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Monday, July 25, 2011

brunette hair with chunky highlights. blonde hair highlights 2011.
  • blonde hair highlights 2011.

  • sconnor99
    Nov 14, 04:49 AM
    Mac Pros are profitable for Apple so are Pro Apps, they have no reason to drop them. I've worked on PPro CS5 and it's very good, but it also has issues.

    I cut on FCP almost every day, all in HD and lots of formats and it still works very well and more importantly it's been reliable.

    Avid is and has always been a very powerful tool, it's rock solid media management mean it's the no1 choice for movies and large TV shows, neither FCP or Premiere can compete with it on that level.

    I'm looking forward to seeing what the new FCP offers.

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  • author: Hair Styles category:

  • the8th
    Apr 30, 04:37 AM
    Hey guys,

    I've been searching around a few forums including this one but can't seem to find the exact information i require.

    I currently have a 16bg 3gs with iOS 3.1.3 and the baseband version 05.12.01 that I jailbroke using Spirit.

    I was wondering whether was any way I could update the OS to 4.1x or higher without losing the jailbrake? If so, how can I go about it? I unfortunately purchased a copy of Infinity Blade before realizing that it required 3.2.

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  • Pwned
    Jul 7, 02:00 PM
    Since those of us who are currently Iphoneless AT&T customers we have to go to AT&T stores and was wondering if anyone is interested in camping out at the colesville road store next to trader joes? I just talked to the store and they said they have no idea how many they will get in and they expect big lines.:apple:

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  • chunky highlights before

  • Apple OC
    Dec 5, 09:01 AM
    cool! you should add light though.

    yes that would be cool :cool:


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  • brown hair, runette hair,

  • Radex
    Apr 28, 10:25 PM
    Samsung makes good cellphones. All the cellphones I've owned in my life have been Samsung ones :D

    I own a Samsung Mythic, and I suffer lag input problems :\. $100 with contract at the time I bought it and my brother's Samsung Impression which is $75 with contract is faster than mine. A simple OTA update could have easily fixed this lag problem.

    Undoubtedly though Samsung makes great TVs.

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  • Sopranino
    Sep 27, 10:04 AM
    I've been a very satisfied customer of .Mac since its inception. I receive zero spam e-mails and I am delighted with the ability to create aliases. On top of that there is no advertising at all. I also have a couple of other web-mail accounts and they get zillions of spam messages even with their respective anti-spam filters turned on. I think that this update adds a little bit more polish on an already decent offering. I do agree with a previous poster that the iCal integration needs some work.



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  • jrko
    Apr 5, 07:16 AM
    Just ordered 3x molex to twin sata power leads.

    once they get here i'll fire her up and post some pix

    Does anyone know about replacing the dvd caddy with a hard drive rack? Its deep enough because there is a rack underneath - i figure 4 more drives on their side would go in.

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  • hugemullens
    Jul 3, 11:29 PM
    I do some computer work at our library and they had the HDD with the catalog die (and didnt back up of course). They went to Lazurus??? , anyways they got back a whole new Hard Drive with everything restored. Took 2 weeks i think but they did a really great job. I didnt see the bill but somebody said it was $500 for the new drive and recovery.


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  • wordoflife
    Apr 2, 07:40 PM
    That is awesome.

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  • Do 6-Year-Olds Need Chunky

  • puckhead193
    Mar 6, 10:30 PM
    Also second, Adium X (http://adiumx.com/), which is so much better than Adium was... best multi protocol IM software I've found so far...

    Whats the difference between adium and adium X... :confused:


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  • dethmaShine
    May 1, 08:09 AM

    Image (http://i.imgur.com/gcjyQ.png)

    My preview in PathFinder shows the text but is still jumbled up. How did you show the converted binary file there?

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  • roadbloc
    Dec 1, 04:41 PM
    http://img32.imageshack.us/img32/9925/screenshot20101201at506.png (http://img32.imageshack.us/i/screenshot20101201at506.png/)
    Dunno if you noticed mate, but you have 60 unread mail.


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  • Silas1066
    Dec 27, 07:06 AM
    Microsoft is rock solid?

    Let's see, as a 15 year IT worker who has supported many MS environments, I have been yanked out of bed at 2am 3 times because "new" viruses that the Anti-Virus software didn't even know about, had brought down hundreds of machines on the network, and had even brought down routers and switches.

    I think the $100,000 we might spend on IPS/IDS blades for all the core switches to analyze the traffic coming from Windows machines might be better spent if we just put Macs in the network and maybe stick a free Snort box in there as an after thought.

    Companies spend millions just keeping their Windows machines in line -thank about it. MS has never been serious about security.

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  • tinman0
    Apr 29, 04:23 AM
    Yeah not going to hurt samgsung on bit.

    Apple needs Samsung more than Samsung needs Apple.
    Reason being is the parts Samsung is supply there is already a shortage of them on the market. Apple drops them all Samsung does is go to the next guy and more than likely for more money.

