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caroline kennedy kids

Thursday, July 28, 2011

caroline kennedy kids. ow obliging of Ted Kennedy to
  • ow obliging of Ted Kennedy to

  • Chimera
    Oct 19, 05:11 PM
    Wow if the real fullscreen iPod doesn't look like that then i'll be dissappointed!

    caroline kennedy kids. Caroline Kennedy speaks at a
  • Caroline Kennedy speaks at a

  • iJohnHenry
    Apr 9, 07:48 PM
    We did something like this one (http://www.trafalgar.com/european-heritage-2011) back in 1990, although it has changed somewhat. It was great, except for the up-at-the-crack-of-dawn, get breakfast, and on-the-bus shite.

    Still, all those countries in 28 days is not easy.

    caroline kennedy kids. 04/06/2011 - Caroline Kennedy
  • 04/06/2011 - Caroline Kennedy

  • illicium
    Mar 13, 10:40 PM
    Safari 5.1 on Lion for me is, without exaggeration, 4 times faster loading pages than 5.0.3 on SL. It's insanely fast loading anything from HTML5 to Flash content.

    It's not just snappier, it's in a different realm.

    caroline kennedy kids. Caroline Kennedy addresses the
  • Caroline Kennedy addresses the

  • Doctor Q
    Nov 3, 04:16 AM
    Now that we've upgraded the forum software (see announcement), we have the ability to define thread prefixes, which appear in front of a thread name in the forum display, or at the top of the page in a thread display.

    Prefixes help classify threads within a forum. Unlike tags, they are selected from a pre-defined list.

    Here's how thread prefixes work:


    caroline kennedy kids. Caroline Kennedy speaks during an interview, Friday, Dec. 26, 2008 in New. photo: AP / Stephen Chernin. Caroline Kennedy speaks during an interview, Friday,
  • Caroline Kennedy speaks during an interview, Friday, Dec. 26, 2008 in New. photo: AP / Stephen Chernin. Caroline Kennedy speaks during an interview, Friday,

  • ColoJohnBoy
    Sep 20, 02:11 AM
    France too, looks like Europe is going down. They're dropping like flies people!!!!
    Well crap. Is Hitler back from the dead or something?


    Bad joke. I'm tired. Night-night.

    caroline kennedy kids. caroline kennedy wedding
  • caroline kennedy wedding

  • jaw04005
    Nov 7, 05:24 PM
    Eager to hear some first hand reviews of the new Kinect. I'm still on the fence.


    caroline kennedy kids. with Caroline Kennedy,
  • with Caroline Kennedy,

  • wayne091189
    Oct 17, 11:50 AM

    caroline kennedy kids. 1998: Caroline Kennedy
  • 1998: Caroline Kennedy

  • SAdProZ
    Jan 18, 02:59 PM
    I too have been thinking (over the xmas break) about providing stock photos and graphics for some side $$$. Wondering if anyone here can provide tips or share experiences with iStockphoto.com or any other stock sites.


    caroline kennedy kids. Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg
  • Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg

  • Mike Teezie
    Nov 22, 01:01 PM
    It's the same problem I was having with .jpgs in Safari/Photoshop. Firefox and IE display the colors as intended:

    I never figured out how to solve it - I just used gifs in place of the jpgs.





    caroline kennedy kids. jr and caroline kennedy
  • jr and caroline kennedy

  • maya
    Sep 23, 10:34 AM
    With global warming and not enough action to rectify it. It's only going to get worse. :eek:

    People only think of themselves, what about mother nature. Very little if any thing is done for her, she has to fight back somehow. :rolleyes:


    caroline kennedy kids. Caroline Kennedy Walks Her Dog
  • Caroline Kennedy Walks Her Dog

  • Macsavvytech
    Apr 18, 02:54 AM
    I drilled a hole for the reset/power button but havnt tried that.

    I have a dremel and my case is cracking anyways LOL so I will try it.

    Also if yall have trouble with software update I figured out how to get latest Firmware installed. I been meaning to post my success and just getting around to it hope it helps.

