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retro hairstyles for girls

Thursday, July 28, 2011

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  • darkwing
    Mar 21, 07:36 PM
    Single player. Gameplay aside, I'm a huge fan of a good story. Games, books, films. Multiplayer stories just seem non-existent.

    How about games based on reality tv? :D

    (i hope this never happens)

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  • PaRaGoNViCtiM
    Sep 8, 08:54 PM
    OH NOOOOO!!!

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  • AHDuke99
    Jun 20, 10:07 PM
    cause they ban innocent victims :D

    poor iccy :(

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  • likemyorbs
    Mar 1, 06:55 PM
    Not only that - it looks like those in Congress who want to take up the case want FRC (SPLC certified Hate group Family Research Council) to partner with them on the cases. Congressional Republicans may want to rethink that as nearly all their research and positions will not hold up in a court of law (for example, a child does better if his or her same sex parents don't divorce, so obviously that must show a child raised by two members of the same sex will damage the child, no study on that needed!).

    Yep. I actually think this will be a good thing for same sex marriage. It's a blessing in disguise.


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  • ivandr
    May 3, 07:05 PM
    I'm on the mac and I was trying DiscAid and iPhone Explorer, PhoneView and all of them are showing that iPhone is passcode locked. I know the passcode but while screen was broken she put this so many times that now it doesn't even let you put passcode it just asks for iTunes.
    Hate to be the bearer of bad news but...
    If you simply see the 'Connect to iTunes' with a USB plug and the iTunes icon, its more than likely that she had the option to 'erase content after 10 failed passcode attempts' checked when she set up her passcode. By entering the code so many times she may have inadvertently deleted the pics herself... along with everything else.
    I hope this isn't the case and that she does get her photos back but if you connect it to iTunes and the only option is to restore there may not be anything left on the phone already...

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  • mkrishnan
    Dec 22, 02:27 PM
    That Millenium Falcon case is the bomb. :)

    I don't really understand the co-location services though... I have a hard time seeing why anyone would want to do that, vs. buying real server services...also it's sort of like a kennel for Mac Minis...*sob* I think I would miss my lil' guy something fierce! :(


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  • Cromulent
    Apr 22, 03:54 PM
    But it's only at a very intermediate level, nothing advanced like Java servlets, Cocoa, or .NET framework specific.

    That sounds quite basic to me. Using the Java servlets API or the various Cocoa frameworks are hardly advanced.

    Advanced programming is generally centred around writing your own unique software for which there are no existing solutions.

    1. Java (specifically Tomcat and Spring)
    2. Objective-C (Cocoa, iPhone)
    3. Ruby (Rails)

    I know #1 and #3 are more web specific and might be beneficial because of my background in web development, but I really like the surge going on with Objective-C and the Mac and iPhone platforms. But would this help on a career level? I want to pick one where there's a strong demand for it and something that puts food on the table. I'm not talking about just writing apps for the app store, but writing apps for businesses that use Macs. It just seems like it's hard to land an entry or junior level job out therre without some type of experience. My main experience now is just education and I'd like to dig deeper into these frameworks out there that are used to work on a project that might gain me experience to show employers. Are there advantages to learning one framework over another or should I just pick one and go with it? I know Java and .NET are used a lot in the enterprise, but it seems like there's no shortages of these developers out there. Would learning a niche language like Objective-C or Ruby be an advantage since there are fewer experts in these languages? I'm open to any ideas or questions that people might have. Thanks.

    My suggestion (since this is a subject I am very familiar with myself) would be to pick a language / framework and become as knowledgeable in that chosen framework as you can be. If you spend time contributing to the various mailing lists / forums / newsgroups of that framework people will notice you and you will be able to point to perspective employers showing them your expertise (and your enthusiasm as you will be doing this unpaid in your spare time obviously for a fair while). Also try and contribute code to the framework in question. Nothing shouts "expert" more than a code contributor to perspective employers (no matter if it is true or not).

    Personally I tend to stick with C, Objective-C and Python (Django).

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  • macquariumguy
    Aug 24, 07:00 PM
    Backstory - I ran the service department for a small regional computer chain in the mid 80s and Apple was our main brand. While I was there, I brought home this banner and poster and have dragged them along with me everywhere I've gone for 25 years.

    Now I'm curious about them. I've searched eBay but don't see any similar for sale. Does anyone here recognize these? Any idea what they might be worth?


    Poster - 22"x28" in aluminum frame with clear plastic cover.
    Embigulate (http://techquarium.com/gallery2z/d/36423-1/DSC_4784.jpg)

    Banner - 72"x39" made from some tyvek type material. Very durable.
    Embigulate (http://techquarium.com/gallery2z/d/36419-1/DSC_4781.jpg)



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  • bennetsaysargh
    Jul 25, 01:58 PM
    i have a few questions
    how much space did you save?
    would it affect my iMac DV 400?


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  • nagromme
    Jan 9, 10:04 PM
    It probably didn't sell well--first it was bundled with Final Cut Pro, and then GarageBand was based on it.

    I'm sure a future GarageBand 2 could fill Soundtrack's shoes, or they could just leave it as a component of Final Cut Pro. GB generally does MORE than soundtrack (software loops, etc.) But at present, Soundtrack DOES still have important features. Features for making... soundtracks :) Unlike GB, Soundtrack has a video track, complete with marker support, for composing music to fit the footage or animation.

    Soundtrack is probably my favorite Apple app ever--although I could switch to GB just fine I'm sure.

