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Friday, June 3, 2011

zoe kazan wiki. (Zoe Kazan and Paul Da)
  • (Zoe Kazan and Paul Da)

  • Satoneko
    Sep 14, 06:59 PM
    A dragon fly larva.

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  • clare grant wiki. christopher

  • simsaladimbamba
    May 2, 03:52 PM
    www.keepvid.com or ClickToFlash (though Flash may be needed) does allow downloading YT videos.

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  • clare grant wiki. by Day

  • PeterKG
    Dec 20, 08:27 PM

    I destroyed the case on my previous PB trying to swap the drive. It was awful, and you are so correct the PBFixit, does such a poor job in explaining this part. Thans for the tip!

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  • SailorTom
    Mar 15, 11:40 PM
    I suggest you re-factor your html. Move the aside below the section in the html. Float the section to the left with a specified width e.g 70%. The remove the clear from the aside and it should then slot into place with height maxed out.

    I'd expect setting height: 100% would work with this method too, but it didn't for me in the little play I had.

    Anyway it seems the main problem you have at the moment is that the section is limiting the height of the aside


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  • where the truth lies wiki

  • pdxflint
    Mar 19, 03:58 AM
    I'm using LR3 on a SR Macbook Pro 2.2 with 4GB RAM (2007 version,) and it is really very acceptable. I am processing files from my D300, so they're a bit smaller than yours, and I can't compare my experience to your Macbook, but you should have no problem running LR on any newer Macbook Pro, probably even the Air, as long as you have enough RAM. The issue for me would be screen size, and the 15.4" screen seems just about right for laptop use where it doesn't seem too crowded. The one thing that seems to take a bit of processing power is when importing images, even just adding them to the library without copying them, because LR renders thumbnails of each image. This seems to put a bit of a load on processing if there are a few hundred of them. Another thing that can eat processor cycles is exporting slideshows w/music into video... but that's probably not exclusively a LR issue.

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  • zoe kazan photos michael

  • iMattcotv
    Apr 2, 11:56 PM
    Im going to a party this weekend, and I will be bringing my cell (I usually dont because I get drunk)

    I want to plan ahead incase this happens, what will happen if some idiot steals it?

    Do I call Rogers up (my carrier) and tell them? Will they charge me something and give me a replacement phone?


    zoe kazan wiki. zoe kazan photos michael
  • zoe kazan photos michael

  • Stella
    Mar 24, 08:33 PM
    Whats the different between these drivers and the latest and greatest that are available on the Canon website?

    zoe kazan wiki. Paul Dano, Zoe Kazan
  • Paul Dano, Zoe Kazan

  • -aggie-
    May 3, 05:27 PM
    For what it is worth, I have to say I have always gone with crucial and had no issues

    I second this. Crucial just works.


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  • lue waffles disease wiki. lue

  • angelneo
    Dec 4, 07:46 PM
    I thought about doing that, but using libraries would require me to upload all pages affected every time I update the library functions, correct? If that's the case I was hoping for something less time intensive, due to there being many pages. Thanks for the suggestion though.
    Not sure if I am going too far. If your web server supports php, as most do, try including this.

    <?php require_once('menu.html'); ?>
    where menu.html is the file which your menu is located.

    If you are unfamiliar with php or programming, start off with a blank page to test it out. Then proceed to put that code in different parts of the page to see how it comes out.

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  • charlene wittstock wiki.

  • macmanlex
    Jul 9, 12:07 AM
    I will be taking the family to the Oxmoor Mall Apple store. Wonder if there will be a line? Hope to see some other Mac zealots there.


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  • Gallery | christopher walken

  • wjlafrance
    Jun 18, 02:34 AM
    Awesome. I know two developers (actually, the iPhone teachers at my college) who went, but were interested in multiple sessions running at the same time. This made their day.

    Looks like Apple made it clear to me what size iPad they want me to buy. :)

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  • hair pinned to side. with less

  • StealthRider
    Apr 29, 04:28 PM
    It probably fried the power button, then.


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  • Quest for wikipedia article

  • 2contagious
    Sep 2, 04:02 PM
    damn I want that poster. :eek:

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  • imdb middot; wiki

  • BigBeast
    Apr 23, 07:56 PM
    Just check Apple's site here: https://selfsolve.apple.com/agreementWarrantyDynamic.do

    This will tell you the status of your AC. If it's not correct, call Apple and tell the your sitch.


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  • Back of Zoe Kazan signing autographs

  • iManny
    Jun 23, 05:29 PM
    For the people planning on showing up at 2 am or 5 am or any time before 7 pretty much... is it because you don't have a reservations, or because you need to get your phone before work at 9? Or is it for any other reason? Do you not believe it will be possible to get a phone if you show up at say 7 or 8 am?

