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shaun robinson boyfriend

Thursday, June 2, 2011

shaun robinson boyfriend. Shaun Robinson#39;s book
  • Shaun Robinson#39;s book

  • waw74
    Apr 30, 12:12 AM
    In my second post on this thread, I stated that I just reset the iPad and still have the same problem.

    did you restore from backup? settings still get transfered.

    i had a 1st gen iPhone that i jail broke, and enabled the emoji keyboard. It's still enabled on my current phone, even though i un-jailbroke the 1st gen, eventually changed to a 3G (used it both jailbroken and not) and changed to a 4 (currently un-jailbroken).

    so yes, even though you restored to the stock OS, it can still be affected by having been jailbroken in the past.

    you'll probably have to do a clean install, and start all your settings over from scratch.

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  • gotohamish
    Jul 14, 11:14 AM
    Originally posted by mactastic
    Is it impossible for someone to make a card that would replace the 'b' card in there currently with a 'g' card? Like is the connection to slow to make it worth doing? And what about combining that with a bluetooth connection too? I'd love to be able to put those in my laptop, and still have the pcmcia card slot still available for photo transfers.

    That's an interesting thought. It appears to me that the Airport Card is a regular PCMCIA card, but without the head which in third-party cards has the aerial in. Hence the need to plug the aerial in to it when installed IN a Mac.

    So couldn't you buy a regualr PCMCIA 'g' card, take the had off it and install it in the Airport slot?

    To try and answer my own question - In theory yes, but I'm sure if it was that simple Apple would have done it. On the other hand, it does make it more of a perk to upgrading your Mac, which is ultimately what Apple want.

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  • taylorwilsdon
    Mar 18, 12:50 PM
    Auction ended!

    shaun robinson boyfriend. Hollywood#39;s Shaun Robinson
  • Hollywood#39;s Shaun Robinson

  • The Highlander
    Feb 20, 05:50 PM
    Well... it WILL set a precedent and you will see apple going after jailbreakers... And they have MORE muscle than SONY.

    Now.. on the other side...

    If Geohot wants a donation... Jailbreak 4.3 untethered and you will get a handsome donation from me.


    shaun robinson boyfriend. agree, Shaun Robinson).
  • agree, Shaun Robinson).

  • gwuMACaddict
    Dec 9, 10:10 AM
    too funny... it really gets *that* hot though?

    shaun robinson boyfriend. Shaun Robinson hit the carpet
  • Shaun Robinson hit the carpet

  • jupiteroot
    Apr 20, 10:11 AM
    this one is listed as being specifically for the samsung HS12UHE


    after many fruitless ebay searches i located this by searching "SATA LIF"


    shaun robinson boyfriend. Correspondent Shaun Robinson
  • Correspondent Shaun Robinson

  • Steveo47
    Jul 23, 02:16 PM
    I plan on showing up around 5-6am friday morning probably at West Ed

    shaun robinson boyfriend. Shaun Robinson
  • Shaun Robinson

  • Joshuarocks
    Apr 21, 09:50 PM
    Let me guess- this was proposed by a Tea Party member.

    Tea party fascists should be put up against a wall and shot! They would do this in my country.


    shaun robinson boyfriend. Hollywood#39;s Shaun Robinson
  • Hollywood#39;s Shaun Robinson

  • Flying Llama
    Aug 21, 02:00 PM
    Thank you all very much! :)

    shaun robinson boyfriend. And Shaun Robinson looked out
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  • vista.john
    May 4, 04:25 PM
    china doesn't need the iPhone, they can use their cheap little knockoff iphones... :p
    And why would you need wifi in a country without internet?




    shaun robinson boyfriend. Correspondent Shaun Robinson
  • Correspondent Shaun Robinson

  • amd4me
    Oct 12, 08:38 PM
    If any of you guys are in Canada A&B sound is awesome.
    Super cheap prices on media.

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  • So did Shaun Robinson.

  • furryrabidbunny
    Sep 13, 01:29 AM
    Yeah, it should. And your statement isn't QUITE correct. There was PC1600. (Slower than PC2100,) but it was really unusual. By the time DDR became mainstream, PC2100 was the norm.
    sweet... then i am upping my ram to 384! these system is crippled. it wouldn't be so bad if it had dedicated video memory. I get horrible lag when trying to open calculater while firefox is open.


    shaun robinson boyfriend. Shaun Robinson has really been
  • Shaun Robinson has really been

  • crush500
    Apr 27, 08:55 PM
    I've read through several different things online and can't seem to find the answer anywhere. I'm going to purchase a 13" Macbook Pro here in the next few weeks and was planning on purchasing AppleCare coverage with it. However I have no Apple Stores near me. I do, however, have two Authorized Service Providers within ten miles of me. Do the Authorized Service Providers honor the AppleCare protection? If the HDD crashes, overheating problems, battery issues, etc will they fix it for free under my AppleCare plan? Or would I have to send it through the mail to Apple and have them fix it?

