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desktop wallpaper graffiti_10

Friday, July 29, 2011

desktop wallpaper graffiti_10. 2008-03-30 Ramblas,
  • 2008-03-30 Ramblas,

  • Hellhammer
    Apr 21, 01:02 PM

    desktop wallpaper graffiti_10. Storm Drain Graffiti
  • Storm Drain Graffiti

  • lewis82
    Feb 7, 02:48 PM

    This pic and many more taken from http://www.christian-stoll.com/ ;)

    desktop wallpaper graffiti_10. On My Way To Work London Graffiti 10
  • On My Way To Work London Graffiti 10

  • Michaelgtrusa
    Feb 21, 01:35 AM
    It's now half term for us UK students, and i'm trying to calm myself down after a very stressful half term! So here peace central (With a bit of Beethovens Waldstein playing in the background) :rolleyes:


    Link please?

    desktop wallpaper graffiti_10. 10 of the Best Graffiti Art by
  • 10 of the Best Graffiti Art by

  • Nermal
    Dec 28, 11:36 PM
    There are 4 remixes of My Prerogative.

    1. X-Press 2 Vocal Mix (7:18)
    2. X Press 2 Vocal Mix (4:17)
    3. Armand Van Helden Remix (7:34)
    4. Armand Van Helden Dub (7:32)


    desktop wallpaper graffiti_10. On My Way To Work London Graffiti 10
  • On My Way To Work London Graffiti 10

  • Reach9
    Mar 23, 10:33 PM
    Sounds intuitively reasonable, do you have any good evidence to support this bold assertion, or just a feeling?

    Trying, trying real hard.

    Wow, just wow. Upon what do you base that assessment?

    Really, what i'm saying is that dressing provocatively is not an invitation for rape. I feel that immature men misinterpret a provocative dress as an invitation. And immature women dress provocatively to get attention.
    If a man is sexually driven to rape then dressing provocatively definitely doesn't help the situation.
    Just my opinion.

    My evidence? common sense through experiences, i've seen this situation enough.

    Okay, what do you think about the Sharia Law?

    desktop wallpaper graffiti_10. 40 Cool Star Wars Graffiti
  • 40 Cool Star Wars Graffiti

  • nunes013
    Apr 7, 09:25 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Mobile/8G4)

    how about the bug where you download or update an app and it gets stuck at installing at the end and you have to restart the device


    desktop wallpaper graffiti_10. banksy graffiti art.
  • banksy graffiti art.

  • JAT
    Apr 7, 03:04 PM
    You know the new games would be more interesting if played like that too. These first person shooter games are ridiculous because you keep getting back up after dying. The thing is that it doesn't seem as boring to play like that because the scenery of the game keeps changing. But try having two people play as far as possible with one life or three if that is standard and go as far as possible on that. I bet it is a better game if you play with the rul that you start over when you die in the game.
    That's why the most common scenario for Goldeneye tournaments, real or not, was One Shot Kill.

    desktop wallpaper graffiti_10. Some 3D graffiti Brad
  • Some 3D graffiti Brad

  • zen.state
    Apr 9, 10:12 AM
    is there a way i can install itunes 10.2 without getting osx 10.5?

    No. You should upgrade to 10.5 anyway since you use it as a file server and 10.5 has much better local networking capability and a built in VNC client to remotely control it from your other Macs.

    For your needs 10.5 makes a lot of sense.


    desktop wallpaper graffiti_10. Odessa Graffiti Street Art
  • Odessa Graffiti Street Art

  • AndroidfoLife
    Apr 21, 11:27 AM
    Well, more like 175K sold... another 175K given away free. :D

    You should tell that to my wife who has an Android phone and finds that it doesn't really even seem to be well adapted to phone-related situations. She's constantly having problems with it, particularly with freeze-ups and crashing.

    I think it's more truthful to phrase your sentence like this. "Android is a powerful mobile OS that can be shoehorned into many situations but can do none of them very well."

    Was it the phone she had issues with or android. It could just be a ***** phone running android. Or android sucks for her. I use android and i have no issues. I use a very cheap android phone at that so i should get plenty of random shutdowns but i never do.

    My friend returned his HTC Desire HD and bought the iPhone 4. Android really cannot satisfy many users.

    Thank you I totally agree with you Android cannot and will not satisfy everyone. Now you must also agree that WP7, Blackberry OS and iOS also cannot satisfy every user and that is why we have choices. Thank you so much because your statement is true about all the OSs. I had a friend with an iPhone 4, she being a normal college age girl took it back and got an android based phone.

