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Thursday, July 28, 2011

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  • sage2k
    Apr 4, 03:41 PM
    I have even encountered anecdotal evidence where a Hackintosh notebook will have better battery life under hacked OS X when compared to Windows.

    I�ve Hackintoshed a Dell 1525 (I think) in the laptop lasted for less than an hour in Windows Vista, and for around 1 hour 15 mins in Mac OS X 10.5.6. These results were consistent over ~9 months.
    For a 5-6 hour lasting battery it would mean that Windows eats up an 1 hour of outlet autonomy more compared to Mac OS X.

    As a side note: I�ve seen an Acer Timeline, which battery took a one third battery life plunge after installing Windows 7. Reverting to Vista didn�t help.

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  • _The_Man_
    Jul 12, 01:40 PM
    I do not know how to delete OS 9 that came preinstalled with my iBook 700. I have no use for OS 9 and it's just taking up space on my hard drive. I tried to just drag the OS 9 system folder to trash but even after setting permissions it still said it's being used by the system and could not be deleted. Can anyone tell me how to delete it?

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  • iLucas
    Apr 24, 11:08 PM
    Might get the second, i've heard great things about i7. Also i've heard wifi is better on MB because the aluminum interferes on the MBP?

    With a MBP you get a newer processor that won't be outdated nearly as fast as a C2D. You also get thunderbolt. It may not mean anything to you now since there are not that many thunderbolt devices but there will be in the future, and you get a better graphics card in a MBP than in the MB. You get Intel HD 3000 in the MBP and NVIDIA Geforce 320M in the MacBook. The Intel has 384MB whereas the NVIDIA has 256MB

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  • mkrishnan
    Feb 23, 11:58 AM
    If you cd into the root of the volume, after you mount it, and then 'ls -la', do you get the same results (no items)?


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  • opinioncircle
    Dec 25, 11:55 AM

    I second that. And my car.

    Snow and ice together...Last night ride was a fun ride (once I got at my parents' place), though terrible (when I was behind the wheel) :)

    Had to get a snow type truck to get me out of the snow, or that'd have been a stuck-in-the-snow-in-my-car type of Xmas eve.

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  • fernades
    Feb 28, 03:41 AM
    Hi..your name is ok ,but the logo is not up to the mark.i would suggest to select a better name and logo

    good luck dude


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  • Liquorpuki
    Jan 18, 12:56 PM
    Is a shorten keyboard ideal to learn playing on? I see Garage Band has some lessons but I would imagine as a beginner, the last thing you want is to adjust knobs and sliders to move up/down the octaves.

    I like the M-Audio Oxygen 25. Looks like a very compact but has a lot of features.

    Any thoughts?

    If you actually want to learn how to play a keyboard as an instrument get a 49 key or higher MIDI controller. A 25 key is best used for melodies with one hand. I can also vouch for the Oxygen. A Keystation will do the trick too.

    And while the knobs and sliders (the control surface) are not that useful for playing, they're extremely helpful in music production.

    After you get your controller, mess around w/ garage band let your needs dictate what gear you buy...
    - speaker monitors
    - pad controllers (IE MPD's)
    - audio interfaces
    - better software / instruments
    - etc

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  • Aarow
    Dec 6, 04:13 PM
    This is why my sister doesn't like macs, because she can't get on her friends' myspace sites on my mac mini:rolleyes: .


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  • MRiOS
    May 4, 09:28 AM
    I was about to do that, but then I read somewhere that Verizon won't grandfather when you upgrade after they switch the plans
    I was assured by the Verizon rep who activated my phone and added the data, that if I were to upgrade to another 3G smartphone down the line that my unlimited data would be grandfathered, now when it comes to 4G LTE, no I don't get unlimited of that. The only part of my plan they weren't sure would get grandfathered if I upgraded is the 5GB tethering/hotspot allowance.

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  • littlehouse
    Jan 12, 09:50 PM
    maybe try connecting the dock to a power source


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  • RebeccaL
    Apr 3, 09:12 AM
    I keep reading on various posts that some people use a wet application method on dry films (PS and SGP).

    Can you share your techniques and experiences using the wet apply on these films? Also is the adhesion as good as when applied dry?

    I am interested since I have never had problems with dust, but I do have problems aligning it properly.

    Aslo some questions about the SGP oleophobic:

    1. Meltdownblitz mentioned in another thread that now instead of the single large speaker/cam cutout they have two separate ones. Do you have any pics? That single cutout was the only thing keeping me away from the oleo.

    2. Why there is no back protector version of the SGP Oleo?

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  • angelwatt
    Mar 12, 05:44 PM
    I think I got what you want, but unfortunately I tweaked a little here and there too much and so I'm not completely sure what all I changed. I'm attaching a screen shot of the result in Firefox 4 RC1. As a note, the page doesn't look right in Opera 11. The background gradient color on the body is what's off.

