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Saturday, June 4, 2011

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  • Blu101
    Oct 15, 08:16 PM
    Anyone know where I can find wallpapers for the 1680x1050 hi res screen?

    What pic resolution should I be looking for?


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  • Ugg
    Dec 20, 03:44 PM
    I like it. Some privacy advocates don't like it, but I for one am more paranoid about giving out my SSN. If someone wants your print they could get it from the keyboard you type your password/pin in. You can't lose your finger print, or have it stolen (without knowing it's missing right away). These devices are already pretty good at ignoring 'fakes', and I've seen some that have hea sensors to make sure the 'finger' being read is warm enough to be a persons.

    Anyways, in my experience with them they are alright. I would like to have one at home that I could use for my passwords at websites and such. Have my password be a random series of characters and have the reader insert it only after verifying my finger. Would work nice. Same for the ATM... no mor lost cards or trying to keep the guy behind me from seeing my PIN...

    Did you ever see that James Bond movie where a guy offers 007 a drink and then takes it to analyze his fingerprints after he handled it? The fingerprints matched although later 007 peeled off the fake prints from his fingers. Whether this is feasible or not I don't know, but fingerprints alone seems like a pretty risky strategy. If it were a matter of fingerprints only I bet there will be a rash of missing fingers and it wouldn't be hard to heat them to body temperature....

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  • UKFletch
    Jan 15, 08:36 AM
    Looks like there are many MacBooks as well as MacBoko Pro's on sale in the Apple Refurb shop. I'm not saying its proof we're getting new laptops today, but if you're looking to save a bundle and don't mind "previous gen" hardware it looks like a pretty good deal. :)

    However, as the Store (well the UK one at least) is now down...

    We'll have to wait!

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  • sikkinixx
    Mar 29, 09:16 AM
    Hmmm... Lumines I/II since you generally spend about and hour and half doing one game only to lose, swear, and start over. I dunno how long Syphon Filter is but it's a pretty good action game, as is GTA:VCS. The Sega Genesis collection will keep you busy if you like old school games since Phantasy Star IV alone is a good 10 hours to beat. Ratchet and Clank maybe?


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  • Bitman
    Nov 4, 05:15 PM
    The negative post on the new 23" on the Apple forum have slowed down and seem to be populated by a few who have uneven backlighting with yellow shading on the left.


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  • wdlove
    Sep 24, 10:36 AM
    Good work!
    I myself am about to help another friend return to the folds.
    She used to use a Mac years ago I believe, and I've been re-educating her over the past few weeks. She i believe is now keen to buy a Powerbook!

    Only dilemma for me is to decide whether to help her buy a refurb or new one!

    I hope that she will be successful with the purchase. The refurb is a good deal for those that want to save some money.


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  • Morod
    Jan 30, 02:14 PM
    I'd have to say The Allman Brothers Band. It's more like ensemble instrumental, but they can sure pull them off!

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  • difflch
    May 6, 07:48 AM
    WD Caviar Black here on standard 3.4GHz model from Apple store.


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  • G-Force
    Apr 30, 04:39 AM
    So recently I bought an iBook G4 1.33 GHz 12" in very good condition with a new genuine Apple battery and two genuine power supplies for € 150, not a bad deal I think.

    Anyway, it has the stock Toshiba 4200 rpm hard drive and had 512 MB RAM when I purchased it. I've upgraded it to 768 MB RAM afterwards. At the moment it runs Tiger, but I think it's time to move on to Leopard mainly because ClicktoFlash for Tiger does not allow me to play YouTube videos with the QuickTime Player anymore and I can't find an alternative.

    I've tried Leopard on it and it was not slow, but it felt not "smooth". I think the slow hard drive causes the pretty long app launch times and the sometimes sluggish feel.

    Is it worth it to upgrade the hard disk to a modern 5400 rpm model, like the Samsung HM160HC? I don't do heavy duty stuff on the iBook, but when I use it I want it to run as fast as possible. Will this hard drive make Leopard run smoother?

    I also plan on upgrading the memory to 1 GB, I can get a 512 stick from a friend.

    What are your thoughts, is it a waste of money or will the upgrades make a noticeable difference? I have a retail Leopard dvd, so at least I don't have to buy that. ;)

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  • Mr. Anderson
    Sep 21, 12:16 AM
    Ah, yeah, that's what I meant - thanks for the back up ed!



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  • v66jack
    Apr 11, 07:00 PM
    And i refuse to buld suitcases for windows laptops...:-)

    Good for you!!!