    Also, Soundtrack comes with many more loops than GB--and they're not software loops, they're all real recordings. A great collection. Do the GB Jam Packs include all of them? I've always assumed there was SOME overlap at least.

    (And vice versa... if I have Soundtrack, how much would I gain by getting the Jam Packs? After all, the Soundtrack loops I already have should work fine in GarageBand--so I already have a Jam Pack of sorts.)


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  • Theraker007
    Apr 16, 10:19 PM
    Just thought I would say, I have retinapad 1.1.2 (the updated version for 4.3.1) and it works perfectly on 4.3.1. Even fixes the bugs in 1.1.1.
    So I would double check if I were you. It is neither dead nor broken as far as I can see.

    I have the same version.. it was 1.1.2 before 4.3.1 came out iirc. Either way, my apps all crash immediately when retinapad is enabled for them.. if i turn it off, they open fine.. ive tried reinstalling numerous times.

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  • bootloader
    Apr 17, 07:42 PM
    will that fix the issue message that I keep getting? When I boot to the desktop it always says " restart" with a error message that looks like a shutdown button..

    it will sure fix it if the kernel panics were caused by overheating, which is likely, i would give it a shot, if that doesnt fix it then you know that the problem lies somewhere else!


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  • FluJunkie
    Apr 20, 10:43 PM
    Depends on what you call normal.

    Mathematica 8 (http://www.wolfram.com/mathematica/new-in-8/)

    Indeed. I can definitely think of some scientific computing applications that will, essentially, eat as much resources as you want to give them.

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  • Surf Monkey
    Oct 21, 12:28 PM
    I have an LC 475 that's clock chipped to 33mhz. It's basically the 575 without the built in monitor. In my experience with the box, the last really stable and useful system to run on it was 7.6. I wouldn't put 8 on it.

    Now, having said that, I think the OPTIMAL system to run on a 475/575 is System 7.1.x. It's easily the fastest, most stable and most solid in terms of functional features for that hardware platform IMO. 7.6 is a great system, but I think it needs a little more juice than the 475/575 can offer.


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  • beige matchbox
    Mar 21, 07:41 PM
    Thinking about it, i rather like co-operative games. Best of both worlds :cool:

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  • SteveKnobs
    Feb 14, 06:38 PM
    Who the **** am I annoying?

    Edit: Just realized the reason you're annoyed. Poor guy living paycheck to paycheck can't even afford a free iPad.

    I'm not understanding what you're saying- you're getting a free iPad.... For two weeks?? Ok. Like I said- cool. Way to be a douche and brag about it to people who couldn't care less.


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  • RedTomato
    Feb 15, 08:53 AM
    That`s why I arm all my poultry with Mac 10`s.
    Never bring a knife to a gunfight.

    You give all your roosters macs? Are they concealed carry? I imagine something like this:


    Or is this your rooster's laptop: http://diascographics.com/images/products/hqq8rvivsavmz6o3wgo2.jpg

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  • fox777
    Apr 29, 05:08 AM
    Well it's been almost 1 year after introduction of Iphone 4 and there is only ONE out of FOUR basebands that is unlockable via ultrasn0w - 01.59.00

    Long story short now all I have is 03.10.01 and have been saving it for the past few FW updates (via tinyumbrella etc). But I was wondering if I am just worrying for nothing if there will never be unlock for this baseband? I mean there is no unlock even for 02.10.04 either and it's older baseband than mine..

    Reply below with your thoughts

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  • Patmian212
    Dec 3, 06:00 AM
    Hey all,
    This is just a feeler. I need a cheap PC laptop.
    Min Specs: Mid range P3

    Feb 9, 03:07 PM
    I will hopefully be getting a 2010 mac mini today (as seen in my other thread) and have been looking for ram. Newegg has it for about 107 but on a whim i checked out amazon and found some nice kingston ones, but they are no longer on sale.

    Found these: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B003NYISCC/ref=ord_cart_shr?ie=UTF8&m=A1C0E2G2LZFK00 and was wondering how they would work in the mini. It says it works with my kind and it is a 10600 and what not, but I am not sure about all the extra stuff on it.

    Jun 20, 08:51 AM
    As for pricing considerations, refurb. 3rd gens (4gb) start at $99 in the apple store, ipod2sell suggests $80. That is, of course, without the engraving to consider. I would, however, reemphasize that aside from the engraving, the iPod is in pristine condition.

    Aug 6, 03:29 AM
    I hate China Unicom. I ALWAYS, ALWAYS read it as unicorn.

    Then of course, I think about how "magical" everything is at :apple:.

    Mar 26, 08:19 PM
    I have been using screen in the osx terminal to get serial access, using the following:

    screen telnet /dev/tty.usbserial

    Unfortunately I can't scrollback in screen, which makes copying long config files a process of :apple:-C, :apple:-V, and repeat. Any suggestions for native serial support in the osx terminal app WITH scrollback?

    May 5, 01:42 PM
    Clearly, an external HDD is the answer. For the $100/month you're spending on cloud services, you could buy a TB of local storage each month.

    Even better would be a NAS system -- basically a dedicated file server on your local network. There are lots of products out there. Drobo is a very popular one. There are a couple advantages to this approach. You can configure the system for RAID or similar failure protection, along with hot swapping drives to replace failed drives. The data is also readily available without the hassle of locating and plugging in a portable drive.

    I find the NAS approach to be particularly useful for photo and video storage. You can actually do your editing directly off the network drive, or you can easily move the file over the network to the local disk in order to speed up processing. I use Lightroom to work on photo files stored on a network disk, and it works out very well.

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