    I've read differing views online. On Apple's AppleCare page it says "Apple may provide service through one or more of the following options: carry-in service (to Apple Retail Stores or Apple Authorized Service Providers), customer drop-off (to UPS stores in the U.S., for iPod and iPhone only), direct mail-in service, onsite service (for desktop computers), or Do-It-Yourself (DIY) parts (so you can service your own product)." I wasn't sure if that meant you can get it repaired (at your cost without voiding the warranty) at Authorized Service Providers or if it meant that the ASPs will honor the AppleCare coverage and fix it for free.

    Thanks for your help...

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  • Shaun Robinson rocked a cute

  • fireshot91
    Feb 15, 05:18 PM


    shaun robinson boyfriend. Correspondent Shaun Robinson
  • Correspondent Shaun Robinson

  • iGary
    Dec 20, 06:54 PM

    How old is your PB - there was a battery recall.

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  • sth
    May 4, 06:24 PM
    Does this mean you can still hook up a PS3 to a 2011 iMac?
    This is about video-out, not video-in.


    shaun robinson boyfriend. And Shaun Robinson rocked a
  • And Shaun Robinson rocked a

  • iSayuSay
    May 3, 11:58 PM
    The new Radeon 6 series including EyeComfort .. you should check their website more often :D

    Maybe you're just too excited you forget that your eyes actually a bit strained, you know .. a tiny bit :p

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  • Sydde
    Feb 8, 07:00 PM
    Now, can we teach wolves to bring down helicopters?

    shaun robinson boyfriend. Shaun Robinson
  • Shaun Robinson

  • Mikesus
    Apr 30, 06:18 PM
    This started happening around Thursday. The touch screen do not response anymore. Hardware button works. Rotational sensor works. A hard reset (home+power for 10 seconds) sometimes work.

    Being a tech person, I systematically deleted apps that I installed to that date, but that was not the problem.

    I wonder if it is related to network -- i.e. if it is access the wireless network (checking mail, push notification etc) and gets locked up.

    Any one else starting to having this problem?


    Yes happened after latest update... Did a RESTORE and everything is fine now.

    Feb 9, 01:57 PM
    If you like your phone, your provider, post good things about your experiences. This provider battle is growing old fast.... :confused:

    Leet Apple
    Mar 18, 09:43 PM
    I believe you have to be 18 to work in an apple store, I may be wrong. maybe that is just my local store

    Oh Then I'll be able to apply in a few months

    Jan 15, 04:07 PM
    Hello everyone, I'm looking to get into Macs as I've been very impressed with what I've seen at our local Apple store. I'm definately getting an iPhone someday and am leaning towards getting a Macbook.

    Couple things REALLY p'd me off about Job's address today.....

    1. No announced blu-ray support. I thought something would be coming(FINALLY) being that blu has all but sealed up the format war and that Apple was a partner. Instead...no. Nothing. I want a Macbook with an optical drive...and I don't want it limited to DVD. I have 52 blu-ray movies and the ability to store 25GB per layer on a single blu-ray disk makes me yearn for a notebook with support and I don't want to go get a Sony Vaio. I would like to use Leopard.

    2. iPhone updates. New software upgrades. Yay, great. Seriously, the map feature is cool and all that. Neat. Wheres the HARDWARE upgrades?! All these leaked rumors about 3G capability and the need for more storage space only to get neither issue addressed. WHY?

    The MBA is really cool and neat, but will be just a niche product - at least for now until there features added. Right now its just a slimmer version of the Macbook with less power, no optical drive, and no user-replaceable battery. A really cool niche product, but not practical at all.

    MW isn't over yet....could it be that more announcements such as those I addressed could still be made? I'm hoping so, because if not I am VERY disappointed in what I saw today.

    Apr 11, 08:36 PM
    Ok, so lets say I go with 3rd party memory. If I have an unrelated problem with the MBP, would I need to put the original memory back in before taking it in for service?

    I'm new to the whole Mac thing. Thanks.
    First, it's ALL 3rd party RAM, since Apple doesn't make RAM. They put other manufacturer's RAM in their computers. Second, upgrading the RAM or hard drive yourself is not a violation of warranty, so there's no need to put the original RAM back before service. Hang onto the original RAM, in case you have a problem with the RAM you buy.
    ... Apple cannot give me crap for using third party ram.
    They wouldn't, anyway. See above.

    Apple Warranty: Installing Memory, Expansion Cards, User Installable Parts Does Not Void Warranty (http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?artnum=13946)

    From 2011 MacBook Pro User Guide (http://manuals.info.apple.com/en_US/MacBook_Pro_15inch_Early2011.pdf):
    Your MacBook Pro does not have any user-serviceable parts, except the hard drive and the memory.

    Mar 8, 10:23 PM
    I i

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