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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

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  • too with tribal tattoo

  • Dhundhun
    05-28 02:29 AM
    New EAD starts after expiry of previous one.

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  • gconmymind
    08-19 03:11 PM
    I will be in similar position if I get RFE for this. I guess all you can do is provide what you have and an explanation. Hopefully it should not be that big of an issue.

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  • BlueSoft
    01-16 06:19 AM

    Do not upgrade your file for Premium Processing. Any time you do that, chances for an RFE from USCIS goo higher. You will get a decision from USCIS within two weeks for sure. You can also call USCIS as right now they are processing cases which they have received in late July and mid August.

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  • imv116
    03-01 10:42 PM
    Yeah yes medical one and yes she can come on B1...and all has to go well with the visa...

    -the 116


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  • raydhan
    11-09 09:04 AM
    Sincere request to all the retrogression victims from the great State of Oklahoma.

    Please post your willingness or send me a PM if you are interested in working for IV's cause.

    Lets go guys!!!
    Make some noise. The timing has never been better.

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  • roseball
    12-27 06:17 PM
    I have a valid H-1B valid till 18th feb 2011 for employment with my previous employer. I had changed employment and now have I797C for the new employer valid till Nov 2011. I plan to go to India and be back in 1 week, my employer would issue me a leave approval letter. My present employer is a big hospital-non profit and I am a health professional.

    Can some one tell if would need to get a new visa stamped if I come back by 15th January 2011. What documents should I carry. Should I talk to a lawyer before I leave. My mom is stable now but I am afraid If dont go now, I might not be able to gor a long time as I dont want to get re-stamping done.

    Please advice

    You do NOT need a new VISA stamp as long as you have a valid/unexpired VISA stamp from your previous employer. However, you should carry the original H1 approval along with recent paystubs and make sure to tell the officer that you have changed employers and show the IO the new approved I797C before he stamps and gives you the new I-94. If you do not show the approved I797C from the current employer, then you will be treated as working illegally for your new/current employer because the IO will issue you an I-94 with Old employer information filled in the system. Your new I-94 should be valid till the validity of your new I797C.


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  • paragpujara
    10-27 06:47 PM
    Since you have work authorization (EAD), you should apply for SSN. For job application you donot need SSN but once you get a job then your employer might ask yr SSN for background check and afterwards for pay check. Generally it takes 2 weeks to get SSN so it's better to apply in advance.

    Refer to http://www.ssa.gov/pubs/10002.html#how and check out Application For A Social Security Card (Form SS-5) under How do I get a number and card? You need to fill out this form.

    This form has list of documents you need to get a SSN card. Generally you need to carry your Passport and EAD. They will return all the documents at same time. They won't keep the documents with them and they need all original documents. They donot accept Copies. Hope this helps.

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  • etiennelin
    04-02 03:49 PM

    My husband and I submitted I-485 last year (I am not currently working). He already got the green card and mine is still pending. I've got my Advanced Parole in hand. We plan to visit Canada in May . I'd like to ask someone in similar situation regarding applying a temporary resident Canada visa.

    On the column 8 of the 5257 Form "Applicant for a temporary resident visa made outside of Canada", "Immigration status of applicant in country where applying", which optioin should I pick? (Permanent Resident?) What date should I put in the box "valid until"?

    When mailing the visa application, which supporting document should I send? Only the AP and I-485 receipt?

    Anyone with similar experience could give some advice?? Thanks very much!!!


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  • sankap
    07-20 03:25 PM

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  • brij523
    02-17 08:33 AM
    I think I would like to see more post saying -

    1) I contacted my congress member or Senator. Have their commitment to support legal immigration.
    2) I send mail to XYX number of my friend to join IV. Some may join and some may ridicule. But as IV member you did the job. The new member could either contribute 5 minutes of time everyday to contact Senator, Congress member or contacting friend, contibute money or at least raise the membership of this forum. Remember we are putting time to help ourself not IV. Because I know after most of us get GC, we will move on with life and next generation IV member will continue the effort.
    3) I would like to see people in major city, launching a compaign to collect money. One of the idea which I think would be very useful is working with the Temple authority and selling food on some occasion. Some kind of arrangement should be made with Temple authority to get major part of sale collection to IV. This way we multiply our money. $20 can be easily made into $100 with some time from members.
    My limitation is - I am in a village. But I will do something. I would not let limitation stop me.



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  • abracadabra
    07-16 02:02 PM
    Interesting, in that case we all are approved :)
    Today, I spoke to a USCI Agent and his supervisor at NSC about my case..
    I quizzed them about July 2007 revised visa bulletin etc.

