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quotes on death of a loved one

Thursday, June 9, 2011

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  • apoojo
    08-24 02:01 AM
    Thanks for the reply, hibworker.

    Jaggu bhai - in reply to your post: Yes, switch your wife to F1. One primary reason (apart from the ones mentioned above) is by shifting to F1, she is not using up the 6 years available on a 'H' visa. I believe even if you are H4, its counted against you. Once she graduates and moves to an H1, she gets more time on the visa than she would if she stays on H4. As can be concluded from hibworker's post, if (and a BIG IF here) the priority date should become current when she is on F1, she can still ride on your GC filing.

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  • gregspirited
    03-24 11:42 AM
    I have a quick question related to my approved I-140 and my spouse's visa status. My wife got into a medical residency and the hospital that she plans to join will sponsor only J1 visa for her. I was wondering if the J1 visa for her will be affected by the fact that my I-140 is approved. My law firm says that they had to include my spouse's name in I-140 application as a requirement.

    My concern is since I-140 is a petition to immigrate to US what are the risks involved with my wife's J1 visa. Can she go to India to get her J1 visa stamping? Will the approved I-140 negatively affect her chances of entering back US at the port of entry?

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  • quotes on death of a loved one

  • hxu191
    02-11 10:04 AM
    Yes, you can Travel as long as the H1 Visa Stamping in Un-Expired,

    My scneario was i worked for employer A,
    Had H1 visa stamping Upto Oct 2006.
    Changed employer and H1B transfer with Extension.
    Traveled to India returned, While returning Showed the New 797 to the Officer and Got the I-94 for the new date. No problem.
    Please carry just in case your new employer employement verification letter and latest paystub. Most of the time it is not necessary but just in case.

    Hi Jerrome, my situation is similar to yours, changed employer, but I have no new I-94 on my new I-797. I don't understand why no freash I-94 for me. In this case, do you see any problem to re-enter the US with previous H1-b visa stamp (un-expired) and new I-797?

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  • martinvisalaw
    07-30 01:02 PM
    I entered US using AP on Feb 27 09. My current AP is valid till 17th Oct 09. The date on my I-94 Feb 26 2010. The parole stamp on my passport also has the Feb 26 2010 date. What does the date on the I-94 and parole stamp mean
    My question is if I go out of US in early October and want to come back after October 17th (AP expiry date) but before Feb 26 2010 (I-94 date) do I need a new/renewed AP, or can I enter US with my old AP since my parole stamp has Feb 26 date.


    You need a new AP to return to the US after 10/17. CBP usually puts one year on the I-94 for parolees, but that doesn't mean they extended your AP.


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  • sapking
    12-15 07:52 PM
    The following is from murthy.com site.

    Question: Good evening, Murthiji. Do you think professional degree holders, like Chartered Accountants / Company Secretaries, may be deemed as equivalent to master�s degree holders for green card purposes under EB2?

    Answer: Generally, CAs are not considered to be master"s degree holders. In fact, many of them do not even equate to a bachelor"s degree since, in India, the bachelor"s is only a 3-year program instead of a 4-year program. Also, the CAs do not attend proper coursework like with degrees here, so it can be a problem if one has no other education besides the BA or BCom with the CA license. Sep-12-2005.


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  • Green Card Aspirant
    03-24 07:23 PM
    I too fall in the same boat. I see one of them responding for this post that we can apply for premium processing. If we apply for premium processing before 6 months , does it raise any questions at USCIS ... why this guy is applying for premium processing ?? Are we eligible to apply H1 B Extension with premium processing before 6 months of H1 B Expiry ??

    Thanks in advance


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  • skdskd
    09-16 01:25 AM
    Keep up

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  • sasidhar79
    07-01 01:53 PM
    No matter what , no other country has balls or guts to accept huge number of immigrants like US does, yes do you huge volume it is slow but the govt. is more aware of the fact that high skilled immigrants add to the benefit of their country compared to Canada (conservatives in liberal skin- because they have undocumented race based limitation), Britian(high skilled immigrants are usually colored therefore anything colored is considered not British) and Australia (how can a decent high skilled immigrant be accepted by bunch of outback thugs).

    Please observe all these countries' immigration policies in this day of economic downturn, all of them are actively shutting their doors except USA (comparatively). I think USA is more closer for me as a home after India, I got misled by Canada but after what happened in their Alberta Province's AINP program for H1b holders I realised that Canadian pasture is really not green it is just an illusion.

    thank you


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  • Aah_GC
    05-03 07:20 PM
    Hi my father lost his passport at the airport today and with it his I94 and US B1 visa. We do have scanned copies of his US Visa and Passport. I would appreciate any pointers on the following question -

    1. What are my next steps?
    2. I figured from browsing few sites that he needs to apply for I94 - does any one know of any vague ETA there?
    3. Would he have to go through his visa stamping again?

    Much apprecaite your reply.


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  • LookingForGC
    05-10 10:11 AM
    The best is yet to come my friends


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  • saddaypally
    09-30 10:34 PM
    Hi All, I am on my H1B on the verge of my 5th year's expiration, in 3 weeks. My Labor was applied with Jan 2008 priority date and my Fragomen Attorney mentioned that as long as the labor was applied before the 5th year on H1B, I should be able to get 1 year extensions until my Labor gets approved. The issue is what happens if my Labor application gets screwed for some reason? I wouldn't be able to get extensions on H1B andhave to return home. To alleviate that situation, I was wondering if I could apply for another Labor through a 3rd party company as a future employee and depend on it if anything goes wrong with my Labor which is awaiting approval. I just heard from a consulting company that a clause has been added to the rule which permits companies to apply for Labor for candidates on a future employment basis and this would prevent them from applying for such cases. Is it true? I want to know my options to make necessary preperations in either case. Any insight on this issue would be very much helpful and appreciated.