    Rest of the world says hi. This thread is about alleged stats for the US only. Android is caning the iPhone globally.

    yes android is canning to iPhones world wide in terms of usage. Because you have to count everything for the android such as tablets, ereaders, Tvs and everything that is sold with a licensed version of android. But if you change your statement to Android Phones are are selling more then iPhones. Notice you cannot compare an OS to hardware.

    desktop wallpaper graffiti_10. 25 Cool Banksy Graffiti
  • 25 Cool Banksy Graffiti

  • iMacZealot
    Nov 20, 05:55 PM
    Okay, this one I doubt....why would you want to tie a phone into iChat? Instant messaging is on almost or available to every phone sold within the last 2 years or so. I don't see why that would bee something Apple would want to advertise when a lot of run-of-the-mill phones can do it.


    desktop wallpaper graffiti_10. Banksy Graffiti from Ukraine
  • Banksy Graffiti from Ukraine

  • Mac Fly (film)
    Sep 26, 09:57 PM
    You spelled PEEK wrong!!

    desktop wallpaper graffiti_10. 10 of the Best Graffiti
  • 10 of the Best Graffiti

  • Hilmi Hamidi
    Jul 31, 06:34 AM
    Er... New Zealand (and Australia, et al) will be in August before Japan.

    Still 35mins to go.

    O yea, the New Zealand...
    How can I forget that.
    Anyway here's mine.

    http://img268.imagevenue.com/loc206/th_75507_Untitled_122_206lo.jpg (http://img268.imagevenue.com/img.php?image=75507_Untitled_122_206lo.jpg)
    Wallpaper (http://interfacelift.com/wallpaper_beta/details/1417/c-curve.html)


    desktop wallpaper graffiti_10. 10 Amazing Light Graffiti and
  • 10 Amazing Light Graffiti and

  • TheMacFeed
    Feb 18, 08:12 PM
    Here it is. :)


    I have always had the default look, decided to give February a little funk.


    That is really nice!

    desktop wallpaper graffiti_10. Creator Graffiti
  • Creator Graffiti

  • swingerofbirch
    Sep 29, 12:58 AM
    Everyone's been plagued by the same email outages...why should you expect special treatment?

    I don't expect special treatment. Any dotmac user has the ability to petition Apple for a free year of service to compensate for reliability issues. I'm not pulling a fast one on Apple. It was their decision to give me a free year, and if they do it again it will also be their decision.

    If they won't give me a free year as a gesture of goodwill, I am free to make my own decisions based on theirs.

    There's nothing special about it. Just dealing with customer service.


    desktop wallpaper graffiti_10. Bathroom Graffiti Pics10
  • Bathroom Graffiti Pics10

  • dethmaShine
    Apr 20, 03:33 PM
    The iOS ecosystem is more mature than the Android system, and for that I am very happy for being on the iOS bandwagon.

    Android doesn't have an ecosystem. The only thing that's close to have a full ecosystem is MS but even that lacks in a lot of major areas. So does apple's though in terms of mail/calendar/contact and sync in general. [MobileMe is NOT free. :|]

    webOS seems pretty good but HP swears not to ship any product until the others swipe the market already. :rolleyes:

    I love the Apple ecosystem. It's so rich and fits in every day life; from pro-work to easy living, its all there.

    desktop wallpaper graffiti_10. 10++ (Best) Cool Graffiti
  • 10++ (Best) Cool Graffiti

  • Glideslope
    Apr 4, 11:30 AM
    There may not be a "mass exodus" but you can rest assured that my family (4 of us) will be switching to Verizon and joining my Dad (who currently is with Verizon) as of July 1st. :D

    Enjoy your CDMA. "Let me check, gotta call you back". ;)


    desktop wallpaper graffiti_10. The graffiti art of Banksy10
  • The graffiti art of Banksy10

  • fairoasis
    Feb 23, 11:38 AM
    Just ran across this on Macworld.


    Just updated it myself but haven't had time to check changes.

    desktop wallpaper graffiti_10. Wildstyle Graffiti LEGO Style
  • Wildstyle Graffiti LEGO Style

  • eastercat
    Apr 27, 08:40 PM
    I installed untrackerd.
    So since there is no answer to my earlier question, I take it that the posters who take issue with the tracking have not bothered to correct the issue on their phone and desktop, which would seem like they care more about posting complaints than being tracked.

    desktop wallpaper graffiti_10. New !
  • New !

  • phairphan
    Mar 23, 08:21 PM
    What's up with this pic!.!?!?! Lol

    It's strange. His headshot makes him look like an eerie cross between the Terminator and Sylvester McCoy, the demo photo makes him look like a total DILF, and neither resemble his appearance in the more candid photos. It's like online dating.

    Jul 3, 10:23 AM
    I did something similar once. Basically a combination of turning off then on the external drive, while connected and/or restarting my computer fixed this.

    Somewhere some deamon still thinks the drive is connected, it's just a matter of getting it to reset.

    Feb 14, 02:56 AM
    Everybody! Feel free to spam in this thread!!! It won't get wastelanded. :)

    However, since I like these great new moderators so much, I would never, ever cause them any trouble. :D

    Sep 20, 11:03 AM
    Hey all, currently I use an Apple 20" HD display with my 12" powerbook. I use a MacAlly iceKey keyboard, which I totally love except the white color does not match so well with the aluminium display and laptop. Anyone know of a good USB or BT keyboard that would closely resemble the actual keyboard on my PB?


    Aug 7, 09:58 AM

    Link to the original please. Thanks.

    Feb 19, 01:48 PM
    I have always had the default look, decided to give February a little funk.


    Link please

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