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hood tattoos

Friday, July 29, 2011

hood tattoos. these 8 funny tattoos.
  • these 8 funny tattoos.

  • Wingnut330
    Jun 19, 07:02 AM
    Hello all,

    I am selling a brand new 8GB iPod Touch. It came free with my Macbook and I am using the funds from this sale to help pay for the Macbook. It's brand new, unopened etc.

    $250 plus shipping.


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  • Hilmi Hamidi
    Jul 31, 06:24 AM
    Err, nope. No country is on 1st August yet.
    Japan is the earliest to be on 1st Aug, but at this time of my writing, it's still 8:24 pm (31 July) in Japan.
    Obviously OP wants the attention of being the thread starter. :rolleyes:

    hood tattoos. gang tattoos in the #39;hood#39;
  • gang tattoos in the #39;hood#39;

  • writemikep
    Apr 7, 12:14 PM
    Some of the customer reviews on the iTunes download page are very critical of the controls for some games. Not sure how well they've ported these to the touch screen interface....

    hood tattoos. Mount Hood Tattoo
  • Mount Hood Tattoo

  • WildPalms
    Jul 26, 05:58 PM
    Actually, its Blu-Ray AS WELL AS, not in place of HD-DVD. Both formats will be supported.


    hood tattoos. Tattooed Under Fire: the
  • Tattooed Under Fire: the

  • Garball
    Jan 22, 10:39 PM
    I have a bad problem I can't seem to fix (for almost a year now). Thanks to Outlook, somehow a duplicate mailbox was created on the server for the admin user (me: gary). When mail is sent to gary@aspenridge.ca it is possible for it to end up in either of the two mailboxes in /var/spool/dovecot/mail. I manually (as root) deleted one of the mailboxes last year but every once in a while, the duplicate mailbox re-appears. Now, I should clarify that the mailbox is unique (has a unique name), however the owner is still listed as 'gary' twice. Here's the output of the directory:

    aspenridge:mail gary$ ls -l
    total 0
    drwx------ 21 melody mail 714 Dec 26 23:05 19368C01-774D-42B6-B753-8621DD72251F/
    drwx------ 17 enrique mail 578 Jan 20 14:21 2CFD6ABD-CABC-44C8-BA1A-82AB8CFF2AB4/
    drwx------ 13 gary mail 442 Jan 20 14:39 7CF2BDA1-2890-4DA9-9953-41C3425FDF13/
    drwx------ 17 nelly mail 578 Jan 20 13:08 BDA2D0D9-D21F-40FE-8C9E-DD868C750B1C/
    drwx------ 22 gferrer mail 748 Jan 20 14:31 D1D3FF6F-CE36-4682-A31A-F1B7A0E62DF8/
    drwx------ 11 tom mail 374 May 10 2010 E73B7452-101B-4ED5-B8C7-A9E7828288AE/
    drwx------ 9 com.apple.calendarserver mail 306 Nov 22 2009 E7E8C925-5BDA-40B4-A6E1-0806C22F55D4/
    drwx------ 16 gary mail 544 Jan 8 14:16 EDE561D8-F6F8-4C1F-A54B-210E5D60CD75/

    As you can see, mailbox owned by 'gary' is there twice and this is a problem. I tried deleting the 'gary' user but the system won't allow me to (I think it's because it's the admin user originally created when setting up the system). Because I can't reliably receive mail as gary@aspenridge.ca, I had to create another user 'gferrer' instead and set 'gary' to forward mail to gferrer@aspenridge.ca in WM.

    Any ideas what I can do here to fix the problem?


    hood tattoos. Famous Tattoo Quotes
  • Famous Tattoo Quotes

  • mytran80
    Mar 31, 03:34 AM
    Can I ask why? Better signal With AT&T ? Or is it the plan pricing?


    hood tattoos. HOOD LIFE: TATTOOS

  • maxterpiece
    Feb 15, 01:38 PM
    ah... "the days of our [macrumors] lives"

    hood tattoos. Hood Tattoos: straight hood
  • Hood Tattoos: straight hood

  • Stente
    Mar 23, 09:21 AM
    "look they tried to cover up the windows logo with a bubble....but you know what......its still windows!"

    Can't remember if I got the quotation just right, but that made me laugh :D.




    hood tattoos. Waka Flocka Flame Tattoos.
  • Waka Flocka Flame Tattoos.