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  • JunRN
    12-17 06:57 PM
    Almost always, AC21 can trigger an RFE or interview. There's always a risk in filing AC21. First, your new employment may not match your LC therefore your GC will be denied. Second, the new employer is banned by USCIS and that is not in your knowledge. Lastly, AC21 rule may change anytime because the standing rule is just a memo from previous USCIS chief. If that changes and you're in the middle of it, you might find yourself ineligible.

    If I were you, I will not change employment. If that is not an option and you have to for some reasons, file AC21 and make sure that your next employer is not banned by USCIS, willing to go through AC21, meaning provide you with documents, and be ready to receive an RFE or request for interview.


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  • MatsP
    March 24th, 2005, 05:59 AM
    Thank Mats for your kind reply.
    The problem is that I purchased the camera in Hong Kong few day ago and went back to my home country. I will not visit HK any time soon and the guarantee I received from the HK shop is not valid in any other country.
    I have been told (since the last correspondence with alparsons above) that a common misshap with the D-100 is breaking the shutter glass/cover or mirror (I think) while attempting to attach a lense. I deeply hope that this is not the case since I will have to pay for it's repairment (3 days after spending about $1,400).
    Any thoughts ?

    You should be able to see if the mirror is broken, misaligned or similar. Most cameras will actually function with the lens off. I don't know with the D100, but you could give that a try. Set it to manual and set the exposure to 30 seconds or something like that, and see if you can actually see something wrong in there.

    I'm sure if you contact the shop, you could send the camera back for warranty work, assuming that shipping is less than the cost of repairs of course...


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  • beautifulMind
    07-16 02:31 PM
    I am currently working as a Programmer Analyst on EB3 and Using my EAD through 485.

    I plan to convert to a new postition that of Senior Applications Developer in the same company where the job duties will be atleast 50% different from my existing position

    But here is the problem If i am using my EAd obtained from Eb3 program Analyst position then can I work on another position which is 50% different from my existing position as per AC21 rules


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  • husamymd
    12-30 01:58 PM
    Let me put my 2 cents worth. I am one of the members who would be able to contribute $500. Not sure if I can do it on a recurring basis. But you guys wanted to identify the initial group and here I am. Hope that helps

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  • vipul_pandey
    12-11 02:37 PM
    iv heard that it's taking long for extensions. some people I know of are waiting for over 3-4 months - although for you it seem to have taken even longer. If i were you - I would get it upgraded to premium. My extension got filed under premium and I got my approval notice in 15 days (as usual).


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  • zhoeno
    10-01 07:55 PM
    Hi All

    Thanks for a great forum. I am EB3 India (PD Dec 02) with 140 approved June this year. Rumor has it that the small firm I work for, is going to be acquired by a much larger firm with thousands of employees globally. I am concerned about my ongoing GC process. First question

    Q1. What happens to my GC process?

    Considering the behemoth like size of the company that is going to acquire us I am quite sure that the GC process of the few employees from my present employer will take a back seat.

    Q2. What are the things I can do proactively.

    I have read on various threads that it is possible to join other employers and port the PD to them. But considering the fact that company that started the GC process is no longer there, how would this porting of PD with new labor, 140 etc would occur...

    I would appreciate if someone can provide answers to my questions. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

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  • quotes on death of a loved one

  • gc_kaavaali
    11-22 09:12 AM
    you can use either H1 or AP to enter US. Buf if you want to bring your wife u should be on H1 so that she can come on H4...beware that when AP is pending do not leave US otherwise it is consider as abondon of your AP...

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  • indian111
    06-02 05:04 PM
    I went by my EAD expiration date and filed both EAD and AP renewals but only after filing , I saw my AP expiry date is mor ethan 120 days away .I am really worried abt this .I received my receipt notices but no birometrics yet.
    Have anyone of you guys got other updates ?

    02-22 09:34 AM
    Hi Guys i need some advice/help on my I-140 denial.

    I have US masters and 4+years of US job experience and My I-140 was filed in EB2 using a Substitution labor which as the education/experience requirements of (14) Masters+1years experience or (15) Bachelors + 3Years Experience and it was denied without RFE saying the Labor certfication used is not suitable for EB2 as they say EB2 labor should be requiring "Masters or BS+5Years Exp", which makes sense.

    So what are my options now

    1. Can my attorney file an MTR and request the USCIS to consider mine as a EB3 case, if requested what are the chances of USCIS approving my I-140.
    2. Once the MTR is filed to convert from EB2 to EB3, what is the present status of my 485/EAD/AP/FP
    3. If the USCIS is okay converting from EB2 to EB3, will the same application's applied ealier for 485/EAD/AP/FP are valid or not?
    4. My wife has used her EAD and she is doing a full time job, so now as my I-140 is denied and if an MTR is filed in next few days can she still continue the same job until the decision is made on the I-140 and 485.
    5. My wife has an H1 also, so as she used her EAD(which came as my dependent) not with the company which hold's her H1, in this case what would be the status of her H1, can she quit her present job and do another job using her H1, is that H1 still valid.

    Thank you all for your advices and help.

    07-13 02:50 PM
    This forum is for a good cause and it is a previlage to be a member here, So no questions regarding fabrications........If people try to maipulate the law i am sure they will find out the repucussions soon.So what goes around come around..... And i think bitzbytz please stop taking it out personally on members :)

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