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Thursday, July 28, 2011

michelle obama dougie. Michelle Obama is an
  • Michelle Obama is an

  • BakedBeans
    Aug 14, 09:48 AM
    its been stuck down here for months lol

    michelle obama dougie. Michelle Obama Dances #39;The
  • Michelle Obama Dances #39;The

  • GeekOFComedy
    Apr 11, 10:35 AM


    From http://support.apple.com/kb/ht1564
    (Mac OS X: What is Safe Boot, Safe Mode?)

    "Mac OS X v10.5.6 or later: A Safe Boot deletes the dynamic loader shared cache at (/var/db/dyld/). A cache with issues may cause a blue screen on startup, particularly after a Software Update. Restarting normally recreates this cache."


    From http://support.apple.com/kb/ht1455
    (Mac OS X: Starting up in Safe Mode)

    "To start up into Safe Mode (to Safe Boot), do this:
    1. Be sure your Mac is shut down.
    2. Press the power button.
    3. Immediately after you hear the startup tone, hold the Shift key. The Shift key should be held as soon as possible after the startup tone, but not before the tone.
    4. Release the Shift key when you see the gray Apple icon and the progress indicator (looks like a spinning gear)."




    Tried safe boot, didn't even boot in safe boot

    michelle obama dougie. First Lady Michelle Obama is
  • First Lady Michelle Obama is

  • spillproof
    Aug 13, 07:09 PM
    Quicktime sucked on my PC a year ago. Clunky and ugly UI.

    Quicktime X is nice, but needs more basic features to be useful to me. I do love the trimming action, quick and easy.

    michelle obama dougie. #MsLMstatus: Michelle Obama
  • #MsLMstatus: Michelle Obama

  • FiremanMike
    Apr 16, 11:34 AM
    You should be able to buy heatsink gel at any serious computer store (not best buy, et al). Please be forewarned, I've never personally done that, but I know that stuff is out there.


    michelle obama dougie. Obama Dances #39;The Dougie#39;
  • Obama Dances #39;The Dougie#39;

  • aricher
    Sep 16, 01:08 PM
    I also have the 250 GB D2 - excellent drive. I'd look at the specs on Lacie's website for the difference between the drives. I think the Porsche might be a tad slower.

    michelle obama dougie. Michelle Obama Dougie,
  • Michelle Obama Dougie,

  • maclaptop
    May 1, 05:27 PM
    Now that I have a great new white iPhone 4, I'm taking a wait and see approach.

    It has nothing to do with the color, but rather how great this new model is.

    Normally I trust Apple and pre order the moment they release each new iPhone. But after getting burned with Antennagate, I'm not taking the risk.

    Another shocker is how many improvements the new white iP4 has. It's far and away the best of all smartphones.

    The performance as a phone is wonderful. Loud and clear, it doesn't drop calls. So now that I have a great iPhone there's no reason to get iPhone 5.

    I'm going to enjoy this one till iPhone 6.


    michelle obama dougie. heard that Michelle Obama
  • heard that Michelle Obama

  • ann713
    Apr 28, 08:47 PM
    I'm trying to unlock a new iPhone 4 on the latest OS and baseband. I've seen the Gevey Turbo Sims on eBay but do they really work? If anyone here has experience with this type of unlock, please chime in. Thank you kindly.

    michelle obama dougie. First Lady Michelle Obama does
  • First Lady Michelle Obama does

  • kinson7
    Apr 28, 10:09 PM
    I don't sync the contacts via iTunes anymore. There is some sync issue with the contacts that I couldn't solve, so we went to put his contacts in the cloud instead.

    The issue is that despite the (exchange) contacts being synced over-the-air, when you save a contact in the iphone via the dialer/recent-calls, it goes into the iPhone's local contact list by default, instead of into the exchange group. :/


    michelle obama dougie. Teach me How to Dougie Dude
  • Teach me How to Dougie Dude

  • maflynn
    Apr 18, 02:10 PM
    My only concern is speed. I'm used to turning on the camera and taking a shot. With P&S you have the latency, which drove me to the DSLRs in the first place.

    I'll have to take a look at TZ-7, the wide angle may be enough of a justification to buy a new one

    michelle obama dougie. to love Michelle Obama,
  • to love Michelle Obama,

  • FutureBlake
    Apr 30, 02:32 PM
    Thanks for the response! I know it's a rare issue that virtually all others aren't having. I really wasn't trying to bust on the Win experience - I'm just getting spoiled to the advantages of the hardware and software coming from the same vendor.

    It looks like everything is set up correctly on the device side. Boot Camp is all up to date (3.2) and I've been trolling the web for days looking for updated audio drivers. It's driving me crazy!