    Apple on the other hand will struggle to find a new supplier.

    Don't be daft, Samsung are the suppliers because they gave the best price.

    Samsung will also be locked into supply contracts anyway, and they interfered with them, Samsung would be in a world of hurt, not just from Apple and litigation, but every other company they supply.

    And don't you believe there aren't alternatives for Apples component supplies either - every company that can build something that Samsung already does has been on the phone this week to Apple.

    The end result in all of this is that Samsung are putting at risk an $8bn turnover for copying a customers phone design.

    Even if Samsung win any of these suits, Samsung will lose the $8bn turnover, and will hand their component rivals the same amount.

    The question at the end of the day is whether the Galaxy/Tab/S/S2 are really worth $8bn a year - which they aren't.

    So who loses? Samsung every time.

    Heres the clue - never sue your customer.


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  • Desired Hair color

  • vader_slri
    Mar 31, 12:27 PM
    The Gorillaz love to experiment and Damon Albarn mentioned himself that he loves to challenge himself whist creating his works. In other words, this will not be a continuing trend. I doubt very much will other artists will follow suit.

    That said: touche. I can't believe I missed that. I think I need to strike out the word impossible and put impractical.

    I fully agree that this won't be a mainstream endeavour. I just had to object to the "Impossible" claim. ;)

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  • notjustjay
    Apr 8, 09:55 AM
    Overpriced. These games are ancient and most of them don't offer much gameplay at all. Plus it cost atari essentially nothing to put this app out. If they made it $0.99 for the hundred pack then it'd be no-brainer, we'd buy it just for the nostalgia alone. I could conceivably see paying up to $4.99 for the hundred pack for the very small handful of games that are actually worth playing. But $14.99 for these junky games? No way.

    p.s., I'm not saying all old games are bad, quite the contrary, there are a lot of fantastic old games that still hold up well, but the atari era of games were especially crappy.

    So buy the packs you want for 99 cents each. I bought 3 or 4 packs total, and that's all the games that I really played/remember, so I'm quite happy with that. I'm not planning on spending the full $15.


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  • soapage
    Apr 28, 04:53 PM
    Can I set a rule on the Microsoft Outlook that will allow me to click Send on the email but have it go to the outbox until I hit the Send And Receive Button. I know you can easily do it on the PC version

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  • KiraDouji
    May 3, 01:41 AM
    The question asked of heterosexuals =/= asked gay and bisexual men. The risk factor for straight people is risky sex, the risk factor asked for gay men is not risky sex, but sex at all - even once. Its not the same thing. If there was no bigotry behind the question it would be raised this way to all, no matter what orientation "have you had unprotected sex with more than one partner in the last 5 years, if yes have you been tested for HIV?"

    This. About ten million times. :apple:

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  • The chunky bands of hair lie

  • Slucko
    Jun 18, 06:11 PM
    I would be there but since I am going to school in florida that's not an option.

    Apr 13, 09:43 AM
    I love my iphone 4 and I don't plan on upgrading til 2012 but I disagree there is no need for a new iphone.

    I think Apple still needs to make sure they keep up. And honestly, I would say the iphone needs a faster processor (I hear the 3GS is faster due to not having as high resolution) and better graphics/more ram and more storage (but honestly that will always be the case really, it's how computer tech runs, always needing to be faster).

    Course, I've gotten a lot more into gaming on my phone ;). But I have had several apps (admittedly mostly games) that do have random freeze for a second which to me is kinda unimpressive since it is the latest phone (it's not that annoying, but just unimpressive and worrysome how it will keep up with apps when it ages if it already is experiencing some lag now).

    No, I don't really have any want of new things on it (except for the excitement of what will they add now) and I'm perfectly happy with the GPS/camera (The two things i wanted improved on my 3G).

    But if nothing else, Apple needs to at least put out a new iphone each year to keep up with speed and new applications that need more speed (and really even though I'm happy with the camera people expect the camera technology to improve on each phone). That's the nature of technology.

    (besides, even though I don't plan on getting one I'm just plain curious what the new iphone will improve on or add. Particularly since that means it will probably something I will have to look forward to in 2012 when it's time for me to upgrade as it seems apple usually tends to include the tech, if not improved versions, they put in the older phones in the new ones).

    Apr 21, 01:01 PM
    Do they have any affect on the user when someone upvotes/downvotes (http://i.imgur.com/SCXtK.gif) a post such as reputation points?

    Dec 14, 05:40 PM
    I like it! Goodbye PowerPC, hello Intel! :D

    May 6, 11:20 AM
    LOL, so it's both ok either way and wrong either way? No offense but I think you've reduced your position to one that doesn't really mean anything

    No offence but I think your failing to see the disconnect between my personal position and my historical/political observations.

    Mar 2, 05:30 PM
    Social Security was originally designed to care for those who lived beyond average life expectancy, which was under 65 at the time. It's logical to raise the age to start taking benefits by a few years. Encouraging smoking and fast food is probably not the best choice.

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