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pictures of cakes for birthday

Monday, July 25, 2011

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  • Alaerian
    Mar 17, 04:57 PM
    SO everybody get off their high horse cause we all know damn well you would do the same thing...

    No, I wouldn't. I've been on BOTH sides of this issue.

    As a teenager, my drawer came up $30 short one night while working at a small convenience store. That money was taken out of my paycheck. Sure, it was my fault - but does that mean the customer was absolved of any fault? No. That customer could have plainly said "You gave me $30 in change too much." Instead, she opted to keep it.

    Exchanging a comforter at Bed Bath & Beyond, the sales rep somehow got herself turned around and I ended up with a free comforter. I alerted her to error and rightfully paid for that comforter. I've had things missed on reciepts at grocery stores and in restaurants. If I point out a missing appetizer or a missing beverage, many times a manager or supervisor will visit my table, apologize for the error, and insist that the missing item is on the house. They offer a thank you for the honesty.

    This isn't the "moral high horse." More appropriate might be your lack of any morals at all.

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  • applemacdude
    Jan 12, 06:56 PM
    He didn't do it by himself. There was a whole company working on things. The difference is that he had a vision of what should be happening.

    It took smart people in all areas to make Apple what it is today.

    What about all the former Apple CEO's. They had a company behind him too, but he simply could not lead like Jobs can.

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  • skunk
    Apr 25, 03:01 PM
    Or, more simply, you could just remove the injunction against posting "+1".

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  • twoodcc
    May 12, 05:54 PM
    well i'm just having all kinds of problems. i noticed i had 2 of my systems down! the alienware and the home built rig - both were running 3.7 ghz, go figure.

    so i decided to drive the 1.5 hours back to my apartment and check on them. i drove thru a storm to get here, and the power had flickered! so everything, including my server had restarted! good thing i decided to make the drive.

    so hopefully i can get things straight here, and then i still gotta drive back and go to work in the am


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  • twoodcc
    May 16, 06:51 PM
    Excellent, how do I get a3 units?

    I need the window close because my partner does not like the window open when she uses the computer cause she always has a lot of windows open (XP not 7). So at the moment I have a system tray ustilising one core. Its a dual core.

    Thanks for the replies.

    you have to run the smp2 client to get a3 units. and you have to have a passkey and 10 completed units with the passkey to get a bonus (and you have to complete 80% of your units also i think)

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  • eawmp1
    Apr 12, 06:37 PM
    Clip has absolutely no context, so hard to tell if reasonable. Did she trip the metal detectors? Did something show on body scan? Did mom refuse body scan? Were they acting suspicious?

    I agree the current screening policies are ridiculous. I'll play devil's advocate. Drugs have been smuggled on children. Why couldn't bombs be stashed on them?


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  • miamialley
    Apr 5, 03:02 PM

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  • langis.elbasunu
    Mar 17, 11:29 AM
    I would just like people to know a few things about me:

    I'm an Indian Shaman and a King

    I had coffee this morning

    I'm sick of NYC and the scalpers

    My P is about 3 inches (from the ground)

    I wrote Jobs an email for free **** because I can't wait for shipping

    I was raised in the everybody wins society by useless parents

    I hate everyone that has an iPad 2 right now

    Did I mention the NYC scalpers?

    I love useless threads on MacRumors

    I'm entitled to whatever I want as long as I say so

    There I think I covered just about every useless thread this place has seen lately. :D

    you forgot to bash the xoom


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  • LightSpeed1
    Apr 25, 01:38 PM
    Is it just me or did Apple keep a tighter lid on this stuff in the past?

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  • dunk321
    Mar 17, 10:59 AM
    And I'm also a Microsoft Fanboy!!! Haaaaaaa Long live the Microsoft Zune the ultimate iPod Killer!!!


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  • wmmk
    Aug 13, 10:59 PM
    The 20" is still way over-priced.
    yeah, but it has an apple logo and is made of brushed metal. if you don't like to pay for design, run unix on a homebuilt PC in a square plastic case.

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  • schwell
    Oct 8, 09:56 PM
    About 2 months ago I paid an early termination fee and gave up my iPhone because of the dropped calls. I have a Blackberry on Verizon, and consume about 800 minutes a month (peak times, not nights and weekends) and close to 200MB of bandwidth.