    He looked around, checked it for like 10 minutes and said HE DOESN'T HAVE
    ANY MEMO. All he said that he has this MEMO which states that July 2007 (original) bulletin ..based on that EB1-3 for all countries are current.

    :-) May be NSC approves application :-) as practically NO ONE can stop them..

    Again this is based on my call to actual live human being at NSC..

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  • santa123
    06-21 01:04 PM
    Thanks for your response

    As per my employer adv :

    Required degree : Masters degree in Engineering or related field (no experience)

    The education evaluation was done from ITES inc., I have got this for applying H1B in Apr 2005, which includes my prior experience. We have used the same education evaluation for I-140 in Aug'07. Since the experience was combined in my education evaluation, CIS is now asking for a new evaluation based solely on education.

    If you cld submit an eval just for education, you shld be ok


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  • vdokka
    09-12 09:59 AM
    Hi Raj,

    Thanks for your reply !
    I appreciate your help.


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  • The tribal tattoos pictures

  • saloni
    04-17 07:44 PM
    Thanks virtual55.
    In guidance issued by legacy INS after the 1999 rule change, the Service stated the following:
    However, an H-1 or L-1 nonimmigrant will violate his/her nonimmigrant status is s/he uses the EAD to leave the employer listed on the approved I-129 petition and engage in employment for a separate employer.22 (Emphasis in original).
    AILA believes that a nonimmigrant who “moonlights” pursuant to an EAD has not “left” his or her employer, and thus is still maintaining proper status. AILA requests USCIS to confirm that, in the case of an H-1B or L-1 nonimmigrant, present in the United States under a valid petition in either classification, who moonlights pursuant to an EAD, still maintains his H-1B or L-1 status.

    I think as per the Addendum II, USCIS has yet to certify that moonlighting will not loose the H1B status. AS OF TODAY ,working with additional employer on EAD will void the status.


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  • kramesh_babu
    10-01 09:30 PM
    They are paying 3 months salary for a guy on H1B? Who is paying him?

    I think his friend is a full time employee of Lehman.

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  • abd
    02-12 11:52 AM
    My I-140 was applied on 26th Jul 2006 EB2. no action so far from NSC. How do i check for LUDs on my case.?



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  • ski_dude12
    02-17 09:51 PM
    We had out fingerprinting done 3 weeks back.

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  • delhiguy
    07-02 03:13 PM
    [QUOTE=vinabath]I paid for a 2007 labor for 15k. Now I am screwed.[/QUOTE

    One of my friend was gonna do the same(buying a labor is illegal) , I stopped him , He called me and thanked me...
    Never break rules , Never trust desi consultants...

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  • alseethis
    06-11 01:00 PM
    How is the market? I want to share my history and see if the situation is the same in other places.
    I work in a small financial company in NJ since 2003 in IT. They are sponsoring my gc now. It's a growing company.
    At that time it was my boss, me (programmer) and an american girl (crystal reports). She left and we replace with an indian guy green card holder. Later he left and we hire 2 crystal reports developers, an indian and a russian both green card holders. Later we decided to hire another developer. Join us a hong kong born citizen. I think he is naturalized now. Anyway. Later we hired another programmer, come an indian gc holder. She left and we hired another indian programmer (i think she's in h1)
    Today we are trying to hire another programmer and so far, 1 month, no one show up.
    I don't know if this situation is happening in other places, but from our experience since 2003.
    - there are not many americans interested in IT ?!?
    - the unemployment is not affecting IT so much ?!? No one is showing up to fulfill our position now and in the previous years.
    - due to visa backlogs and restrictions, it's impratical to sponsor h1 or gc.

    My opinion, this a good example that immigration not so bad for US. With good immigration we would had filed our position and not took an american job.

    Again, anyone seeing the same in other places...

    04-30 01:36 PM
    So, does that mean i can use AC 21 ? What problems if any should i expect in ac21 transfer ?

    Yes if you transfer your H1 to move to the other employer ( instead of using EAD ) then you remain in H-status and your wife's H4 status also remains valid.

    But always consult a lawyer before taking any step because I have heard conflicting opinions before.

    01-10 11:16 AM
    which school did you got into? My opinion forget about GC, pursue the MBA if it is Insead etc, get into Mgt Consulting and work for McKinsey etc. You can come back to states on H1. Also after few years get into corp world as VP of something.

    If it is not a college of Insead level try to get into part time in US. I am doing Part time MBA at Kellogg and would graduate in 2008 as well.

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