    Install cydelete to get the older version un-installed from the icon. This helps if you have the Cydia glitch that wont allow you to scroll to "y" section or load the yosion source in Cydia.

    After install cydelete and then hold on the icons for phone/mms delete them just like you would for a normal non cydia icon app make sure you respring.

    1) make sure openssh and ifile are installed respring if need install then step2.

    2) on your PC, download WinSCP (windows) here

    you can also use Cyberduck (windows/mac) i used winscp
    3) connect your ipod touch to your computer. if itunes automatically loads, close that down.

    4) start WinSCP.
    use the following details to log in to WinSCP
    server: Your_IP_address
    I used the ip listed under wifi settings.

    caroline kennedy kids. Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg
  • Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg

  • maturola
    Mar 14, 12:39 PM
    Jailbreak tools don't help restore to earlier firmware. It's more the other way around -- people save SHSHs in case a jailbreak method requires a downgrade to earlier firmware. If you didn't save the SHSH, there's no way to downgrade, now or ever.

    Thank for telling me how the Jailbreaks tools works :rolleyes:

    I didn't mean to say that new tool will allow him to downgrade without SHSHs, I meant to say that he is stuck until the new tool is release that can Jailbreak 4.3 and he can get all his stuff back. ;)


    caroline kennedy kids. New Kennedy Book: Caroline#39;s
  • New Kennedy Book: Caroline#39;s

  • DoghouseMike
    May 4, 12:42 AM
    Looks pretty good, it's a "fast G4", so youtube will probably be watchable, if not silky smooth, moreso if you install clicktoflash and dodge the flash version of the video.
    If there's an airport card installed, it'll work, if not you'll need to buy one and install it yourself (see ifixit.com for instructions, and everymac, lowendmac, or mactracker to confirm, but I think it's an "airport extreme" card), or get one of them usb dongle type things.
    It's a pretty sweet machine, but you have now posted it on a public forum, so the bidding might get a bit out of hand!?

    caroline kennedy kids. Caroline Kennedy does not want
  • Caroline Kennedy does not want

  • threeputt
    Mar 27, 09:51 AM
    So how did everybody make out yesterday?

    Any tips on finding an iPad 2 in Ottawa at this point? Should I wait a while before even bothering to look for one in stores?

    I managed to get a white 64 GB WiFi model at the Ottawa Apple store yesterday at around 0930, just after they opened. Only waited about 20 minutes and they seemed to have lots of stock.


    caroline kennedy kids. FILE ** Caroline Kennedy is
  • FILE ** Caroline Kennedy is

  • ickarumba1
    Apr 13, 11:26 PM
    Hello there, (TL;DR at bottom)

    I have a late 2008 model 13" Macbook, that I received as a present. I haven't upgraded it except by adding more RAM.
    Currently it has: 4GB RAM, 2.1 GHz Dual Core Core 2, 120 GB HDD (the original one)
    I am running Windows 7 off a bootcamp partition. I choose to run win7 because I don't like using OSX.

    Recently, I've noticed slow downs in start up times, and on the few occasions I use OSX, I've had the rainbow beachball quite often. Therefore, I've decided to upgrade my HD.
    I live in New Zealand, so the following prices in NZD, please think of the prices proportionally. (Say one HD is $100, and another is $200. Think of the first HD in USD, then just double that price for the price of the other HD in USD)

    I can spend (at most) $350 NZD, but I want to base my decision of value, not of performance. These are my options:
    - WD Scorpio Blue 500GB $102
    - WD Scorpio Black 500GB $119
    - Seagate Momentus XT 500GB $209
    - OCZ Vertex 2 25nm 60GB $239
    - Intel X25-M G2 80GB $288
    - OCZ Vertex 2 34nm 90GB $339

    I need help deciding on which HD. Most of the time I use the MB for web browsing. There is minimal storage required, as I mostly have word documents etc. Although, it would be nice to have extra storage, I most likely won't use it.

