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sylvie van der vaart

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

sylvie van der vaart. Sylvie Van der Vaart: I do not
  • Sylvie Van der Vaart: I do not

  • flipster
    May 5, 07:01 PM
    That my 2008 iMac is one of the affected ones of the infamous 8800 GS card failures.

    After gaming today, the computer completely locked up. Tried several reboots, but the computer just freezes and the screen flickers a little. The odd thing is though, that the mouse pointer still works.

    I'm almost certain this is a gfx card issue because these model iMac's have been known to fail. The HDD was just replaced this year, so it can't be that.

    The GPU temperature is around 150F...

    Anyway, what do you think Apple will tell me? I bought this computer on December 25, 2009 so I still have one year and a half left on Applecare.

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  • Legion93
    Apr 25, 08:42 PM
    Oh wait, there's a MacBook Air coming out in 2012, and then there's an update in 2013. You gotta hold of till 2014 and get the new ones with turbo-boost CPUs, but the even new models looks much sleeker, unfortunately it's not out till 2015.

    Next thing you know, I'm suffering from diabetes in a care home.

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  • el-John-o
    Apr 8, 11:21 AM
    i end up JB twice using pwnage tool as the first time was full of bugs

    much more stable now and all my cydia apps i need on a dialy vasis are working fine

    Good for you.

    Anyone care to answer my question though? :confused:

    I'm just gonna hold off I guess, looks like it's just airplay, which I don't use.

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  • Sylvie Van Der Vaart

  • ap3604
    May 4, 12:12 PM
    I really hate how if you have to reformat your computer Apple doesn't tell you that you've purchased an app before :(

    Makes it VERY difficult to get all your apps back without purchasing new ones by mistake...


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  • nickculbertson
    Apr 24, 08:39 AM

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  • littleman23408
    Oct 30, 02:11 AM

    Mind sharing what the Beatles box set is Mr McMac?


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  • GeeYouEye
    Jul 25, 01:00 PM
    e-coli, I suggest you spell-check your sig... it's your, urine, and glucose.

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    Nov 15, 03:31 PM
    I recently sold my PC for $1,750 because the only thing keeping me with windows was the games/software, and the fact is that PC gaming is in a sorry state today. Sure, the hardware is there, but where's the AAA games to justify the cost? It just isn't there anymore. I found I was upgrading my hardware just for the sake of upgrading it, not becuase I needed it. Plus, I just don't have time for games like I used to.

    About a year ago I bought a powerbook (1.25ghz, 15") and I absolutely loved it, but I realized that I dont have much need for a desktop AND a laptop, so I sold it before it lost it's value. I loved the damn thing though.. The OS, the style, everything..

    I also found I have become to attatched to the world of computers / the internet. I want to take a step back and enjoy the better things in life. The biggest draw to me right now is the garage band app in iLife '04.. I'm always recording stuff on my computer from my guitar and mic and I think this app looks great.

    Portability would be nice... however, it's not required.. Right now, I think the powerbook line is a little overpriced (compared to what you get in the ibook line) and I know it's going to go to g5 very soon (in the next 6 months.) I also like the g5 imac's (is it me though, or was the g4 design way cooler?)

    I can get an educational discount, so $1674 can net me a 12" ibook (Airport / 80gb.. I'd buy another 512MB of ram somewhere else), .mac, garage band jam packs 1 and 2, m-audio 61es keyboard and the m-audio mobilepre usb audio interface. That's a lot of stuff for my $.. But, I'd also have to later on buy an external HD and an external DVD-R drive.. So we're talking almost another $300.

    Or I can get an imac g5 17" w/ 250GB, airport, superdrive, 512mb (i'll double that later) and the Maudio Keystation 61es for $1886. Also a good deal. However, I'll have to wait on the jam packs if I do this option.

    Now does the g5 imac have both line in and microphone inputs? or will I need the m-audio mobilepre usb audio interface for that too? If so, that's another $150. How does the quality between those and the hardwired apple ones compare?

    How does the speed between the 1.2ghz g4ibook and the 1.8ghz g5imac compare? specifically, will I notice it with garage band, and day to day use? I'm also a photoshop wiz, and eventually plan to get into digital photography (another reason I'm drawn to apple.)

    And my last question, right now I have a 2.1 set of klipsch speakers that I absolutely love.. But does A) the imac have a good speaker out (or any?) and B)honestly, black speakers will clash like crazy with an all white apple, so are there any white speakers that sound anywhere near as good in the $100-$150 range? I know the built in imac speakers wont do it for me.

    thanks guys..


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  • Plymouthbreezer
    Mar 23, 07:31 PM
    UI tweaks might (and have in the past) appear in last minute builds; it's not uncommon.

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  • linuxcooldude
    Apr 17, 01:43 PM
    You also need to look at what environment & how many people are going to access that server.

    Small businesses don't need much, obviously larger companies need more. You can see this with the Mac Mini which they sell as a server or the Mac Pro for high usage needs.