    I have not had a single dropped call. I can also finally browse the web without Safari crashing all the time.

    I would not call looking at the web on a blackberry surfing. It is more like wading in a kiddie pool.


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  • rtdgoldfish
    Apr 5, 12:34 AM
    Alrighty, since this thing got way too popular on Digg, I've had a lot of people trying to offer advice. A great deal more are saying this is all fake.

    First of all, I am not breaking into my neighbor's house. I will not stoop to their level. I will not trash their place, spray paint their living room, nor leave dog droppings in their fridge. I will either let the police deal with this or let the stupidity of the criminals catch up with them in the end.

    Second, I am not getting a lawyer. The amount it would cost me to get a lawyer would be way more than the cost of the 360 and games. This just doesn't make sense. The only reason I would get one is if they catch the guy and there is some sort of trial. Even then, I don't think I would need a lawyer, it would just be me testifying in court or something.

    And finally, I don't really care if you think I am making this all up. The burglar broke in, took an Xbox and some games and left a good deal of other expensive stuff in the house. If you read the rest of my posts before saying "OMG WTF LIARZ WHO STEALZ JST A XBOX AND LEAVES A MACBOOK" you would know the situation. The cops have been following any leads I have given them, and things have happened.

    If I get my Xbox back, wonderful. That is money that I don't have to spend replacing it. If I never see it again, oh well, life goes on.

    I guess what I really wanted by getting this on Digg and all was some actual advice on what I should do now. Again, all I have gotten was advice from 15 year olds saying to throw bricks at my neighbor's house. This is not exactly the advice I was looking for and if anyone has any REAL advice to offer, that would be wonderful (such as names and numbers of someone at Microsoft).

    I posted this on Macrumors because of the great community we have here. People are always friendly and open to discussion. Sometimes issues get solved, other times they don't. If getting this story on Digg brought some new (and unwanted) members to the forums, I am sorry.

    Anyway, thanks for reading my post and I'll continue to update as things progress. :)

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  • bigjnyc
    Apr 26, 08:55 AM
    So who was that guy in the blue shirt who kept yelling at them to stop and kept getting in between them to stop it? was that not a McDonalds employee? or is that just being ignored in this crusade?


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  • ClimbingTheLog
    Oct 3, 07:43 AM
    When will this hacking nerd do something REALLY positive and productive to the world?

    Last time I heard, his occupation was to break into companies' IPR without any legal permission to do so...not commendable, to say the least.

    Right, there are only billions of people who can watch DVD's on computers of their choice now because of his efforts who couldn't before, spawning all kinds of video editing, DVR, and high-quality conversion systems that couldn't have existed without his work.

    He defeated a system designed to take away fair use rights from the citizenry and hasn't done anything productive? OK, if you don't care about your rights maybe you have a point.

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  • balamw
    Oct 5, 02:49 PM
    It seems that you got encryption and decryption mixed up.
    How so. Please elaborate?

    The decryption keys are everywhere and not top secret. Each iPod and iTunes has access to them. If you can get your hands on them you have something like hymn or FairKeys. Where does one get the encryption key?

    EDIT: BTW I'm quite serious, if I got it wrong please help me understand where you're coming from.



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  • slffl
    Oct 11, 10:23 AM
    Man I think this 'true' video ipod thing is dumb. Are widescreen TV's called 'true' TVs? Until ALL video content is 16:9, you're going to have black pillars on half your content whether it's 4:3 or 16:9.

    Screw a widescreen ipod. Give me the current ipod video with the screen turned sideways and made larger like the zune.

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  • smokingtrout
    Sep 12, 01:11 AM
    I really don't care anymore...tomorrow will probably follow a familiar formula - some disappointments, some bullseyes.

    This is what I want after seeing the infamous "cube with a handle" patent that surfaced earlier this week:

    A projector, similar to (http://www.engadget.com/2006/09/07/epson-announces-emp-twd3-projector-with-built-in-dvd-player/) large capacity HDD, WIFI, Bluetooth, and maybe a media-only version of OSX. In fact, maybe just Front Row. One could transfer movies downloaded (or created in iMovie) to the projector's HDD to then be projected to a wall or screen. Better yet, with DSL or Cable hooked up directly, one could download directly to the HDD. DVR? Additional Combo drive? Built in speakers (perhaps a couple from the Hi-FI) would provide sound should you choose not to use the optical audio out. Firewire 400/800. HDMI I/O The kicker? A protective sheath and handle like in the patent picture that would allow the owner to take the relatively compact projector to other places. The addition of WiFi would allow future Apple wireless products to recognize and stream to the projector. Who wants to crowd around an iPod to look at a clip on a 2.5" display anyway?

