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Thursday, July 28, 2011

adam g. sevani photos. Photos for Adam G. Sevani
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  • Reach9
    May 5, 05:00 PM
    You waited this long? Then i'd suggest you wait a bit more. The next iPhone will have a Dual Core processor and that itself makes it much faster than the iPhone 4.
    At least wait until WWDC in June and then make your decision. But there's no harm in waiting. Unless you need it.

    adam g. sevani photos. Via: Adam G. Sevani
  • Via: Adam G. Sevani

  • coolant113
    Jan 17, 04:05 PM
    freebies are always a good thing:apple::apple:

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  • adam gary sevani

  • Anthony8720
    Dec 20, 06:34 PM
    What the heck is going on here? I was just using my laptop and noticed a strange smell. I then put my nose near the keyboard and realized that it was a burning smell coming from below the keyboard. I think I may have read a thread on this somewhere else but I cant remember what causes it. Is this normal for macs? Or should I get this thing serviced?

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  • ChrisK018
    Apr 9, 10:58 AM
    ^ I just hope some more AAA games come out for it. I am nearing the end of Zelda...


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  • Adam G. Sevani

  • sidgriffey
    Mar 16, 04:13 PM
    Is that done just by going to accounts, unlocking the lock, right clicking the name and selecting the home folder -- and I presume just making sure it's the same folder that is selected for SL?

    Also, given my setup (SSD booting and running SL with my apps) what is the best way to install Lion? I have the dmg. file, so what would I do to make sure I don't wipe out my SSD situation?

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  • In this photo: Adam G. Sevani

  • florencevassy
    Sep 27, 08:06 AM
    What is a good app for a newbie to create a webpage? I want something simple and easy, free would be a plus. I also have a simple knowledge of html.

    After a lot of deciding, I bought and am now using Dreamweaver. It isn't free though. If you qualify for a student/faculty discount it is $99. I am using the book Dreamweaver MX 2004: the Missing Manual (http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/0596006314/qid=1127826156/sr=8-1/ref=pd_bbs_1/002-6951142-5757641?v=glance&s=books&n=507846)
    which is helping me a lot. I love the tutorials which you can download from the books website.

    I know I haven't given you any thrifty suggestions but I am pretty happy with Dreamweaver and that book. Good luck!


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  • biohazard6969
    Dec 8, 02:41 PM
    but as stated in my previous thread, if it was a 400mhz p-book, I would. But it isn't. :(

    yes i realize that, but i'm just wondering if your interested in maybe anything else to cut the cost a bit.

    early in the new year i could pay cash if u still have the PC then i'll contact you

    adam g. sevani photos. Adam G. Sevani
  • Adam G. Sevani

  • pvbwerjr
    May 5, 10:49 PM
    Hey everyone, I am looking for computing suggestions for college.


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  • Abstract
    Sep 9, 05:57 AM
    What is the most inappropriate musician or band that Apple could put on stage at a future keynote? What about an inappropriate song? Its not like Kanye singing "Gold Digger" fit the mood, but hey, there may have been some rap fans there, right?

    *sound of crickets*

    Anyway, should Apple stick to "safe" people like John Mayer?

    I wouldn't be surprised if Steve put Black Eyed Peas up on stage one time. They're Apple guys, and Steve guys. And they could play "My Humps" on stage. Oh yes, "my humps, my humps, my humps.......my lovely little lumps." :p

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  • mk_in_mke
    Sep 16, 02:30 PM
    They are the same in performance. For the same number of gigs, the porsche has a better price, a better design... This is of importance keeping in mind the fact that many users have the HD close to them... Chances are the classic LaCie will fall lore often because of his vertical design

    Go with the porsche...


    By the way: I have both of them and I regret the purchase of the 250 LaCie... Though the Porsche has been designed for LaCie


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  • yaddam205
    Mar 11, 11:30 PM
    I also got what I wanted; 32gb White on Verizon.
    I was about 80 something in line and was out of the store by 5:55. I'm impressed who quickly the sales were handled.

    Love my 1st iPad and the smart cover is sweet!

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  • mOoSe - Adam G Sevani

  • Mobius 1
    May 3, 12:46 PM
    plz brands. going to order tomorrow from my friend.

