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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

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  • starflyer
    Apr 4, 03:46 PM
    On a side note, I wonder whether Apple violates competition rules. When I remember correctly, the iPad had a considerable market share on the tablet market. One could argue that Apple abuses its market position to impose their own (unfair) conditions on publishers.

    No, they don't.

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  • onthecouchagain
    Apr 15, 11:49 PM
    Is it me or is the "Family Banner" ad insanely obnoxious? Anytime you inadvertently scroll over it, it expands and fills up the whole screen.

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  • balamw
    Apr 29, 05:09 PM



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  • Macdaddy1129
    Sep 4, 03:34 PM
    You can make the dock transparent with Mirage Dock. Works with 2D or 3D dock.

    thanks a ton. worked perfectly


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  • TantalizedMind
    Apr 4, 09:56 AM
    I hate AT&T with a passion. Yet, I'd never switch to Verizon because I'm hooked on 3Mbps + speeds. They're the crack of carriers.

    AT&T is the worst company I have ever had. We dropped them 6+ years ago for a reason. They always tried to get away with charging a little extra on the bill.. Your a bajillion dollar company and you have to scam people out of extra money? Rot in HELL!

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  • Mac Rules
    Aug 4, 05:31 PM
    :eek: Japanese Mac users get first OS X-friendly Blu-ray burner from Logitech mid-August (http://www.reghardware.co.uk/2006/08/02/logitec_mac_blu-ray_disc_burner/). Only $1148 folks. :eek: I guess somebody's gotta start somewhere. At least we know they are really almost for sale somewhere on planet Earth. :rolleyes: ;) Comes with Blu-ray version of Toast 7 Titanium.

    "Logitec also said the drive - dubbed the LBD-A2FU2/WM - will support DVD-RAM, DVD�R/RW, dual-layer DVD�R and CD-R/RW discs. The unit has both USB 2.0 and Firewire interfaces on board."

    Wonder how much these burners will cost this time next summer?

    For $1148 you can buy 4 Terabytes of Hard Drives today. That would be eighty 50GB Blu-ray discs @ $50 each would be $4,000 for the blank media to record 4 Terabytes. $1,000 per Terabyte Vs. $250 per Terabyte of HD storage. I just don't get the economics of this Blu-ray thing at all. :eek: :confused:

    OUCH!!!!!:eek: But very cool!


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  • Xenc
    Feb 21, 03:56 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_2_1 like Mac OS X; en-gb) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8C148 Safari/6533.18.5)

    You may want to explore the "margin" and "padding" properties. Margin is spacing outside the container, padding is inside.

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  • snberk103
    Nov 24, 09:30 AM
    Yes, it's a loss leader item.
    "It's obviously irritating to Apple that they're getting used this way," says PJC's Gene Munster. ...

    Actually, it probably helps Apple in the big picture. Eighty people get a fantastic deal - and they know it's a special deal, so the real value of the iPad is reinforced. And a whole lot of people, who missed out on the deal, have reinforced the perception that the iPad is not a commodity, and that Apple's msrp is 'true' price. And further, those people who missed out have now 'decided' that they want an iPad, and a fair number will go and buy one at full price. Apple wins in this case. Sold 80 units to TJ's at full price, and TJ's pays to fuel iPad frenzy in their customers. Laughing to the bank.


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  • lmalave
    Nov 20, 02:56 PM
    Sweet. But, there's more to just piggybacking on your mac's airport connection to make calls. I think more has to be done to make this networking possible.

    There are already wi-fi enabled phones that can make Skype calls if you have a wi-fi connection. This is nothing new or groundbreaking.

    Well this certainly beats that ipod integration nonsense. MP3 player phones are a dime a dozen, I'd rather see great communication device that take how the user communicates to the next level, not just stuff a music player in it.

    MP3 player phones are a dime a dozen and also *hugely* popular. Look at how well the LG Chocolate is doing with their craptacular phone. The iPhone *must* have iPod integration to be a success, IMO. At minimum it must have seamless iPod integration and a decent-to-good phone experience. Everything else is gravy.

    Many manufacturers already do this with their unlocked phones - but they just store the settings on the phones (no need to connect to a computer).
    Manufacturers selling unlocked phones is common elsewhere and is now already beginning in the States.
    This won't fly - usage is terrible and would make dialing slower than it currently is. And texting would truly suck.

    In fact, Sony launched their w800i phone unlocked in the U.S. (was only availalbe from the Sony Style store). The thing is, at $500 it was extremely cost-prohibitive and definitely aimed at technology early adopters. I'm sorry, but phones are just too darn expensive at full retail price. Apple *needs* the subsidy for signing a new contract. That's the only thing that will make the price competitive for the mass market. I expect Apple will partner with T-Mobile and/or Cingular, and that the phone will be available for no more than $300 with new contract (and even that is expensive by today's standards).

