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Thursday, June 9, 2011

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  • bluekayal
    11-02 11:23 AM
    Ellen D. Krengel
    Practice Limited to Immigration & Nationality Law

    3301 El Camino Real, Suite 220
    Atherton, CA 94027
    fax: 650-363-2373
    email: eKrengel@yahoo.com

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  • kondur_007
    09-22 05:13 PM
    Thank you all for your reply.

    I have no intension of leaving the company, the mgmt is asking me to take the pay cut at this time and they will pay me back after 1 year. so i don't see any issues like they are not willing to pay or anything. I was just trying to get an idea whether this might effect on the green card or not? like, you should get the salary mentioned on file atleast for next 6 month.

    Thank you again for all replies.

    You will be just fine. Neither you nor your company will have any problem.

    Take it easy and relax.

    Good Luck.

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  • needhelp!
    11-05 01:07 PM
    They want to see you...They want to hear it from you..
    So become a verified member today, and help us in making it LOUD and CLEAR, that YES, there are thousands in your constituency who are suffering. And will no longer be silent.

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  • jvordar
    07-09 07:09 PM
    I140 copy is useful to argue that your extension is based upon I140 but is not absolutely required.. i was in the same situation abt 2 months ago.. my new employer was asking for I140 copy but then they filed with just the receipt # and stated that the copy is not available. i got my h1 transfer approved without any issue.. it all depends on the officer who is handling your case.. sometimes some officer thinks that it is your responsibility to provide everything, sometime some officer just looks up in their system with the receipt # provided.. but according to the lawyer from my new company they have never heard of the case where the transfer is rejected just coz the I140 copy was not provided
    my new employer also clearly stated to me that there are chances though of the rejection and even got my signature on a letter stating that i understand the risks..so may be u can ask your employer to get your sign on something similar to that and have them file just with receipt#
    hope this helps..


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  • stemcell
    07-01 04:07 PM
    1.As someone suggested trying for fellowship will skip all the steps to practice OBGYN unrestricted.Again these are very limited spots and usually one needs the right contacts for this IMO.

    2.Go the usual route...Pass USMLE Ste1, 2, CS and 3 (4 exams) and then you are ECFMG certified.Once ECFMG certified you can apply for the match (you can apply for the match with one step passed too but chances are you extremely low for an interview call).
    The residency match happens once every year...many sources online...just google 'the residency match' and the process is self explanatory with lots of forums on websites like usmleworld.com, kaplan.com,scutwork.com,findaresident.com etc etc

    3.My 2 cents most folks in her situation will find OBGYN residency just too much to handle (imagine > 80 hrs/ week for 4 yrs ) after slogging for the exams :rolleyes:
    I would also recommend her to look into Physician Assistants programs.She will get a credit considering that she is a physician and she can finish it in 1-1.5 yrs. Work and Lifestyle is good and the money is good too :D.

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  • perm2gc
    12-24 01:36 AM
    Hi Nair/Perm,

    I am not a returning US resident.

    One of the companies sponsored my H1B and I am trying to get the visa stamped in India.

    I got the wage report from the company but not the "Unemployment" wage report, so I am confused.

    Any help about the document would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks a lot for all your help.

    Have a nice time!

    Thanks & Regards,
    i know you are not in US.You cannot get the unemployment report yourself directly.You ask the company who sponsored the visa.They will get thru the attorney.
    check this : http://www.labormarketinfo.edd.ca.gov/article.asp?ARTICLEID=572&PAGEID=67&SUBID=113


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  • calboy78
    10-10 12:25 AM
    Marry me...i like funny people......

    Hope this is the first one :D USCIS does not want to give GC to those who will engage in polygamy :D

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  • lazycis
    12-03 11:36 AM

    Did you inform USCIS after you invoked AC21? Thanks!

    No. Both times it was a large company (one has an agreement with a big law firm to handle immigration-related issues). I asked my current employer's attorney about it and she told me not to worry, they never had issues with AC21 portability (employer has 120,000+ employees). She was right regarding my case.


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  • starscream
    03-24 04:19 PM
    Have you hear anything from your appeal? Please let me know.
    Thank you.

    Aura M/Hassan 11,

    I am assuming that when you guys say appeal - you mean request for review (RFR) for the LC that got denied. My LC was denied in November 06 and my employer's lawyer filed a Request for Review (RFR )because the said they were absolutely sure that DOL had denied the LC in error. Well, DOL approved the RFR and my LC was approved in Jan 08 - YES it took 14 months. The advantage is that if RFR is approved the priority date can be maintained. The lawyer's had told me that it does take a year for RFR to be approved (of course at that time nobody expected that the Pdates would become curent in summer of 07 so I missed that bus) - but anyways now I can maintain my original priority date.

    From whatever I have read online it seems the lawyers have to be absolutely sure that the LC is denied in error by DOL to expect any positive reply for the RFR.

    Best of luck to you both!!