    If I have a reservation and I show up at 8 am, do you think there will be a phone for me? Personally showing up at 8 am and waiting 3 hours would be much more pleasant than showing up at 4 am and waiting 3 hours and getting the first phone at 7.

    Is it just because people need to have their phone at 7 am that they camp out, or because they are worried they will not otherwise get one?

    I have a reservation but im doing it more for the fun of staying up, meeting a few new people and having the phone early so i can play with it all day and not worry :D

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  • lue waffles disease wiki. lue

  • uknick
    Mar 25, 12:41 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3 like Mac OS X; en-gb) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8F190 Safari/6533.18.5)

    Don't know about you guys but I have decided to order my new iPad online this morning at 5am and then take my chances at the store today. When I places my order it said 2-3 weeks which is a bit scary!! I went for the 32gb 3G in black with the grey smart cover (yes I know I'm boring) let me know whether you have taken the same route and also whether you hear from Apple on shipping. I will hopfully be heading out to Covent Garden this afternoon to try to get my hands on one.... ATB Nick


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  • zoe wilson

  • LoganT
    Feb 21, 11:26 PM
    It's here http://forums.macrumors.com/forumdisplay.php?f=132

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  • Die Schauspielerin Zoe Kazan,

  • Uln4321
    Mar 8, 10:27 PM

    zoe kazan wiki. Choppa Zoe Freestyle In NYC
  • Choppa Zoe Freestyle In NYC

  • GGJstudios
    Feb 15, 05:16 PM
    A faster way is to use multiquote, then erase the first /quote, and paste (or retype it) after the second /quote.
    As you can see, that doesn't work well, as it makes it look like the wrong person did the quoting.

    Or cutting and pasting the second quote= to the start of the reply ...
    Which is what I said:
    ... use the multi-quote button (http://images.macrumors.com/vb/images/buttons/multiquote_off.gif) to get both quotes in your reply, then cut and paste the original post into the post that quoted it.

    Jun 23, 04:57 PM
    This will help me so much with questions.

    Apr 27, 04:04 AM
    Hi everyone,

    I searched the forums for similar issues and I found some hints but they didn't really work so I'm coming to you for additional advice. Thanks in advance.

    I'm in a bit of a panic mode but I'll try to keep my cool :)

    I have a 2008 MBP (Alu one), shipped with 10.5 and upgraded to 10.6. Never had a single problem until yesterday. I ran the 10.6.7 update, together with a security fix and a Java update, all through the software updater program. Everything installs ok, the system asks me to reboot to finalize, I comply...but then it happened.

    The system is stuck at the Apple Logo/Spinning wheel thing. Just hung there for more than 30 minutes before I decided to force-shut it down and restarted it. Same thing. I did a PRAM/SMC reset, no success, and the system will not boot in Safe Mode. There is no weird chime/tone at startup, just the regular one.

    What you should know:

    -I can boot on my Windows 7 bootcamp partition with no problem, everything works fine (which is good cause I can save my files from there).
    -I started in Verbose Mode and the system didn't go further than "airport rsn handshake complete on en1"
    -I started in Single User mode and the system didn't go further than "Link Down on en1. Reason 8 (Disassociated because station leaving)."
    -I don't have access to another Mac so I can try and boot/repair from there

    Possible solutions:

    -I didn't perform a "Safe Single User mode" start, but I don't think it's gonna do anything at this stage.
    -The Repair Disk (in disk utility, booting from the install DVD) and/or format are the only things to do?

    IMPORTANT note: I lost my SL Install DVD when I moved from the UK to Cyprus, but I still have my 10.5 Install DVD that came with the computer. I assume I cannot do anything with that, since I upgraded to SL, right? Would it be ok if I purchased another retail copy of SL, or does it have to be the EXACT SAME disc in order to perform a disk repair/OS format? In that case I'm basically screwed, aren't I?

    Thanks a lot for your insights :)

    Apr 10, 04:34 PM
    absolutley brilliant, I too tring to make some kind of transition to film/animation based media from print, this is great

    Apr 20, 08:41 PM
    I use a Apple Magic Mouse.. which is a laser mouse, and works fantastically (as youd expect) with Mac OS X.

    I can approve. But you should try it first, as you might not like touch mice (some people are too used to normal mice and, yeah..)

    Nov 18, 10:19 PM
    ppc, intel, xscale, vax, big endian.... hell, i don't care! load it on anything that will still turn on! we are getting killed, and seeing the daily output line FINALLY start to trend up is a wonderful thing!!!

    Speaking of which i installed it on 5 windows machines at the begging of september and i checked them yesterday they are still doing the first WU they are at 0% yet they are working at %100 CPU. Any ideas? its like that on all of them.

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