    Are there lots of MBA Late 2010'ers with Win 7 boot camp installs working without any audio issues? Everything else is perfect, but I never realized how much of a pain it is to grab a pair of headphones every time I need audio.


    michelle obama dougie. Michelle Obama dances to
  • Michelle Obama dances to

  • bedifferent
    Mar 14, 09:57 AM
    There are others copies in System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/FinderKit.framework/Resources.

    Yeah I noticed that too, it was almost an exact copy of the Finder.app/Resources folder. I modified that as well. Interesting that Lion seems to be using frameworks much more so than previous OS X incarnations.

    michelle obama dougie. Michelle Obama The Dougie,
  • Michelle Obama The Dougie,

  • Krafty
    Jun 20, 05:40 PM
    So what are people going to be doing to pass the time between now and getting the iPhone 4 on Thursday?
    Working, but for today ill be laying in bed as I got owned by 2 yellow-jacket hornets while mowing the lawn and my foot feels like 2 nails have been shoved inside.


    michelle obama dougie. Last week, Beyonce officially released the new music video for #39;Move Your Body,#39; the song that coincides with First Lady Michelle Obama#39;s #39;Let#39;s Move#39;
  • Last week, Beyonce officially released the new music video for #39;Move Your Body,#39; the song that coincides with First Lady Michelle Obama#39;s #39;Let#39;s Move#39;

  • spicyapple
    Oct 20, 09:59 PM

    One word: anachronistic

    a video version of generations coming soon. :)

    michelle obama dougie. michelle obama dougie,
  • michelle obama dougie,

  • kockgunner
    Jul 28, 08:30 PM
    The best part about this thread is the title: I read it as "China Unicorn finalizing deal for iPhone 4..."

    I was just going to say the same thing :D Just got back from work sitting in front of the computer all day. The last thing I should be doing is going on the computer to read forums.


    michelle obama dougie. Our First Lady Michelle Obama
  • Our First Lady Michelle Obama

  • IJ Reilly
    Sep 29, 12:01 AM
    I've been using Keynote lately for work presentations. It's annoying not to be able to give them to PC co-workers. PPT such a piece of crap, and i'd like to be able to use keynote more, but sadly it's not super useful anywhere other than my computer.

    Why annoying, because PowerPoint is so lame? You can export Keynote to PowerPoint, or to Flash, or QuickTime, or PDF.

    michelle obama dougie. Michelle Obama made a surprise
  • Michelle Obama made a surprise

  • cb911
    Nov 9, 11:07 PM
    whoa. i didn't even know this forum existed! :eek:

    can i be old skool? well at least i know i'm older skool than the newbies & regulars. :p

    BTW, i also remember shrek and cleo. :)


    michelle obama dougie. Michelle Obama Does The Dougie
  • Michelle Obama Does The Dougie

  • patp
    May 4, 11:18 PM
    Just checked on my Verizon iPhone running iOS 4.2.8, and it IS allowing me to airplay video to my Apple TV. I don't usually airplay, as I just stream via homesharing from my Macbook Pro to my Apple TV, so I can't say if this is "new" or not. But, I can definitely Airplay video.

    downloading now. This is awesome news! have you noticed any improvements in performance?

    michelle obama dougie. Watch Michelle Obama Do the
  • Watch Michelle Obama Do the

  • unclet
    Apr 22, 08:22 AM
    The same thing happens when I run Skype on my 13" MBA. When I use Facetime, the heat and loud fans aren't really an issue. The only other time the fans crank up for me like that is when I'm doing intensive photo or video editing. So it seems to me that Skype really is just a CPU hog. I'm not sure if there's really anything you can do about that.

    michelle obama dougie. Michelle Obama#39;s Dougie to
  • Michelle Obama#39;s Dougie to

  • MikhailT
    Mar 23, 11:53 PM
    You'll find out at WWDC what the final version will be.

    I doubt it, WWDC is likely to be devoted to iPhone 5 with iOS 5. Apple is likely to do a small special media event for Lion like the Lion Preview event last year.

    Sep 13, 12:15 PM
    Picture this:

    Graveyard with 1000 serenity videos, nobody ever visits, just the videos, playing to each other, endlessly, as long as the sun shines...


    I'm gonna go hug my son now...

    Nov 3, 08:17 AM
    Originally posted by idkew
    i don't feel near as close to the "crew" as it seems that eye an v and jello... are.

    Woah, there's a crew here?

    *looks around nervously*

    Sep 29, 09:55 PM
    heres the other pic

    Mar 14, 05:42 PM
    Odd I used TinyUmbrella to save the SHSHs for 4.2.1 but now after trying to restore I'm with 4.3 and no option of going back to 4.2.1..bumer

    Island Dog
    Sep 19, 09:11 PM
    I have a Dell laptop now with a 30gb drive and have barely 5gb filled. I don't think having a 40gb in my iBook will be a big problem.

    An external drive would be nice because I would like to share files between computers.

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