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Thursday, July 28, 2011

jessica alba hair. Jessica Alba tucked up her
  • Jessica Alba tucked up her

  • ELA2
    Apr 25, 01:43 PM

    Has anyone been able to force an apple store to guarantee a Lion O/S upgrade for free with the purchase of a Macbook pro now?

    Just curious.


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  • Dagless
    Apr 13, 04:54 AM
    I know I'm bumping a slightly old post, but I'm in the exact same position as you! I really wanted to get Black to for gaming nostalgia, but I read online that they are planning on a 3D pokemon title, and that game won't work on the DSi. So, I think I've decided to just go and get a 3DS--

    Nope. There have been no "official" rumours of a 3DS Pokemon game in the style of Black/White (and the other main series games). Of course the next one will be out on the 3DS. But there have been no rumours surfacing yet and it'll be at least 1 year until we see a new game, with the average being 3-4 years for a new title.

    Of course there's always a kid on Youtube who says his uncle Jed works for Game Freak and knows all about the next game ;)

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  • Jessica Alba wore this

  • rmtoberman
    Apr 25, 11:19 AM
    I have one and use it for snowboarding. I mount it to my helmet and record at 720p 60fps. I really like it a lot. The battery lasts around 4 hours after recording about an hour. Of course this is when its 20 degrees outside, so the cold does not help the battery.

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  • Jessica Alba#39;s Hair Tutorial

  • djsound
    Mar 29, 03:58 PM
    So I have often wondered why this happens. Some fonts (including Candara) shift the baseline (or something) of some numbers and I have no idea why. Does anyone know why? I have attached a photo so you can see what I mean..


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  • spillproof
    Feb 22, 12:04 AM
    I can understand not being able to sell until you have 250 posts. Not being able to buy however I don't understand. I don't even know how to tell how many posts I have on this forum. Never really thought I'd need to know...

    For your post count, go to your profile. Right under the Buyer's Guide tab at the top of every page, there is a drop down Quick Links link. Second link from the bottom in the dropdown, Your Profile, then on the far right it shows your post count. Or click on your name in a forum post.

    :) Enjoy your stay here in wonderful MRville.

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  • Natron
    Oct 27, 02:08 PM
    Wow, 30 inch display. Seems a bit much, especially with the economy being like it is right now, but it might be better by the time they would release this. I think 30 inches is to big for a computer display, sure it would be nice, but the price would probably be a too much, not to mention having a 30 inch monitor 2 feet in front of you seems a bit much. I would probably want one, being the gadget-geek that I am, always wanting new things.

    As for the "a new digital lifestyle device", I would like to see some portable video drive. It would need to have composite RCA outs, for hook up to a TV or something (or an adapter). I do a number of videos for my church, and it would be much easier to just load the video onto this device, take it to church and hook it up, and be good to go. Would cut down on using Mini-DV tapes, and would even be cheaper than DVD's (with current prices anyway). This is the only thing I could see needing 800mbps FW.

    I really would like to see this as a separate device from the iPod, because it would need a larger screen, color screen, and would probably drain a battery pretty quickly, so you wouldn't be able to use it so much for music. The device itself would probably need to be larger, so I'd rather see the iPod stay the size it is now, and just create a new device.

    Of course, none of this will ever happen, but I do still like this idea, as well as seeing an Apple PDA (although with the PDA market being what it is, I would rather see Apple stick with media devices). Although I'm sure an Apple PDA would be one nice media device. I can almost see iCal and iSync as aluding to a PDA like device, but who knows.



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  • Jessica Alba Hair

  • sjinsjca
    Apr 13, 10:57 PM
    I'm not seeing anything unusual with those caps, but could you describe what you see a little more? What makes you suspect those caps?

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  • Jessica-Simpson#39;s-hair

  • jknight8907
    Feb 10, 09:23 AM
    hmm. That is indeed interesting.
    Almost as interesting as this pictire.



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  • Jessica Albas New Hair

    Apr 19, 03:40 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8F190 Safari/6533.18.5)

    Ok thank you. If I got an iMac I would get a 21.5. And if I got a MacBook I would get a 13.3 screen size. But I'm not sure what to get?