    Do you mean latency? evdo gives up to 3mbps in urban areas. That should be plenty.

    EV-DO is not available on GSM networks in the US. As far as I know the GSM providers (basically T-Mobile and Cingular) are using HSDPA for their 3G network. And everything I've heard about it has been good. The early reports on the Cingular 3G network are that it's quite zippy and handles streaming video just fine...

    I also like the idea of using the click wheel to make a retro style digital-rotary phone. However, I doubt Apple would just display the numbers on the screen and not on the unit. So when in dial mode, you would spin the click wheel and the numbers, displayed on the display in a circle, would highlight the number that you were on and then click the center button on the click wheel to select. If you wanted to get really old school, you could have the rotary sounds come through the headphones. Or course you would still be able to dial by your address book or search through a downloaded version of the white or yellow pages (which would naturally sync into your phone whenever you charge it at home, via blue tooth or direct connection to your computer).

    Text messaging is extremely popular and I just don't see Apple crippling text messaging on the iPhone. Can you see inputting a 120-character text message on a "rotary-style" interface? Yeah, I can't either. Any kind of rotary interface on the iPhone is a non-starter idea, IMO.

    P.S. The title of this thread is: "iChat Phone from Apple?". Kind of implies that there must be as simple, fast way to input text, right? I'm thinking a full qwerty keyboard is a definite possibility...

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  • MattMJB0188
    Oct 1, 10:24 AM


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  • kicko
    Apr 19, 01:16 PM
    try seesmic

    also a brand new tweetdeck has been promised to be ready soon.

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  • bengalaxy
    Dec 20, 06:34 PM

    I'm wondering how I can go about setting up my Mac so that I can share my family photos, but only to users on my home network. I'm often out on the road and use public wi-fi, as well as a work network, and I don't want anybody else to have access to these files.

    Can anyone help me out?


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  • chris975d
    Feb 11, 09:51 AM
    This will not make you forfeit any rollover minutes. This is used like a data plan... You should have no change to your bill as far as price unless you drop your plan. It requires you to have unlimited text on individual or family rate plans. Same price you paid before as well as unlimited calling/messaging to any mobile...

    Last time I did any rate plan change, the info you gave is correct. You only lose your accumulated rollover minutes if you change your voice plan down in monthly minutes (i.e., going from a Nation 700 plan down to a 450 minute plan). They have it this way so that people can't pay for a couple of months of a high minute plan and not use the minutes, roll them over (bank them), then downgrade to a much lower minute plan for the remainder of the year and live off of the rollover minutes they banked when on the higher limit plan. My understanding is that when you change voice plans, but the monthly minute allowances are the same (ex. a 450 plan to this new 450 plan, or 700 to 700), you shouldn't lose accumulated rollover minutes.

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  • z4n3
    Nov 13, 10:55 AM
    Most of the comments here I feel are due to the old saying!


    I know allot of people that do amazing stuff with FCP, Motion & Shake (myself included) :p


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  • kiljoy616
    Apr 27, 05:46 PM
    your mind is a place i wouldn't want to inhabit. your thought process is sad. i feel sorry for you.

    What are you babbling about?

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  • cube
    Aug 21, 04:02 PM
    I am thinking Cort G-260 OPN


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  • chrismacguy
    Apr 20, 07:38 AM
    ok, still waiting on graphics card. Wiring is neater now.

    But I'm still having an issue with running video feeds from the internet. The MDD is ethernet wired rather than airport. Its really choppy with maybe 2 or 3 frames per second but perfect sound.

    Could this be the video card? I've got 2Gb of ram now so that sorts that end of things. Will the ATi 9700 128mb DDR solve the issue?

    Sounds to me like the graphics. I get the same symptoms on my MDD with 32/64MB VRAM and at 128 they went away.

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  • BornToMac
    Dec 1, 08:05 AM

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  • PCMacUser
    Feb 23, 04:03 PM
    Hi Guys and Girls,

    Just thought I'd mention that the highly respected PC website "Tom's Hardware Guide" has just posted an absolutely GLOWING review of the Mac Mini on its website today...


    Sep 1, 04:43 PM

    Oh wow your's is amazing. Any chance of the original?

    Anywhere here is mine! (It isn't interesting as I saw someone else with the same one last week haha!)


    Jul 6, 05:04 PM
    It wouldn't be so bad being the only one if you get there at 8am. If you are by yourself from 3am to 8am .....

    Apr 9, 02:50 PM
    dont bother with Tempest, I d/l'd for ipad 2 and the graphics are horrible. very dissapointing.

    There are 2 versions: the console version and the arcade machine version.
    The console one is terrible.

    Old Tony
    Apr 28, 03:37 AM
    Cheap asian bootleg, I'd say...

    Oct 9, 03:31 PM
    No original themes...I was worried about this, however...I'm actually surprised :cool: I'm diggin it the way it is :D

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