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loose bun wedding hair

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

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  • iLog.Genius
    Apr 21, 08:53 PM
    What simba posted. There's nothing wrong with your RAM or how OS X is managing it. If you're concerned about the 5 GB being "used", don't be because 2.01 GB is inactive so it's "free". Your Mac is only using 3 out of 6 GB or RAM.

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  • Dane D.
    Feb 17, 09:24 AM
    They sell them because people like myself threw out our turntable years ago. Plus, the setup and ease of use. They work great, I have an Ion brand and ripped over forty albums.

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  • pkshiu
    Apr 30, 09:53 AM
    This started happening around Thursday. The touch screen do not response anymore. Hardware button works. Rotational sensor works. A hard reset (home+power for 10 seconds) sometimes work.

    Being a tech person, I systematically deleted apps that I installed to that date, but that was not the problem.

    I wonder if it is related to network -- i.e. if it is access the wireless network (checking mail, push notification etc) and gets locked up.

    Any one else starting to having this problem?


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  • furcalchick
    Mar 21, 06:44 PM
    mostly for single player, expect for the "party" type games (mario party, ssb), where i may put mutli player as more of a priority.

    i usually play games single player though.


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  • ashman70
    May 5, 01:29 PM
    I concur, external is the way to go. Dlink and others make some relatively inexpensive external enclosures that can hold 2, 4 or more drives, depending on your budget; you buy your own drives, whatever size you want, say 2x2TB drives and configure the enclosure (not all do this) with RAID 1, that way you have redundancy if one drive fails. This is what I would suggest you look into, its not that expensive and provides lots of space and protection from drive failure. Most of these enclosures are USB, some, usually more expensive, offer firewire or network connectivity.

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  • ivandr
    May 3, 07:05 PM
    I'm on the mac and I was trying DiscAid and iPhone Explorer, PhoneView and all of them are showing that iPhone is passcode locked. I know the passcode but while screen was broken she put this so many times that now it doesn't even let you put passcode it just asks for iTunes.
    Hate to be the bearer of bad news but...
    If you simply see the 'Connect to iTunes' with a USB plug and the iTunes icon, its more than likely that she had the option to 'erase content after 10 failed passcode attempts' checked when she set up her passcode. By entering the code so many times she may have inadvertently deleted the pics herself... along with everything else.
    I hope this isn't the case and that she does get her photos back but if you connect it to iTunes and the only option is to restore there may not be anything left on the phone already...


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  • jbromer
    Apr 7, 12:18 AM
    Hmm, nobody likey???

    I don't care for kickstand cases in general. I like the concept, but it seems a little bulky...

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  • nomad01
    Sep 21, 06:07 AM

    Thanks for that. I'll have a look through.

    I was more interested to see if anyone was going to say "STAY AWAY from X brand" or "that won't work in a PM".



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  • sushi
    Sep 8, 07:01 PM
    This guy seems confident though doesn't he? :p

    Registered just to post this, apparently. I'd believe him if he had a link, evidence, or at least a good argument why he is reliable.
    So you think someone who is speculating, because the event has not occurred, is going to be able to post a link the NDA information?

    Not likely.

    Whether it comes true is another thing. Not making any bets. :)

    So were getting wifi on nanos and classics! That sounds better than the radio feature. Maybe wireless syncing finally?

    I don't think this wifi radio will happen on the ipods, your limited to the hotspots coverage, not so on-the-go. More useful for iphones that are always online.
    The possible wireless capability is an interesting one.

    To be able to listen to a radio broadcast of your choice, hear a song, choose and purchase it do add to your collection would be handy.

    Wireless syncing would be nice.

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  • yellow
    Jan 10, 01:08 PM
    It's dusgusting how much smarter Jeff Han is than I.


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  • lawrencewinkler
    Oct 23, 04:55 AM
    Its great that Apple are still updating Java... however, no news regarding Java 7... Hoping that Java 7 doesn't appear too long after official releases on other platforms.

    Oracle announced Java 7 for Summer Java 8 12 to 18 months later. They are generally moving the JVM to better support languages other than Java, including support for functions as first-class objects among other improvements.

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  • ghall
    Jan 9, 09:30 AM
    I hope iLife does come out today. I'm kind of bored with the '06 version. :D

    that is, of course, unless Leopard is to be announced as available at the keynote. (Which it won't be.)



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  • crlsjcb05
    Mar 10, 11:15 PM
    I too have been using Mactubes, and it works better than the in-browser flash player, but I can't seem to get quicktime to work.

    "Can not open video. Please open URL with browser."

    That's the error that I get when I switch to Quicktime. Any ideas?

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  • Foreign Feeling
    Jan 20, 04:52 PM
    Explosions in the Sky is a great band. I love listening to them while I'm a bit higher up if you know what I mean.

    Also up for mention is Caspian and Mogwai


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  • apunkrockmonk
    Dec 6, 01:47 PM
    On a fully updated install of 10.4.3 on my latest rev iBook, I have never seen myspace freeze. I was going to use firefox until I found out that when I visited myspace in firefox CPU usage spiked. For some reason it doesn't do that in safari, so until that changes, I'm staying with safari.

    But the point of all this was, I have no problems at all on safari.

    I do not have WMP installed, therefore I get that plugin not found message, I just hit cancel, never once has myspace frozen on me.

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  • mrapplegate
    Apr 12, 08:49 PM
    That's the weird part ... everything was running fine since DP2 came out then today it started giving problems!

    What does the system log show when the iTunes hangs?


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  • liamkp
    Jul 29, 01:08 PM
    The best part about this thread is the title: I read it as "China Unicorn finalizing deal for iPhone 4..."
    Thats what i thought.... And then i saw Unicom and thought this was about them making a generic copy of the iPhone 4. :o

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  • jamie85
    Sep 21, 06:55 AM
    My question for discussion would be: 1) would you consider buying a used LCD monitor off of ebay? 2) What new 19" LCD would you recommend in the $450 price range?

    I've heard good reviews about the Dell 1905FP 19", which is going for around ~$300 on eBay. Froogle gives PointShop.com as the lowest at $383 (http://froogle.google.com/froogle_url?q=http://www.pointshop.com/Mall/Catalog/Product/ASP/engine/Froogle/product-id/782389/store-id/1000044893.html&fr=AB_gAT4s7plo8-aKXbksvDLeE_AAEU68rdnh_5QmTdDHAAAAAAAAAAA) .

    Or you could spend $250 more and get an (open box) Apple 20" (http://www.techforless.com/cgi-bin/tech4less/M8893ZLL/A?mv_pc=froogle). :D

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  • nomar383
    Jun 29, 11:55 AM
    Parts received in 3 days. All in perfect shape. Great seller!

    Sep 16, 04:49 PM
    The thing about this two keyboards is that they are not easily available in the uk, and that they are quite expensive if you can find them online.

    Jun 22, 06:18 PM
    Well done to everyone who won. There were some fantastic entries!

    Apr 18, 05:02 PM
    If you want better photos, why not something like a Sony NEX?

    Dane D.
    Feb 16, 07:35 PM

    I always wonder how they sell these USB turn tables. I would have thought that anyone who has vinyl records would already own a turn table and would simply use that connected to the audio input on the Mac.
    This should answer your question:

    Sep 16, 03:00 AM
    Under "Servers"... "Sorry. There are no top sellers available in Servers." :D
    :D I'm sure the Xserve will be on there any day now!

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