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  • lPHONE
    Feb 20, 07:50 PM
    The recruitment seminar is really relaxed and you will get through it as long as you be yourself, engage with the recruiters and other people there and ask plenty of questions at the end regarding the job. Don't come over too much as a hardcore Apple fanboy but talk about how much you can't put down your iPhone/iPod. During the group exercises, make sure you try and come over as a good leader but good team player at the same time - make sure that your ideas are part of the main focus but be sure to agree with ideas that you wish you though of. Otherwise, just enjoy it as it's really relaxed and you will spend most of the two and a half hours watching a presentation, videos and doing some group exercises. They get through hundreds of CV's at a time and to get the chance to be considered is a good achievement. Just out of interest, what store are you thinking of joining and what position are you after? omg, all this to work at a friggin retail store?!?! I thought you were applying for work at 1 Infinite Loop or something and "creative" meaning you were designing products... someone explain to me why would anyone want to work at a mall store?


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  • wrldwzrd89
    Sep 28, 07:01 PM
    now how 'bout the other way gentlemen? How do I go from my Powerbook to my girlfriend's pc?
    Doing that is just as simple. Copy your library (over the network, onto CDs/DVDs/an external HD, etc.) to your PC, open iTunes, then drag the copied library folder to the Library icon in iTunes. iTunes will process the dragged items, adding anything it finds to your library.

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  • Crystal-RX
    Apr 29, 01:55 AM
    I bought mine from Sunsky and it has been used for about 4 weeks. No issue at all.


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  • eawmp1
    May 5, 07:19 AM
    I'd understand the dilemma between a MBP and an Air, but and Air and an iMac???? :confused:

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  • simX
    Dec 21, 06:44 PM
    Originally posted by Koyder
    I guess the Star Wars kid can now kiss the "2003's Lamest" award goodbye...

    Hahaha good one. Although SpyMac was always a contender for that award.


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  • gallagb
    Sep 19, 02:42 AM
    sell um on amazon.

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  • JackAxe
    Mar 17, 05:39 PM
    Maybe I'm getting old, but there doesn't seem to be any right now. :( All of the games I find interesting are being funneled/gimped to the 360, or the promising ones have been blah in general. The only game that my PC buddies got into, which I didn't for obvious reasons, was WoW, which of course is cross platform. Now that's all some of them play. :confused:

    I haven't bought a PC game for a few years now. My PC Tower(s) are only on for a little bit of work these days.

    What type of games do you like, I can ask my friends if they've found anything good at the moment, or if WoW is still consuming their lives? I've been gaming on PCs since the eighties and prior to this drout used ot game all of the time, mostly online and via LAN parties. And MS thinks we'll pay for services that are still free...

    This is the only game (http://www.2kgames.com/bioshock/) I'm even remotely interested in playing. But I'm not hold my breath, since System Shock 2 and other games that uses a similar approach to the first one, kind of blew chuncks in comparison.


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  • Hellhammer
    May 19, 01:15 PM
    Has this actually been confirmed or is this just a rumor? Everything I hope is that they keep online multiplayer free and access to PSN Store. DOn't really care if they add a small fee to get some extra things, as I don't need them anyway

    Jan 17, 10:35 PM
    http://i851.photobucket.com/albums/ab76/unid_photo/ootcb-morphologorythm/th_201amlamptramp.jpg (http://s851.photobucket.com/albums/ab76/unid_photo/ootcb-morphologorythm/?action=view&current=201amlamptramp.jpg)

    http://i851.photobucket.com/albums/ab76/unid_photo/ootcb-morphologorythm/th_metamorph.jpg (http://s851.photobucket.com/albums/ab76/unid_photo/ootcb-morphologorythm/?action=view&current=metamorph.jpg)

    http://i851.photobucket.com/albums/ab76/unid_photo/ootcb-morphologorythm/th_cabbagepatchqueen.jpg (http://s851.photobucket.com/albums/ab76/unid_photo/ootcb-morphologorythm/?action=view&current=cabbagepatchqueen.jpg)

    Oct 16, 06:57 PM
    OK, hello all!

    I made this iMac switcher ad in After Effects, just before the 24" iMac came out. I should probably update it!

    The music is IZ-US by Aphex Twin from the Come to Daddy EP (http://phobos.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewAlbum?id=74775601&s=143444).

    Enjoy :)

    Jul 7, 09:40 PM
    Oh I would definitely advise you to switch to Earthlink. AOL is satan, I had to report them to the BBB because they refused to give me a refund when I cancelled service. Then, 3 months after I cancelled, they re-activated my account and started trying to draft money from my credit card. It was a big nightmare and my bank had to suspend AOL from charging me.

    Earthlink is great because they are simple and don't BS you all the time. The only downside is they try to send you junk mail about their services, even when you don't want it. But I don't use their email, so it's not a problem.

    Good luck!

    Feb 18, 09:00 AM
    I remember now - saw it in a documentary about So Cal homes and Steve wanting to tear this down.

    Ugly anyways and I think he did them a favor...

    Yea I agree. I don't know what the big deal is. It's really just an old house that a famousish person designed and another one lived in. Its like it was a frank lloyd wright or something.

    Oct 8, 06:10 PM


    <sarcasm>All the proof you need!</sarcasm>

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