  • rdowns
    Dec 24, 08:25 AM
    Red Ryder BB Gun.

    hood tattoos. Tattoos - Killeen, TX - The
  • Tattoos - Killeen, TX - The

  • rmckayfleming
    Dec 15, 08:18 PM
    I was wonderin' if anybody could give me an older power mac prephirably a pre blue and white maby a 8500 or 7600?


    hood tattoos. boy tattoo hood and claws
  • boy tattoo hood and claws

  • skunk
    May 5, 12:57 PM
    Someone has to do the dirty work, and it's always usPlaying dirty is not the same as doing the dirty work.

    hood tattoos. Hood Tattoos
  • Hood Tattoos

  • NikMac
    Apr 20, 01:20 PM
    I believe the only way to get them is through the Lesson Store in the GarageBand application.

    Unfortunately they are rather larger files and will take a while to download.

    You can practice scales while you wait! :P


    hood tattoos. He gave me my first tattoo
  • He gave me my first tattoo

  • Cindori
    May 7, 03:17 AM

    hood tattoos. with eBay tattoo auction
  • with eBay tattoo auction

  • Axemantitan
    Apr 2, 10:52 PM


    hood tattoos. maino tattoos
  • maino tattoos

  • lewis82
    Sep 6, 10:58 AM
    http://img.skitch.com/20100906-e9k7a4iiiuxwy1s5h946gf2wep.preview.jpg (http://skitch.com/praetorian/dij66/bmw-wallpaper)
    Click for full size (http://skitch.com/praetorian/dij66/bmw-wallpaper)

    Original? :)

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  • Rock Star Diva Jewel Tattoos.

  • a.jfred
    Feb 9, 03:35 PM
    I'm on the 450 minute plan, and I have 1770 roll over minutes. I've stuck w/the 450 plan, mostly cus almost everyone I call is on AT&T (I switched from Verizon, and saved a boatload, since it's just me on the plan). In the 4 years I've been with AT&T, I've only ever gone into my roll over minutes *twice*. They always end up expiring on me.

    Text messaging & the (grandfathered unlimited) data plan are far more valuable to me.


    hood tattoos. Hood Tattoos: Angel Azul
  • Hood Tattoos: Angel Azul

  • morty192
    May 6, 06:50 PM
    Is there no way to access the hardware test on the apple supplied DVD whilst using a wireless keyboard??

    hood tattoos. top three game-related tattoos
  • top three game-related tattoos

  • NoExpectations
    Apr 28, 08:01 AM
    "Just wait for the Verizon iPhone 4 numbers!"
    "Just wait for the White iPhone 4 numbers!"
    "Just wait for the iPhone 4S numbers!"
    "Just wait for the iPhone 5 numbers!"

    I'm starting to see a pattern.

    Good one!

    Not surprised here. When you really look at Verizon-CDMA, why would anyone want that network? Verizon has crippled the iPhone: higher cost of entry, slower network, no data/voice multitasking, no global access, and crippled conference call features (can not add more than 1 and can not drop individual participants).

    hood tattoos. Little Red Ridding Hood Tattoo
  • Little Red Ridding Hood Tattoo

  • Kyffin
    Oct 1, 06:29 AM
    ^ Thank you!

    I've a few books on the artist and its amazing how varied his work and how influential he was (like Van Gogh and Whistler). He was prolific and I usually get my desktops with a google image search

    There are some good image repositories/ information, if you're interested here's a link to one (and a picture very different but very interesting at the same time)



    Hiroshige has been claimed to be making a comment on the shogunate of the time- the general in the picture was


    Before it gets TMI, I hope you like!

    Nov 13, 04:23 PM
    Just one example but Transformers 2 was cut on FCP, and that's a 250mil movie, hardly an independent one :)

    Transformers 2 was cut on Avid.


    iBug2 where do you get your information from?

    Dec 1, 02:37 AM
    Here's me!

    I saw the original somewhere on the Interwebs but it wasn't large enough for my screen so I remade it. I've attached the file.

    patrick s.
    Dec 6, 11:35 PM
    Winter theme!

    i'm still new to macs, what themes(?) are you using to get the date,temperatures and current song on your desktop ? it looks amazing

    Aug 1, 03:59 PM
    Geektool is a common one.

    you can apply themes with geektool? I did not know this, ive never done much with it before, just a few scripts for weather and stuff

    Oct 20, 10:45 AM
    Hey guys, i just past 250 posts and do not know where to find the Market place, can anyone help me out?


    It doesn't happen instantly. Give it a little while.

    Marketplace (http://forums.macrumors.com/forumdisplay.php?f=132)

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