    Wow. All this speculation has gone to my head. Time for bed.

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  • Music_Producer
    Sep 12, 07:20 AM
    I doubt I'll get any sleep tonight :eek: (5.15 am PST right now) Can't wait *drool*

    Apr 27, 10:25 AM
    I see where you going wlh99, and don't worry.. my full intention is to learn, not to get code from all of you. Many people in this thread underestimate my knowledge of objective C (and I understand why, I got lost with the pointers). I have 2 1/2 months since I started development and had 0 idea of the language or programming (I was a Pastry Chef actually :D, which is the name of my first app).

    Believe me when I tell you that I know what's going on with my code. I'm aware that If you release an object that it doesn't exist you'll get an exception every time.

    Making it work is a lot less important than knowing how to do it, for future work.

    Back to the Code, let me go give it try.. b-back


    Ok, it doesn't crash now but timer still won't restart. I'm going to create another timer object (not pointer, I'll use the same pointer). I get this idea that I can't reuse or reset the same timer over again (invalidating and releasing it only pauses the timer). Wish me luck :)

    Sep 12, 09:12 AM
    Is that true of the MacBook and the 15.4" MacBook Pro? I thought they didn't have DL.

    Hey, I just looked at you're right! That's pretty f'n chinsy of Apple! They advertise them as READING DL discs, which is what confused me... deceptive marketing bastards. Seriously, I can see (I guess) not putting it in the MB Pro if it meant they couldnt get it as thin as they wanted, but the MB really is under know such constraint - people aren't buying it for being uber slim and sexy. It's a good looking, functional, somewhat low priced portable. It only lacks the DL 'cuz the Pro does... the mini gets a DL drive!

    Jan 12, 02:50 AM
    The iPhone looks pretty cool, but it's a logical progression - certainly not a revolution. If it was so revolutionary there wouldn't have been so many predictions about it. Instead, a lot of the predictions were actually aiming too high.

    And it really is this fan-boy attitude of 'Steve is our hero, everything he does is wonderful' that keeps apple products so expensive. If you were all a little more critical they'd have to work a little harder to earn your money.

    600 bucks for a phone (with contract) with only 8gigs of ram for my music? It's not 3G. It's got WiFi but doesn't do VOIP? I think I'll pass on this one.

    Apr 10, 06:54 PM
    I am writing this to convey my disappointment with Consohohocken, PA Bestbuy store.

    On 4/9/2011 evening 9 PM, I was told by a store rep that they were going to give out IPAD 2 on 4/10/2011 (sunday) at 11 AM and was suggested to be in line around 9 AM.

    This was also told to couple of other customers who showed up at the store even at 8 AM on 4/10/2011.

    But when the store opened, we were told that there were no IPAD's available.

    This is very disappointing behavior from Bestbuy.

    Best buy, you have lost my business for good. Of course, it may not matter to you that you lost the business of few customers.

    I agree that making a decision to go wait in the front of the store is the decision made by the customer. But if Bestbuy is exploiting customers like this, they are not too far away from going down.

    Oct 5, 03:40 PM
    Wow. Some of you really are hooked on the bigger is better buzz.

    Seriously, get out and see some of the world. Perspective people. The world is NOT just the US.

    Anyone tootin' on these forums (including myself) can consider themselves truly blessed.

    A Mac mini house..? Hardly. It's a mansion by any worldly measure.

    Get out and see the world? I was born and raised in Europe, have been to 50 countries and have lived on 3 continents. And you? And I much enjoy living on a 5-acre property with 2 houses on it offering 9 bedrooms and 10 bathrooms and all the bells and whistles next to Woodside. To me space is just a great luxury, not bumping into one another, being able to house grown kids and friends for extended periods of time, etc. To each their own, but I truly cannot see Jobs' tiny home (by Woodside standards) being anything but a retirement house. It does NOT look like a home for a family with kids. An older couple perhaps. And where is the home office?

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