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  • go_guy123
    05-30 11:56 AM
    While doing some ad-hoc research after watching Valkyrie, I discovered this interesting bit of U.S. immigration history and couldn't help but be amazed how nobody seems to know or talk about United States v. Bhagat Singh Thind (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_v._Bhagat_Singh_Thind).

    The Luce-Celler Act of 1946 (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Luce-Celler_Act_of_1946) was proposed by Republican Clare Booth Luce and Democrat Emanuel Celler in 1943 and signed into being by President Harry Truman on July 2, 1946, granting naturalization rights to Indian Americans (and Filipino Americans) and re-established immigration from India (and the Philippines).

    Food for thought...



    Eventually this bill introduced that 7% per country cap


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  • randlesl
    November 17th, 2004, 02:38 PM

    I am a new commer with no photography experience. I bought the D70 body with the sigma 28-80mm/3.5-5.6 and the 70-300mm/4-5.6 lens. when taking pics with the 28-80mm lens the pics seem to be alittle blurry and dark, and with the 70-300mm comes out alot clearer and slightly brighter. I am mostly taking pics of people in action, in the house (pics of kids while playing) where the lighting is alittle dim, but not dark. I am wondering if I need to get a new lenes with a better fstop or what to help my pics out??? I must include that I am not trying to use the flash because of the harsh lighting effect that it has. can anyone recommend what I should do to clear up my pics?

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  • ashoka
    09-26 02:28 PM
    I think everybody has LUD 08/05. So it does not help. I applied 485 on 08/08.


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  • EndlessWait
    04-18 10:08 AM
    would rather go back to home country...with dollar sliding and india booming..

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  • days_go_by
    01-10 08:18 AM

    As I had indicated that I had admission to study for MBA in europe starting Sep/Oct 2007, looks like I have to drop it due to the GC process ( entangled)

    My last discussion wirh Immi and employer drove the nail in the coffin.

    I would appreciate any suggestion fromfolks like you.


    I can quit the job and proceed for MBA at my risk ( leave spouse behind in the US in I-485 pending stage). If for example my PD ( July 2002 EB3 india) comes up during my absence in the US and if there is a RFE, my current employer WILL NOT provide a job offer so far into the future ( ie post Sep 2008). the least they said they can do is not pull labor and I-140 ( both approved and I-485 pending for 4 yrs)

    Since I am in the Mechanical egnineering field , i dont know who to find , ( unlike adundant software body shoppers present) who will draft an offer in case of RFE.

    I have few more weeks before I see this opportunity slip by.

    Can anyone guess if the EB3- India PD will move to July 2002 or beyond before September 2008?

    Any suggestion./directions will be appreciated... Around me i have no one who has even changed jobs , used AC21 etc.

    Thanks for your time

    Let me guess, remember this is just PURE GUESS.
    I think it is unlikely that Eb3 date will reach July 2002 in next 1.5 years, if you see how long it was stuck in April 2001, I can expect the progress to be very very slow.

    If there is a CIR or some kind of relief then yes it can reach that far.


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  • Rohan99
    10-29 01:15 AM

    My wife is on H4, once she gets EAD and applies for SSN does it mean now H4 is canceled and she is on EAD which will require AP for travel and every year renewal.

    She has no plan to work till Jul 08, is it good to apply for SSN?

    You should apply for a SSN. If you find a job, the employer will ask you to fill-up a W4 Form. To set you up in company payroll, SSN would be a requirement.

    Also, as some other people have mentioned, even if you don't plan to work, you should still get a SSN to establish your credit history.

    Applying for a SSN and getting it and has NO impact on your immigration status.

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  • GreenLantern
    06-15 08:30 PM
    PM please.


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  • jonty_11
    07-17 06:25 PM
    thisis actual USCIS RELEASE

    now its official from USCIS


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  • lkapildev
    12-19 02:02 PM
    Jut get a notorized letter from a ex-employee preferable lead and manager. Also it would be nice if she/he gives it in letter head

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  • go_guy123
    09-09 09:38 AM
    Words in CIR are supporting high skilled. At the same time Schumer mentioned that they will not allow companies to replace Americans with lower wage foreign workers. You can easily get the meaning of it. First CIR need to be introduced. And it needs to seen What CIR will offer for high skilled immigrants. Many lobbying groups waiting with laundry list of demands for them. Basically every group wants unlimited guest workers and green cards. Someone in congress has to take leadeship initiatives without politics and without any bias. Then only CIR is feasible

    If you see the political realities, Obama has lost a lot of political capital on health care.
    Plus something I mentioned before: Schumer is a senator. CIR faces main opposition
    in the Congress and not Senate.

    You are right that many interest groups are lobbying for themselves. That is where EBs are at a disadvantage.
    Just check www.ilw.com. Everyday there are articles wailing the plight of illegals but not a peep about
    skilled immigrants.

    08-18 01:51 PM
    maybe traditional 140 go back in line? likewise how PERM caused BEC?

    05-20 05:41 PM
    well said I agree, I gonna go to tijuana and burn my passport and come back illiegally walking and starting working in some car wash .

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