    Here's the aside, which was the crucial part. This is only what I added to the existing styles.
    aside {


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  • JustMe74
    May 6, 11:32 AM
    I just ordered an iMac with SSD + 1TB hard drive. I'm assuming that when Apple builds the system, that they just dump everything onto the SSD. What are the correct steps for moving the home directory from the SSD to the hard drive? My plan is to install all applications on the SSD, but have the data (my user files, iTunes library, photos, media, documents, etc.) on the hard drive.

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  • MacRumors
    Jan 17, 04:48 AM
    http://www.macrumors.com/images/macrumorsthreadlogo.gif (http://www.macrumors.com)



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  • daryliow
    Jun 23, 02:00 AM
    They'll get more than 10 phones. I'm guessing they will have more 16gb models than 32gb though. Which are you after? I'm aiming for the 32gb version.

    I guess there is always carphone warehouse if o2 run out!

    I'm after a 32gb hopefully in White if they have them! Do you know of anyone else that is going down?

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  • sbddude
    Mar 14, 04:26 PM
    But does doing that make your iPhone SIM no longer work in your iPhone? I just want to be able to use my iPhone SIM in the iPad as I please so I don't have to tether using MyWi all the time. (This is for an iPad 2 by the way.)

    I don't think that's possible anymore.

    MyWi with on demand is very convenient and does not use that much battery.


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  • mrblack927
    Mar 31, 03:22 PM
    I hear a lot of confusion about this. I don't know why TechCrunch said what they did, but by all accounts, there is no golden master right now. This is just a developer preview. After this there will (probably) be betas. And after that there will eventually be a golden master or two.

    Apple uses the term "golden master" uniquely, but it's basically what most software companies would call a "release candidate". The goal is to make only one RC. You release a RC build when you legitimately believe that the product is complete and this is the build you plan on releasing to the public. It's the last phase in testing. You let your testers try it out and see if there are any show-stopping flaws, if not, the "release candidate" becomes the "release".

    When the GM is ready, it will be released to developers and labeled as such, and the public release will follow very shortly after. I don't know why TechCrunch is claiming this is an "internal GM", maybe they know something I don't, but as it stands it seems they are just causing confusion.

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  • bluap84
    Feb 25, 09:25 AM
    I wonder if you shouldn't modify the letter "a" so that it is more like "a" rather than "a". Otherwise, the style of the logotype almost makes it look like a sloppily written "u".

    ill look into it...thanks..

    but ideas about the name.... ?

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  • -SD-
    Dec 31, 07:51 PM
    Yeah, the PS3 browser is terribly shite.

    The best software for streaming media to your PS3 is PS3MediaServer, which is free but Intel only. So unfortunately you can't really use your G5 as the media server. The PlayStation requires a uPnP server for streaming and if your MyBook jobbie is connecting and doing the trick, then you're halfway there. The best thing you can do is rip all your files to a format the PS3 likes with Handbake on your Mac and load it all up on the WD HDD.

    We don't get Netflix in the UK, but LoveFilm has started a streaming video service which is about the closest we're ever going to get. We do however get shortcuts to BBC iPlayer, ITV Player and 4oD on the XMB.

    Oh, and sign up for a PSN account. Download WipEout HD Fury and have a blast at that. You've got a decent machine with good games. The Blu-ray player is great, so we just need to get your media streaming sorted out.


    Apr 30, 09:57 PM
    Happening for me too, restart doesn't fix it.

    Jun 19, 07:31 PM
    Does anybody know if they sold out of phones today?

    Apr 13, 09:09 AM
    Apple's update pattern on displays has been more or less infrequent lately. Just buy now, there is absolutely no idea about the next gen ACD.

    Apr 26, 02:20 AM
    I'm taking the summer off, and after having saved up quite a bit of money, I'd like to visit Europe. Here's my current plan, and I'd really just like some input from fellow board members that travel a lot, have visited these places, etc.


    Spain > France
    I'll work my way around the south of France, before heading up to Paris.


    Coming from sweden I've always enjoyed the following in france:

    Southern part:
    * Bordeaux (area) - nice red wine district - you can go sampling at most chateaus.
    * Marseille (area around) - nice sandy beaches
    * Carcassonne (city; one of the few wholly walled castle-cities)

    Northern part:
    * Normandy (area)- many nice museums and especially land marks from WW2
    * Bourgogne (area) - another nice wine district, distinct differences to bordeaux
    * Champagne (area) - this is where champagne is made, equally nice

    There are a lot more to see in france of course, but these are the things I've appreciated the most (though normally not all wine districts on the same vacation - I'm not a drunkard :p )

    Apr 11, 04:03 PM
    If you visit the Network settings in System Preferences using the 3rd button next to the plus and minus you can tell OS X which connections to prioritise over others.

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