    4GB (2x2GB) 1333MHz

    MacBook 13" 2008 Unibody. 2.0 GHz C2D. Mac OS X 10.6.7. 160GB Stock 5400RPM.

    will be very appreciated (+ virtual cookie)

    have heard of crucial and OWC... is it good?
    and the ridiculously expensive Corsair RAM


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  • Adam G Sevani Young Hollywood

  • n2arkitektur
    Apr 5, 03:40 PM
    I logged into my account to verify an iTunes store purchase (why you have to confirm a purchase of a free app I will never understand) where I found someone else's account information. It's my Apple ID and email, but it is their name, address, phone, nickname, and credit card number. Has any ever seen this before? Has there been recent news about Apple's servers being compromised? Does this mean someone else is looking at my information? There's no way I will be reentering the correct information until Apple can convince me my account is secure.

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  • Strictly Adam G. Sevani,

  • ChrisK018
    Apr 9, 10:58 AM
    ^ I just hope some more AAA games come out for it. I am nearing the end of Zelda...


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  • Adam G. Sevani , Briana Evigan

  • Macsavvytech
    May 4, 02:22 AM
    Simple question...

    on the '11 models... would bootcamp be good on a 13'' (either model)? and how much of a difference would there be in a 15'' (low end)?

    Thank you :)

    Bootcamp isn't virtualisation, aslong as the drivers are good it should be the same/very similiar to a equal spec PC.

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  • Adam G. Sevani

  • clayj
    Mar 20, 09:09 PM
    Here's a similar project (http://www.clayj.com/html/BRVAIOBoy.htm) (although the description is not quite as detailed) on a Sony notebook, in case anyone wants to compare results.



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  • dynamitee
    Apr 21, 11:51 PM
    Hey, if you really want to get rid of inactive memory, type "purge" in the terminal.


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  • Adam G. Sevani Photos

  • Darth.Titan
    Feb 15, 09:26 AM

    adam g. sevani photos. (L-R) Adam Sevani, Keith
  • (L-R) Adam Sevani, Keith

  • scem0
    Oct 27, 12:14 PM
    anything but that monitor. I think that would be a baaaaaaaaaaad move for apple. Unless they could manage to have it be really inexpensive, nobody will buy it. Sure, it is a huge monitor, but is it affordable to the average consumer (probably not :rolleyes: ).

    Nov 9, 09:48 PM
    edesignuk - I like the bookmark that is labled 'General Piracy'. :D

    May 5, 07:27 PM
    I have a 2011 MacBook pro 15 inch and the iPad 1.... I use the iPad mostly for reading books and listening to podcast, and MBP for everything else. You can't beat the iPad for portable reading. I think you should keep them both. :D

    Mar 10, 06:43 AM
    Gotcha. So I think the best way to handle this would be to use Apache to handle all requests for both servers, and set up a ReverseProxy to handle traffic that should go to the Ruby server.

    Check this site out: http://httpd.apache.org/docs/2.0/vhosts/examples.html

    And this site for ReverseProxy: http://www.ehow.com/how_6108865_configure-apache-reverse-proxy.html

    So, your config file in Apache should similar to this (be sure to enable the proxy module):


    # This is the "main" server running on
    ServerName server.domain.com
    DocumentRoot /www/mainserver

    # This is the other address - the one handling requests for Ruby


    # Other directives here ...
    ProxyRequests off
    ProxyPass / http://localhost:8080
    ProxyPassReverse / http://localhost:8080


    Then obviously you need to ensure your DNS server is set so the domain names are pointing to ther right IP addresses.

    You could also filter out on the ServerName in apache to determine which server handles your traffic...or do both to be consistent.

    May 3, 08:49 PM
    It is a bad situation. When he didnt want to do paypal or ebay etc you should have immediately moved on. On another forum we call that deal too good to be true...because it aint.

    Also from where i am sitting that price isnt good either but i guess it isnt converted to us currency? Prices are way down now that the white phone is here.

    Apr 3, 03:41 PM

    Best serial and terminal emulator available on the Mac. This was my one holdout from the PC world for the longest time

    I just found a student pricing form buried on the site for a $20 educational license here (http://www.vandyke.com/pricing/educational/applications/student.html). Will hatve to shoo them an email.

    Thanks for all the replies, Guess I just need to create a basic template with ssh access enabled and a dhcp pool to enable direct ssh access. I'll have to try cu now that I have my new mac. thanks for the tip Andrew

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