Real Action Paintball is proud

  • Sydde
    Mar 3, 11:08 AM
    Apologies for replying to this post: I am guessing the poster has me on ignore, so my response would be unfair if he cannot see it
    'turned into' a a profit machine? As opposed to... when?
    Providing health services and goods has always been a for-profit enterprise. This is exactly what has lead to the amazing growth in medical technology in the past 100 years.
    Yeah, I kind of doubt that. The amazing growth of medical technology arises from academia, not private industry. AHIP have just been along for the ride, driving up costs while contributing nothing of value.
    For the record, the (wealthy) are paying their fair share. The top 50% of wage earners pay over 95% of the income tax. Your disgusting attack on all conservatives wanting to '****' over all citizens is just that... disgusting ... Lower taxes? Strong business climate with low unemployment? You seem to be contradicting yourself... what strong middle class policies are you specifically talking about?
    Al Jazeera has an interesting take on the failure of "neo-liberalism" (http://english.aljazeera.net/indepth/opinion/2011/02/201122414315249621.html). You should find their conclusions interesting:
    What is neoliberalism? In his Brief History of Neoliberalism, the eminent social geographer David Harvey outlined "a theory of political economic practices that proposes that human well-being can best be advanced by liberating individual entrepreneurial freedoms and skills within an institutional framework characterised by strong private property rights, free markets, and free trade." Neoliberal states guarantee, by force if necessary, the "proper functioning" of markets; where markets do not exist (for example, in the use of land, water, education, health care, social security, or environmental pollution), then the state should create them.

    Guaranteeing the sanctity of markets is supposed to be the limit of legitimate state functions, and state interventions should always be subordinate to markets. All human behavior, and not just the production of goods and services, can be reduced to market transactions.
    Ah, hmm, maybe there is a linguistic disconnect at work here. Vilifying the "liberals", blaming them for creating the environment that led to unrest in north Africa and drawing salient parallels to US could have unintended results.

    The charts look amazing on my iPhone.

    Are you easily amazed?

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  • BT Delta Scenario Paintball

  • cvaldes
    Apr 7, 09:26 AM
    Why all the negatives? Patches are a good thing.
    There are a lot of flame-baiting haters and sniveling little whiners in this forum. And I mean a lot.


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  • scenario paintball guns.

  • btbrossard
    Apr 21, 08:02 AM
    I couldn't find anything in iPhoto 11 to only import photos.

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  • fabian9
    Mar 31, 10:40 AM
    This is awesome. So far, my reason for not buying into the iPad hype is because I can't use photoshop on the iPad - nor many other productivity applications. This changes things a bit� hope it'll come out soon!


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  • cyrax83
    Jan 9, 09:21 PM
    I really hated this years keynote.

    Correct me if i'm wrong but Jobs said at the start of it that it was going to be all about the mac ? What happened.

    First he spends about 3/4 of an hour on the apple tv, which I think is an overpriced piece of junk anyway. It has no recording functionality what so ever, and for the price of $450 AU ? Please I could go out and buy a PVR or something that actually does something useful. Also 720p ? Thats beginning to get outdated even now with the introduction of blu-ray and HD-DVD, 720p simply is not good enough.

    Secondly he spends the rest of the keynote dedicated to an iPhone which isn't even available for another 6 months and another 12 months for the rest of the world. 6-12 Months ? Are you kidding me, I nearly choked. Shipping with a 2 megapixel camera and 4/8gb variants at a pretty high price, how will this technology fair in 6-12 months (which is a huge time in technology's perspective). A 2megapixel camera is already outdated with 3 mp becoming the standard and even nokias 5mp phone with GPS coming out very soon.

    What happened to leopard, or updates on the mac portable line ? Heres what happened, they ditched the computer from their name and now want to focus on **** overpriced gadgets. Yes the iPhone did look pretty nice, but for what it is/price/time of release, its lame.

    They seemed to have packed all these awesome features into the phone such as a great browser and google maps, and even widgets, but I just said to myself, whats the point ? Data charges here in Australia are INSANELY HIGH, how often would you use it ? Once in a blue moon - or never.

    They've called it a smart phone but what about the applications a smart phone really needs - such as a word processor or a spreadsheet. I for one will not be buying it as I already have a dedicated mp3 player and a phone, which I prefer as the mp3 player battery life doesnt affect my phone battery life.

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  • scenario paintball team

  • sundoggy
    Oct 8, 04:23 PM
    it crashes regularly, even on macrumors or on the apple site!
    just make it work!

    One thing Safari doesn't do is crash on its own. I am macrumors and the apple site all the time, and get no crashes. The problems I have had with Safari--slow downs mostly--have been the result of other system problems. I didn't realize this until the whole system came down due to a hard drive failure and I had to restore all my directories to the new HD. Since then, Safari has been speedier than ever, and some of the other Safari-specific annoyances (like cached site icons slowing it down) have stopped completely. I also find that it renders almost everything properly. However, I do use Flock, which is really Firefox 1.5, and it seems a bit quicker (faster than Firefox actually--not sure why, but maybe because Fox is loaded with too many plugins).

    ABOUT SAFT: Saft is a way cool addition to Safari, and I don't think Apple is planning to add everything in Saft to v3. I highly recommend this cheap add on. BUT, NOTE, it is not free, and it has a pain in the butt upgrade procedure, which you have to do everytime there is an OS upgrade, because Safari releases are tied to OS releases (unless you download the webkit builds, which BTW, will pick up anything you have added to Safari).


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  • scenario paintball sniper

  • job
    Jul 21, 01:05 PM
    Never mind. It's actually a script I needed to run in the terminal.

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  • Scenario Paintball Marker

  • leekohler
    Mar 15, 04:48 PM
    I would be surprised if this goes through. I don't have a lot of faith in my former home state.

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  • All paintball guns have no air

  • Sydde
    Apr 5, 03:17 PM
    Are you referring to this question?
    How many women have you personally raped because they looked like sluts?It sure is a jewel of a question.
    Posted in response to a gem of a post.

    Oct 9, 04:10 PM
    How in the heck do you show conversations?


    Hilmi Hamidi
    Apr 1, 06:57 AM
    http://img165.imagevenue.com/loc227/th_04801_Untitled_122_227lo.jpg (http://img165.imagevenue.com/img.php?image=04801_Untitled_122_227lo.jpg)
    Wallpaper (http://wallpaper.skins.be/emily-scott/38792/1920x1200/)

    Apr 16, 04:36 AM
    btw, whats the verdict on ram coolers? yes/no

    IMO yes, esp. copper ones. I've bought some of these (http://shop.conrad-uk.com/1/2-a2-uk0871057__akasa-memory-cooler-copper-ak-171-.html). On clearance it was for about �2 per 1 stick set.

    Apr 20, 06:23 PM
    I'm sure this data will be coming to a Keynote near you.

    The trend is your friend, and unless Apple can turn it around, the trend is clearly moving toward a marginalization of iOS.

    The trend does not say what you think it says.

    Apr 10, 09:50 PM
    So, I JB my iPhone 4 before the iPad JB was released using pwnagetool. Do I need a new DL, or will this work just fine for an untethered iPad 1, jailbreak?

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