    Another question I would like to ask regards to OS and using an SSD. I really like Windows 7 too much. Plus my PC runs Windows 7 and I like them to be compatible. However, If I get an SSD with low space, I'd probably have to use one OS only, and I could get used to OSX if I have to.
    The problem is that OSX Leopard or SL does not support TRIM, so there's no way for me to clear out the junk in the SSD. Windows 7 supports this, but I'll have to install it using boot camp, and that would take up a considerable chunk of the SSD. I wonder if it is possible to install windows 7 on my MB without having to use Bootcamp? Is there a way to get the drivers required for the hardware on my MB, without bootcamp?

    Also, I seem to have lost my installation disc for OSX that came with my MB. Is there a way for me to download a copy from Apple?

    TLDR: I need a new HD for my MB. Is it possible for me to install Windows 7 on my MB without bootcamp? Is it possible to download a legit copy of OSX Leopard from Apple, since I lost the installation disc?

    Thank you for reading my post. All helpful suggestions are welcome and appreciated. :)

    caroline kennedy kids. Caroline Kennedy Caroline
  • Caroline Kennedy Caroline

  • Thertel88
    Oct 20, 11:26 PM
    im going to the palisades mall in new york...Ive never been to a release either im thinking around 430-500 to get there


    caroline kennedy kids. Stalker of Caroline Kennedy#39;s
  • Stalker of Caroline Kennedy#39;s

  • ap3604
    Feb 12, 12:29 PM
    I think I actually found a video of the OP while he was creating this thread: here (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qS7nqwGt4-I)


    caroline kennedy kids. Sister Caroline Kennedy
  • Sister Caroline Kennedy

  • macmikey2
    Apr 13, 05:34 AM
    I just did this yesterday. Tired of Lion messing up. I get the beta thing, just don't want to deal.

    I have a 1TB drive so I just re-partitioned the drive while running and then installed SL into new, clean partition. Did the complete restore/install from the original disks that came with MBP.

    Next, I did the Software Update thing then ran migration assistant making sure to NOT move Machine and Applications.

    Restarted and then drag copied over the apps I wanted, settings that were missed and did new installs of everything else.

    All told about a day (10-12 hours) and I am now SL and Lion on one drive in my MBP.

    Worth it to do a clean install and not carry anything back. Move them later.


    caroline kennedy kids. caroline kennedy photos.
  • caroline kennedy photos.

  • PowerMacMan
    Jun 16, 12:06 AM
    I always wanted to make a website, now more specifically I want to make one devoted to Apple, good for you for getting in the big stuff! :)

    Apr 26, 09:35 PM
    I have a 120GB OWC SSD and everything is working great. And FYI, SSD stand for Solid State Drive, no need to say solid state drive drive ;)

    Apr 24, 08:39 AM
    And that's still correctly connected in Interface Builder? If you check the value of abc in awakeFromNib inside LoginRegisterViewController is it nil?

    yep,it's nil,I haven't call it before.

    Dejo,I don't see any problem releasing newView(?)

    Sep 29, 12:15 AM
    May I suggest that you backup your Photos and other imprtant data to optical medaia (DVD-R/CD-R)?

    They are backed up on DVD-R's and on a FW Hard Drive (and on my iPod). Maybe too many backups :)

    Apr 13, 08:48 AM
    Yea sent it in as bug ... may not be isolated to 10.7, as other threads have come up in the past month since iOS 4.3.1 and iTunes 10.2.1


    I did a quick search last night and could not find much relating to 10.7 and iTunes like you described, but until it gets fixed I guess to sync the phone you will have to use 10.6.

    Mar 31, 08:56 PM
    Pokemon still going strong? :confused:

    After playing Sapphire/Ruby, it feels the game is too simple. Much hasn't changed. It was acceptable for Red/Blue and Gold/Silver since they were GB/GBC games. But, with the GBA I wish they did more. Particularly the animations. And with Diamond/Pearl, I wish they would do even more.

    I'll probably get both. One for me, and one for my sister. This game might be worth exchanging friend codes for.

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