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  • karsten
    Nov 20, 08:30 PM
    you can only run gpu3 with nvidia 400 series cards, unless you run the command like this:

    fah -gpu 0 -forcegpu nvidia_g80 -advmethods -verbosity 9 -local

    try that with what you did before and see if it works!

    holy crap you're a genious :) it actually started computing now i think, though it errored out right away with an 'unstable machine' error. first time its gotten that far at least. here's the log

    it was trying to use core_15 earlier which was probably the issue. i wasn't forcing it with g80. i'm still not sure from those linux instructions what all we need to do on os x with the wine dll wrapper and stuff though. maybe its not actually seeing the card who knows. thanks for the help:)

    looks like it might be an issue with the nvidia cuda driver and 10.6.5? http://forums.nvidia.com/index.php?showtopic=185332


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  • bpaluzzi
    Apr 7, 01:18 PM
    I only had a few minutes this morning to look at this but I believe the main problem is your not calling the "mail" command. You have this line but it's not doing anything as it's just a variable...

    $success = mail($webMaster, $emailSubject, $body, $headers);

    If you just use this it should work...

    mail($webMaster, $emailSubject, $body, $headers);

    You may have other things to work out but this should send the email massage and you should be able to retrieve it at info@avenue19ni.com.

    Just saying, this advice is incorrect. The first version was simply capturing the return value from the function. The second is discarding the return value. Both are calling the function.

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  • Cabbit
    Apr 6, 06:11 PM
    Aye we'll need to see at least the PHP script, the HTML you posted seems fine.


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  • jessica alba updo hair.

  • decksnap
    Aug 16, 11:38 AM
    No 1,000,000 on this one. (see my other one) Just for animation category, not 1,000,000 category. Or- if you watch it for long enough, it will rotate 1,000,000 times!!!

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  • Blue Velvet
    Mar 30, 10:42 AM
    BTW: The 1gb shuffle is UK�99.01 over here.
    About US$186... :eek:

    So that's why $30 seems fairly reasonable from a UK point of view.
    Well... from my point of view anyway.


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  • firewood
    Apr 18, 07:27 PM
    use a lightly damp paper towel. then wipe it with a dry paper towel. thats all you need.

    A paper towel can scratch the display. Use a micro-fiber or soft cotton cloth instead.

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  • Jessica Alba Hair News

  • qawes
    Oct 16, 02:41 PM
    The issue with the wallpaper not 'sticking' on through the reboot never happed to me, but I can speculate that the root of the problem was the fact that you had set the wallpaper through Safari, and after that you deleted the image or the temporary files got deleted. Anyway, the best thing is to keep an organized folder.

    I'm happy to hear that you just got your MBP, enjoy it!


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  • jessica alba hair color

  • nomad01
    Sep 23, 01:23 PM
    Is it because that might be the date when they bring out the new updates we've been waiting for so long??

    Or am i just puting 2 + 2 together and getting 'Dual Core'? :)

    As far as I know it's not closing on the 3rd. It's just not going to open every day after the 3rd. It'll go back to just opening once a week... on a Wednesday... from 10am. :-)

    I'm curious as to why they're suddenly getting rid of SO much though.

    jessica alba hair. JESSICA ALBA

  • Freg3000
    Jul 5, 11:33 PM
    I had to partition my old Blueberry iMac once when I upgraded the hard drive . . .

    I went from a 6 GB to a 40 GB hard drive in January of 2002 (at that time it cost me about $120!). When I popped it into my iMac, I was required to partition the drives, because there was an 8 GB capacity. I ended up with four 8 GB drives and the one around 5 GB. It was horrible. I separated my drives into OS X, OS 9, Games, Virtual PC, and Digital Video.

    So, I would also recommend not to partition. It really doesn't have much of purpose anymore.

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  • jessica alba hair braided.

  • Consultant
    Apr 26, 04:30 PM
    Is there any reason you can't figure out how to use copy paste from the screenshot within preview?

    Mar 19, 10:27 PM
    Oh, thank you, but how do you get them?

    Doctor Q
    Feb 9, 05:22 PM
    If one of those new supercomputers had a few minutes to spare it could solve all possible protein folding configurations, cure all neurodegenerative diseases, and still have time for a game of Jeopardy!.

    Jul 4, 01:36 AM
    i had that same problem when i used the "minimize in place" hack that installed an old beta of the dock.

    Feb 23, 07:23 AM
    tell you the truth a closing the market is a good thing to prevent crashing. Otherwise it would drop even faster than it does. Market already has rules in place if a stock is dropping to quickly it is shut down and closed for the remainder of the day to protect it from getting out hand and fear taking over.

    Only downside is though if it's not a dramatic drop they close as normally and other countries can keep bringing it down. It close friday at $353 and opened Monday at $341. To me this can hurt a lot of people if they wanted to sell at a certain point, or buy at a certain point.

    Feb 9, 01:27 PM
    Oh look, another condescending and utterly pointless thread. :rolleyes:

    That apparently the OP thinks is funny. *Yawn*

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