    I would think large companies need more ram and cores then speed alone.


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  • phungy
    Jun 24, 08:57 PM
    i dont see his

    Post #4 (http://forums.macrumors.com/showpost.php?p=5650241&postcount=4)

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  • Brize
    Feb 16, 10:03 AM
    First of all, Safari. I know a lot of people like it, and I tried to, but I hate it. It sticks and takes a ridiculously long time to load pages.

    Try SafariSpeed (http://www.versiontracker.com/dyn/moreinfo/macosx/24331) to reduce the time it takes to load pages. It's free, and you'll likely notice a vast improvement.


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  • katanna
    Aug 13, 10:39 PM
    I made it slower... it showed up faster on my Gif Builder.


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  • cybrscot
    Mar 25, 03:04 AM
    Give the decimal value of each of the following integer constants.
    a) 077

    I'm assuming this 077 number is in Octal form because it uses only digits 0 and 7, and Octal requires 0-7 as well.

    The book doesn't explain how to convert, but it does show an example.


    sylvie van der vaart. Sylvie Van Der Vaart
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  • kainjow
    Jun 19, 02:11 PM
    Congrats everyone!

    Now let the bragging begin

    Not only do you have the coveted contest badge by your name, you also have an avatar before reaching 500 posts. Impressive :cool:

    sylvie van der vaart. Sylvie van der Vaart
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  • canuckdesigner
    Aug 23, 11:38 AM
    Great installation....looks awesome. now if he would only do something about replacing that decrepid phone with a cordless.... :D


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  • xbuddycorex
    May 4, 06:36 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_2 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8H7 Safari/6533.18.5)

    Take it to the Apple Store and explain it to them, maybe they can do something.

    sylvie van der vaart. Sylvie van der Vaart
  • Sylvie van der Vaart

  • zwodubber
    Apr 22, 01:12 AM
    I was actually just going to ask pretty much the same question and am interested as well.

    What I wanted to do was put Windows 7 along with OSX on my 240gb SSD while also partitioning my my 750gb HDD that I'll install in the optibay drive so one side is for Windows in NTFS and the other for OSX.

    Possible within disc utilies, right? Sorry, I am a new Mac user =D

    I'm a little confused, I understand the OSX and bootcamp win7 on the SSD but why are you partitioning the 750GB HDD? You might want to format the 750GB as mac osx journaled and get macdrive for win7, that way windows can write to both the bootable osx and the 750GB drive.

    I have one drive with 3 partitions. SL, Lion and win7 and can share files between each OS. Just a suggestion... :)

    sylvie van der vaart. Day: Sylvie van der Vaart
  • Day: Sylvie van der Vaart

  • Mike Teezie
    Nov 22, 04:27 PM
    Why are you all saying I use jpegs? They're all pngs...

    Pngs or jpgs both gave me the same result as you are having in your blog. I resorted to gifs, and the problem was corrected.

    i have to ask... what is with the drop shadow? huge, obvious drop shadows are NOT good unless you are animating 3d objects or doing motion graphics... the big drop shadow is running rampant around the web attacking sites left and right... i say we start here and rise against the drop shadow.

    beyond that, like other users said, your tech side is fine. as for visuals, others have pointed out the color issues.

    It's all about personal tastes and preferences. Mine are similar to yours obviously, I like a flatter look. I hacked on one of the stock themes for my own WordPress page (http://mnjordan.com/journal/), to give it a monochromatic, flat look consistent with the overall "theme" of my site.

    Dec 31, 04:08 PM
    Ps3 has a crappy browser. I heard they may be updating it to something like firefox, but have nothing right now.

    Sorry about the Netflix, that' a pretty big loss. Streaming media, I think, works better with xbox and windows.

    Check out some ps3 games. Interested in any?

    Mar 10, 10:21 PM
    I might head over. Let me know how the line is later in the day. I wonder when Walmart are going to sell theirs.

    Jan 14, 01:31 PM
    I've never found the server healthy enough to watch until 48 hours later anyway. Pity they only put the MW'07 onto the ITS. Perhaps they'll do it with the '08 - so it can download in full and the be watched.


    Feb 18, 03:35 AM
    in terms of the person who talked abotu a large campus, I know the pain, mine is a mile by a mile, and sometimes you need to haul ass from one end to another, the 17incher still doesn't bother me, but I guess that 's also cause i'm used to carrying around a 20lb bag. lol. So yeah I'm used to weight, in fact since the power book I've lessened what else is with me, so in the end the power book, though heavy, has got me carrying less weight

    May 5, 05:58 AM
    Ok thanks for the info guys. I guess the main thing to take away from your info is that hyperthreading would do relatively little for me. This leaves the slightly faster clockspeed (and therefore slightly higher turboboost max) as the deciding factor for the i7.

    I think I'm gonna go with the 3.1 i5, which should be a huge improvement for me seeing as i'm coming from a 2008 macbook with 2GHz C2D en 2GB of ram :P

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